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StankStix Review - 2021 Updated

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Can It Really Remove & Prevent Nasty Odors…NATURALLY?!

" Forget sprays and chemicals that only mask odor temporarily…rid that odor permanently with StankStix! "

Imagine a device that was capable of attracting bacteria that produce bad odors and removes them; that product is StankStix and it works remarkably well.

It may sound like a “mousetrap for odors” and it is exactly what the founder, Krista Woods calls it.

All you need to do is place StankStix near the stinky place and wait 24 hours. That’s all it takes for the product to attract and removes odor-causing bacteria.

This is also the only product that removes bacteria without being toxic or using chemicals of any kind.

Krista resisted the urge to appear on Shark Tank for two years while her friends were convinced that StankStix is a winning product. She then gathered the courage to fight her stage fright and is glad that she took that bold move.

StanStix Review – The Terminator of Bad Odors

StankStix – The Story Behind the Product

In order to fully explain the product, we need to take a stroll down memory lane first and see how it came to be. If you absolutely dislike how bad odors are, this story is going to fascinate you a lot.

One day Krista’s eldest son came back from his first LaCrosse practice with wet gloves. She recalls how disgusted they smelled with a certain “wet stink”. I’m pretty sure you can clearly imagine that stink right now too, the damp and disgusting kind. Krista, like any other normal human, wanted to get rid of the stink and she tried for months.

Krista tried sprays, chemicals, washing but nothing seemed to take the smell out of the gear. That’s because the reason for the smell was living and thriving inside the gear itself. Krista knew that she needed to do something about it and fast. As nothing that can solve her problem existed in the market, she decided to make StankStix herself.

The cleaning industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and they didn’t have a single product that could do what StankStix could, a product made by a determined mom. Well, we all know how moms can turn superheroes when there is a need.

The Trinity Force Behind StankStix

There are three major things that make StankStix unique and they all work together to remove smells and odors.

SilverSeal Technology

SilverSeal Technology uses, as the name suggests, silver. Krista spent a lot of time perfecting her product and came to know that silver actually has antimicrobial properties that are well known for stopping bacteria growth. Silver along with natural plant-based oils make up one amazing force when it comes to combat bacteria. This is exactly why StankStix is capable of working where others have failed miserably.

Non-Toxic Materials

StankStix is made with 100 percent non-toxic materials and they can last a decade! All you need to do is simply change the inserts and you are good to go.

Non-Toxic Materials

The non-toxic deodorizing inserts absorb moisture themselves and store it inside. This allows them to remove the odor from shoes, drawers, trash cans, gear, and even laundry baskets. Anywhere there is moisture, the StankStix can absorb it.Fun story, the StankStix was first called GloveStix because it was developed for Krista’s son’s gloves. Then people kept giving her feedback about how it worked well with almost everything else as well so they changed the name.

StankStix- Why It Works While Others Don’t

The real reason the StankStix works where others fail is the simple fact that it actually removes the main reason for the odor, not just the odor. This is exactly why it takes a while to take effect, sure you can spray deodorant but it will be temporary, the StankStix is a longer-lasting solution.

Other products basically simply cover up the odor with their pleasant smell. That’s all they do while bacteria like MRSA, staph, mold, E.coli, and mildew can easily grow inside the gear.

The StankStix doesn’t do that, there are no extra smells that cover the bad ones. No rosy fragrance that is used, no chemicals involved, no sprays. The StankStix removes the smells so the gear lacks any smell, just like a clean thing is supposed to smell.


The Shark Tank Funding

The StankStix got funded by Alex Rodriguez and Lori Greiner and they invested $150,000 in the product. This wasn’t easy, Krista prepared her kids and husband for months for this.

The sharks in the tank were not going to go easy on her and they didn’t, their interview was intense and in the end, they said she was a perfectionist, which is not a bad thing at all.

Concluding Thoughts

StankStix is a remarkable product that actually works wonderfully. It removes the stinking odors without any chemicals or having an impact on the environment. This is what makes the StankStix such an awesome product and certainly makes it super easy to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does it Last?

The materials can easily last for 10 years. You will only need to change the inserts after three months for efficient performance. Sure, that also depends on how much moisture they capture so if you live in a damp and humid climate, you might need to replace them a bit earlier. On average, most people say their inserts last from 3-4 months with ease.

What Kind Of Smell Will StankStix Leave?

Nothing, StankStix won’t be leaving any smell behind. Sure, there won’t be any rosy or oaky smell coming from your gear but there certainly won’t be any rotten smell coming as well. The StanStix sucks up all smells, especially the bad ones so your gear won’t have any smell, just like a clean thing shouldn’t.

How Long It Takes to Work?

Depends on the stink to be fair, most people see (smell) a difference in a day. However, some especially stinky gear can take a week to not reek.

Can It Work On Already Smelly Gear?

Yes, it can work on everything even if it is old and stinky. Of course, the new stuff can get a clean chit of smell faster but if you have older gear, the StanStix won’t discriminate. It will however just take a bit more time to completely clean up the funk.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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