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Orbi RC Car stands out as the best choice: Dual control (conventional and gesture watch), adaptable for all terrains with off-road/on-road modes, thrilling 360° rotations, and 4x4 power. It is enhanced with entertaining lights, music, and a respectable 20-45 minutes battery life.

If you've been keeping up with the latest trends, you've probably noticed the rising popularity of hand gesture remote control cars. If you're here, it's likely because you're interested in finding the best option for your money and exploring your choices. We've conducted extensive research, analyzing both customer purchases and ratings, to handpick a selection of top-notch options that excel in terms of affordability, quality, durability, and, of course, their compatibility with hand gesture controls.

So, without any further delay, let's dive into each of these remarkable choices. And if you're looking for a quick and straightforward comparison, take a glance at our comparison table below for an efficient decision-making process, along with our personal top recommendation.

Top Hand Gesture RC Cars: Comparison Table


Editors Choice





Costco digitizing
Costco digitizing

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Control Options

Dual (Conventional & Gesture Watch)

Dual (Conventional & Gesture Watch)

Dual (Conventional & Gesture Watch)

Need to choose between gesture or regular

Dual (Conventional & Gesture Watch)

Drive Modes



Single mode

Diverse terrain adaptability



Forward, backward, sideways, 360° rotations, obstacle climbing

Forward, backward, sideways, diagonal, 360° rotations

Forward, backward, sideways, 360° rotations

180° flip, 360° turnbling and agile body and dual side driving

Forward, backward, sideways, drifting, 360° rotations

Special Features

4x4 capability, lights, music

Vibrant LED lights

Metal shock absorbers and car shell

Robust Build, Anti-Collision

Programmable movements

Realistic battery life

20-45 minutes

Up to 50 minutes with 2 batteries, but often lasts less than that.

15 minutes

Up to 25 minutes

15-25 minutes




Moderate (Limited Off-Roading)



1) Orbi RC Car

orbi star editor choice

Editors Rating:

4.6 /5


  • Easy gesture control with sensing watch and remote
  • Dual terrain modes for off-road and speed
  • Agile four-wheel drive for various terrains
  • Exciting 360° spin and maneuver capability
  • Suitable for kids and adults, indoor and outdoor fun

At the top of our list, and highly praised by customers, is the Orbi gesture-controlled RC car. What sets this car apart is its versatility, as it provides both a conventional controller and a gesture-sensing watch, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred method of control. The Orbi can move forward, climb obstacles, and execute impressive 360° rotations. Moreover, it offers two distinct modes for tackling different terrains.

You can opt for the off-road mode, which raises the car off the ground, providing clearance for rough terrain, or switch to the on-road mode for smoother, high-speed driving. Notably, the Orbi is a 4x4 vehicle with genuine off-road capabilities and power.

In addition to its stunning movement capabilities, this car is equipped with captivating lights and music that enhance the overall experience and draw even more attention. The battery life is quite respectable, offering a realistic usage time of 20-45 minutes on a single rechargeable battery, although this may vary based on terrain difficulty and usage intensity.

orbi rc car kid

Overall, the Orbi car encompasses all the features you would expect from an RC car of this type and more. After scouring the internet, it's evident that it has received top ratings and positive feedback from satisfied customers who had realistic expectations. Therefore, we confidently recommend the Orbi RC car as a worthwhile purchase for enthusiasts of all levels.



Editors Rating:

4.4 /5


  • Dual control: traditional and gesture-sensing watch
  • Dynamic movement: sideways, diagonal, 360° rotations
  • Vibrant LED light display

Our second contender hails from the intriguingly named DODOELEPHANT, and despite its unique name, it boasts commendable ratings. Like the Orbi car, the DODOELEPHANT offers two control options: the traditional controller and a gesture-sensing watch. This vehicle can maneuver sideways, move diagonally, and execute thrilling 360° rotations.

What sets this car apart are the numerous LED lights adorning its body, providing a vibrant display, especially in low-light conditions. While this feature may appeal to some, others might prefer a subtler approach. The DODOELEPHANT exhibits solid speed and offers straightforward controls, making it an enjoyable ride overall.

However, one aspect that doesn't quite match up is the battery life. The website claims a 50-minute runtime with two included rechargeable batteries, but in reality, they tend to last significantly shorter. Additionally, this particular model is labeled as the family edition and is priced at $89.99, making it a bit more expensive than our first choice.



Editors Rating:

4.3 /5


  • Unique off-road vehicle design
  • Metal shock absorbers for stability
  • Durable metal outer shell
  • Includes two controllers and batteries

If you're in the market for a more distinctive and visually striking option, the off-roader from LOOZIX might pique your interest. This RC car not only boasts a unique design that closely resembles a real off-road vehicle but also features tires with a muddy color and grooves on the multidirectional wheels for added authenticity. While it doesn't deviate from the others on our list in terms of movement capabilities, it excels in other areas.

One notable feature is its metal shock absorbers, providing enhanced stability during rides. The outer shell of the car is also crafted from metal, giving it a premium and rugged appearance. LOOZIX includes two controllers and provides two rechargeable batteries along with a dedicated charging cable. Each battery offers approximately 18 minutes of continuous use.

However, it's essential to note that despite its off-road aesthetics, LOOZIX may not handle aggressive off-roading well due to a perceived lack of robust connection between the body and wheels, making it prone to breakage. Additionally, according to feedback, its overall durability might not be its strongest suit, and the battery life is relatively short, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes at most. Overall, it garners a passable rating, and if you can secure a good deal on it, it's a worthwhile purchase. Just exercise caution when indulging in off-road adventures with this model.

4) Tecnock

tecnock rc car

Editors Rating:

4.4 /5


  • Grooved, oversized tires
  • Adaptable to various terrains
  • Unique movement with lifting capability
  • Quality ABS material body with anti-collision features

Note: When ordering, you need to choose which controller you want; they don't include both.

If you're seeking a model that closely resembles a robotic RC car, Tecnock might catch your eye with its four substantial tires and boxy shape. Despite its appearance, this car shouldn't be underestimated, as it boasts a robust build that can handle and adapt to various terrains thanks to its agile body.

While it offers gesture control, it doesn't quite match the unique movements of some previous models. Instead, it relies on four large rubber tires with grooves that allow it to navigate diverse terrains by lifting one side with its tires to conquer obstacles. Additionally, it features two small plastic wheels on both the top and bottom, aiding in rolling over obstacles and avoiding ground entanglement. Tecnock doesn't lack power either, thanks to its dual motors.

One thing to note when purchasing is that you won't receive both controllers with this car, and you'll need to choose between the gesture control or regular controller version. The car's body is crafted from high-quality ABS material, which grants it strong anti-collision capabilities, and customer feedback suggests good build quality.

However, there are mixed reviews regarding battery life, with the actual duration falling short of the stated specifications. You can expect a maximum of around 25 minutes of battery life.



Editors Rating:

4.2 /5


  • Dual control: gesture and remote controller
  • Versatile capabilities: sideways movement, drifting, 360° rotations
  • Programmable for personalized driving experience
  • Suitable for both high-speed and off-road terrains

This car closely resembles the first few models from the list but comes in a slightly smaller size. What sets it apart is that it offers both gesture control and a remote controller, with both controllers included in the package. AONGAN showcases impressive capabilities, including sideways movement, drifting, and thrilling 360° rotations.

It can effortlessly handle obstacles and off-road terrain by switching between lower mode for high-speed racing and climbing mode for conquering rough terrain. What makes this particular car stand out is its ability to be programmed to move according to your preferences, providing a unique and personalized driving experience.

As with most models in this category, the battery performance doesn't consistently match the claims on the packaging. However, based on customer feedback, you can expect a usage time ranging from 15 to 25 minutes. The package includes everything you need, such as two remote controls, a screwdriver for battery replacement, a detachable rechargeable battery, and a charging cable. Overall, AONGAN is a compelling option to consider for your RC car needs.

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