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Xone Phone Review

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The newly launched Xone Phone is an Android running smartphone that’s currently being marketed as the ‘costly smartphone substitute.’ The inventors have tried merging all high-tech technology available today into a compact and pocket-friendly device. Did they succeed in their endeavour? Continue reading to find out more.


Xone Phone

We found this to be one of the easiest Android phones to use, and with a tonne of functionality, it is fast becoming a must-have for many.

Reasons to replace your current smartphone with a Xone Phone

Currently, the mobile-phone sector is experiencing rapid growth going into the future. New advancements are coming up that are making smartphones more reliable and useful to the masses. In fact, each smartphone producer is trying to keep up with the changing times by introducing cuttingedge features and specifications to their devices.     

Does It Offer True Visual Experience As They Say?

Considering the immense following that 'Smart' screen handsets have in the market today, we looked at the most affordable one on sale, which is the Xone Phone. While some modifications have been done on its technical aspects, for buyers in need of chic and appealing handsets with a quality inaugural appearance, the Xone Phone definitely fits the bill.

Xone Phone’s Attractive & Contemporary Frame

Xone Nature

Upon buying this phone for the first time; expect to see a fresh-looking, attractive and vibrant device that more or less resembles some big brands in the market. But don’t make the mistake of confusing it with a low-cost copy, since it’s much more valuable. It feels solid and fits nicely in the user’s palm, like it was always meant to stay there. Equally, its materials are of top quality and provide a durable texture that offers a great user experience.      

Xone Phone is equipped with a 5.7” HD plus Multi-Touch IPS Capacitive Monitor, which showcases rich colors and ultracrisp images. Users can further adjust the dimensions of their keyboard messages instantly from 'settings,' or customize the homepage as much as possible. Likewise, it's fitted with an advanced fingerprint sensor, including Face recognition software that can be used as a password for gaining entry.

Phone test

Xone Phone Camera System

Xone Camera

A good camera can mean the difference between a low-end and top range smartphone. While the camera in this device may not match the average iPhone or Samsung handset in terms of clarity, it's still of impressive quality to say the least. The latest highclass phone models have raised the bar pretty high for camera units, but comparing it with other devices within the same category or class, Xone Phone actually fairs well. To get 'real value for money,' consider it among the top options the next time you're looking for a decent camera smartphone.   

How Come It's So Cheap?

Cheap Phone

The Xone Phone inventors work tirelessly towards including the latest and most refined features on their handset. They don’t spend much on marketing like other brands, as they like to focus on the particular product’s features which advertise themselves. Through this approach, the manufacturers are able to maintain a perfect harmony between quality and cost, while letting satisfied customers speak for them on review platforms.


Xone Phone Pros

  • A reasonably priced smartphone that’s affordable to most people. Though it’s a low-budget handset, in return, the user gets a device that gives top value for cash.
  • Its display looks amazing – This handset can showcase video quality levels of around 720x1498 pixels resolution; enough to stream content in full HD. The display screen is much sharper than most other phones in the same range.
  • Reliable camera – Many reviewers of low-cost handsets agree that the camera is among the most crucial aspects that differentiate smartphone brands. Xone Phone scores quite well in this department. In fact, it ranks in the same class as Ulefone S10 Pro when it comes to video & picture standards, if not even better.
  • Battery life – The Xone Phone comes with a 3350mAh Li-Polymer cell unit, which delivers enough power to last for an entire day with regular use. This includes activities like making multiple calls, browsing the web for half an hour or even up to 1 whole hour. Including watching YouTube clips for up to 30 minutes, plus using apps like Google Maps with the GPS Navigator switched on. You can perform all these activities on the smartphone, without worrying about it running out of power quickly.
  • Has a responsive fingerprint sensor. It allows users to set up a fingerprint access key, which works just fine. So, if you’re tired of 4 digit passwords or just want something more secure that can’t be forgotten then the Xone Phone’s fingerprint sensors will cut it.
  • Features a well-put protective casing that’s “Heavy Duty.” This provides extra protection from cuts and dents. Even more, it has a charming pattern which looks refined in black and enhances the device’s overall look.

Xone Phone Cons

  • The processor is somewhat slow. When you swipe through screens and apps, there’s sometimes a minor delay witnessed.
  • It does not support Near-field communication (NFC) technology, which is currently popular in the smartphone world. If you are used to smartphones with NFC systems, then this can be a disappointment. Regrettably though, most low-budget handsets don’t actually have this feature. NFC allows users to exchange numbers, websites, and photos directly from their smartphone.

Places to Buy the Xone Phone and Pricing

Xone Phone

All in all, the best aspect about this modern gadget is its affordable cost. For a handset that does nearly everything other higher priced devices do, Xone Phone’s rates are just jaw-dropping. At only $199, anyone can get their hands on this device plus free delivery is offered as well.

Currently, you can only make a purchase via Xone Phone’s official site where the product has been listed for sale.

But there are still amazing discounts that buyers will get from their purchase, like 50% discount upon buying a smartphone for the first time. Moreover, those who purchase at least two handsets at a go will get another device absolutely free

Plus for a little extra cost, the buyer shall receive a warranty cover lasting up to 3yrs. In case you need to repair or replace your smartphone during this period, it would be done absolutely free of charge by the company.       

Technology Aspects of the 2019 Xone Phone

Xone Proscessor
Xone PhoneTechnical Specifications
Display5.7'' IPS (1498 x 720pixels)
CPUMediatek 1.3 Gigahertz MT6739 quad-core
Internal Memory16GB
Memory ExtensionMax: 128GB
Camera System16.0MP and (5MP main, 8.0MP front camera)
ConnectionWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, 4G, 3G, and GPS
Battery3350 mAh(5V/2A)
OSAndroid 8.1
ConnectionsTF card slot, micro-USB slot
Dimensions149.2 x 72.2 x 9.7mm
Xone Battery
Phone OS


By and large, The Xone Phone seeks to address a vital issue that many smartphone users have been complaining about-which is having a handset with advanced features that's also cost effective. This device is for those individuals who aren't ready to dish out 1000s of dollars to buy a brand new smartphone.
The ideal buyer is someone who:

  • Wants to acquire a second phone but without spending a lot of money on it
  • Is getting their child a phone for the first time…
  • Is gifting a family member or buddy a new handset…
  • Simply needs a pocket-friendly phone containing various cool features which are mostly found in high-end models…

Click here to check out Xone Phone.

Written by Carl Browning
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3 comments on “Xone Phone Review”
  1. Avatar for Carl Otto HenriquesCarl Otto Henriques says:

    I just got my new xone today, and am very exited. BUT there were no manual in the package, and I am lost in setting up the phone. Please send me a manual, I cannot find it on the net. Hope to hear from you soon, yours Carl

    • Avatar for Simon ReyesSimon Reyes says:

      It doesn't come with a manual. In fact, barely any smartphone these days comes with a manual.

  2. Avatar for Andries van den BergAndries van den Berg says:

    Very nice phone , I LIKE IT. Unfortunately no backup help or parts in place, depends where in world you are

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