A dog is one of the friendliest pets one can ever have. It is difficult to turn down the unconditional love, adoration, and protection it offers. However, the endless barking and aggression can be annoying. Dogs bark to respond to various factors, such as excitement, hunger, approaching danger, and loneliness.

Barxbuddy Full Review

Sometimes the barking could be bothering you, and you are not sure what to do about it. Barxbuddy allows you to safely stop your pet from barking unnecessarily, running off, or repeatedly getting into trouble by simply pushing a button. It is essential to know more about this device before buying it.

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What we like

  • It assists in training dogs using ultrasonic sound, LED lights, and infrared light, effectively correcting behaviors like barking, jumping, and chewing.
  • It uses safe ultrasonic sound.
  • Simple controls, suitable for all dog owners.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for outdoor use.
  • It's multi-functional, doubling as a training aid and flashlight.
  • It avoids physical correction methods.
  • Effective for various dog breeds.
  • Often delivers immediate behavior improvements.

How Barxbuddy Works?

This small barking deterring device produces a sound when pressing the “ON” button.

When the dogs hear this Sound, they stop barking and any other unfriendly behavior.

If you want to know whether the device is functioning correctly, check whether it emits light.

This light attracts the pet’s attention and encourages it to stop engaging in undesirable behavior.

The recommended range for using the Barxbuddy is approximately 30 feet or closer.

Why Use Barxbuddy?

Barxbuddy helps to solve various issues, such as excessive barking, aggression, jumping, destructive chewing, and hostility with other dogs. Most people use it to control incessant barking. However, you can also use it to train your dog to only bark when necessary.

You can also use this small device to prevent your dog from running off during a walk.

Sometimes, the pet might want to run after another dog, car, or cat and this behavior is dangerous and irritating.

To stop it in such a situation, all you need to do is press a button on the Barxbuddy instead of running after the dog across the street.

Therefore, Barxbuddy is useful in training your pet and controlling its behavior. It helps to turn a rebellious and disobedient pet into a well-behaved and trained one.

why use

Having an aggressive dog can cause anxiety in your home. For example, your guests and neighbors will be uncomfortable when they notice that your dog barks unreasonably, jump on them, hurdles fences, digs, or chases people.

All these factors can also make you question why you bought the pet. The Barxbuddy is an effective tool that can make all these complications disappear.

Does it hurt the dog?

Some dog parents worry about this device’s impact on their pets’ health and wellbeing in general. Sometimes this high-pitched Sound startles dogs, especially when they hear it for the first time. However, it is only bothersome enough to deter the animal’s unwanted behavior and encourage it to pay attention.

The Barxbuddy is not designed to cause physical pain or hearing loss. It is harmless to the animal, even in the loftiest setting.

If the Sound makes the dog too uncomfortable, you can adjust it on the settings.

After buying the device, dog owners should go through the settings to determine the appropriate level of Sound for their pet.

If your dog has health issues and you are concerned that using this device might complicate the situation, ensure that you consult a veterinarian before purchasing it. Your pet’s health should always be a priority.

barx buddy it is safe

Barxbuddy Notable Features

Several features make this barking deterring device unique from other barking cessation products. They include:

Only Dogs can hear the Sound.

This item emits an ultra-high frequency sound that only dogs can hear.

This feature makes it a perfect technique for encouraging the canines to be calm without disturbing the neighbors or other people within the home.

Visual Stimulation

This gadget has a LED flashlight that attracts the pet’s attention.

Most people find this the most attractive feature because they can also use it as a flashlight during the night.

barxbuddy features

Pros of Barxbuddy

The following are the reasons why every dog parent needs a Barxbuddy.

Easy to Use

  • Using Barxbuddy is relatively easy. You simply point the device to your pet and press the “ON” button, and it will stop the undesirable behavior instantly. You can use the wrist strap to fit the device in your hand if you do not want to carry it in your pocket. If you are new to the product, you can use the instructions included in the package as guidelines. You can research online and consult with other dog owners already using this tool if you need additional assistance.

Appropriate for All Dogs

  • Another advantage of this bark control device is that it works on all sizes of dogs.
  • It creates an ultrasonic sound that reaches the dogs’ hearing range and grabs their attention, regardless of their type, breed, and size.
  • If you have a German shepherd, Yorkies, Pitbulls, or Golden Retriever, you can use this one-step tool to train it at home instead of hiring a professional dog trainer. Barxbuddy also helps cats.
barxbuddy traning device


  • Barxbuddy is an activation device designed to work fast and prevent the dog from barking, chewing unhealthy food, or engaging in unpleasant behavior. The voice command always stimulates desirable results.


  • One of the reasons many dog parents love Barxbuddy is its convenient size and weight. It weighs approximately 0.63 ounces.
  • It can fit in your pocket, meaning that you can carry it wherever you want.
  • For example, you can use it to train your dog in the park or at home.
  • You can also use it to stop other strange dogs from approaching you while outside walking or jogging.
barxbuddy versatile


  • Barxbuddy is multipurpose. Change to Setting I to train your Dog and Setting II to dissuade aggressive behavior. Additionally, you can turn the bright flashlight on and off and use it at night.

Safe and Humane

  • Barxbuddy uses ultrasonic technology to calm the dogs. The LEDs and red laser pointer are safe for humans and animals indoors and outdoors. The 30,000 Hz of Sound emitted cannot hurt the animal, meaning that you do not have to worry about side effects or health issues that your dog might experience afterward.

Moreover, human beings cannot hear Sound. Therefore, this feature makes it easier to train your dog without disturbing your neighbors and other people outside or in the house. 



  • This training device is durable. It will function for a long time even if you use it daily or drop it several times. However, it is vital to take care of it to ensure that it serves you for as long as possible.


  • Another factor that makes Barxbuddy inexpensive is that the package comes with almost everything the user might need to operate. All you need to purchase is a 9-volt battery. Other gadgets require a perimeter fence and electronic signaling posts to function, which tends to increase the cost.


  • Another reason why every dog owner should consider purchasing the Barxbuddy is its affordability. It costs approximately $39.95, which is lower than other barking control devices.

The pricing for BarxBuddy devices is as follows:

1 BarxBuddy Device

  • Original Price: $80
  • Discounted Price: $39.95
  • Savings: 50%

2 BarxBuddy Devices

  • Original Price: $160
  • Discounted Price: $66.95
  • Savings: 56%

3 BarxBuddy Devices

  • Original Price: $240
  • Discounted Price: $82.95
  • Savings: 60%
BarxBUddy price


  • This ultrasonic sound device addresses unfriendly behavior in dogs and cats immediately. Manually training your dog to stop destroying household items, bark unnecessarily, or bite people requires a lot of time and resources. The advantage of the Barxbuddy is that you can get rid of this behavior and control your pet by pressing a button.


  • Has a limited range but still more than the others: Barxbuddy has a range of about 30 feet. This means that the dog might not respond immediately if it is further than that, and you might have to move closer. This situation can be dangerous, especially when one is dealing with a strange and aggressive dog.

BarxBuddy's Customer Ratings

On Sitejabber, BarxBuddy boasts a strong 4.3 rating from 96,238 reviews, ranking 1st among pet supply sites. Positive feedback often mentions good shopping experiences and additional offers.

Barxbuddy trustpilot
Barxbuddy sitejabber

On Trustpilot, BarxBuddy has an average rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on 6,513 reviews.

Is Barxbuddy worth Buying?

Barxbuddy’s value depends on its price ad functionality and its comparison to other gadgets used to control excessive barking. Customers’ feedback proves that so far, this device is valuable. Its durability, portability, and ease to use are other factors that prove that Barxbuddy is worth buying.

You can purchase this device even if you do not have a dog. Some people use it when going for walks and runs to protect themselves from strange aggressive dogs. Therefore, the Barxbuddy can improve your pet’s behavior, make your home peaceful, prevent a dog attack, and save your life.

it is worth?


In conclusion, every pet lover and owner has a different opinion on the best way to train the dog and modify its behavior. However, the Barxbuddy has proven to be a perfect solution to unpleasant behavior in dogs and cats.

This device is fast, affordable, effective, and does not harm animals or humans. Before purchasing this device, the pet owner should research more and consult a veterinarian to ensure that the pet does not have underlying health issues.

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