10 best company services that digitize precious memories

By Nerko


iMemories digitizes media with free enhancements and shipping, boasting a flawless record and a quick 2-3 week turnaround for various formats.


Legacybox, with 10+ years in the US, digitizes old media using a meticulous hand-crafted process, offering tracking updates and 3 digital formats.


Southtree digitizes old media with advanced technology and a decade of experience, offering a simple 3-step process with the Southtree Converter Box.


Walgreens partners with iMemories for digitizing services, offering in-store drop-off but with longer turnaround and higher costs than direct iMemories orders.


ScanMyPhotos, transitioning from a 1990 photo processing retail to an online scanning service, offers fast digital conversions with options for same-day service.


Memory Fortress offers rapid digitization services, challenging industry norms with significantly quicker turnaround times and a wide format range.

Memory Fortress

DigMyPics, established in 2002, uses advanced tracking and offers hand-corrected digitizing with varying turnaround times based on package size.


Kodak Digitizing, under AMB Media LLC with Legacybox and Southree, offers a classic mail-in service for tapes, photos, film, and audio from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Kodak Digitizing

Forever Studios in South Florida, since 2007, offers diverse digitization services with options for mail-in, local pickup, or in-person drop-off, and a 2-3 week turnaround with rush processing available.

Forever Studios

EverPresent, with 50+ stores, offers wide-ranging digitization services with a standard one-month turnaround and a rush option, but includes a $45 service fee.