Do you know a whopping 93% of website visitors read online reviews before making a buying decision? We know that, too, and that’s why we stress over the details. Part of our promise to you is always honest reviews of products we test and use ourselves.

When we say we use the products ourselves, we do more than simply buy them, use them once, and write a review. That’s not appropriate because we’re not in the business of fake reviews. Instead, our staff of specialists repeatedly test each product for durability and confirm that it performs exactly as advertised.

Sometimes tests take hours or months, depending on the product and whether it meets our strict qualifications for durability, user friendliness, and overall performance. If a product comes to us and won’t perform how it should, we’ll base our review from this experience.

Our Writers

Our Reviews Help You Shop Smarter

You know what it’s like when you’re shopping online. Maybe the advertisers presented their products in the best possible light. But because you’ve already read our reviews, you can instantly relate to the ad and know if the product is for you. That’s as smart as it gets.

You’ll have no worries about shopping online and wondering if you’re getting an excellent product. We have a review for that, and you know exactly where to look to find the information you need before making a buying decision. Talk about confidence, because you know we’re always hard at work testing the same products you’re considering.


Our Testing Makes All the Difference

We’re not into simply using a product the way most people would. Nope. We put the product through its paces. And we’re objective, too. The product should work as advertised, and we’ll cover all those bases first. We talk about comfort if it’s appropriate and compare our findings to other similar products in our vast knowledge base.

What about durability and performance? We love to test products that go over and above in these two categories because people will get more for their money, and that’s another reason we do what we do. Yes, we mention these findings, too. People need to know everything possible about what they’re going to buy.

We Ask the Tough Questions

To help put a purchase decision into perspective, we’ll ask specific questions to help narrow your choices. Why would a person use this product if another product works better, longer, and is less expensive?

Trust in a brand also enters the realm of choices of a product for a specific purpose. As an example, tools of all kinds have varying degrees of quality and brand recognition. Some people look at only one brand because of their excellent reputation for reliability or past experience. Tools must work as expected every time they’re used.

At Zoopy, while we always respect recognized brands because we know they worked very hard for their position in the marketplace, we won’t let that fact affect our decision. If we review a product and it passes muster with flying colors, you will know. The same is true if a well-known product or brand slips in their quality.

If any product cannot live up to its promise to you, we let you know that, too. And if the manufacturer reaches out to us to ask about the review, we’ll advise them about our procedures and the tests we run on products before we recommend any of them.

Our questions to them will pertain to a drop in quality if applicable, or an unexpected change that skewed our results compared to our last test of the same item. We’ll also congratulate them if they took their customers’ advice and made some positive changes that improved our test results.

We’re not beholden to any brand, and we will always tell the truth as we see it with our own eyes and results of our testing. That way, you know when you read our reviews, you’re getting honest and thorough information you can use in your purchasing decision.

Heck, you could even brag to your friends about how much you know about what you just bought. We won’t tell anyone you got it from us just yesterday.

Why are Reviews Important?

Never in the history of the world have reviews taken on more importance to online shoppers. Let’s face it, online shopping is hectic because people are busy and they need proof that what they’re buying is worth their hard-earned money. That’s a tall order because although people rarely slow down it seems, they still take time to read pertinent reviews.

They look to reviews for advice, which we freely give at every opportunity, and they look for reviews from people with real experience with the product. That’s why so many of them trust us to give them honest and complete information.

Why is Zoopy the Leader in Online Gadget Reviews?

We know our reviews make your shopping easier and less stressful because you’re not wasting time searching for information about products that interest you. Our reviews purposefully delve deeper into the reasons certain products exist, and openly and honestly rigorously test the product and report to you, our valued reader, and offer advice for consideration by you. All of us at Zoopy have open minds and strive for transparency in all that we do, regardless of a product chosen for review.

We like to think that because of the level of credibility we offer our readers, we continue rising to the top of all websites specializing in online reviews of countless products. The high level of social proof we enjoy means to us that as we continue to grow, more people will join us in the ever-growing search for excellence and honesty in online product reviews.

The other part of our promise? Regardless of our opinion, we promise to tell you if we think a product stinks and it’s not worth buying. Harsh, yes, but we believe that’s what makes an honest and thorough review. We’re not bound by manufacturers to give them glowing reviews unless they earn them. It’s fair and honest. We know that’s what you expect, and that’s what we deliver.