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Winergy Wireless Charger - Review

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When you need a wireless charging pad, you need to look for a high-quality pad that will provide you with the right amount of electricity at high-level speeds. The Winergy Wireless Charger is the perfect charger to consider for multiple reasons. From universal compatibility to most types of Qi-charging devices, you can be secure that your Apple and your Android devices get a full charge in almost no time.

What should you know before you buy a wireless charging pad?

1 The amount of power available

Before you buy a wireless charging pad, you need to know how much power you can expect from it to charge your devices. A high-quality, efficient charger should give you at least ten watts of quick-charging power. You are busy, and you do not have time to waste as you wait for your phone to charge with a lesser amount of electricity.

2 Time for recharging

As noted above, your wireless charging pad needs to have a large amount of power for you to access and use to charge your devices. You also need to find one that has quick-charging capabilities because you do not have the time to waste waiting for your phone to recharge. You need to make sure you know the approximate time for a recharge before you buy a charging pad.

3 The number of compatible devices

If you share the wireless charging pad with others on your phone or have a work-related device that is different than your phone or tablet, you need to know if all your devices are compatible. Some types of charging docks work only for Apple or Android devices, and this could be a problem when you own an Android phone and an Apple tablet.

4 Safety Features

You need to know that the device you bring into your home is safe to use. The built-in safety features can help protect your devices from power surges as well as your home to prevent damages, in case of problems. Make sure to know how the charger will keep your home safe and secure during its use.

5 Price

The last thing you should look for is the price of the charger. You know what you need for your devices. You also know the maximum you can allow for your budget. You want to make sure you are getting the charger you want at a price that is not too cheap, but also not too expensive. Cheap means poor quality and expensive is not necessarily an indicator of quality.


What is the Winergy Wireless Charger?

The Winergy Wireless Charger is convenient and portable. The charger offers you a fast way to wirelessly charge your phone using a universal charger that will give you ten watts of power for your Android or your Apple device.

Designed to charge your devices wirelessly safely, the Winergy Wireless Charger comes with multiple protective features, including anti-overcharging protection, short-circuiting protection, and overload protection. The charger could with a way to recognize your devices so you can charge them without having to connect them to any charging port.

Winergy Wireless Charger

You can also safely charge your devices up to two times faster than a regular charging cable and prevent foreign bodies from interrupting your charging to help protect your technology.

Winergy Wireless Charger pros:

  • You can charge your devices two times faster than using a regular cable.
  • Your devices have protection from overcharging and short-circuiting.
  • The charger is cost-effective.

Winergy Wireless Charger cons:

  • You can only buy the charger online.
  • You can only charge one device at a time using the charger.
  • The charger requires a flat surface for the most effective charging.

What are the main features of the Winergy Wireless Charger?

Two-Times Faster Charging Speeds

Two-Times Faster Charging Speeds

The Winergy Charger comes with two-times faster-charging speeds than leading chargers. You can be dashing between your activities and leave your phone on the charger at home and find it ready to go in no time at all. The improved technology allows for the charger to be a constant hot spot for electricity so you can leave your dead phone sitting on it while you take a shower, and it will be well on its way to a full charge by the time you get out.

Other types of wireless charging ports can take hours to get your phone back to full charge. With the Winergy Wireless charger, you can have your phone one hundred percent charged in as little as three hours. You will also not experience lagging or slow charging times for your devices, depending on the cables or type of devices.

Extra Safety Features

No matter what kind of technology you are purchasing, it must be safe to use. The Winergy charger comes with multiple built-in safety features to protect you and your devices while you use the charger and while you do not use the charger.


Anti Overcharging

You will not need to worry about overcharging your devices as the built-in anti-overcharging feature works to switch off the charging once your device hits one hundred percent charged. Your phone or other devices will stop receiving electricity after this.

Short-Circuit Protection

If there are storms or other power surges in your area, the charger design, includes a way to absorb the charge and not transfer it to your device. Your device will be safe from the surge, and you will be able to continue to use it damage-free.


Overload Protection

Along with the short-circuit protection, your devices have protection from overloads, so when there is excess power running through the charger, your device will remain safe and running as it should.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control Winergy

Temperature can damage your devices through excess charging, power surges, and general overheating. The Winergy Wireless Controller comes with built-in protection to prevent damage to your devices and your home. Once the controller reaches thirty-five degrees Celsius the charger will automatically stop directing power to your devices, keeping them safe.

Foreign Body Recognition Technology

Foreign-Body Recognition Technology

Foreign Body Recognition Technology helps prevent your devices, like your Smartphone, from taking damage because a non-compatible device rests on top of your phone. If your child leaves their smart toy on top of your charging phone, it can interrupt your charging phone and cause damage. The Foreign Body Recognition Technology helps stop the branching of electricity to a product that can take damage if set on top of it.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

The Winergy Wireless Charger is very energy efficient is its use of electricity. Tests run on the Winergy Charger put it at eighty-four percent efficiency while wirelessly charging your device. Though charging older devices does pull more energy, the drop in efficiency is not noticeable.



The charger is the size of a small compact mirror, which helps make it fit into almost any type of carrying device you have to use. You can put it in your purse, briefcase, or even carry it in your pants pocket, in some cases, without it taking up too much room. The relatively small size is very good for casual and international travel where you don’t want to take up too much room in storage, and you need a way to charge your phone quickly while on the go.



The Winergy Wireless Charger is compatible with most modern electronic devices, including Android and Apple Smartphones and any other Qi-Enabled devices. The compatibility is not a problem when streaming up to ten watts of power into your devices at a very quick rate. You will have at least five watts of extra charging speeds for devices that offer additional fast charging options.



The Winergy Charger is small enough to carry with you in a backpack, purse, or briefcase to work or school. It does not take up that much room in luggage if you are traveling as well. The charger is the size of a small, portable mirror, so it fits easily into most small areas.


The Winergy Wireless Charger is very affordable for the amount of power and versatility it offers. You will not pay a lot to get a high-quality wireless charging port that is completely portable.

Buy Winergy Wireless Charger

What do buyers of the Winergy Wireless Charger Think?

Buyers of the Winergy Wireless Charger love the speeds at which they can charge their phones. It does not matter what type of phone they have; their phones get a full charge in a very quick time. The size of the charger also makes it very easy for them to carry with them wherever they go, or to purchase a separate one for use in the office.

What are Wireless Alternatives?

Belkin Wireless Charger

The Belkin Wireless Charger  comes in five and seven-point five-watt options. You can charge most types of devices with at least five watts or charging speeds for Qi-enabled devices. The charger is compatible with most types of apple and android products with fast charging speeds.

The charger comes with a lightweight plastic case that is only three millimeters wide and an AC cable adapter that has a four-foot charging cable. The charger also comes with a two-year warranty in case of problems and a Qui-Certification for charging effectiveness and safety.

  • The Belkin Charger has five watts of charging power; the Winergy Charger can manage up to ten watts of power depending on the device.
  • Both products are compatible with Apple and Android products.
  • The Belkin Charger comes with a Qi-Certification, the Winergy Charger does not.

Anker Wireless Charger

The Anker Wireless Charger  is one of the best ways you can recharge your devices quickly and wireless. The charger is a high-efficiency charger that has a chipset into the charger to provide your device with up to ten watts of charring power. You will also have at least seven point five watts of charge power for fast-charging devices.

The charger comes with a sleep-friendly LED indicator light that lets you check the charging status as you go and, if you are asleep, the light will not interfere with your normal sleep patterns. The charger comes with the ability to sense your phone through the protective case and charge your phone without requiring you to take the case off.

  • The Anker Charger comes with a sleep-friendly mode; the Winergy charger does not require a sleep mode.
  • Both types of chargers provide up to ten watts or seven-point five watts of power, depending on the device.
  • The Anker Charger can charger your phone through the protective case; the Winergy charger makes no indication as to whether you need to take your protective case off.

mophie - Wireless Charge Pad

The mophie - Wireless Charge Pad provides you with the latest wireless charging technology. You can wirelessly charge your compatible devices using the mophie charging platform. The morphine charger partners with Apple to help ensure the Apple product line gets a full and quick charge for all models of phones and iPads.

With mophie, you can charge your for Apple device with seven-point five watts of power with a charge-on-contact speed. You will see a change in the LED indicator light when your device is full. You will also not need to worry about your phone slipping off as there is a non-slip rubberized coating on the mophie, so your phone will remain connected no matter what.

  • The mophie charger provides your device with only seven point five watts of power; the Winergy charger gives you up to ten watts.
  • The mophie charger is compatible only with Apple products; the winergy charger lets you charge Apple and Android products.
  • Both chargers start charging on contact with a compatible device.

Final Thoughts

Winergy Wireless Charger Recommendation

Charing your phone or other types of devices wirelessly is a good way to get everything charged quickly and efficiently. You can also guarantee a higher degree of efficiency without the worry of damage to your device.

You can know you can leave your phone and have it charged in very little time.

The Winergy Wireless Charger is exactly what you need to charge your phone and make the charging efficiency. For more information about the Winergy Wireless Charger, please follow the link.

Written by Eric Parker

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