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Upright GO Review

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What is Upright Go?

Upright Go is small light and discreet device that is stuck to your upper back using adhesives. It is used to correct the posture by giving you a slight vibration as a reminder whenever you slouch prompting you to stand upright.

It is connected to an app through your smart phone, and provides a work-out program, real-time response and statistics to help you improve your posture.

The market is flooded with many posture devices but none stand out like the Upright Go. Back braces are uncomfortable then inconvenient with time. Unlike the large posture devices in the market, the Upright Go, is discreetly small that it is invisible under your attire. It is installed with tilt sensor technology which keeps you alert of your posture at all times.

Can It Really Improve Your Posture In 14 Days?

How the Upright Go Works?

How the Upright Go Works

This invention has two crucial parts: the device itself and the application.

The device is quite small, measures about one inch long and about 2 inches wide, with a power button. With it, comes a USB port for charging and back adhesive pads that last up to a week and alcohol cleaning wipes.

The wipes are used to clean the part where the device is to be put using the adhesive tapes. The all shipment package includes a carrying case and a training guide.

The adhesive tapes have no effect on the skin neither does it cause any kind of skin irritation. The miniature size of the Upright Go makes it unobtrusive that you might hardly notice that you are wearing it.

Vibration and track-only are the two settings of the device. Vibration settings actives a vibration signal intended to alert you to sit up right thus correcting your posture. Simultaneously the device keeps track of your posture by sending data to the app.

The app interface shows your tracking timeline. All the moments that you slouched are indicated in red on the timeline, while the green section show the times you maintained a good posture.

The Upright Go app has two modes: Training and tracking. Setting the Upright Go device to tracking mode only allows it to silently track you posture without the vibration alerting signal incase you slouch but you still track the status of your posture.

In training mode, it vibrates every time you stop prompting you to correct your stance. This helps you to attain the daily goals you have set thus challenging you into upholding a good posture.

With this training and accurate tracking of your posture, you will be able to maintain a good posture. It the device is claimed to improve your posture in less than two weeks.

The application works on both android and iOS phones and you can adjust the vibration intensity and pattern to your preference. Moreover, it is advisable to wear the device two to four times a week to maintain an improved posture. The Upright Go training sessions are bound to lead you towards a straight posture with time.

Feature and Benefits

Easy to use

Though the set up can be a bit complicated for a novice, using the device is quite simple. You need to first set up the app according to the mode you desire, after which you just turn it on and stick it on your upper back. You should ensure that have the app in your smart phone.

Small and discreet

The device is quite small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. It is unnoticeable under your clothes when using it unlike other posture correcting devices. It is so small, unobtrusive and discreet that you might even forget you are wearing it. The vibration intensity is gentle and controllable through the app settings.

Personalized training plan

The device offers a personalized coaching and training program according to your daily routine. The devices can keep a track of your posture, and alerts you every time you hunch. It also comes with an iOS or Android app which has live coaching tips. The personalized work-out program consists of daily goals set to improve your posture.

Progress tracker

You can keep track of your posture habits since the device records all your progress and syncs them with the app. The posture timeline on the app helps you draw a conclusion on how much effort you have to put to improve your posture. The feedback and progress chart is in real time and can be accessed at any time.

Muscle and back relief

The Upright Go device’s main objective is to get rid of all complications brought about by wrong and improper posture such as muscle and back pain. The is a remarkable difference on your posture once you start using the device in your daily routine be it when jogging or just sitting. The device has a success rate of 80% of its users reporting posture improvement of up to 92% within 2 weeks of wearing the device. Theoretically, once you get accustomed to sit upright, the benefits of a correct posture will last an entire lifetime.

Feel more confident

Slouching is associated with low confidence and self-esteem. An upright posture boosts your poise making and you feel more in control. An upright posture also facilitates more oxygen circulation through the brain and the rest of the body keeping you more alert and assertive.



What Are The Pros & Cons of Upright GO

UprightGO Pros:

  • It is a small and discreet device.
  • Detects slouching easily and sends an alert signal for quick response.
  • Free custom work-out and daily challenges.
  • One charge will last you for a long time

UprightGO Cons:

  • The sticky pad doesn’t hold in place during physical exercise.

Final Conclusion

The Upright Go posture trainer applies gentle, consistent vibrations and a personalized workout program to gradualy improve your posture. It has a major impact on your health and well being as well if your main posture issue is sitting. The device shows you how much is accomplishable with just a few simple changes.

It is recommended to combine the Upright Go with yoga, massage therapy and stretching to help with soreness brought about by the body adjustments.

The device is the most affordable posture trainer with an added technological advancement making it barely visible under a shirt, making it a great masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does UPRIGHT GO offer money back guarantee policy?

Every purchased piece of Upright Go device has a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy. Terms and condition however should be strictly adhered to. The package should be returned with all its original parts in place and undamaged.

Do they come in different sizes?

The device comes only in one size that fits all, unlike a back brace.

How do you charge it?

Upright Go comes with a USB charging cord for quick charging just like any other electronic.

Does it blink when in use?

The device does not produce any unwanted sound or flashing.

Is the device visible through clothes?

The device is small and discreet unlike other posture trainers in the market. It can be worn under a shirt and no one will notice it is even there.

How do you stick it on the back?

Upright Go comes with a number of reusable adhesive tapes used to stick the device on your back.

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