Ultimate Aculief Review

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Aculief Review

Do you suffer from random headaches? Are they getting unbearable? Tried using various medicines to no avail? Then Aculief just might be the answer to your problems.

We can suffer from migraines every so often and they usually go away after a while. However, sometimes they don’t leave without a significantly long time and this is where the problems start.

Aculief is a nifty little gadget that has been in use for a thousand years and it works like a charm.

We weren’t actively looking for it and stumbled on it by chance and it worked like magic!
All we did was follow the instructions and in just a minute we could feel the migraine going away.

Now let’s move the most important question:

Aculief – What Is It?

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Simply put it is an excellent wearable device that is capable of relieving headaches by utilizing the natural pressure points on your body.  It is also quite natural in nature and you don’t even have to take any drugs for it to work.

The point between your thumb and your index finger is called the LI4 acupressure point. This is the point that is proven scientifically to activate endorphins in your body. Endorphins can easily and rapidly ease the tension in your body and thus remove any headache and migraines. This is exactly where you clip the Aculief.

You can use it just like you would take any medicine for the headache. As soon as you feel one coming, put on the Aculief on your hand and let it do its job. You don’t have to take any painkillers either.

Only one Aculief is enough to see that a headache stays far away from your head too. Simply wear it on the hand you don’t use a lot, most people are right-handed so the left hand will do. And you can physically feel the headache go away within a small time!

Aculief – How It Works?

Aculief sounds almost like magic, doesn’t it? We thought the same as well. It is always good to question stuff when you first encounter it, but then we decided to do some research and found that Aculief uses the same technique that’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for nearly a thousand years. That technique was used to get rid of headaches and attain relief.

Sure, many old techniques are edged out by modern medicine but this one is cleaner, safer and doesn’t need you to eat or drink any drugs.

Aculief – How it works?
According to the NCCAM, more than 500 studies have concluded that the method used by Aculief is perfectly safe and effective.

A study done by John Hopkins University claims that proper stimulation of the LI4 region is highly effective in relieving headaches, toothaches, jaw pain, pain in the bones, the pain of the eyes and limbs.

That is a lot of pain that Aculief is capable of providing relief to, in all honesty.

Aculief – How It Got Started

Jon Doogan became aware of the enormous power of acupressure when he was in college. He complained to his friend about a bad headache and he suggested pinching the hand right on the LI4 acupressure point. It seemed weird but Jon gave it a go and found relief from headache whenever he did that.

Jon set out to inform more and more people about this amazing acupressure point and its benefits. However, there were many shortcomings in applying the pressure himself. The biggest ones were the lack of consistent pressure, soreness of thumbs and the usage of both hands to do the procedure.
Aculief Founder

Aculief – How Are People Using It?

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There are more than 1000 reviews on Amazon about this product and it has a 4-star rating on the website as well. Here are a few reviews we saw on the product listing:


1,040 customer ratings

Samantha Merrill-Hicks
Absolutely Love it
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I have suffered from migraines for many years - every day I get at least a headache or migraine. I have prescribed medication that takes the edge off most days, but never fully. I literally laughed out loud when I heard what Aculief's intent was and thought it was bogus. However, I was up for anything! Just 30 seconds into using this product I became a lifer. I use Aculief anytime I am getting head pain and it will relieve the pain - sometimes if the pain was already dull enough, taking it away completely - if you have read until this point, I haven't felt that in years. This product is 5 stars+, thank you!
Life Saver
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I have been having HORRIBLE headaches in the last couple of months! After 2 trips to the ER, an MRI and multiple trips to different doctors and blood tests I am so happy to have this Aculief product! I'm not a person that takes medicines on a regular basis nor do I want to start now, but that is all a doctor wants to do is medicate my problem and not fix it. If this Aculief Acupressure thing helps me manage my headaches without taking medicine I'm more than happy to use it! I plan to buy a couple more so I can have one at work and one in my car just to be sure I have one close to me AT ALL TIMES! Thank you so much for this product!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
Nurse Kristen
this works fantastic! However... UPDATE!!
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When it stays in place, this works fantastic! However, I have a hard time keeping it from popping off, which is disappointing. I’ve tried adjusting to multiple spots as well as using both hands, and it’s still difficult to stay on. UPDATE: The customer service this company has is amazing. After posting my initial review, they sent me two new aculiefs to try to see if they would stay in place, along with a hand-written note from the CEO! One is a more snug fit, and the other stays in place, even while working all night long! Living with chronic headaches and migraines is not easy, and finding products that work that are not drug-related are even harder, and this is one company dedicated to helping its customers!!
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I placed an order for my daughter who is doing her masters program. She suffers from frequent migraines following a car accident where she had whiplash. She loved it so much that I placed a second order for my daughter that suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a wreck and also has migraines. We totally love this product! In her words... "These are FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!!!! They really help take the migraine pain away!" I’ve had migraines since my severe traumatic brain injury and I think that this is the best invention ever!!! Nothing comes close to helping like the aculief! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself too.

However, after a while, your thumbs will start hurting or getting sore from all the pressure. Plus as your hand gets tired of applying pressure, the effectiveness of the pinch will go down significantly. This also means that sometimes you won’t even be applying the right amount of pressure and thus just waste your time and not get any relief.

Aculief – Is It For You?

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If you get regular headaches or migraines, then yes, it is definitely for you.

Only using it for around 15 minutes would be enough to provide relief from a headache.

However, if you are a pregnant woman, we highly recommend that you don’t use Aculief as it induces contractions. So it is for everyone but pregnant women.

They even have special deals on their official website! The deals get better as you purchase more Aculief as well. The best part is, they come with 60-day money-back guarantee so it is a win-win for everyone.

Where I Can Buy It?

Since first writing this, a lot of you people have been asking us where the best Aculief deals are found. The best deals are at the link here or in the pictures below.

ALL orders have Free Shipping and have a 100% money-back guarantee with a 60-Days.You can also get some great deals if you buy two or more (which is great for gifts!)


Aculief is an all-natural and safe way to get rid of headaches and migraines. It is well tested and enjoys a great rating on several platforms. We highly recommend it if you face regular headaches.

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