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How to Find a Stud in a Wall with a Magnet - Step By Step Guide 2022

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Home renovation work or hanging something up can be a very difficult task, especially when you need to find the studs in your walls. Devices meant to find studs in walls can be pretty expensive.. The cheaper solution is a magnet that can find studs in your wall. A magnet is an easy and cheap way to find studs in your walls when doing renovations or hanging up something. The best magnet as a stud finder is MagnetPAL. It's a good size, easy to handle, and a very cheap magnet. 

What you need to know about wall studs

Before hanging or mounting anything onto a wall in your home, always locate the metal studs inside of it. This is important because locating these will add support to whatever object you are trying to mount and help keep everything stable for as long as possible.

If you're trying to put something heavy on your wall, like a TV or floating shelves, then It's important that the nails are placed directly into the studs. If not, then your valuable things could fall and destroy drywall along with whatever is being held by them. If you've ever found yourself in a sticky situation, this quick guide will help.


How to find studs in a wall with a magnet in 3 easy steps

Finding the studs with a magnet is easy! All you have to do is place it on the wall and observe where they stick.

Find a starting position on the wall and slowly drag the magnet horizontally.

Begin by finding a starting position on the wall and slowly drag your magnet horizontally across its entire surface. You should make several passes until you find what you are looking for as there shouldn't be any space between the wall and your magnet, adjusting it to different heights if necessary.

Wait for the magnet to stick in one place

When the magnet is attracted to an area in the wall, you will be able to mark the area to indicate that a stud is inside.

Leave the magnet on the wall to mark the spot

The easier way is to leave the magnet where it stands on the wall, mark the spot. If you want to locate multiple studs at once across the same wall, there is another method you can use. We bring you below detailed information on how to find multiple studs.


How to find multiple studs?

Once you have located the first stud in your wall, it is easy to find more. You can use this shortcut and finish up with no time lost!

Studs in the wall of a house are often spaced according to standard dimensions, no matter where they're located or when they were built.

The stud spacing in a house is most commonly 16 or 24 inches. 

Now that you have found the first stud, it's time to test your magnet. Simply measure 16 inches away from this position, and if no success arises, then try again by measuring 8 more inches out on either side for an even 24 total measurements!


What Is The Best Magnet Stud Finder?

This multi-purpose magnet offers endless uses: a magnet key chain holder, magnetic stud finder, or just hanging tools, keys, and signs to name a few.

MagnetPAL's strong plastic housing makes MagnetPAL durable enough for the rigors of the workshop, home, or outdoor adventures. The molded loop at the top allows you to attach almost anything.


Sometimes magnets won't help

What if there are no screws? A magnet can't "see" a wood stud. If the wall's construction uses only adhesive to hold the drywall in place, a magnet won't do anything at all because it doesn't have any metal parts on its surface that could attract magnets and tell you where studs are in your wall.

But don't worry, in more than 90% of cases, there are studs in your wall where a magnet can help.

So we recommend you to try MagnetPAL, one of the best compact magnets to find a stud in your wall.

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