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1 Tac Roadside Safety Disc Review

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Emergency road safety discs are a potential lifesaver. The DMV recommends it as a road emergency essential. Even with cars with limited space are required to carry emergency discs to avoid roadside emergencies.

Farmers, Esurance, 21st century, and Geico all recommend the use of 1tac safety disc s as emergency staples.

1Tac Safety Disc Product

And that they should be carried in all vehicles irrespective of the available space.

According to Farmers insurance, it is not only stressful to get stuck on the highway but also extremely risky. In poor weather conditions, high traffic can put you and your loved ones in danger while checking your tires or fixing your engine on the side of the road.

It is wise to carry a set of road signs in your car, not just to abide by the regulations, but also to keep you and other motorists on the road safe from oncoming traffic. Farmers could not have put it any better. In this article, we are going to give 1tac roadside safety disc reviews.

What are 1Tac Safety Disc

Car on road

1Tac Roadside safety discs are compulsory toolkits to carry in your vehicle. They are super bright light emitting tools that help warn oncoming motorists of your vehicle that has broken down by the side of the road.

They are the first item that you should have in your glove emergency compartment. According to a report by the state, 18,720 people died in the first half of 2018 due to roadside accidents. As much as we hope we will never have to use roadside safety discs, statistically speaking, we all probably will have at least one instance in which we require the services of these tools.

When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, these roadside safety discs come cheaply priced and fully equipped to clearly indicate a breakdown, even in the case of a visually impaired driver.

The 1tac emergency roadside discs are visible by motorists over 5,000 feet away from your vehicle. They are also easy to deploy with a single push of the button. Their magnetic base even allows you to place the discs on the body of your car.

Tested and reliable road safety discs

Be seen 5000 ft away

Of all the solutions in the market, 1tac arguably offers the most efficient and dependable protection during your activities on the side of the road.

Roadside safety discs warn oncoming vehicles that your car has broken down nearby, and they should lower their speed and be more cautious when maneuvering that section of the road.

The 1Tac road safety disks reflect the light of other truck's headlights and produce their own rays that are visible from over 5,000 feet by oncoming traffic.

The 1Tac safety discs are also waterproofed and constructed with durable materials that can withstand being run over and have long-lasting batteries since the 1Tac roadside signs are highly affordable and make a tremendous bang-for-your-buck purchase.After conducting a few tests, we would recommend purchasing at least six discs for each vehicle. The six discs will be sufficient to create a clearly visible warning to steer other motorists away from your car. That way, you will not let a frustrating situation into a horrific one.

1Tac Road Safety Product Description and benefits

1Tac emergency safety discs are compact, sturdy, lightweight, and one of the most potent emergency safety light tools in the market today. Each disc features fifteen LED light emitters that have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours.

The product also boasts a magnetic base to stick on metal surfaces and a utility clip for hands-free use. The product also offers nine-light flashing modes comprising of a work lantern mode that is perfect for changing a busted tire, fixing an engine issue, or just seeing your way through the mechanics of your vehicle in the dark.

Since the manufacturer has made the product dust proof, water-resistant, shock, and crush proof, it could outlast any other roadside safety discs in the market. The products have a digitally regulated output that helps you seamlessly manage the brightness produced by each sign. What’s more, you can operate the light modes from one button for ease of use.

1Tac provides the most efficient, brightest, and toughest emergency beacons available in the market. If you are caught up in a roadside emergency, you only need to press the button featured in the product, and your safety disks turn into SOS safety beacons that secure you as you try to get your automobile back on the highway.The safety discs’ magnetic base feature makes it possible for you to use both hands in case of a roadside emergency. With the push of a button, you can create a safety wall around your vehicle to keep you and your family safe.

  • Product dimensions: A 3-pack disc set with a zip pouch measuring 3.9 by 3.9 by 1.3 inches.
  • Product weight: 1.1lbs excluding the weight of batteries
  • LED Emitter: Each disc features 15 bright LEDs
  • The build: Military-grade plastic and high impact industrial rubber have been used to make a compact build for the product.
  • Flashlight modes: The product features nine flash modes, including a working lantern mode.
  • Power: The tool uses three triple A batteries that are not included in the purchase of the signs.

A built-in utility clip?The 1Tac emergency safety disc is also equipped with a handy in-built utility clip that has the ability to seamlessly integrate into the tool’s casing and easily folds open and shut for easy access and stow away. The clip feature encourages other hands free options to hanging your lights in hard-to-reach locations, which cannot utilize the magnetic base feature.

The benefits of using 1Tac emergency safety discs

Long lasting lamp life

Long-lasting : 

Most road safety signs promise a long life to the user. 1Tac, however, accomplishes this feat with its powerful non-diminishing brightness from three triple A batteries that can last up to 36 hours in emergency situations. The LEDs feature an extended 100,0000 hours of service.

Durability and waterproof

Robust and Reliable construction:

The manufacturer of 1Tac products feature water, crush, and shockproof construction material that can survive heavy rains and hot sunlight. The durable hard rubber edges featured in the product are especially essential in making sure the product is well protected against possible destruction by crushing forces or harsh weather conditions.

Bright Led Lights

Super bright LED lights: 

Each of the 15 LED lights installed in the 1Tac roadside safety emergency signs ensures maximum visibility and effectiveness of the emergency road signs.

Brilliant Design

Brilliant Design: 

The 1Tac products feature a smart design with a streamlined, compact, and anti-slip grip that is easy to grasp in your hand. It can also hang or stand as an emergency lamp on any metallic surface for efficient hands-free use.

Batteries are not included

The cons of using 1Tac emergency safety discs

The batteries are not included in the purchase of the units. You will have to buy the batteries separately. 1Tac, however, often have offers that include a couple of pairs to go with the units. You should check and see if it is currently available.

Most customers who have given a negative review on the product’s page complain about the difficulty in opening the battery slots. You have to unscrew two screws which is inefficient when you have run out of battery power but also secure from any huge pressure.

Specifications of the 1TAC emergency safety disc

Included in the 1TAC emergency equipment offering are 3 LED emergency safety discs. There is also an emergency storage bag pack that comes with the purchase of the product. Batteries are not included in the purchase. Once the three triple A batteries are installed, you have a maximum of 36 hours to run the lamps out of a possible 100,000 hours of their lifespan.

The safety discs are a must-have for all vehicle, motorbike, or truck types and models. Their superior visibility in the dark makes them ideal for traffic control, as warning lights, as a rescue beacon, and for any emergency issues on the road.

With nine different LED light modes, the roadside safety tools can be seen by motorists from a distance of up to 5,000 feet. That is more than essential to make sure that motorists on the road can clearly see that your car has had a problem on the road.

For first-time car drivers, it can be particularly challenging to set up security measures for that time you get stuck on the roadside due to tire or engine problems. It, therefore, makes an excellent gift for first-time drivers, mothers, sons, daughters, and grandparents looking to fix their cars o the roadside.

Social Proof

In our review of the product, we scoured the internet for reviews from verified customers. The comments and posts from customers are mostly positive with a majority of them praising the tools for their brightness, color patterns, and long-lasting build.
Below are screenshots of a couple of reviews of the product across the web:

Testimonials Tac1 Safety Discs

Alternatives to the 1Tac Roadside Safety Disks

Wislight LED: These road-side safety disks, like the 1Tac, also feature magnetic bases. In addition to the features of 1Tac, this product also features a road warning beacon flare, and a detachable stand. However, the unit does not come with batteries and the build is not as strong as that of 1Tac discs, but make a good alternative.

SpeedTech Lights: Most customers who have used this product as an alternative to the 1Tac roadside emergency discs prefer them for their rechargeable batteries and easily replaceable flares. The product also has a slim, light, metallic body that is magnetic and easy to mount, making it the perfect alternative.

Tobfit is almost similar in appearance to the 1Tac Roadside safety discs. However, unlike the 1Tac, Tobfit has claims of battery leakages. While the Tobfit can reach visibility lengths of up to 3,000 feet, it is still a good alternative to the 1Tac’s 5,000 feet radius. Other than that the product is very bright, compact, and easy to use.

Other elements to have in your glove compartment box

As we all already know that the first items to have in your emergency kit are the 1Tac Roadside Safety Discs, what are the other items that we should carry to be prepared for any situation?

Atlas/ Road Maps: Electronic devices offer a super-efficient way of navigation. However, electronics are not foolproof, and you will need to make sure you have the directions to your destination even without your carrier’s network signal. Carrying a paper map or atlas can make sure you are always on track.

Compass: There is never any solid excuse not to know where you are headed. While cellular networks may be unreliable at some point, a compass, in addition to your atlas or paper maps, could be the only solution to finding the best route to your destination.

Folding knife: It might sound quite scary to carry a knife around. However, it could come in handy whenever you need to cut a seat belt of someone or any other scenario that may need some cutting. It is never a bad idea to have a knife in your emergency kit.

Alcohol Swabs: They are essential when cleaning out cuts and scrapes after accidents. If you would like to start a fire while you wait for the towing truck, alcohol swabs make the perfect fire-starters. You will, however, need to make sure that you are at a safe distance from your car when starting any fires.

Written by Carl Browning

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