1. What are The Audien Atom and EarCentric?
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In the realm of hearing assistance devices, where prescription hearing aids often come with steep price tags, hearing amplifiers have emerged as a more affordable and technologically advanced alternative. Modern hearing amplifiers now offer impressive features like advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation, all while remaining budget-friendly, costing only a fraction of traditional hearing aids. In this comparison, we will evaluate two notable over-the-ear (OTH) hearing aids, Audien Atom and EarCentric, to help you make an informed decision.

audien vs earcentric

Audien Atom and EarCentric both stand out in the world of hearing amplifiers for their exceptional value and performance. Let's delve into the key attributes and advantages of each to assist you in selecting the right solution for your needs.

Audien vs. EarCentric EasyCharge Hearing Amplifiers Comparison Table

ProductEditor's choice Audien Atom Pro
Audien Atom Pro
Audien Atom
Audien Atom
EarCentric EasyCharge
earcentric easycharge
Where to buyOfficial websiteOfficial websiteOfficial website
Price of pair$149.99 (Click on the "Order Now" button under Audien Atom. Then, you will be offered a choice between Atom and Atom Pro!)$99.99$198.98
Paymant MethodsFSA and HSA cards acceptedFSA and HSA cards acceptedFSA and HSA cards accepted
Sound TechnologyAtom™ sound technology + Enhanced Feedback cancellationAtom™ sound technologyVoice detection, noise reduction, feedback blocking, wind blocking
Physical controls presentYesYesYes
Smartphone or App AdjustmentNoNoNo
Battery Life24 hours of battery life, extendable to 4 days with the charging case20 hours12 hours per charge, you are able to recharge 3 times with a fully charged case
Charging MethodWireless charging (4-6 hours)Wireless charging (4-6 hours)Wireless charging
CustomizationVolume adjustment + 6 pairs of silicone earbudsVolume adjustment + 6 pairs of silicone earbudsVolume adjustment + 3 pairs of silicone earbuds
"Antenna"Facilitates easy removal from ear (can be removed form the earbud)Facilitates easy removal from ear (can be removed form the earbud)Facilitates easy removal from ear (can be removed form the earbud)
In-the-box2X Atom™ Pro Hearing Aids
1X Portable Wireless Charging Case
1X Charging Cable (USBC) & Wall Plug4X Wax Guards
1X Ear Tips Set (3 Different Sizes, S / M / L)
User Manual & Getting Started Guide
2X Atom™ Hearing Aids1X Charging Dock
Charging Cable (USBC) & Wall Plug
1X Carrying Case
4X Wax Guards1X Ear Tips Set (3 Different Sizes, S / M / L)
User Manual & Getting Started Guide
Hearing aids
Charging base
Ear tube (regular and long)
Sound booster kits
USB cable and charging adapter
Ear domes in 3 sizes
Requires a Smartphone or App to OperateNo
GuaranteeRisk-Free 45-Day TrialRisk-Free 45-Day Trial30 day return policy
Learn moreAudien ReviewAudien Review

What are The Audien Atom and EarCentric?

audien earcentric device type

Audien Atom and EarCentric are both notable options in the realm of affordable OTC (over-the-counter) hearing amplifiers, offering users various valuable features and proprietary technology. It's important to note that these devices do not employ the same technology found in prescription hearing aids, so it's crucial to maintain realistic expectations. However, this difference in technology also accounts for their affordability and widespread popularity.

One of the most apparent distinctions between Audien Atom and EarCentric can be observed in their physical design. Audien Atom is designed as an ITC (in-the-canal) hearing aid, discreetly fitting inside the ear canal. In contrast, EarCentric adopts a BTE (behind-the-ear) configuration, resembling classic hearing aids. We will delve deeper into their designs in the following sections to provide you with a more comprehensive comparison.

Sound Quality and Technology

When it comes to hearing aids, sound quality is paramount, as it is their primary purpose. Let's explore the sound quality and technology features of both Audien Atom and EarCentric, which are central to their performance.

Beginning with Audien, their latest models, Atom and Atom Pro, excel in delivering consistent and superior audio clarity. These models employ Audien's proprietary Superior Atom Chip Technology, also known as Atom Sound Technology. Notably, the Atom Pro takes it a step further as a premium model by offering enhanced feedback cancellation.

As is often the case with specialized products like hearing aids, customer reviews and ratings vary, which is entirely normal and expected. Each individual's hearing needs and preferences differ. Users of Audien Atom and Atom Pro generally express satisfaction with the audio quality and overall performance. For instance, one satisfied customer shared a positive review, saying, "I've been wearing my Atom Pro hearing aids for over two weeks now and hearing noises I had forgotten…" However, it's crucial to heed a general rule: refrain from wearing hearing aids or amplifiers in environments with loud noises such as sirens or at gun ranges.

audien hearing processor

This safety precaution applies universally, regardless of whether you're using hearing aids or amplifiers. Turning our attention to the EarCentric EasyCharge, these devices are digital personal sound amplification devices equipped with noise cancellation capabilities. They boast a USA-made digital core, meticulously optimized for enhancing human voice and smartly reducing background noise. EarCentric EasyCharge is designed to excel in diverse environments, from bustling restaurants to tranquil evenings at home. In terms of features, this model is closely comparable to Audien's Atom Pro.

Customer feedback regarding audio quality varies for EarCentric EasyCharge as well. Overall, reviews tend to be positive, reflecting reasonable satisfaction with the sound quality, particularly when compared to high-end hearing aids that come with significantly higher price tags. However, based on my research, Audien's models seem to have garnered a slightly higher number of positive reviews. In summary, both brands, Audien and EarCentric, offer excellent choices for first-time users seeking effective hearing solutions.

Design and Controls Comparison

audien earcentric design

Right from the outset, it's evident that Audien Atom and EarCentric EasyCharge differ not only in appearance but also in how they are used and worn. These distinctions encompass their design and control mechanisms.

Audien models fall into the ITC (In-The-Canal) hearing amplifier category, while EarCentric EasyCharge belongs to the BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing amplifier category. In comparison to the Audien models, which are self-contained units that operate as a single piece, EarCentric has multiple components. Although EarCentric's design may appear bulkier, it offers more accessible control options. EarCentric's controls include volume adjustment buttons, a multifunction button for program switching, power on/off functionality, and a charging indicator.

Turning to Audien's design, the Atom model features a microphone, a small dial for volume adjustment, a discreet on/off switch, charging contacts, and a tiny "antenna" for easy removal from the ear. The Atom Pro model shares these components but excludes the on/off switch. In terms of size, Audien emerges as the winner, boasting a compact and discreet design. When worn, Audien hearing amplifiers are inconspicuous, thanks to their beige color. On the other hand, EarCentric's design conceals the base of the amplifier behind the ear, making it visible only from the rear. For individuals who wear glasses, EarCentric is a suitable choice, as it comfortably accommodates glasses for extended wear.

Both brands include charging bases that hold both hearing pieces. Audien includes a charging base with the Atom model, whereas the Atom Pro model comes with a carrying and charging case that also holds an additional four days' worth of charge. This added convenience ensures that users can keep their hearing amplifiers powered and ready for use without hassle.

Customization and Adjustments

Achieving the best hearing experience and comfort often requires personal adjustments, and both Audien and EarCentric offer users the flexibility to tailor their devices to their preferences.

audien atom pro what is included

Beginning with Audien, although their hearing amplifiers come as compact, one-piece units designed to be worn discreetly inside the ear canal, they still provide customization options. Users have the choice to replace the silicon earbuds to ensure a secure and comfortable fit within the ear. Additionally, the built-in dial allows for precise tuning of the volume to achieve the perfect audio level.

earcentric easycharge box content

When considering EarCentric, customization options abound. Users can select between regular and long ear tubes or opt for sound booster kits to suit their individual needs. Ear comfort and fit are further enhanced with the inclusion of three pairs of ear domes of varying sizes. In terms of audio adjustments, users have the freedom to increase or decrease the volume as desired, and they can also switch between modes optimized for quiet and noisy environments. These customization features empower users to fine-tune their hearing amplifiers to align with their specific preferences and requirements.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is a crucial factor that often goes unnoticed but can significantly impact the usability of hearing amplifiers. We are pleased to report that both Audien and EarCentric offer users a full day of charge, providing a commendable 20 hours of reliable hearing time per charge. Notably, the Atom Pro from Audien surpasses this standard, delivering an impressive 24 hours of battery life. What's more, it comes with a convenient carry case that stores an additional 4 days' worth of charge, ensuring that your hearing aids remain powered whenever you need them.

audien atom charging

Both brands, EarCentric and Audien, provide charging solutions for their hearing aids. EarCentric's EasyCharge and Audien's Atom models come with dedicated charging bases. The Atom Pro, on the other hand, includes a carry case that serves a dual purpose by charging the hearing aids when they are placed inside.

earcentric easycharge charging base

Charging these devices is straightforward; simply place them in their respective charging bases, and they will recharge through magnetic contact points on the back of Audien models and contact pins on the bottom of each EarCentric piece. This user-friendly charging process ensures that your hearing amplifiers are always charged and ready for use.

Brand Reputation

customer reviews

Evaluating the reputation of both Audien and EarCentric brands is essential to ensure the authenticity and trustworthiness of these companies. Our assessment, which includes references such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot, reveals notable differences between the two.

Audien enjoys a relatively higher reputation in terms of ratings. On BBB, Audien receives a commendable rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and holds a respectable 'B' rating. On Trustpilot, Audien maintains an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, which is a good rating, particularly considering the specialized nature and purpose of their product.

In contrast, EarCentric's overall ratings are less evident. We could not find any information on BBB related to EarCentric, and the same holds true for Trustpilot, where there are no reviews or ratings available for the brand.

It is important to note that the absence of ratings does not necessarily imply a negative quality or poor product. However, having ratings and reviews can instill additional trust and confidence in the product and brand. Ultimately, the decision rests with you, the consumer, and your level of comfort and trust in the respective brands.


When it comes to pricing, Audien and EarCentric offer competitive options, particularly for the Atom Pro and EasyCharge models. Let's break down the pricing details for each brand:

Audien's official website lists the Audien Atom at $99.99 and the Atom Pro at $149.99 per pair. Audien also provides special deals for customers looking to purchase multiple pairs. For example, when you buy one pair, you can get another pair at a 50% discount, and if you purchase two pairs, you receive one pair for free.

audien atom prices

These deals come with the added benefits of free USA shipping and a 45-day money-back guarantee. It's worth noting that if you're interested in the Audien Atom Pro, you can select it as an upgrade option when ordering the Audien Atom.

order audien atom pro

On the other hand, EarCentric's EasyCharge is priced at $199 per pair on their official website. This purchase includes free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

earcentric easycharge cart

We strongly recommend purchasing these products exclusively from their official websites. Doing so ensures a secure buying experience, guarantees the authenticity of the product, and offers access to the best deals. With the rising trend of hearing amplifiers, counterfeit products are becoming more prevalent on various purchasing platforms and in physical stores. Safeguard your purchase by choosing the official sources for these devices.

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