Sometimes I wake up to find my bedsheet pulled up from one of the corners or entirely off the bed. I hate it when that happens. I know my mattress isn’t the issue, but I didn’t want to keep buying new sheets over and over to find the right fit. If I’d known sooner what the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps could do for the fit, I could’ve saved time. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sheet Tightening Strap for Your Bed

Moving around while sleeping is rather common, and you may not even realize you’re doing it. Some people only wake up enough to roll to their other side, not even opening their eyes. However, if your sheet doesn’t fit perfectly, each movement loosens the corners and pulls the sheet away. 

Sheet-tightening straps allow the fitted sheet to remain in one place when you sleep, no matter how restless your legs might be. They withstand most moderate movement, from a leg twitch as the mind drifts off to the dreams of running that extend beyond your mind. Straps firmly hold the sheet in place, no matter how loose the fit might be. 

Adding these types of straps to your bed won’t just keep the sheets in place for aesthetics. When the pockets along the corners of your sheet become loose, they can wrap around your feet, hands, or even your head before you even realize that they’ve moved.

Putting straps on the sheets will prevent them from bundling up and potentially restricting your movement and breathing.

Things the buyer needs to think about before buying sheet-tightening straps

 Ask yourself a few questions to decide if a sheet-tightening strap is best for your needs: 

  • Do you move around a lot during the night? 
  •  Is your fitted sheet losing its grip? 
  • Do loose sheets get wrapped around your legs while sleeping? 
  • Is your mattress an uncommon size that is difficult to match to a fitted sheet?
  • Do you have a flat sheet that you want to use for a fitted sheet?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps could be a helpful investment. 

Presenting the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps

Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps keep your bedsheet completely wrinkle-free, holding the corners in place through every moment of tossing and turning. Though they look like a bungee cord, this strap withstands up to 500 lbs of resistance (though it is unlikely you will ever reach that level).

To eliminate guesswork, the straps have clear along them that show where the fabric clips need to be placed to hold everything in place. Without any bedsheets popping over the corner at night, you can focus on getting restful sleep nightly.

With eight clips, the set is ready to place on the bed as soon as it arrives. The scrunchie itself can handle up to 70 lbs. of pressure, even though the bungee cord handles much more. 

Whenever the scrunchie becomes dirty or attracts too much odor, it can be washed with the rest of your linens. It can be washed with the same warm water. When you reassemble your sheets on the bed, you won’t even need to lift the mattress to put the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps down on. 

How to Use Scrunchie Bed Sheets?

The following instructions will show you how to install your new scrunchie bed sheets:

  • Start by flipping your fitted sheet upside down and clip all 8 premium fabric clips onto the corners of the mattress so it stays in place. You’ll be using 2 per corner about 10-12″ from where they meet at each end (top left & right).
  • Next, install bungee elastic onto each side of your mattress; then attach clips that hold up both ends.
  • Flip your sheet and scrunchie over, then get ready to slip it around the mattress. Move away from bed feet and pull on both ends to draw cords tightly. Slide the strings under the mattress, and pull the tightener over them.

How Does it Work?

The Bed Scrunchie is a creative, user-friendly design that allows anyone to use it on any mattress without having to lift or readjust the grip. Below we’ve taken an in-depth look at how construction works.

  • Fabric Clips: The eight durable replacement clips support up to 70 pounds and are specially made not to damage your sheets. Extra clips can be purchased separately if needed.
  • Parachute Strength Bungee Cord: Ensure that your product will never lose its hold with this strong and reliable bungee cord which supports up to 500 pounds. The markings indicate where you should clip them for added safety, so these are perfect if you have grandchildren who might sometimes try out their strength limits.
  • Wheel Lock: As noted, bungee cords are secured with custom-made locks that can be pulled apart for easy removal when you want off your mattress.
Bed Scrunchie how does work

What Makes Bed Scrunchie Different?

The Bed Scrunchie is the ultimate solution to popping fitted sheets. It holds and extends your mattress keeping the flat sheet in place so you never have unwanted wrinkles or creases. So don’t let those pesky little elastic bands ruin another nice night’s sleep – buy yourself a set of these sleek 360-degree holders today.

Who benefits the most and what kind of sleepers Bed Scrunchie can help?

The Bed Scrunchie is a product that can help solve multiple problems for many different types of buyers.
If you have a fitted bottom sheet and your mattress is thin or new, this scrunchie will help keep it securely fastened on the sides. It also makes sense for those with old elastic sheets that are too loose; they’ll be tighter than ever before.

The Bed Scrunchie is a perfect product for those who have trouble with their sheets slipping off during sleep. In addition, sleepers that toss and turn will benefit from the scrunchie, as it keeps your bottom sheet in place all night long. Whether your bed sheets are too loose, short, or worn, the Bed Scrunchie will help keep them in place.

The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps can work for almost anyone. With the wrinkle-free tautness of a fitted sheet, you avoid a messy bed in the morning, which means less time spent making the bed. Plus, since the sheet won’t fall on the floor anymore, you won’t have to wash it nearly as much as before.


  •  Offers a 100-night tight bedsheet guarantee
  •  Works with all types of bedsheets
  •  Does not require lifting the entire mattress to set up 
  • It attaches quickly and easily
  • It will never lose its grip


  •  Changing the sheets can take a bit of time because you first have to remove the bed scrunchie and then put it on again on the new sheets

Features & Benefits

The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps provide an easy and effective solution for a loose bedsheet.

From adding to the sleek aesthetic of your room to eliminating the worry about adjusting sheets repeatedly, this product comes with a wide range of features and benefits that might appeal to you.

No loose sheets!

If you are annoyed by the way you have to find your sheets all over the floor upon waking up, you won’t be anymore! The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps keep the mattress close to the sheets so that it stretches out. The fit is so ideal that it removes the wrinkles entirely, giving you a smooth bed that could easily be featured in a home decor magazine or fancy hotel. However, it is still incredibly comfortable to rest on.

Simple to use

It is not complicated to use the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps, and the full directions are included with the order. Once you attach the fabric clips, you just put the bedsheet in place like you normally would. 

After tightening the bungee cord, your bed has a smooth surface that is ready for the rest of your blankets and pillows. 

Bed Scrunchie Fabric Clips

Goes with any and every bed

Are you worried if your bed is too big or too small to use the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps? One of the biggest advantages of using them is that they accommodate any mattress size, from a twin to a California King! Even if you decide to upgrade your mattress, you won’t have to replace this set. 

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Works on any and every sheet

Just like there is no restriction on your mattress size, the same is said of the material and size of the sheet that you use. The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps are designed to work with everything and give the best tightness with every kind of bedsheet that you have in your closet. Plus, there’s no risk of damaging or ripping the sheets. 

No lifting required

Though other straps require you to stand your mattress up or hold it up while putting on the straps, the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps are much simpler to use. There’s no hefty work needed to put these straps in place, and you won’t need to lift the mattress to put them down. 

Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps

Hassle-free cleaning

Cleaning the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps is also fairly easy. They can go in the washing machine with other laundry, and they are safe to put in the dryer without the risk of stretching or damage. They can even be dried at any heat level, so you just need to worry about the settings of the rest of your laundry. 

100 night, sleep tight

This product boasts of the fact that even if you do not decide to take off the locks for a hundred days straight, the bedsheet will remain in place.

This means that it could stay wrinkle-free for more than three months in one go.

Durable materials used

Will these straps lose their resistance? Nope! The creators of the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps have made them durable and safe to use for months at a time. Even the cords use a strong material that won’t lose its grip without deactivating the lock. 



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Hotel-like feel

One of the benefits that the creators of the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps focus on is the way that it makes any bed as smooth and aesthetically pleasing as a hotel room. Without any edges curling up, your sheets remain comfortably in place all night long. 

Sheet extender

While it is appropriate for all sheet and mattress sizes, it also allows you to extend the surface space of your current sheets. The included sheet extender ensures that all linens cover the entire mattress at once. Plus, it still keeps wrinkles at bay. 

360-degree hold

You don’t have to be worried about the possibility that the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps will lose their grip, thanks to the 360-degree control. It stays in place for the longest time possible, which means that you won’t have to work to keep it taut or refitted daily. 

Bed Scrunchie 360 degree hold

Bed Scrunchie

Best Choice

Tightener & Holder For Loose Bed Sheets:

Extender: For Short Fitted Sheets

Converter: Flat To Fitted Sheets

Perfect for deep and memory foam mattresses:

Fits All Bed & MAtress Sizes For A Comprelete 360 - degree hold:

No Matrees Liftinfg Required:

Lifetime Warranty: 

Bed Sheet Holder Straps: 

Durable Sheet Tightener: 

Bed Scrunchie Materials:

- microfiber
- parachute cord
- plastic
- nylon webbing with chrome

What Includes:

1x Bed Scrunchie, 8x fabric clips

Customer ratings:

Amazon 10,948 ratings



Where to buy:

How to Care for Your Bed Scrunchie?

It can be washed in the washing machine or dryer and will stay attached to your sheets, so you don’t worry about losing them.

Social Proof

After searching online, I’ve found quite a few user reviews that show the positive benefits of the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps. 

Where can I buy a Bed Scrunchie?

I suggest you buy it from the official website. This way, you get your hands on legitimate products without being scammed.

The official site currently has the following options:
1 – Bed Scrunchie $49,99
3 – Bed Scrunchie $99,98 (Each $33,33)
5 – Bed Scrunchie $149,97 (Each $29,99)

As of writing this review, they have a limited-time sale where if you buy 2, you will get 1 for free with free USA shipping. Click here to find out if the limited-time sale is still running.


You no longer need to frantically worry about staying as still as you can during sleep to protect your sheets from the floor. Give yourself some well-deserved rest after a tiring day at work, handing this battle over to the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps to take care of your loose sheets. You just have to enjoy your beauty sleep.

Be it your need to hold your sheets well while you sleep or the desire to have an aesthetically pleasing bed, the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps does it all for you. Have you made up your mind yet? If yes, do check out the product here.

How to prevent the mattress from moving?

If you want to keep your mattress steady, place sheets over it and use a bed scrunchie on top of those. It should be strong enough, so it doesn’t cause any sliding or moving around.

How to remove sheets with a Bed Scrunchie?

When you’re ready to remove your sheets, just use the Bed Scrunchie’s simple unlocking mechanism and start pulling down on the black wheel lock. You’ll be able to take off one corner at a time.

How can I reduce the size of the fitted sheet?

To make a fitted sheet smaller, use the bed scrunchie to attach it and tighten it with straps. It’s as easy as can be.

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