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Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema and many more respiratory conditions.

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Respiratory devices are a go-to reliever for many individuals managing respiratory conditions. These devices can enhance lung expansion and mucus mobility in your respiratory system to help alleviate the symptoms of pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and COPD. Airphysio and Acapella are household names in the breathing devices industry, thanks to their high-quality performance and attractive features. However, which one stacks best to the other one? Which brand guarantees 100% value of your money?

We prepared a detailed comparison guide highlighting all the features, benefits, pros, and cons of each product to help you with the selection process. Also, the guide highlights best practices in using and cleaning your Airphysio and Acapella breathing devices.


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What is Airphysio Breathing Device?

Airphysio is a handheld oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) device approved by pulmonologists to assist in breathing. Airphysio works by creating pressure within the lungs to dislodge mucus. Thus, it makes it easy to expel the mobile mucus, freeing the airways naturally. Many users’ anecdotal accounts also indicate that Airphysio’s long-term use can help improve lung strength and conditioning.

How to Use Airphysio

AirPhysio natural breathing lung comes in multiple steel ball sizes to cater to different treatments, ages, and consumer tolerance. The smaller models have a lower respiratory resistance; hence ideal for children or adults with a lower lung capacity. On the other hand, the advanced models are suitable for patients with severe respiratory conditions, especially seniors with spinal code injuries. Nevertheless, the process of using any Airphysio device is pretty much similar.

You can use your Airphysio device in the following steps:

  1. First, take an abdominal breath into your lungs (deep breath) until you feel they are full. Then, hold your breath in this position for about three seconds.
  2. Insert the Airphysio device into your mouth and exhale through it at a reasonable pace. However, make the exhalation pace consistent for about five seconds until you empty your lungs.
  3. Rotate the device until you have the cap facing the ceiling. Then, tilt the cap until it exerts maximum vibrations within your chest cavity. Also, it will help if you keep your cheeks stiff for maximum amplification.
  4. You may begin to feel mucus accumulating at the back of your throat after a few seconds of the oscillating vibrations. If so, you can expel the mucus by initiating a cough.• Repeat the first process through the last at least twice every minute for about five minutes. Most importantly, remember to take deep breaths between sessions to lower the chances of feeling lightheaded.

NOTE: For the best technology and optimal performance, the device can require practice. Those with untreated pneumothorax pathology, pathology of the middle year, oesophageal surgery, and hemoptysis should not use the system without the doctor’s advice.

How to Clean AirPhysio the Breather?

Even though Airphysio devices are for single-patient use only, it is imperative to clean and disinfect them after every session. A thorough cleaning will remove mucus and moisture, lowering the chances of breeding an infection in the respiratory system.

  1. Disassemble the device by grasping the clear cap and twisting it 0.3-inches anti-clockwise. After that, lift the cap to pull it away from the blue hardware. (Remember to unlock the child-resistant cover before disassembling the device)
  2. Wash the disassembled parts in a solution of regular tap water and mild detergent; go for liquid detergents instead of powder-based.
  3. After cleaning, rinse all the components with running tap water before wiping with a clean towel.
  4. If you prefer a rigorous cleaning process, you can rinse the already wiped components in a 60-90% concentrated alcohol solution.• Leave the components to settle for about two minutes and then reassemble. After that, store your device in a clean and dry location.

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What is Acapella Breathing Device?

Acapella is another high-quality breathing device that helps clear mucus from the lungs and the airways through a combination of airways vibration and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy. The device has a small steel ball that moves up and down, making it possible to exhale against the resistance. This resistance mobilizes the mucus from the peripheral airways to the central airway so that you can cough it out.

How to Use Acapella

Acapella breathing devices are available in two valves, including the blue/low flow valve for individuals with a low lung capacity. The other valve, green/high flow, is ideal for patients who can exhale at 10 liters per minute for about three seconds or more. Whichever model is perfect for you, the process of using all Acapella breathing devices is similar.

Follow this procedure to use your Acapella breathing device:

  1. Before using any Acapella breathing device, ensure proper setting of the dial situated next to the mouthpiece. Typically, your primary doctor will help you set the dial when ordering the device.
  2. Get yourself a comfortable sitting or lying position. Remember, you must use your Acapella device in a postural drainage position, including lying on your side or back. Again, the doctor will advise you on the correct postural drainage positions.
  3. Take a deep breath (abdominal breath), but don’t fill your lungs to the maximum capacity. Then, hold your breath in this position for about three seconds.
  4. Take the Acapella breathing device and insert it in your mouth. You can seal your lips to ensure a tight lock around the device’s mouthpiece.
  5. Then, exhale through the device’s mouthpiece at a steady pace, as much as you can. Again, it will help if you keep your cheeks firm to avoid inhaling when breathing out.
  6. Repeat the first procedure through the last about ten times. Again, it will help if you resist the urge to cough during this phase.
  7. After the 10th breath, cough and spit out the sputum accumulated at the back of your through. Don’t swallow the sputum as it can end back in the periphery airways, causing congestion around the chest cavity.• Repeat this process as much or as often as recommended by your primary doctor.

How to acapella use step by step guide


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How to Clean Acapella the Breather

Like any other breathing exerciser, you must clean your Acapella breather daily and disinfect it at least once a week. You can soak the disassembled parts in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution for about five minutes for disinfection. Also, you can use a 30% concentrated hydrogen solution.

Follow this process to clean your Acapella breathing device daily:

  1. First, wash your hands with soap and running water before disassembling the breather. When disassembling, you only need to take the mouthpiece off the body.
  2. Clean the components using a fair solution of tap water and liquid dish detergent. Remember, powder-based detergents can clog the device’s airway in the long haul.
  3. Remove the mouthpiece and the body from the detergent solution and rinse them with plenty of clean, running water.
  4. Drain the mouthpiece and the body by shaking off excess water. After that, you can reassemble the unit after all the parts are completely dry and ready for use.

The Benefits and Features of Airphysio and Acapella Breathing Devices

Even though Airphysio and Acapella come from different manufacturers, they perform a similar function. Hence, these breathers share several features and benefits, including:

Mucus Clearance from the Airways

Most respiratory complications trigger the body to secrete excess mucus along the periphery airways, leading to congestion and breathing difficulties. Both Airphysio and Acapella devices will help mobilize this excess mucus to the central airways for expulsion, making it possible to breathe with ease again. Also, note that all the devices will free either semi-blocked or wholly blocked airways. Completely blocked airways are a result of severe respiratory complications.


High Performance with Quick Results

The main advantage of using Airphysio and Acapella devices is that they guarantee almost instant results in a matter of seconds. The congestion relief comes as soon as you use the device. Also, the work overnight. A day’s exercise is enough to keep your airways open throughout the night for peaceful sleep. Moreover, the more you use these devices, the more your lungs and airways benefit.

Pulmonologists, Doctors, and Breathing Specialists Vouch for These Devices

Experienced doctors and breathing specialists recommend Airphysio and Acapella breathing devices to their patients daily. This is because, unlike respiratory conditions medications, breathers are a go-to option for emergencies, even without a medical practitioner’s help. Moreover, they fulfill all the necessary legal and clinical requirements.

High Portability

Lastly, both Airphysio and Acapella breathers are handhelds, highly portable devices. You don’t need a special carrying case or a backpack to move around with them. Instead, you can easily slip them into your pockets, especially if you prefer carrying your device to work. Remember, you can do your breathing exercises anywhere, provided you can sit on the correct postural drainage position.

Woman using airphysio

The Differences Between Airphysio and Acapella

Airphysio and Acapella devices perform the same job but have a couple of differences that set the products apart, including:


Replacing an Airphysio breather is relatively easy than Acapella. You only need to visit the manufacturer’s or authorized vendor’s website to place your order as you did with the first unit. On the other hand, you can only replace your Acapella breathing device with a valid doctor’s prescription. It can be a pretty much hassle, especially if you don’t like making regular visits to the clinic.


Generally, Airphysio costs more than Acapella, even though they offer high-quality designs that guarantee optimum performance. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about Airphysio’s expensive price tag, save for the one-year limited brand. Even so, you still can’t exchange the product after use, even with quality inconsistencies. Thus, going for the Acapella breather sounds like a good plan if you’re up to saving a few bucks.

User Guide

When buying any product for the first time, you would appreciate a detailed user guide for setup and general maintenance. Unfortunately, Airphysio devices don’t come with a user guide in the packaging, even though the information is available on the official manufacturer website and various YouTube videos. On the other hand, Acapella comes with a detailed instruction guide included in the packaging. Hence, it is a go-to option for many first-time users.


Lastly, the devices differ in their mucus clearance techniques. Airphysio uses OPEP technology, while Acapella leverages a combination of PEP technology and airway vibration to mobilize mucus in the respiratory system. According to most breather users, high-frequency oscillations in OPEP technology give quick and long-term results. However, there is little medical research on OPEP and PEP devices due to limited crossover designs.

AirPhysio is a mucus clearance and lung expansion device

The Pros and Cons of Airphysio


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Unblocks the airways
  • An international recognition
  • Enhances disease recovery


  • Relatively expensive price tag

The Pros and Cons of Acapella


  • Relatively affordable than Airphysio
  • Compatible with Nebulizer or mask
  • Easy and quick use for amateurs
  • It comes with a detailed user guide


  • Unappealing aesthetic design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Airphysio vs Acapella

Can I Experience Any Side Effects from Using a Breathing device?

Generally, using a breathing device correctly as recommended by the manufacturer (whether Airphysio or Acapella) has no side effects. However, using your breather at access pressures can have adverse effects. Thus, you must always match the appropriate resistance setting before using the device, especially Acapella. Airphysio doesn’t come with adjustable resistance settings; hence, it is safer for amateurs and children.

Is Airphysio a Legitimate Breather?

Airphysio is a legitimate breather device supported by science and research. When uses correctly, you’ll experience all its benefits as advertised by the manufacturer.

How Often Should I Use My Acapella or Airphysio Breather?

You must use your breather at least twice or four times a day to get the best, long-term results. However, since you need a doctor’s prescription for Acapella breathers, the physician may recommend a different frequency of use, depending on the severity of your respiratory complications.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, any of the above devices are easy to use and will help clear your airways within a few sessions. However, Airphysio tends to stack up better to Acapella in many ways; hence, you can enjoy a more vital prestige and confidence with it. Moreover, the oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) technology used by Airphysio is efficient. Furthermore, it is superior to the positive expiratory pressure (PEP) technology in Acapella breathers. Even so, your primary doctor has a big say on the ideal device for you.

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