Our mission at Zoopy is to provide our readers with the most accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased reviews. Our guidelines are designed not only to uphold the integrity and authenticity of our reviews but also to ensure the information we provide truly benefits our readers. These guidelines set the standard for every product we review and inform the way we analyze, evaluate, and rank them.


Our Process

Our process is designed to be rigorous, thorough, and impartial, allowing us to provide reviews that our readers can trust. Here is a list of the things we adhere to when writing our reviews.

check-fill-circle Product Selection

The first step in our process is careful product selection. Our choices are based on meticulous market research, focusing on products that are capturing significant consumer interest or offering innovative solutions. Our aim is to review the products our readers care about most.

check-fill-circle Hands-on Evaluation

Whenever possible, we aim to physically evaluate the products we review. We believe that a hands-on approach gives us a comprehensive understanding of the product's features, quality, and performance.

Example of our unboxing video

check-fill-circle Real Customer Reviews

We analyze the experiences and feedback of actual users, paying attention to both positive and negative reviews. These real-life experiences provide invaluable insights into a product's long-term performance, user satisfaction, and potential issues that may not be evident during initial use. By considering the full spectrum of customer reviews, we can present a balanced and holistic view of the product.

Example of a positive review
Example of a positive review
Example of a negative review
Example of a negative review

check-fill-circle Expert Consultation

We consult industry experts to gain a deeper understanding of the products and their features. This professional input is instrumental in determining the value and quality of the product.

check-fill-circle Brand History

We delve into each brand's history to learn about their reputation, track record, product recalls, and manufacturing standards. We recommend products only from reputable brands with high-quality standards.

check-fill-circle Safety & Quality

All products we recommend meet essential safety standards, are made from high-quality, durable materials, and are certified safe for use.

check-fill-circle Pricing & Availability

We review a range of products to cater to different budget needs. We scrutinize the cost-benefit ratio of every product to ensure value for money. We ensure to recommend products that are widely available and offer convenient delivery options.

What We Don't Do

At Zoopy, we believe in transparency and adhere strictly to ethical practices in all aspects of our review process. Here is a list of things we steer clear from.

x-fill-circle No Paid Reviews

Our reviews are never influenced by product companies. We don't accept paid reviews or sponsorships. In instances where products are gifted for review purposes, this will be clearly disclosed.

x-fill-circle No Ignoring Facts

We rely on reliable data, scientific research, and industry-approved standards. We don't endorse unregulated products or those that aren't compliant with safety standards.

x-fill-circle No Unethical Recommendations

We take ethical considerations seriously. We don't recommend products that are harmful to the environment, tested on animals, or those known to exploit labor.

By following these guidelines, Zoopy ensures the delivery of accurate, trustworthy, and helpful reviews that truly serve our readers. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our reviews and recommendations.