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T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch Review

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Each and every thing you need to know about T-Watch's Smart Tactical

I’ll admit it: when I first heard about the idea of a smart watch, I thought it sounded a little ridiculous. Of course, you can see why I was skeptical. 

With the integration of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and technology into just about every corner of our waking lives, the need for a watch — much less a smart watch — seemed pretty laughable. 

T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart fridges, and now a smart watch? Surely this was just another marketing ploy to get me to buy something I didn’t actually need.

The Tact Watch showed me I was wrong.

Why you should consider buying a smart watch

Simply put, the T Watch differentiates itself by proving to the wearer that it serves a whole slew of purposes separate from the ones served by both smart phones and traditional watches. For example, my standard watch can’t connect to iOS or Android software to keep track of my daily fitness activity and my phone doesn’t have a strong-as-diamond carbon coating to protect it from wear and tear. Neither product is all that dust-proof, neither one has a long-lasting battery, neither can send me my notifications and alerts right to my wrist without ever having to unlock my phone.

Of course, it must be said that these features aren’t going to appeal to everyone. Some people would rather keep things as simple as possible and stick to their flip phones, landlines, and standard watches — obviously, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with living your life like that. If smart tech isn't a priority for you, then don't feel like you need to force yourself to make it one. There are all kinds of people all over the world who would much rather live their daily lives disconnected from the current and ever-evolving smart trend that's sweeping the planet. Refusing to own a cell phone or a smart phone is your right — the same goes for smart watches.

Howevewr, it needs to be said that a smart watch will do you no good unless you have a smart phone for it to connect to. Ideally, smart watch owners would also own a smart phone. (Think of it like owning a pair of headphones without having anything to plug them into — smart watches are dependent on other technology for them to work to their full capacity. They’ll still tell you the time, but you’ll be missing out on all their great features.) The two go hand in hand... or should I say wrist on wrist?

Forgive me if this sounds a bit obvious, but you’d actually be surprised how many people would think that a smart watch would still be functional even without a smart phone. It’s not their fault they think this way, of course — it’s a problem that rests more on the shoulders of the companies and the advertisers and the companies than the customer themselves. This is just one of the many things that sets the T-Watch apart from the competition: despite being a smart watch, it’s also just as operational without a smart phone. (I’ll get more into that in a bit, though.)


The pros and cons of the T Watch

Frustratingly, the smart watch market is nearly as crowded as the cell phone market. With countless different brands all competing for your attention, it can be hard to find the best smart watch for you. That’s where the Tact Watch comes into play. A durable piece of tech that fits comfortably on your wrist without weighing you down with frivolous features, I feel like the T Watch has seemingly perfected the balance between practical and technical.

While it boasts fewer features than, say, an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch, I believe the T-Watch surpasses these more recognizable brands because prioritizes the essential and eliminates the useless to create a product that only offers you the must-have features and doesn’t bother you with the ones you’ll never need.

T-Watch Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Has an amazing battery life
  • Incredibly sturdy and able to handle wear and tear
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • Actually looks like a watch instead of a flashy piece of technology

T-Watch Cons:

  • Only a limited number available.
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The features that distinguish the Tact Watch

The T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch is smart for more reasons than just being comparable with smart phones. I really believe it’s the smartest choice on the market for those in need of a sturdy piece of useful equipment that serves a purpose greater than just a symbol of status. Simply put, the T Watch’s features speak for themselves.

#1 T-Watch’s strong coating

There’s no denying that today's top smart watches look nice and high-tech. They’re sleek, they’re clearly quite technologically advanced (after all, they have more bells and whistles than a superspy like James Bond would even be able to use), and they come equipped with a recognizable name brand that even the least informed consumer could easily identify. They have one fatal flaw, though: they’re just as delicate as smart phone screens.

One bump or scratch of the smart watch — which are inevitable because of how often most of us use our hands — and you’re bound to have a scratch or two on the touch screen display. As a matter of fact, my Apple Watch had so many dents and dings on the aluminum casing and the glass display that I couldn’t stand to look at it after a certain point.

That’s why the T-Watch is genius to me: it’s covered in a carbon coating that is arguably diamond-like. It’s much more durable than any of its competitor, which means that the developers genuinely took into consideration the fact that some people might actually like to get their hands dirty and use a smart watch at the same time. (Sounds like a novel concept, I know.)

T-Watch Water Resistance

#2 T-Watch’s smart phone compatibility

To be called a smart watch, the accessory actually has to connect to your smart phone. Where the Apple Watch only works with an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy Watch only works with a Samsung phone, the T-Watch offers compatibility for both iOS and Android softwares. This feels incredibly revolutionary to me.

With so much emphasis being placed on branded products and high-end goods, it's a victory for customers of all types to be able to own a T Watch no matter what their preferred brand is. It's a product that doesn't choose sides. The T-Watch will be able to provide message notifications and call alerts regardless of carrier, manufacturer, or name.

This hands-free notification feature actually comes in handy more than you might think. Out for a run and want to keep your phone in your pocket? Any missed notifications will go straight to your wrist, making it much easier to check than wrestling with getting your phone from your pocket in the middle of a workout.

Driving in heavy traffic and afraid to risk taking your eyes off the road? Your watch is right there on your wrist, directly in your field of vision while you watch the cars in front of you. In the middle of a meeting or a conversation and don't want to pull out your phone and be rude? If there’s someone trying to get ahold of you, you’ll be able to screen the calls and texts right there from your wrist without ever taking out your phone.

T-Watch iOS Android

#3 T-Watch’s activity tracking

Just like compatibility with your smart phone, one of the most basic features a smart watch can offer is activity tracking. From the most expensive brands to the cheapest alternatives, activity tracking is an incredibly large draw for consumers looking to monitor their daily fitness regiments and all the important numbers that go along with them.

This is yet another reason why I think the T-Watch stands out, though: other smart watches on the market today don’t look like normal watches. They all have a distinct look that lets people know immediately that the wearer is deviating from the norm and choosing to wear a name-brand smart watch instead. Not the T-Watch. It’s not flashy like that. To be honest, it would still be functional as a watch without being connected to a smart phone with all the added features. Competing smart watches can’t say the same. They rely on the smart phone counterpart to operate.

Looking at the display of the T-Watch, it’s hard to even tell that it’s any different than a regular old analog watch display. It just looks like your average everyday rugged watch, refusing to be flashy or showy in ways that just aren’t appealing to your typical blue-collar worker or industrial professional. This way, you get all the benefits of a smart watch without ever looking like the kind of guy who’d brag or boast about owning one.

T-Watch Activity Tracking

#4 A few added bonuses of the T-Watch

On top of all this, T-Watch’s Smart Tactical Watch is certifiably dust-proof, waterproof, and shock resistant. No matter what your job is or what your workout regiment entails, you can be certain that it’s not going to short circuit or risk being damaged in the process. Go for a swim, wash your car, take a shower, all without ever having to take off the T-Watch. Plus, it’s got a 33 month cell phone battery to ensure that it’s not going to die in the middle of your morning commute or your exercise routine or your average workday (or work month, honestly!)

T-Watch Addons

How the rest of the internet feels about the T-Watch

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for all this. As with anything, the best way to get a well-rounded opinion on something is to take a look at a few varying takes and make a judgement for yourself. You know how I feel about the Tact Watch, but here’s what the rest of the web is saying. I scoured the Internet and found some user reviews that seemed rather positive.

“If you’re used to running out of battery and having to charge your phone, the T-Watch seems [...] miraculous with its 33-month battery life.”

Twitter user

Alternatives to the T-Watch

Naturally, there are always going to be alternatives. That’s the beauty of the marketplace — anyone’s free to come along and make a similar product that offers slightly different features for different customers.

#1 Islandgizmo Smart Watch

First up, there’s Islandgizmo’s Smart Watch. Definitely the most affordable of these three alternatives, this smart watch only offers water resistance instead of being fully waterproof and comes encased in stainless steel instead of the more durable carbon coating on the Tact Watch. While still compatible with both iOS and Android, the consensus of the reviews surrounding the product are significantly lower than the ones for the T-Watch.

#2 Ovanpa Amazing Military Grade Super Tough Smart Watch for Men

Next is the Ovanpa Amazing Military Grade Super Tough Smart Watch for Men. Offered in two colors, black and blue, the watch is less affordable than the Islandgizmo version. This smart watch is not even water resistant, let alone waterproof — a big negative for anyone interested in doing some all-terrain activities or just simply going for a swim. Bluetooth functionality allows it to be compatible with all operating systems as long as they’re iOS 7.0 and Android 4.4 or above, just like the other two watches discussed. With a dim display and a vulnerability to moisture, this Ovanpa watch is not ideal for anyone who’s going to be around a lot of water (so, most of us).

#3 SMA-M1 Built-in GPS Sport Smart Watch

Lastly, SMA’s SMA-M1 Built-in GPS Sport Smart Watch. As evidenced by the title, this smart watch — which comes in either red or black — has one feature that none of these other alternate watches can offer: GPS functionality. As such, it also proves to be the least affordable of these three options listed here. An aluminum body means that this more advanced smart watch is also going to be more delicate, as well. The display is touch screen, which also differs from the T-Watch, but this means that the battery life pales in comparison to the long-lasting one found in the Tact. Clearly, while this SMA watch comes with a few added features and a pricier total, the extra frills ultimately end up holding it back from the more basic and functional alternatives.

These three alternatives are perfectly reasonable for those who are looking to save a chunk of change or just simply prefer the look or the feel of something other than a Tact Watch. Be warned, though: if you go with something besides the T-Watch, you’re sacrificing a level of quality and a certain rugged and tactical aesthetic that sets this particular accessory leagues ahead of the competition. It’s a no-frills, no-nonsense approach to the smart watch that absolutely deserves to be praised. While other brands compete to come up with the newest, sleekest, most impressive designs, T-Watch excels by reverting to an old-school style and incorporating today’s tech into the classic look of tactical watches.

Why I believe the T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch is your best bet

When all is said and done, the choice is left to you. If you’re still skeptical about the need for a smart watch, then — by all means — please don’t feel like you need to get one. They’re useful tools when selected carefully, and that’s why I can’t help but try and make a case for the T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch.

The stripped-down features and traditional tactical aesthetic make this accessory far more functional than your average smart watch. The strong coating means it’s a cut above the rest of the watches on the market — while most advertise its compatibility with your workout regiment, they typically are made with flimsy materials that could result in a shattered screen or a dented casing. The T-Watch is already ahead of the curve here, ensuring protection with the carbon coating.

All the features that the Tact Watch comes with are just an added bonus: the Bluetooth compatibility for both iOS and Android makes it as user friendly as possible, its message notifications and call alerts help to make sure you can get your hands dirty while still staying connected to the rest of the world, and the activity tracker helps you to keep track of all the essential stats you need to know. I’d encourage you to check out the watch here and try it for yourself. Truthfully, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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