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Hale Breathing Kit

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Hale works from within your nose to open up the nasal passages and greatly increase airflow. This small device has been rigorously tested and optimized, producing staggering increases in maximum nasal airflow (54%) and quality of life scores (69%). It has been developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins and backed by a clinical trial.

Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilatator

Runner up


It has two soft paddles that fit inside the nostril. With the patented dilation system, you can easily adjust each paddle as needed until they rest comfortably in your nostrils, expanding your airways and improving airflow during sleep.

Airmax Nasal Dilatator

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It helps you breathe more easily through your nose by widening the internal airways of your nose. Its design fits both teens and adults and can be reused for up to 90 days, giving you long-term relief from blocked nose or nasal valve dysfunction.

A blocked nasal passage can cause you to snore, which is why there are several options for opening up the narrow airway passages in order to reduce obstruction and stop noisy breathing at night-time. One popular choice among sleepers who want an easy solution without taking medicine or surgery would be using a plain old nasal dilator.

Best Nasal Dilator for Deviated Septum

Using nasal dilators has been found to be an effective way of opening up your nose and regulating breathing. The different types include stents, cones, or strips, which can help increase the diameter at which air passes through nostrils during sleep.

Though they cannot directly treat any sleep disorders themselves, there may still be some relief if you suffer from sleep apnea (OSA).

Deviated septum is a common condition that affects the nose. It can cause difficulty breathing and affect your quality of life. A nasal dilator may help you breathe more easily if you have a deviated septum. 

Did you know:
The term “deviated septum” may seem complex, but it simply describes a condition where the nasal septum – the wall of tissue between nostrils – is off-center. Recent estimates indicate that an impressive 80 percent of people have this condition, yet many are unaware.

Snoring is an all-too-common occurrence in bedrooms across America. According to the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, 44% of men and 28% of women surveyed were habitual snorers. The numbers increase with age: after 65 years of age, individuals are more likely to snore. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 couples now sleep in separate beds due to the sound of a spouse’s snoring.

In this comparison guide, we’re going to list the best nasal dilators for people with a deviated septum.

The 6 Best Nasal Dilators for Deviated Septum Comparison Table 









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 Internal nasal dilator

 Internal nasal dilator

 Internal nasal dilator

 Internal nasal dilator

 Internal nasal dilator

 Internal nasal dilator

Best For

Deviated Septum

Curb snoring
Improve sleep quality
Nasal Valve Collapse

Boost Athletic Performance
Airway Obstruction
Nasal Inflammation

Reduces snoring

Deviated Septum

Improve sleep quality

Nasal Obstruction

Beathing Difficulties

Reduce Snoring

Sleep Better

Nasal Congestion

Increas air volume up to  58 % relieving sinus congestion & snoring

Instantly Relieves Nasal Congestion  from a deviated septum, common cold, allergies, pregnancy, sports activities or air travel

Relieving nasal congestion and helping to reduce snoring.

Opening airways (up to 58% more) to increase airflow

Relieve sinus congestion, and open a deviated septum to help you sleep better and wake up energized

Relieve Nasal Congestion and Nose related Snoring 

Enlarges nasal airflow for sleeping and sports.



Practically Invisible

Customer Rating

Made From

Ergonomic Materials

Ultra-soft medical  grade biocompatible polymers

Hypoallergenic, medical grade material

Latex & BPA Free Propylene based internal structure with a thermal polyethylene (TPE) covering. 

 Medical grade material

 Medical grade material

Insertion & Removal Tools


Optional tools make installing and removing Hale a breeze






Round-the-clock uses

Included in your purchase

The Trial Kit includes a Starter Kit box with all 3 aid sizes.
The box has a mirror, insertion tool, & and a cleaning cloth.

Trial Pack

1 X Small 

1 X Medium

1 X Large

Trial Pack

1 X Small (5mm)

1 X Medium (6.5 mm)

1 X Case

This offer includes 2 nasal dilator devices with storage cases

Breathe Aids 2 Pack

Combo S+M+L 3 Pack

Small: width: 12.19mm, length: 15.12mm; Medium: 13.86mm, length: 17.16mm; Large: width: 15.46mm, length: 19.17mm.

1) Hale Breathing Aid

Hale breathing is the first nasal breathing aid designed for round-the-hour use. Hale gently opens and supports the nasal passages from inside to counteract obstruction.

With instant clarity, unmatched comfort even when used at night, plus being near invisible to see, it’s no wonder why 90% of sufferers find their symptoms are significantly improved after using it.

Hale is a non-invasive gadget that corrects the structure of your nose without any need for invasive surgery. It was developed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

Hale Breathing Kit

The preliminary results from independent clinical trials have proven that Hale is 100% safe and more effective than nasal strips. Hale was even shown to be 95% as effective as full reconstructive surgery.


  • The Hale nasal dilator treats patients with deviated septums, nasal inflammation, collapsed nasal valves, or any other obstruction in their airways.
  • The soft silicone ring gently opens up the nostrils and lets you breathe easily again
  • Better sleep, prevent dry mouth breathing and snoring.
  • The Hale nasal dilator is also for fitness enthusiasts looking to push themselves further, recover faster and improve blood flow.
  • Hale’s patented one-shape design is made to fit your unique nasal anatomy. The flexible materials adjust and conform to your nose.
  • It comes in three sizes.
  • Portable and practically invisible.


  • It’s only available online.

2) Rhinomed Limited Mute Nasal Dilator for Snore Reduction

Mute from Rhinomed is the ultimate solution for anyone with trouble breathing through their nose due to nasal blocks or obstructions.

The lightweight design makes it easily reusable, which means you can use this one product repeatedly.

Mute is proven to give 38% more airflow compared with strips. In addition, the three different sizes allow you to find an ideal fit for yourself.

Looking at the reviews, 75% of verified users reported reduced snoring, and 78% claimed better breathing throughout the night.


  • Increase airflow by 38% and is reusable up to ten times.
  • Rhinomed Mute internal nasal dilators are flexible and lightweight.


  • Some may find them to come off easily at night.

3) Airmax Nasal Dilator

The Airmax nasal dilator optimizes airflow and increases your oxygen levels by counteracting the effects of congestion.

It’s designed by ENT specialists and aerospace engineers to increase airflow, combat congestion caused by allergies in your airways as well improve your breathing ability.

The Airmax nasal dilator is a great tool for people who suffer from snoring and poor sleep quality.

This product can last up to three months, and it helps reduce congestion in your nose due to the deviated septum or narrow airways problem you might have as well.


  • This product lasts up until three months
  • It helps people suffering from congestion or a deviated septum


  • It isn’t easy to put in and take out
  • It’s available only in two sizes


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ZQUIET Breathe Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilator

This device fits comfortably in the nostrils and has a patented flexible wing design that fits all sizes for an optimal fit. This product is ideal for those affected by snoring and sleep troubles due to sinus congestion.

The flexible wings help to open up your nasal passage, allowing you to breathe better and get more oxygen. This can increase your oxygen intake by up to 58%, leading to more restful and peaceful sleep.

ZQUIET opens your airway, reduces snoring, relieves sinus congestion, and relieves sleep apnea symptoms. Not only that, but it can also improve your overall sleep quality and increase workout performance.


  • With 58% more air flow than traditional products, ZQUIET improves breathing efficiency to reduce congestion and restore sound sleep.
  • Each dilator is reusable for up to 30 days before needing to be replaced.


  • it’s sometimes difficult to fit comfortably in the nose

SleepRight Intra-Nasal Breathe Aids

This effective and reusable solution is the perfect alternative to traditional single-use products that are now outdated.

Easily slip it into your nose to maximize airflow—no preparation steps needed and no worries about adhesives harming your skin.

This device increases airflow in both the nasal passages and around a deviated septum, providing significant relief from snoring, sinus congestion, and other sleeping troubles.

In addition, the improved air flow helps to revitalize your body during those precious hours of sleep, improving your morning experience.


  • It’s not made with natural rubber latex, making them even safer for sensitive skin types (does not leave facial blemishes)
  • It’s available in a convenient 20 and 40-day supply refill pack


  • They get soft after some time
  • It’s not for those with restless sleep

WoodyKnows Super-Support Nasal Dilators

WoodyKnows gently and effectively opens up your nose from within, so you can breathe better than ever before without feeling any pain.

Nasal breathing can also improve sports performance and sleep quality.

Thanks to its natural nostril shape dilators, you don’t have to worry about making any uncomfortable adjustments.

In addition, the balanced expansion and the slim design won’t flatten nose hair or interfere with its normal function. It also has a double-clip design that helps it stay in place throughout the day.


  • It is crafted to look like ribs and has a thin, soft frame–ensuring the perfect fit for your nasal passages


  • The edges are a bit rough

What Is a Deviated Septum?

The deviated septum is a condition where the thin wall between your nose’s nasal passages may be displaced to one side. In many people, this off-center placement causes an unevenness that leads to blockages and reduced airflow, causing difficulty breathing. Treatment options include medications to reduce inflammation and surgery if necessary to correct this issue.

Deviated Septum

What Are Nasal Dilators, and Do They Really Help?

Nasal dilators are devices that help open up the nasal passages and improve airflow. They come in various shapes and sizes, but all work in the same way – by gently expanding the nostrils. This can be helpful for people with conditions like sleep apnea, snoring, asthma, or allergies and those who just want to breathe a little easier.

But how do they work, exactly? And what are the different types of nasal dilators available?

This is done by inserting the device into the nose. The device will then open the nasal passages, allowing for easier breathing.

These devices are primarily of two types; internal and external. Internal nasal dilators work by inserting a device into your nose and holding your nostrils open. External nasal dilators use an adhesive strip or clip placed around your nose’s surface to keep your nostrils open.

Nasal Dilator vs. Nasal Sprays

Nasal dilators and nasal sprays are meant to improve your breathing, but they work differently. Nasal dilators are devices you insert into your nose to widen the air passages. Nasal sprays coat the lining of your nose and keep it moist, which helps to prevent congestion.

Nasal sprays are a great way to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, but they can take time to work. Dilators offer an immediate solution and will stay open until you remove them.

Nasal Dilator vs. Strips

Nasal Dilator

  • No skin-pulling adhesive
  • No skin blemishes after usage
  • Reusable for 20 days
  • Ready to use


  • Adhesive pulls skin
  • May leave skin blemishes
  • Singe usage
  • Multi step preparation process

Nasal Dilator vs. Other Anti-Snoring Remedies

If you’re looking for an anti-snoring remedy that is both effective and has no side effects, nasal dilators are the way to go. You can use them in conjunction with other medications. They’re portable, easy to travel with and provide a quick solution to snoring problems.

How to Use a Nasal Dilator?

A nasal dilator is a small device that fits inside your nose and helps open up your airways, making breathing easier. You should place external nasal strips across the surface of your nose while internal nasal dilators should be inserted inside your nose.

 Here’s how to use a nasal dilator:

  1. Insert the nasal dilator into one nostril. Ensure the device’s prongs are inserted far enough into your nose to rest against the septum (the wall between your two nostrils).
  2. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds.
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other nostril.
  5. Massage your sinuses by pressing gently on the bridge of your nose with your thumb and index finger for about 30 seconds.
  6. Rinse the nasal dilator off with water after use and dry it thoroughly before storing it in its case.

When used correctly, a nasal Dilator can help relieve congestion, improve airflow, and make breathing easier through your nose – even when you have a cold.

How to use a nasal dilator?

What to Look for When Buying a Nasal Dilator for a Deviated Septum?

Nasal dilators are a great way to help improve your breathing and sleep quality if you suffer from a deviated septum. When looking for a nasal dilator, it’s important to consider the device’s size, design, shape, and material. You also want to make sure that the nasal dilator is durable and has a long lifespan.

Consider the device size – will it fit comfortably in your nose?

Size is important, as you want a device that will fit securely and stay in place throughout the night. In addition, you will want something lightweight and flexible that you can customize to fit the shape of your nose.

The shape of the device is one key consideration. Some come with multiple sizes where you can try different shapes and choose one that works best for you.

A nasal dilator made of medical-grade silicone is the best option as it is soft and high-quality. If you are looking for a nasal dilator to help with your deviated septum, make sure to look for one that is comfortable and made of quality materials.

The device’s lifespan is an important consideration because some external dilators, like adhesive strips, are single-use, whereas you can reuse internal dilators if you maintain them properly.

It’s also important to consider how portable the device is. Will it be easy to take with you on trips? And finally, consider the cost of the product and whether it is within your budget.

Nasal Dilators Benefits

Here is a list of possible benefits:

  • Nasal dilators are a great, non-invasive way to get relief from nasal congestion.
  • They are suitable for more people than medication and provide instantaneous relief.
  • They do not become less effective with continued use and have no side effects.
  • It’s a drug-free solution that can improve the quality of sleep.
  • Affordable and reusable.
  • They come in internal and external varieties, each with its own pros and cons. External nasal dilators like nasal strips are easy to use but can only be worn briefly. Internal nasal dilators are reusable but must be cleaned properly after each use.

Nasal dilators take some time to get used to, and finding the right size can be a bit of a hassle, but for people who suffer from snoring or mild apnea, they are definitely worth trying.

Nasal Dilators Benefits

Nasal Dilators for Snoring

Keeping your nasal passages open can decrease the air turbulence that causes those annoying snores. And if you’re still struggling to get a good night’s sleep, consider using a nasal dilator to keep your airways open all night.


Deviated Septums are a common issue that can cause difficulty breathing through the nose. There are many nasal dilators on the market to help open up the nasal passages and improve airflow, but not all of them work equally well for everyone.

The dilators mentioned in this article are easy to use and relieve congestion and snoring. Our top pick is the Hale Breathing Aid because it’s easy to use and provides good results.


Can You Wear a Nasal Dilator All Day?

It’s important to remember that each nasal dilator can be used for between 3 and 6 months. To maintain hygiene levels, wash after every use with warm soapy water.

Are Nasal Dilators Effective?

Nasal dilators are devices that are inserted into the nose in order to help open up the nasal passages. They have been shown to be effective for people with deviated septums and those who suffer from allergies or a cold.

When Are Nasal Dilators Not Working?

Nasal dilators generally have limited efficacy when nasal airway obstruction is above the nasal valve area, such as with turbinate hypertrophy or enlarged adenoids. For these cases, surgery may be the best option. To determine if a nasal dilator is right for you, speak with your doctor.

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