Dogs love and crave love, attention, and affection. Lack of these causes boredom, separation anxiety, or even destructive behavior. Sometimes you might be busy with work or daily routine and lack time to play with your pet at home. If you are experiencing this challenge, you should consider taking advantage of the Barxbuddy Busy Ball. This intelligent pet toy will keep your four-legged friend busy, happy, and active.

What is a Barxbuddy Busy Ball?

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball is a small smart ball that rolls and bounces on its own using built-in sensors. The ball moves whenever it comes into contact with the pet’s nose or paw. It might be lifeless, but it automatically taps into the pet’s natural hunting instincts and engages with its desire to run after objects and retrieve them. 

The most exciting thing about this toy is that it is ready to operate once the dog owner turns it on. Additionally, you do not have to touch it to keep it moving. This feature allows you to work, run errands, or complete house chores without worrying about your dog or cat getting bored.

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball is the smartest pet toy that every pet parent can find at the moment. Knowing more about this ball’s uniqueness, features, advantages, and disadvantages will help you make an informed decision when purchasing it.

How the Barxbuddy Busy Ball works

Operating the Barx Busy Ball is easy and does not require a manual. It involves the following steps:

1) Twist to Open

Barxbuddy Busy Ball is designed to open easily and reveal the charging port and “on” button when twisted. When you press the button, a green light will illuminate to indicate that you have activated the toy.

2) Placing it on the Floor

It is ready to function without human input after twisting the Barx Busy ball and turning it on. Place it gently on the floor and allow your pet to come into contact with it. The nose or paw will activate the smart motion sensors.

3) Playing (The Fun Begins)

Once this intelligent ball is activated, it automatically bounces, rolls, moves zig-zag, and alternates between these different movements. The dog has to keep fetching the ball and playing with it. When the pet becomes exhausted, the toy switches to the “rest” mode until the pet touches it again.

4) Recharging

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball is rechargeable. Ensure that you plug it into the typical USB charging device after it exhausts its power time. It will display a red light to indicate that it is charging ad a blue light to signify that it is fully charged.


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Barxbuddy Busy Ball Features

The following are the features that make up this interesting pet toy:

barxbuddy busy ball smart reaction technology

Smart Reaction Technology

This intelligent ball is different from regular balls. It has motion-activated sensors that sense the dog’s presence instantly. The sensors alert the device and trigger its movement when it touches the pet. Playing the game of fetch keeps the cat or dog busy and entertains it for hours.

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Randomized Movement Patterns

A dog can get bored in a normal game that involves throwing the ball back and forth in the same direction. However, this intelligent ball is interesting because it does not repeat the same movement patterns. 

The manufacturers designed it in such a way that it makes random movements whenever it comes into contact with the dog’s body. For example, it can bounce, roll, or move sideways. Making unpredictable moves in a new direction every time keeps the dog interested and on its toes. 

barxbuddy ball Stuck-Free


Barxbuddy Busy Ball’s intelligent motion sensor detects obstacles and prevents it from being stuck in between them. This feature ensures that your pet has non-stop fun.


Automatic Rest Mode

Another fantastic feature of this advanced pet toy is that it automatically adjusts to rest mode when the dog gets exhausted and stops chasing it. Your dog can reactivate the ball with its touch at any time.

Has Colorful Built-in Lights

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball is very attractive. It has multiple internal RGB LED lights that turn on when it detects the dog’s presence or comes into contact with it. The multiple-colored lights are gorgeous and attract the pet’s attention when playing. Furthermore, the flashing modes are well-timed to give the pet a fun-filled exercise.

Pros of the Barxbuddy Busy Ball

This smart pet toy has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years due to the following reasons:

Easy Activation

A simple contact of your pup’s nose or paw will activate this device and keep it moving for as long as the puppy remains active. Human effort is only required to turn the toy on and recharge it.

Light, Compact, and Portable

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball is small, light, and compact. Your pet can comfortably play with it or carry it with its mouth. Moreover, the small size enables the pet owner to bring the toy to the park or any other place without any struggle. The little air in this smart boil aids its motion.

Easy to Use

Using and navigating the Barxbuddy Busy Ball is easy. After you know how to turn it on and recharge it, it can operate independently. Moreover, pet owners do not need an App or remote to operate this device.


Barxbuddy Busy Ball’s manufacturers create it using a durable plastic material that can withstand many hours of chewing and bouncing without tearing, busting, or cracking. In addition, this ball’s outer shell is also scratch-resistant and can withstand pressure. Therefore, the Barxbuddy Busy Ball is a valuable investment that will serve you and your pet for a long time.


The toy’s outer shell is easy to clean and waterproof to prevent water and moisture from penetrating and damaging the internal components. This feature protects the ball from damage in case it accidentally falls into a bathtub or sink. If you want to clean it, all you need to do is wipe it with a wet cloth.

Easy Charging

You can use the normal USB charging port to recharge the Barxbuddy Busy Ball. Additionally, if you charge it for one hour, your pet can play with it for approximately eight hours non-stop.

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Another reason why most dog owners prefer the Barxbuddy Busy Ball over other toys is that it can function with minimal hand control. All you need to do with your hands is turn the smart ball on and place it on the ground for your pet. In addition, the ball does not require human hands to switch off when the dog stops playing.


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Ever Available for the pet

The Barxbuddy Busy Ball can be your pet’s companion. Sometimes, you can be busy with work, on vacation, or too tired to play with your dog. The difference between you and this innovative toy is that it will always be available for your pet, and it does not get weary.

Appropriate for Different Environments

Another advantage of this smart ball is that you can use it anywhere. However, outdoor spaces are better than indoor because they provide a wider area for the dog to play. Additionally, the pet can play freely without distractions from various obstacles, such as household items.

Supports your Dog’s Physical and Mental Fitness

Your pet will strengthen its bones and muscles when running around chasing the ball. Playing fetch will also boost the dog’s mental fitness because it requires clarity, concentration, and precision. Therefore, your pet will be healthy, intelligent, and happy.


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Cons of the Barxbuddy Busy Ball

Pet owners should also know about the negative side of this toy to determine whether it is worth buying or not.

Only available online

The only disadvantage of the Barx Busy Ball is that you can only purchase it online from the manufacturer’s website. Unlike other pet toys, you cannot find this ball in your local supermarket or shop. Additionally, the manufacturer offers discounts for a limited period from time to time.

Is Barxbuddy Busy Ball safe for the dog?

Some pet owners are worried whether this toy is unsafe for the pet and increases the risk of injuries during the chase. This concern is varied. However, this toy is smart and prevents potential accidents. Its intelligent motion sensor detects obstacles and changes direction to prevent the dog from hitting them.

For instance, it can sense a dining chair if the pet is playing inside and a ditch or stack of woods if it is playing outside. Furthermore, this ball is made of food-grade plastic, which is non-toxic and free from chemicals. This means that it cannot affect the pet’s health after chewing.


In conclusion, every pet owner should consider having the Barxbuddy Busy Ball. Pets tend to experience separation anxiety and engage in undesirable behavior when lonely. The Barxbuddy Busy Ball keeps pets busy and makes them feel loved when the owner is away for many hours. Its outstanding features benefit the dog and its owner. Therefore, the Barxbuddy Busy Ball is a toy that every pet owner should consider having in their homes.

Written by Amar

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