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Best Direct-to-Consumer Mountain Bike Brands

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I was really interested in mountain biking, but I was let down after finding out how damn expensive it is. The prices of high-end carbon bikes have reached $5k+ territory, which is absurd, and an average full suspension mountain bike still costs thousands. It's extremely expensive when it comes down to it, and who knows if the bike industry even cares.

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, many companies have switched their business model to consumer-direct. As a result, some companies cut out retail stores entirely.

cycling in the mountains

For those who love bike culture, there's no place like a good bike shop. From fixing your ride to getting some drinks and snacks after work or class, these establishments are essential in our lives as they provide just about everything we need from service at its finest. Unfortunately, buying a bicycle from a LBS can be quite expensive, and that’s why we’ve made this list of the best DTC brands out there so you can save a couple of bucks for other things.

The best way to get the most out of your cycling experience is by finding a bike that fits you just right. So take time with this process and spend some extra cash on getting a bike fitting because it will make all other aspects like riding more enjoyable. If the bike does not fit you, it could lead to injury from improper posture at high speeds.

Down below is a list of our favorite DTC brands out there, along with some honorable mentions.

YT Industries

YT Capra Uncaged 6
YT Capra Uncaged 6 (yt-industries.com)

YT Industries is a German company that began to provide competitive, entry-level mountain bikes but has since expanded its lineup to include high-end bikes. All YT's bikes are developed in-house before being put together, ensuring quality control and durability on each bike they produce. This means there is no risk for buyers who want nothing less than perfection from their purchase.

The name YT stands for "Young Talent."

Markus Flossman always knew he wanted to do things differently. He was tired of having his bike passion become an afterthought, so when the opportunity arose for him to start selling them directly without any retailers taking a cut in return, well, he took it. The company has some of the best budget-friendly options in the industry, and they didn't enter into America until 2015 with Aaron Gwin as their first signing. The move paid off: he won one World Cup downhills championship on a YT bike.

Here is a list of all the bikes from YT Industries:

  • Izzo (Trail)
  • Jeffsy (All Mountain)
  • Capra (Enduro)
  • Tues (Downhill)
  • Dirt Love (Dirt)
  • Jeffsy Primus (Junior)
  • Decoy 29 (E-MTB All Mountain)
  • Decoy (E-MTB Enduro)


Canyon Strive CFR
Canyon Strive CFR (canyon.com)

Canyon bikes are like the Apple of biking, putting out quality products with high-end components that can compete against other brands at any price point. The German company's direct sales model is mainly responsible for this. It lets them offer you what others don't without you paying a whole lot for it.

Canyon is a world-class manufacturer of bikes, with a factory in Koblenz, Germany. The company has sponsored several professional teams. In addition, the company uses 3D engineering programs to design light but robust frames for any serious athlete.

Canyon bikes are all about cutting out unnecessary costs. With its direct sales method, Canyon sells its products online and delivers them right to your door. Customers love that it saves them money on overhead expenses so they can enjoy more riding for their dollar spent than ever before.

Here is a list of all the bikes from Canyon:

  • Road
    • Speedmax
    • Inflite
    • Ultimate
    • Aeroad
    • Endurance
  • Gravel
    • Grizl
    • Endurance
    • Grail
  • Mountain
    • Strive (Enduro)
    • Torque (Enduro)
    • Spectral (Enduro, Trail)
    • Grand Canyon (Trail, Cross Country)
    • Lux Trail (Trail)
    • Neuron (Trail)
    • Stoic (Trail)
    • Exceed (Cross Country)
    • Lux (Cross Country)
    • Sender (Downhill)
    • Torque (Downhill)
    • Stitched (Dirt)
    • Dude (Fat Bike)
  • Hybrid
    • Roadlite (City, Commuting)
    • Commuter (City, Commuting)
    • Pathlite (Touring)


Commencal META AM 29 Signature Black/White
Commencal META AM 29 Signature Black/White (commencal-store.com)

The founder Max Commencal originally started making BMX bikes for a company called SUNN in 1984. However, he decided to leave in 2000 to start his own bike company called Commencal Bikes. The first bike to come out of his newly founded company was the Doctor, a full suspension that looked modern for its time. In 2002 they released a hardtail called Pasta (a silly name I know), and after that, a long travel full suspension Pasta Power. Finally, together with BOS Engineering, Commencal developed Supreme DH, which was one of their best bikes to this day.

The 2005 Meta heralded a new era for Commencal, one that they have maintained ever since. The bike was quickly adopted as the flagship model of its lineup. This led to Remy Absalon winning Mega in La Reunion on the Meta and Anne-Caroline Chausson becoming world champion of Downhill racing aboard Supreme DH frame.

Here is a list of all the bikes from Commencal:

  • Downhill
    • FRS
    • Supreme DH
  • Enduro
    • New META SX
    • META AM 29
    • CLASH
    • META HT AM
  • Trail
    • META TR 29
  • E-Bike
    • META POWER 29
    • META POWER 27
  • Kids
    • Push bikes
    • Little bikes with pedals
    • 20" / 115-130 cm
    • 24" / 125-140 cm
    • JUNIOR / 135-150 cm
    • XS / 148-160 cm
    • META HT Kids / 115-160 cm
    • New CLASH Kids / 115-160 cm
    • ABSOLUT / 135-155 cm
  • Dirt
  • City
    • FCB


Fezzari La Sal Peak Pro GX AXS
Fezzari La Sal Peak Pro GX AXS (fezzari.com)

At Fezzari, they're always looking for ways to make the experience better. Their team of industry professionals and cycling enthusiasts knows that great customer service will help you reach your goals more easily. That's why their main goal is building high-quality bikes in class with personalized support from someone on staff who understands what each person needs. It also helps them keep costs low by selling direct, not through third parties or distributors, thereby cutting unnecessary overhead fees.

Fezzari is a one-stop-shop for all your biking needs. With detailed measurements and customizable options, you can find the perfect bike to fit your body with Fezzari's help. They will ask for precise body measurements on their website and let customers customize the size of their purchase or even upgrade parts with extra upgrades like dropper posts, tubeless tires, etc., and it's super easy. They also sell accessories like water bottles, helmets, and so on.

It's easy to get a refund on your bike if you're not happy with it. The folks at Fezzari want their customers satisfied, so they offer 30 days for you to test the bike and decide if you want to keep it or return it. If you do decide to return it, they'll cover the return shipping and refund you.

The Fezzari bike company offers a wide range of bikes to suit the varying needs and riding styles for any type of cyclist. They have full suspension mountain bikes, road bicycles, and even electric bikes. The full suspension uses their powerful TetraLink suspension platform, rattle-proof cable guides, and proprietary derailer hanger.

Here is a list of all the bikes from Fezzari:

  • Mountain bike
    • La Sal Peak (Enduro, All Mountain)
    • Wire Peak (All Mountain, E-MTB)
    • Delano Peak (All Mountain)
    • Abajo Peak (All Mountain, Cross Country)
    • Wiki Peak (All Mountain, Cross Country)
    • Cascade Peak (All Mountain, Cross Country)
    • Signal Peak (Cross Country)
    • Solitude (Cross Country)
    • Wasatch Peak (Cross Country)
    • Lone Peak (Youth)
    • Kings Peak (Fat bike)
  • Road
    • Empire (Performance)
    • Shafer (Gravel)
    • Murdock Apex 1x (Hybrid)

Honorable Mentions

There are more DTC brands out there. These are just a couple of my favorite ones. You can find more in the table below, and if there are some that I've missed, write them down in the comments, and I'll add it.

Written by Simon Reyes

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