WiFi Pod Portable Mini WiFi Router In-Depth Review

Work and travel require an internet connection. You can do your job while seeing the sights. To get the most out of your travels, you need a WiFi router that can give you high-speed internet no matter where you are. The right WiFi router is the one that will keep you connected to the internet while providing plenty of ways to stay connected to your friends, family, and work colleagues.

What is the WiFi Pod 4G Mini WiFi Router?

The WiFi Pod is more than a personal hotspot. The WiFi Pod is a secure way for you to access the internet wherever you travel using 4G LTE technologies. The Pod protects you while you use the internet for work or pleasure.

It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can also use it for multiple devices at once to get a high-speed connection without ever having to touch a public WiFi.

Ten users or devices can be on the network a time while you connect from anywhere in the world. The network is secure, so you don’t have to worry about data breaches or spending tons of money to use a WiFi café so that you can check your email. You can use to save money and keep your data, well, personal.

WiFi Pod portable mini wifi router

What are the Main Features of the WiFi Pod?

The WiFi Pod comes with multiple built-in features that make it stand out from other types of portable WiFi routers. Consider each feature carefully as you review other products in comparison. The benefits of the WiFi Pod far extend a regular portable WiFi device.

Protected Connection

Whenever you travel for work, pleasure, or school, and you must connect to an open public WiFi. Using public WiFi leaves your venerable to cyber-attack, viruses, and the possibility of identity theft. Using the WiFi Pod, you will be able to access the internet using the Pod without using a public domain and leaving yourself open to attack. The WiFi Pod does not use public WiFi at all, so your computer and data stay safe.

Strong Battery Life

The Pod comes with a 2400 mAh battery, which is capable of keeping your devices running for up to six hours on a single charge. When the battery is dying, you simply plug it into a power source to recharge and get ready to go again. While using the router, you will notice no drops of service in your connectivity due to low battery life or the instant shut down when the batteries die. There is a battery charging icon at the top of the router to let your know the status of your battery and how much of your battery you have left. While charging, it will give a slight flashing with the bars in the battery filling up to indicate that it is in charging mode.


The WiFi Pod comes travel-sized for your convenience. Smaller enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the WiFi Pod takes up little extra room in a suitcase or backpack, meaning you can take it with you on your travels and connect anywhere. The Pod does not require any extra wires to connect to the wall or a plug the size of the device to get electricity, so when you go, it can go too.

No Installation Required

When you receive your WiFi Pod, it comes ready to go without you needing to connect it to your home router. It works a lot like a mobile hot spot. When you travel with it, it will reach out and grab even the smallest connectivity to keep you connected to high-speed internet. You do not need to connect the device to your computer, as it is a hot spot all on its own.

Uses your Simcard

You do not need to buy a special sim card to use the WiFi Pod. You can use the sim card that comes with your phone other mobile devices to boost the signal produced by the Pod. As you boost the signal using the sim card, you can pick up more internet and maintain faster speeds.

Ten Devices can connect

You can connect up to ten different devices to the WiFi Pod at a time. That means, if you are traveling with your family, everyone's phones can reach the internet. It also includes your laptop for work and any tablets they might use for messaging or gaming. You can also share the WiFi Pod with your friends, so you can have a study session while out camping in the woods.

You can travel with it anywhere

The WiFi Pod will give your devices a signal in almost any location and keep you safe. You don't have to worry about picking up a virus in a cyber café. You can pack the WiFi Pod in your pocket, suitcase, or backpack and not have it take up any room. The WiFi Pod has a built-in antenna that can pick up even the faintest WiFi signal and amplify it for your work. The type of signal is strong enough to use on your computer as well as your phones and tablets. It does not matter where you are; the WiFi Pod can find you a signal and make it strong enough to do everything you need.

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One Hundred Fifty Mbps of Connectivity

When you connect to the internet using the WiFi Pod, you will have up to one hundred fifty Mbps of connectivity to use. Most WiFi hot spots require you to assume roaming charges or will charge you extra if you go over your data. The WiFi Pod does not add any extra charges to your life when you connect to the internet. The Pod comes with the internet you can use to connect to anything you need to do. You do not need to worry about wasting the data on your phone by looking up a store or reviewing a video your friend sent. The Pod can provide you with the connectivity you need even to research your homework. It is also strong enough to keep you socially connected through your computer, tablet, or phone.

Blocks Spam websites

One of the main features of the Router is its ability to keep your devices safe from dangerous websites. The WiFi router has a built-in firewall that acts as an added barrier against attacks. It acts as a filter to ensure harmful content does not penetrate your computer. You will not need to worry about having your data stolen while using the router. The router protects your data, such as your bank account information or your passwords on to almost every website. You will not need to worry about your data being skimmed off the internet while using the router.

Easy and Quick to Recharge

Unlike many portable WiFi routers you can buy, the WiFi router comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. It is simple to recharge by connecting the WiFi pod to a normal wall outlet or your computer. The device is always on a quick charge and takes as little as an hour to recharge.

Password Protected

Using the mini router WiFi is much like using the router you use at work or home. The portable wifi router will require you to set up a password when you first set it up. With a strong password, you can help turn the mini router WiFi into another barrier to prevent hackers from accessing your information. When you set up the router adds a strong password to help protect your data and devices from hackers and people wanting to steal your identity.

Scratch-Resistant Screen

The WiFi pod comes in a protective pouch to your house. The Pod itself is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has a digital screen display the status of your internet and degree of battery life. The Screen and the case are scratch-resistant to ensure you can always use your Pod and prevent long-term damage from showing on the casing.

WiFi Hot Spot

When you want to connect to the internet using the WiFi Pod, the Pod creates its hot spot that turns the area around the Pod into a closed internet zone. You enter the password you create when you start using the Pod, and it gives you instant access to the internet. The Pod creates a hot spot that is at least a 2.4 GHz connection. Even if you are using the WiFi Pod at home, you can bring WiFi to the dead zones around your house. You can also use all the internet generated by the Pod at the same time without it ever slowing down in speed.

What should you consider before buying a 4G WiFi Router?

Before buying any type of 4G WiFi router, do your homework. You will need your router for the long-term, as well as the short-term. The best routers come with tools to help them be far-reaching and strong.

Signal Strength

Catching that single bar of strong, good internet can be difficult. This is especially true when traveling to remote areas. You can increase the strength by being near a cell phone tower. A good high-quality portable WiFi device can do a lot to give you the signal strength you require. You need to read reviews and look at product information, so you can know how well the router will function. A strong WiFi signal can make checking your email easier. An amazingly strong internet can mean you can download the movie for your daughter to watch.

Built-in Firewall

Your computer and your devices should come with protection. You can ensure the safety of your accounts and passwords by having at least one firewall. A built-in firewall can help protect your computer and devices against viruses. It can help prevent the intrusion into your personal information and the loss of your most important data. You need to find a WiFi router that is strong enough to protect your systems and keep your data protected.

Number of Users

Many types of WiFi routers do not allow for multiple users or devices at the same time. You need to find a WiFi router that will support all your family members, their devices, and anyone else that might need to use the system. The more ways you can connect to the internet, the better able you will be to meet the needs of everyone in your family.

Amount of Mbps of Connectivity

All your devices that connect to the internet have a certain amount of data on them to use. Some connect to a group plan that collectively uses the same chunk of data. While this is normal for cellphone plans, it should not be that way for your WiFi router. You need to find a WiFi router that is strong enough to provide you and your family with plenty of data. The more data you have and the stronger the signal, the more you and your family can do with it.

Battery Life

Battery life is important for everything we have. If the router you select does not have a long battery life, you will not be able to complete your work or have the internet ready when you need it. Most routers have a wide range of battery lives from anywhere to an hour up through ten. You should find one that will give you enough battery to do your work and anything else you must do while you travel or visit relatives.

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Travel Ready

Traveling with a phone's WiFi is convenient, but if you do not pick up a bar of connectivity, it does not matter. You need to find a WiFi router that will travel with you and give you the internet you need whenever you need it. The router must be able to travel easily with you, so you do not need to worry about locating safe internet. Connecting to the internet through public hot spots is more likely to leave you open to cyberattacks.

Easy to Use

The WiFi router you select must be easy to use. There are many types of routers on the market that requires you to start accounts or plug it into a wall outlet. The more simple and straight forwards the router is, the fewer problems you will have with connectivity and the faster it is to operate. You can find WiFi routers with multiple buttons and hookups for different features. The simple ones provide the signal strength without added sign-in information. You can read about the different routers and learn which one will be simple enough for your family to use.


The price is the last thing you should look at when it comes to selecting the WiFi Pod that will work best for your needs. If you need a WiFi Pod, the amount of money you spend should not be a deciding factor in your choice. Do your homework and make sure that the WiFi router you select will work for the long-term as well as the short-term needs of you and your family. Some high-quality routers are more expensive and provide a greater range of connectivity as well as added features. There are also cheaper ones, but they are less likely to give you the distance and signal strength you require.

What do Buyers of the WiFi Pod think?

Reviewers of the WiFi Pod think the Pod is a terrific way to stay safe while keeping you working. They love the built-in firewall that protects your computer, phone, and tablet from hackers or hazardous websites. They also like how well it travels and its ability to pick up even the smallest signals.

The WIFI unit has all the quality that you would anticipate from a 4G little switch or some other pocket modem. With a rapid of 150Mbps, and availability of up to ten users at once, you can be certain that this gadget will give you the most ideal help, regardless of where you are

What are the alternatives for the WiFi Pod?

There are many types of WiFi Routers on the market; the two listed below are similar to the WiFi Pod but come with different features. It is up to you to make the final choice, which products will work best for you.

Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE CPE 150 Mbps Mobile WiFi Router

The Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE CPE 150 Mbps Mobile WiFi Router lets you use any type of Sim carrier card to activate the router (though not Sprint, Verizon, or Net10 as there are restrictions). The router provides you with 3G connectivity with 4G connectivity. You will have one LAN port to connect and two antennas to provide a consistent connection to the internet.

The Huawei is very similar to the WiFi Port in connectivity, except it uses the internet you already have through your sim cards to connect. Both devices support speeds up to one hundred fifty Mbps, though the Huawei does support thirty-two users or devices to the WiFi Pod’s ten.

The Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE CPE 150 Mbps Mobile WiFi Router is a good choice for people who need to expand their home internet. With the Huawei router, you can make a wireless hot spot up to two hundred and fifty meters wide.

KuWFi 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot Unlocked Wireless Internet Router

The KuWFi 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot Unlocked Wireless Internet Router is a way to connect to the internet wherever you are traveling. The KuWFi provides high-speed 4G internet while you travel al while using a strong built-in battery for power. The KuWFi is suitable for travel because of its size and is something you and your family can use indoors as well as outdoors.

A bright, interactive screen, the KuWFi is easy to program and use for up to twenty-four hours on a single charge to the twenty-four hundred mAh battery. The WiFi Pod provides a steady stream of the internet without the need to do program anything ahead of time. Both devices support up to ten users or devices at a time and are suitable for travel.

The KuWFi 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot Unlocked Wireless Internet Router is a good choice for anyone looking to save some money on a travel router. The KuWFi router will give you temporary travel internet that is strong enough to let you use your computer and connect with friends. The KuWFi router does not come with a firewall.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to all kinds of travel, having the internet is a must for almost everyone. If you frequently travel for work, you need a good travel router to keep you connected. The WiFi Pod is a good, strong, and simple option for all kinds of people to remain connected safely to the internet. The WiFi Pod lets you travel without worry about picking up a virus or hackers accessing your systems. The Pod also provides you with strong internet, even with only a faint signal strength. For more information about the WiFi Pod, Please follow the link.
WiFi Pod portable mini wifi router

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