Airway physiotherapy is the treatment of disorders in breathing and air passage. It tries to fix issues with your respiratory system by either stretching or manipulating it. The goal is to open up air passages, remove blockages from them, and improve breathing overall.

Today I’m comparing two products I wish were available when my parents needed them. The design of both products is to improve breathing and airway disorders. Think about your parents and what you would do if their breathing became compromised.This why I made this guide to help you decide which device can help you and your family breathe better.

The AirPhysio OPEP and TilCare are both devices made to improve breathing. They share the same goal of providing a better quality of life for those with respiratory issues like COPD, asthma, etc…





Symptoms that reduces

Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema and many more respiratory conditions.

COPD, asthma and Cystic Fibrosis



Battery Free 

Usage time

Approx. 5 - 10 mins

1-2 times per day

Approx. 10-20 mins

1-2 times per day

Who can use?

Children, Adults, Elderly, Smokers, Swimmers & Deep Sea Divers, Athletes, Singers, Wind Instrument Musicians.

adults and child

Easy to use

No. of resistance settings



How To Use?

How To Clean?


Country of origin



Flow range

5 L/min up to 30 L/min

Up To 15L


1 Year

30 Days

Shipping Information & Time

USA = 3-5 days & $5.99 or FREE

USA = 3-5 business days



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What Is TilCare

TilCare is an oscillating positive expiratory pressure device that helps you breathe better and improve your health. Athletes from all fields use it to be more productive during their workouts.

It helps expand your lungs and provide better sleep while also making you healthier by keeping mucus at bay. Thus this device makes a perfect addition to any athlete’s arsenal because of its multifaceted capabilities that will help them breathe easier during training sessions or games.

Does TilCare Work?

Imagine being able to have the power of a full-sized Breather Machine in an easy roller device that can fit into your purse or pocket. This Lung Exercise Device does not require any batteries or refills, making it the perfect device for long-term breathing problems.

This Lung Exercise Device cleanses your airways and acts as a portable trainer to help improve respiratory issues like Pneumonia, Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, and Bronchitis. It can also be used by singers or smokers who are looking for better performance or detoxing!


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How To Use TilCare?

Use TilCare to enhance breathing muscles. This will improve speech and swallowing effectiveness. To do this, you should:

  • Sit up and hold the device.
  • Place the mouthpiece spirometer in your mouth. Make sure you make a good seal over the mouthpiece with your lips.
  • Breathe in (inhale) SLOWLY.
  • Breathe out (exhale) normally.

Use TilCare six days a week with two sessions daily. Perform the steps in the early morning and at night to get better results.

What is AirPhysio?

The Airphysio Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure device (OPEP) is an airway clearance therapy that helps people manage mucus clearance and mucus build up in their lungs, as well as other symptoms related to lung diseases such as shortness of breath.

The device uses a combination of OPEP and vibration to help facilitate the mucus’ loosening within the air passages, allowing for easier secretion. Some of its functions include:

  • COPD Clearance
  • It helps promote lung function and clear air passages
  • Assists in encouraging utilization of other parts of the lung
  • It helps lower the creation of mucus during infection
  • Removes more toxins and irritants
  • Promotes healthy lungs, lowering the threat of new infections


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Does AirPhysio Work?

AirPhysio is an easy way to clear up mucus in the lungs, improve lung function and exercise tolerance. People who love AirPhysio have a lot to say about it. They talk about how easy the device was in freeing up mucus, allowing them to cough and clear their lungs. 

Some also claim that even though nebulizer treatments or different medications did not work well, nothing compares with this treatment option which is simple enough but effective at its job of clearing air passageways from accumulated mucus.

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How to Use AirPhysio

This smart device can be used to maintain your lungs’ ability to breathe easier. To use it, perform the exercise below before training or exercising:

  • Make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed before beginning this process by adjusting yourself accordingly in your seat or environment
  • When you are speaking, try to inhale slowly beyond your normal breathing without filling your lungs with air. Take a breath that is smaller than usual but still sounds natural and strong.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds
  • Place AirPhysio in your mouth and exhale normally. Don’t exhale completly before inhaling through the device
  • Adjust tilt to obtain the maximum amount of vibrations within your chest while keeping your cheeks stiff
  • Breathe in and out at least five to ten times.

How to Clean AirPhysio

The AirPhysio device needs to be cleaned daily after use, and steps are quick and easy once you know how.

  1. Grasp the clear cap with one hand and the body of the device in another
  2. Twist 0.3 counterclockwise ( note that this action may be stiff, be careful) 
  3. Lift the clear cap from the device body to disassemble for cleaning or look at the manual before using it properly 
  4. Push away on top of the white tube until it clicks open

Before reassembling, clean the parts with warm water and mild detergent to remove any dirt or debris. When you sanitize the device, wipe each part of it with 60 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol, make sure all parts are completely dry before assembling them again together.


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AirPhysio vs. TilCare

Many people use either device to maintain their healthy breathing. The Air Physio OPEP is more effective than the TilCare for patients with certain conditions such as asthma or COPD that limit lung function, but it does have limitations on its effectiveness in different scenarios where respiratory impairment may not be present. 

The Air Physio OPEP has a stronger airflow pressure compared to other similar devices like the Tilcare because of the high-quality materials which makes it easier to use. If you want something that can work really well while still being gentle on your lungs, this will suit you best.

AirPhysio vs Tilcare Comparison Guide

How They Differ

The resistive muscle therapy (RMT) used by TilCare works to strengthen the respiratory muscles, including the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and abdominal muscles. By doing so, it is able to reduce or eliminate breathing problems like breathlessness which are caused due to a lack of physical fitness in these areas. RMT uses resistance training techniques on certain parts of our body that help us achieve more control over them while also increasing their overall performance capacity. 

AirPhysio is a very simple device. This new invention can help with the management of chronic respiratory conditions. The OPEP is used to loosen mucus from passages in your lungs and create vibration, which helps expand lung capacity as well as move up mucus through the throat allowing patients to naturally spi it out or swallow it.


If you’re ever faced with having to decide between TilCare and AirPhysio, I hope this comparison helps. In my opinion, both products serve their purpose well. The resistive muscle therapy of Tilcare builds your respiratory muscles while Airphysio’s oscillation pulls mucus up from within your lungs using a clever concept on the part of Airphysio’s OPEP device.

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