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Stick Pc vs Mini Pc Comparison Guide

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When you're looking for a PC that isn't too big, there are two options: mini PCs and stick PCs. Mini-PCs have been around since the 1990s but recently became more popular when they were released in small form factors such as Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix. Stick computers, on the other hand, can be plugged into any TV with an HDMI port to turn it into a smart TV with access to apps like Netflix and Hulu+. To find out which one is right for you, we will tell you about each computer type here in our comparison guide.


Mini PC

Stick PC



Smaller ( USB )


Case, PSU, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD

Processor, OS, Memory, On board storage, SD card slot, WiFi, USB Ports

Energy Consumption:

10 watts

8 watts







What Is Mini PC

Mid-range computers, also known as mini PCs or minicomputers are a variant of computer that is smaller in size but possesses most features and capabilities found on large desktop PCs. They take up little space while producing almost the same level of performance seen from real desktops. In contrast to stick PCs, mid range computers have great benefits over them despite their small form factor making these devices very popular among consumers nowadays.


How does a mini pc work

A mini PC operates in a similar manner to a computer. It has a CPU and memory, which means the device basically performs all of these functions: fetching instructions from memory, performing an operation using ALU (arithmetic logic unit), then storing the results for later use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini PC

While there are multiple reasons why you would purchase a Mini PC over a PC stick, including affordability and portability, here are four major advantages to purchasing a Mini PC.


The Mini's PCs small size is what makes it great. It can easily fit in a bag or on your bookshelf, and because it’s lightweight means you won't get tired carrying around this mini-computer.


A mini pc is much more expensive than a mini pc stick.


You can easily customize your mini PC parts, making it the perfect device for any occasion. Whether you want to use a TV monitor or computer monitor, both options will work!

Energy Consumption

Mini-PC consumes more electricity while Mini-Stick does not.


Make your presentations outstanding with a Mini PC on the stick. These mini-computers are slightly larger than thumb drives and designed to be plugged directly into monitors. They allow you to install apps of choice, stream media content, make them an excellent choice for business owners and students as well. You won't have to carry around bulky laptops but instead, just take these little Stick PCs that can do all the work!

How does a pc stick work

A PC Stick is a tiny computer that can connect to the Internet. You can use it for social media, and you can check your emails with its help. The best thing about using this device is that it does not require much processing power, so social media apps work perfectly fine on it!

Now you can stay in touch with your family and friends on social media without the hassle of using a laptop or desktop computer. All it takes is an HDMI port on your TV, along with an HDMI cable to use this device.

Your PC stick requires power through its USB port so you can use a special adapter to get it from the mains or derive power from any other device that has a USB port. It is also good practice to use wireless keyboards and mice with your PC Stick since they are Bluetooth enabled, allowing them to easily communicate with your computer.

Your PC Stick will start a boot sequence similar to any other computer device. Now, connect your HDMI cable from Stick PC to your TV, and you'll be able to see everything that the PC Stick is doing. A wireless keyboard and mouse can make using it easier, some options include virtual keyboards!

A PC Stick is just like having a computer in the palm of your hand. You can do all of the normal things that you would do with a laptop or desktop, but it's important to understand its limitations, don't expect high processing power for intense video editing and Photoshop work.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of STICK PC

PC Stick Advantages

PC Stick offer more than Smart TV

If you are thinking about getting a Smart TV, there is an alternative that offers more portability and functionality. A PC Stick can be taken almost anywhere since it fits in the palm of your hand! Most smart TVs have limited app support. Therefore using a wireless mouse and keyboard could prove to be difficult.

It can be a PC for other family members

If you have children, chances are they'll want a laptop or desktop computer of their own. But if space is an issue in your home, why not give them a PC Stick instead? These devices don't need much room and can be plugged into the HDMI port on any TV with enough screen size to use it well. 

PC Sticks are so easy to carry around

If you go on many trips, a PC Stick may be an ideal option for you. Instead of carrying around your bulky laptop every time, just bring along the small PC Stick and foldable wireless keyboard with its own mouse to complete your computer station at any hotel room's TV screen whenever necessary!

PC Stick Disadvantages

If you're looking for a disadvantage, it's that the storage capacity is typically less than Mini PCs. But don't worry! You can plug in an external hard drive and still have all of your files with you everywhere!

The differences between a mini PC and a stick PC

What do you use the PC for?

There are many options when you're looking for a mini PC or Stick PC, but it's important to understand the needs of your purpose of use before choosing which one is right for you. 

If basic tasks like browsing the internet or sending emails will be enough then I would recommend this stick PC that costs less than $150 and also has high-definition video support so there won't ever be any problems with quality playback! 

But if higher performance is necessary in order to complete demanding projects such as editing videos, well...you'll have to check out these Mini PCs because they can run up into thousands of dollars depending on their specifications.


Mini PC's are larger than STICK PCs. They can be as large or even smaller than a book and take up little space on your desk, but they have a great performance like regular desktop computers do. In contrast, to stick PCs which only pack as much power in their small size, mini Personal Computers (PCs) provide an affordable solution for those who want both portability and capability without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or functionality by going with either one alone!

There are many benefits to using a stick PC versus the more traditional mini PCs. The first benefit is that of portability; these devices can easily fit in your pocket or backpack, making them perfect for travel and everyday use. Additionally, this device has an incredibly small form factor allowing you to keep it right on your desk without taking up too much space at all! Finally, they deliver better performance than most smartphones which makes them ideal if you're not looking for anything exceptionally powerful.

How To Speed Up Slow and Old PC?

I was wondering what the easiest way to speed up my laptop would be, and after hours of searching on Google, I came across Xtra-PC. This product is great for people who are not tech-savvy enough but want an easier solution than buying a new computer or reinstalling Windows themselves. 

Xtra PC

Xtra-PC is a small thumb drive that plugs into any USB port on your computer. It can override the outdated operating system with up-to-date software and make it run faster than ever before!

Xtra-PC runs on a Linux OS, which is free to download. However, the downside of this free download is that it's complicated to install and set up your computer properly with all its features working correctly. Just like making a bacon cheeseburger from scratch, anyone can do it, but since they don't have lots of experience or knowledge about cooking burgers in general (or specifically how to make one), there will be some inaccuracies somewhere along the way, such as overcooked meat patties, burnt buns/cheese etcetera.

This analogy describes Xtra-pc well because a regular user might know a thing or two about computers but in the end they would probably make a mistake in the installation process. Linux OS is quite complicated when you are trying to install it on a PC. Xtra-PC is great in that regard because it’s a ready to go USB that you can plug into your computer and use it immediately without much hassle.

Xtra PC works with Macs and PCs, fully compatible with any computer made from 2004 onward.


Which type of mini PC you should get mostly depends on what your main use for the computer will be. If browsing the internet or text processing are most important to you, stick PCs might work best. These computers are designed specifically to take anywhere and make them easy-to-carry devices; however, they don't have as much power typically compared with other options like a Mini PC.

If more demanding programs such as games or 3D modeling software is something you plan on using regularly but also want it mobile enough that you can carry around easily without sacrificing too much in terms of performance we recommend going with a MiniPC instead! 

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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