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Starscope Telescope Monocular Review

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Taking photos is one of the best ways to keep memories for years. To other people, it is a way to make a living, while for students, it is the photos you take that will determine your grades. Well, people in all these categories need an excellent camera to capture the best images.

However, it is usually challenging to find a good camera that can produce top quality images. Sometimes, you may have a good quality camera on your phone, but taking pictures from a distance becomes a tricky experience.

In such cases, you end up taking unclear photos, which you eventually delete as they have no memories to keep. The device I am about to introduce to you will solve all these challenges. The Starscope Monocular is a brilliant lens that you can use as binoculars to get the best images from far.

You will find this article useful in providing all the information you need to know about this monocular. Also, we will delve into the alternatives you may consider.

Starscope Monocular

Pre-Purchase Considerations for the Starscope Monocular

Since you already know what a monocular is, it is also right that you be careful when spending money on one. There are different things that you need to consider when buying. Without the right features, then the monocular may not work as expected.

However, you need to consider the specific task that you will use it for after purchasing. A professional photographer will require different specifications than what a leisure photographer needs.

Remember, the better the device, the more expensive it is. There is no point in buying equipment with features you do not need. Therefore, here are things you need to check in a monocular to decide whether it is the right pick.

Magnification capacity – The first thing you need to check is its magnification capacity. What determines the magnification capacity is the purpose of purchasing the device. The magnification capacity can either be 5X, 10X, or any other. The higher it is, the narrower the field of view. You need to think about what suits you best.

The eye relief – Depending on various things, you may either need a short or long eye relief. Eye relief, in a nutshell, is the distance between the monocular and your eye while using it. You can choose a long-distance or a shorter one. People wearing spectacles will require a longer one to give a better view, while others may need a shorter relief.

Optical coating – Another feature that you need to look into carefully is the optical coating of the monocular. It is the aspect that determines the image quality you get. Therefore, you need the highest optical coating quality for clear images. The optical coating allows in enough light to ensure you get the best images from the device.
The best thing about buying a monocular is that there is a variety to choose from to get the best. However, the Starscope monocular scores highly on this checklist and are, therefore, one of the best options.

Presenting The Starscope monocular outdoor optical device

The Starscope monocular outdoor optical device

The Starscope monocular is an outdoor optical device that helps to see and capture images that are far away. It is an excellent solution to people that love adventure and camping. It is now easier to capture your best moments from a distance.

A top-quality camera can be too expensive for students or novice researchers. However, there is no excuse for having poor images with this monocular available in the market. It gives clear optical images from a distance and makes them look like they are from a professional camera.

When you purchase this monocular, you will receive a whole package of items to aid the device's efficient working. In the box, you will find the Starscope monocular packed separately and safely to ensure it reaches you in mint condition.

Also, you will receive a phone adapter that you can use to connect to your phone. The best thing about the adapter is that it is compatible with many mobile devices. Also, you will receive a metal tripod and lens covers for protection.

Also, you will receive a cloth bag with a cleaning cloth for safe cleaning. Another thing is a hand strap to ensure your monocular security, especially preventing it from falls—lastly, a user manual with directions of use.

Starscope performs well when compared to the market leader for monocular devices. The Gosky monocular telescope has been for a long time the best in the industry. However, our feature device has come with impressive specifications that are making it rival the market leaders.

 It has the high power that the industry leader boasts of and gives clear images that you need. That makes it a perfect product for people that would love to hike, go on an adventure, and take photos.


  • In-built compass
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable material
  • Fog resistant
  • Easy-grip


  • No broad view
  • Not suitable for professional use

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What are the Main features of Starscope Monocular?

Although this product has a beautiful physical impression, you need to know more features that make it one of the best products. In this section, we will consider some essential features that make this product stand out.

Water resistance

Most alternatives you have in the market will die as soon as they come into contact with a splash of water. That limits you from how you can have fun. For instance, you cannot enjoy water bodies, pools, or even anywhere, foggy, or rainy.

That will deny you the opportunity to capture the most interesting this you come across while having fun outdoors. The best news about the Starscope monocular is that you do not need to fear wetting it. The lens has a protective cover, and the device is nitrogen-filled to keep it safe from water and foggy weather.

Starscope Monocular Durability

The manufacturer of this device did not compromise its durability in any way. It still worked perfectly after undergoing tests such as exposure to water and falling on hard surfaces. Most alternatives get sent to an early grave when exposed to some elements or fall accidentally.

Most of such cases are not carelessness by the user but poor craft by the manufacturer. A durable product should resist any shock and last for a long time. That is what this device is, and it guarantees value for money with its sturdiness. You can use it for as long as you want without worrying about durability.

Scratch resistance

Another area that the Starscope monocular excels is in scratch resistance. Several options in the market look shiny at the initial time that you purchase them. However, the whole look disappears after a short period of using the product.

Most parts of the monocular will start showing scratches that make it look old while you acquired it recently. Also, the image quality becomes low as the lens loses its sharpness. Our feature device has a scratch-resistant lens that you can trust to last for a long time. Also, the external body is scratch resistant to ensure it maintains its color for long.

Good grip

You will find the grip that this monocular has comfortable enough to capture the best shots. Without a good grip, you may capture shaky images that also look blurred. The grip, therefore, contributes immensely to the quality of images you can take. Also, it affects your view when using the device like a telescope.

Another thing that the grip impacts are the security of your device. Your device may fall off your hands while taking images if it does not have a good grip. With this device, falls will be unheard of as you can hold it safely for long.


This device comes with a 10X magnification ability to make it easier for you to view images that are miles away easily. It is a perfect device to carry with you because most phones do not have such magnifying power. Or, zooming at 10X with a phone may result in blurred images.

Therefore, it is essential to support your phone's ability with this device. Also, it comes with a 50 MM objective that lets in enough light for clear images. This device's power and capability will be an excellent boost for you visiting animal parks.

Starscope Monocular Telescoping

When buying a monocular, you need a device that can do much more than allowing you to take photos. In this case, you need a monocular to also work as a telescope to help you navigate through the woods. You will find this product efficient with its top-quality telescopic abilities.

You can use it to view things that are far and wide. For example, you may be driving on the road you are unfamiliar with, and for your safety, stopping and checking what's ahead of you will help. This device will help you have a great view from a far distance.

Light in weight

Another exciting feature of this device is its lightweight. It weighs approximately 320 g making it easy to carry even for long journeys. Also, the lightweight affects the grip we mentioned earlier. There is a high chance of losing your grip if the device is bulky.

The weight allows for portability and reduces fatigue, especially when hiking for a whole day. Therefore, you can feel comfortable carrying this device anywhere you wish without a problem. Other than the weight, the minimalistic design also contributes to its portability, making it convenient to carry.


Wide field of view

A full field of view is beneficial for viewing of essential things like mountains when hiking. Without such, a monocular may not offer you much value as you expect. The best thing about this product is that it gives a broad view that makes it convenient for people going for an adventure.

Also, the broad view makes it easy for the user not to miss anything in their vicinity. If you are in a place you do not feel safe, you can use this device like a telescope, and the full view will help you see any oncoming danger.

Starscope Monocular Lens

A lens is another essential of a monocular, and you need a powerful one to get the best view. With the Starscope monocular, you will get a 50MM lens that will ensure a perfect full view. That is perfect for hiking and visiting animal parks where you need a broad view.

The lens that this device comes with is of good quality material, guaranteeing a long life. It has several coats that prevent it from scratches and is sturdy enough to resist breaking. There is a 20MM eye relief that allows you to maintain the distance you desire from the eye.


Another awesome thing to note about this product is its affordability. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to buy it. That makes it easy to acquire it and make your outdoor activities fun-filled. Also, the value that the monocular offers make it an excellent choice for its price.

If you are working on a budget, you will find this a great product. The best thing is that you do not need to replace it anytime soon as it is durable enough to last long. Therefore, you have sufficient time to get the full value of the monocular.

Super clean photographs

One of the main reasons you are buying a monocular is to get perfect shots that look professional. It is easy to get such shots from the Starscope monocular. It gives an ideal outdoor optimal view to ensure that your phone captures the best images.

The super-bright photos that you get this device reflect professionalism, and you can use them to present research. Also, you will feel confident to post them on the internet as they look like they are from a suitable quality device.

Social Proof

You must check out what other people are saying about a product before you place an order. The best resource that you have is the internet, where previous customers post about their experience with the product.

I checked for online reviews about this product, and I found out that most customers had positive experiences with the product. I compiled a few reviews, and I have included them below to help you decide.

Starscope Monocular Review
Starscope Monocular Review


If you would like to try a monocular from a different brand but with amazing features, I recommend two alternatives that guarantee value for money. Also, they are the top products that you will find useful. Check them out below.

Gosky Monocular

It is a good alternative that you can choose to buy if you already have the Starscope and would like to try something different. Several features make it unique. For instance, it comes with higher magnification abilities compared to the featured product in this review.

Similarities between these products include both being water-resistant. Therefore, whether you choose Gosky or Starscope, you will find it convenient for outdoor activities. However, you will have to pay more if you need the Gosky monocular as it costs higher.

Vabogu monocular telescope

It is another perfect alternative to our feature product. You can trust it to deliver the same value because of the high magnification and contrast power it comes with to enhance your experience. It gives an image quality that matches the Starscope quality making it a good option for you if you want to try a different model.

Also, it is waterproof just like our featured device and also supports single hand focus. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry around and also assures you of a good grip and focus. One thing you will find it convenient for is its price. It has incredible features that cost less than the Starscope monocular.

These two devices have features that are almost similar to what our feature product has to offer. Therefore, you can consider any of them as an alternative to the Starscope monocular. Also, there is no massive difference in prices as they fall within the same range.


Starscope Monocular

As mentioned earlier, getting powerful shots can be difficult for a long distance. That is especially when camping in the woods or on a hiking day. Therefore, you must find a way to get the best view and shots from a distance.

The Starscope monocular is a perfect solution that will capture the best scenes and moments with less effort. It comes with great features such as good magnification power and a quality lens to provide high-quality images.

It is portable, making it perfect for outdoor activity. Besides, the clear shots will make your photos look professional and suitable for official purposes. Also, you will find it a convenient telescope for camping. You can click here if you would like to check out more about the Starscope monocular.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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