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Video DoorBell Review

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Finding the Right Doorbell: A Guide

It happens far too often where I will order a package and, of course, it requires a signature. Or, I won’t be expecting anyone at my house and out of nowhere I will hear the doorbell “Ding!” while I sit in agony of who could possibly be at my door. Well, the new Video Doorbell curbs that anxiety the moment I get it because I can visually see who and what is at my door through the easy application on my phone. I used to in fear of who was at my door, but now, I can see who is there at any time the night, keeping me and my family safe from any harm.

Things to Consider When Buying Video Doorbell

How To Chose Video Doorbell

When buying this product, consider how useful it will be when you can see a package arrive that moment or how safe your family will be

No one can sneak up on your house anymore, because the sleek design blends in and no-one would suspect you have a video doorbell installed specifically to see anyone at your front door.

The main concern with this product is the ease of covering it up if someone does find it, but since you will have the application on your phone, you can see exactly who did it and it will give you peace of mind knowing what the problem is, who started it, and how to fix it.

You can buy this product in multiples and hide them in plants, by windows, and by garages, if necessary. If you have a problem with your teen sneaking out, you have the ability to catch them and make sure it does not happen again by installing one of these cameras by the door they sneak out at, whether that be inside or outside. Even when you don’t know what your teen is up to, the camera does and you can prevent them from being in dangerous situations with this wireless video doorbell.


What Is Video Doorbell?​

The video doorbell is an easy-to-use tool which can record live footage and allows you to go back and look at previous footage, as well. This product is designed to be sleek and the set-up could not be more simple.It only takes a few batteries and boom! It works!

Video Doorbell

You can set up it anywhere in or around your house for your own safety, or even on a boat docked at a station, to make sure nothing happens to it. The wireless video doorbell is larger than a standard doorbell, yet easy to install and has an extra long-life battery to make sure you do not have to change the batteries at the wrong time. 

It will notify you when the battery is low through the app and even when you are miles away, you can check the app and make sure all is as it should be. It is a free, easy to install app which allows you to watch the video footage back as well as watch it live. Thankfully, it comes will all of the tools necessary to install the doorbell and you barely have to lift a finger!

Features and Benefits Of Video Doorbell

The video doorbell has features for all needs; from live footage to a long-lasting battery to HD video quality, this doorbell has it all. It includes night vision so when you need to check who knocked on your door late at night, this wireless doorbell can show you who is at the door at all hours due to its night-time vision capabilities. It also has a wireless doorbell feature, so you do not have to plug it in anywhere if you choose not to.

The great part about this is you have a choice; you can use your current doorbell’s circuits and set this up so it is exactly where your old doorbell used to be, or you can choose to set it up where no one would expect to see it, like in a flower pot or in a garden decoration by the front door.

Video Doorbell Installation

When you push the button for the doorbell, it will chime and you will have the ability to look at the footage and see who is at your door. A blue light will blink around the edge of the button, notifying them that the notification went through, which will send right to your smart device that someone is there. This is especially beneficial if you go to work for a few hours a day and are waiting on a package or a family member visiting town!

Video Doorbell Batery

The video footage will immediately get sent to your phone and you will see who rang the doorbell. It has a two-way call feature which allows you to talk to the person who rang the doorbell, which is ideal if you are waiting on packages or if a friend thought they would swing by and say hello. This is especially beneficial on the safety aspect as well, if you are not expecting someone and an unknown person knocks at the door.

If the bell rings and it is someone you may think is a threat, this will notify you someone is there and you have the ability to exit the app and call the police if necessary.

This wireless doorbell camera has such good quality, you will be asking your neighbors to ring it just for fun and to make sure it is working properly, which it will with its HD capabilities. It has video footage going 24/7 as well as a built-in motion sensor to notify you that someone has come up to your door, so even if they do not ring the doorbell, you are told when someone enters onto your property, even if they do not knock or ring the doorbell.

This can be extremely beneficial for anyone concerned about their safety, as it is my favorite product to ensure my safety is not at risk. When you get the notification, you have the option to make it a two-way call and talk to the person who is at your doorstep all without having to leave your seat.

Video Doorbell Features

You also have the ability to change some of the settings this wifi doorbell offers, such as the sensitivity of the motion detector. This can be beneficial if you have another door nearby or if you have porch decorations which might set off the alarm to your phone.

You can change the settings either on your phone or on the device itself, but no matter what, this wireless doorbell might be the best option for you. Since you have the ability to look at the footage from your phone, you could be at your work desk when someone rings it and you will be told immediately if someone's at your doorstep who you may not be expecting.

Video Doorbell Benefits

It also can work up to a distance of thirty feet away from the wifi it is connected to, so if you have a problem with people coming to your garage or to your back door, you still can use this wifi doorbell at either locations to ward off people who you do not want around your home. Especially in big cities, the homeless population is much higher than it should be and it is likely people may try and get to you garage, but with the doorbell, the chances are much lower.

It has a low power consumption, so your bill will not be through the roof if you do choose to set it up as a standard doorbell in place of the one you have now. It comes with all tools necessary including a screwdriver and a small drill bit, giving you the easiest possible way to install your new wireless doorbell.

The video doorbell also works in all weather conditions, so you do not have to worry about rain keeping it from working. Rain or shine, this wifi doorbell has all of the tools necessary to work effectively and ensure you and your family’s safety.

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Customer Testimonials

Many customers have loved the wifi doorbell, and their testimonials prove it works for them. One individual at hypertechx.com expressed “The video doorbell will help you keep in touch with visitors, while also improving home security,” showing that security is one of the main reasons he purchased this product.

“The first thing which attracted me to this Video DoorBell was its sleek design. It is available in gold, silver or black, which give this doorbell a really luxurious finish. I was surprised how discreet the button and camera lens are!” This shows how discreet the product is anyhow it is not easily detectable as a video camera, which is exactly what you would want if you are trying to up your home security level.

Editor of GearHungry

He said “I was looking for a Video DoorBell which I knew would work in all weathers, including snow and rain. This Video DoorBell is one of the most robust devices available on the market.” This highlights how no matter what the weather may be, the HD wireless video doorbell could be the product for you.

Ben Popper, Popular Science

He said "I was so impressed by the doorbell app, as it provides a variety of useful features. I can control the settings directly from my phone, which is ideal as I am away from the house a lot.” As you can see, the features on this are unmatched to other products; however, if this is not the product for you we have a few other options which may interest you.

Taran Nicolaou, GeekWire


We have compiled three other alternatives which may fit your needs if our doorbell is not exactly what you are looking for.

The first one is the Ring Video Doorbell, which comes in two shades, satin nickel and venetian bronze. Both of these colors could fit your home nicely and they are as discrete as possible while still giving you great results. It is about the same price as the Video Doorbell mentioned above and has many of the same features. The only negative aspect is it is not as weatherproof as the one we currently have, but nonetheless if you can find a place to put it where it will not come in contact with weather, we suggest this one, which can be found here.

Another product similar to ours is the Wyze Cam Pan, which is the cheapest option available. It allows you to control the movement of the camera, panning it from left to right or a full 360 degrees! It is voice controlled and have HD camera quality as well, so this wireless doorbell camera could be the one for you. It also has motion sensors which notify you on your smart phone if someone is near your door. It can be found here.

The Final Words

Video DoorBell Final Words

Our final suggestuion is the WiFi video doorbell camera, which is wireless, has motion detection, night vision, and is waterproof

This doorbell has many of the same features as we do, but the downside is it is less discrete.

The camera is on the front of doorbell and can be clearly seen, and it is about the same price as our wireless doorbell camera has.

You can find theirs here. A good quality wireless video doorbell can sometimes be difficult to find, but we have made the search easier for you! Our wireless doorbell camera has HD quality all while being sleek and discrete, all for your own safety. It can be set up in just minutes and you can even look at the footage in real time or past footage, which it will hold if you need to look back on it.

You can personalize it or leave it as it is, but no matter what you choose to do with it, the fact that you have the ability to change it as you need to is what matters. It can help keep you and your family safe all while being a perfectly functional doorbell, just with a few extra benefits which will keep your mind at ease and you safe.

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