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Selecting the right pumping bra is crucial for breastfeeding mothers, offering both comfort and convenience. These bras are specially designed to hold breast pump flanges, enabling hands-free use. This functionality allows mothers to multitask, enhancing their breastfeeding journey with ease and efficiency.

Navigating the variety of pumping bras available can be daunting, with key considerations including material, adjustability, pump compatibility, and comfort. Some are made for all-day wear, others for brief pumping sessions. This article guides you through top choices, balancing practicality and comfort for informed decision-making.

Our Verdict – What Is the Best Pumping Bra?

In conclusion, for nursing mothers seeking a reliable and comfortable solution, the LaVie Pumping Bra is a strong recommendation. It combines ease of use, adjustability, and comfort, making it a standout choice for its practical design and overall functionality in supporting breastfeeding needs.

Comparison Table

ProductEditors Choice LaVie
bodily the do anything pumping bra
larken x bra
Simple Wishes
simple wishes bra
Kindred Bravely
kindred bravely bra
storq bra
willow luxe bra
momcozy bra
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price
SizesXS - XXL, fits bra sizes A to DDS - 3XLXS - XXLXS - LS, M, L, XL, XXL/1X, XXXL/2XXS, S, M, L, XLXS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, PPS, M, L, XL, XXL
Material80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane.90% Polyester, 10% SpandexCotton spandex blend fabricOuter: 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex; Inner: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex94% MicroModal, 6% SpandexFabric: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Lace: 89% Nylon, 11% Spandex
92.5% Nylon, 7.5% Spandex
ColorsBlackMoon, black, dusk, slateSand, black, white, marineBlack, rose pinkBeige, black, twilight, pink heather, latte, greyCanyon, black, latteBlack, champagneBlack
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days30 days60 days60 days30 daysN/A14 days

1. LaVie Pumping Bra


  • Adjustable Velcro strap for postpartum body changes.
  • Optional neck strap for nursing and pumping.
  • Compatible with various pump parts.
  • Durable and available in multiple colors.
  • Fits sizes XS to XXL.


  • Needs extra bra for breastfeeding.
  • Velcro noise may disturb sleeping baby.

The LaVie Pump Bra offers an efficient and versatile solution for pumping mothers. Its form-fitting design, made from neoprene and nylon, is not only stretchy but also comfortable enough to be worn over a nursing bra or alone. Its secure velcro strap is a standout feature, allowing mothers to adjust the tightness to their preference and adapt to body changes during the postpartum period. Additionally, the neck strap option facilitates nursing on one side while pumping on the other, a rare feature in most bustiers.

lavie pump bra women with baby

However, it's important to note that this bra is primarily a pumping accessory rather than a nursing bra, which might require the purchase of additional bras for breastfeeding. The velcro, while functional, can be noisy when undone, which could be a concern in quiet environments. The bra fits a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, accommodating bra sizes up to DD. For those larger than DD, pairing it with a nursing bra is recommended for extra support.

Other practical aspects include its machine-washable nature, though it requires hang drying. Having more than one is advisable for those who exclusively pump, ensuring a fresh bra is always available. The choice of colors is a plus, with darker shades being more forgiving with potential breastmilk stains. Overall, the LaVie Pump Bra offers a blend of convenience, comfort, and versatility, making it a valuable addition to a nursing mother's wardrobe.

2. Bodily The Do Anything Bra

bodily the do anything pumping bra


  • Luxurious feel with silky-soft Oeko-Tex certified material.
  • Adjustable support with padded closure and ribbed straps.
  • Nursing and pumping convenience with easy clips and hidden openings.
  • Durable and easy to clean, machine-washable.
  • Versatile size range from Small (32A) to 3X (46DDD/F).


  • Requires line drying, not suitable for tumble drying.
  • Lighter colors may show milk spills.
  • More expensive than many other options.

Bodily's The Do Anything Bra stands out in the nursing and pumping bra category for its exceptional comfort and multifunctionality. It’s praised for its luxurious, buttery material that feels more like a satiny robe than a bra, offering a departure from the typical nursing bra design. Its adjustable support system, including a flexible band and sturdy straps, ensures a comfortable fit for any bust size.

The bra's design excels in both nursing and pumping, featuring easy-to-use nursing clips and discreet openings for hands-free pumping. The single-layer design is not bulky, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Despite its need for line drying, its quick-drying nylon-elastane blend adds to its practicality.

In terms of comparison, while Bodily's The Do Anything Bra is slightly more expensive than the average nursing bra, its functionality, comfort, and durability justify the price. It offers a lightweight and comfortable experience, unparalleled by other bras in its category. As one reviewer noted, its supportive yet unobtrusive design makes it an exceptional choice for nursing mothers.

3. Larken X

larken x bra


  • All-in-one design for nursing and pumping.
  • Lightweight, ideal for warm temperatures.
  • Comfortable enough for sleeping.
  • Simple and effective design, easy to use.
  • Doesn’t require precise nipple alignment.
  • Securely holds breast shields even when full.


  • Feels like a cross between a tank top and bra, might feel short for some.
  • Not the best choice if you only need a pumping bra and have many nursing bras.

The Larken X hands-free pumping bra excels in its versatility and comfort. Its unique design, featuring two fabric panels, allows for easy transition between nursing and pumping, making it highly functional for regular use. The bra’s lightweight, smooth, and stretchy fabric makes it an excellent choice for warmer climates and even comfortable enough for overnight wear.

The bra's simplicity in design is a standout feature, ensuring ease of use once accustomed to it. It avoids the need for precise nipple placement, a common issue with other pumping bras. Additionally, it effectively supports breast shields, maintaining its hold even as they fill with milk.

However, the bra's length, feeling more like a crop top, might be an issue for some who prefer longer coverage. It might not be the ideal choice for those who already have a collection of nursing bras and are solely looking for a hands-free pumping option.

In summary, the Larken X is a great choice for anyone who pumps breast milk regularly, such as working parents or exclusive pumpers. Its integrated nursing and pumping functionality, coupled with its comfort, makes it a strong contender in the market. For those who need both a nursing and pumping bra in one, the Larken X presents a practical and comfortable solution.

4. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra

simple wishes bra


  • Adjustable for a custom fit with front zippers and a removable 2" panel.
  • Versatile back panel with up to 10" of Velcro adjustment.
  • Includes straps for additional support.
  • Machine washable for easy care.


  • Not suitable for all-day wear as it's a bustier style, not a regular bra.
  • Might be less supportive for very large chest sizes even with straps.

The Simple Wishes pumping bra distinguishes itself as a bustier style bra, specifically designed for pumping sessions rather than continuous wear. Its front zipper design allows for easy placement over a nursing bra, ensuring the flanges are held securely in place during pumping. The bra's adjustable fit options, including the dual zipper front and the Velcro back panel, allow for a snug and custom fit, accommodating various body shapes and sizes.

The inclusion of straps adds versatility to the bra, offering additional support when needed. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with larger chests or when less supportive nursing bras are worn. The bra's machine-washable cotton-spandex blend ensures both comfort and durability, withstanding regular use and washing.

Available in black and pink, the Simple Wishes bra offers some aesthetic choice, although its primary focus is on functionality. Its bustier style means it's not intended for all-day wear, but its supportive and adjustable design makes it a strong contender for those looking for a practical, hands-free pumping solution. The Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra is especially recommended for those who value the flexibility to wear different bras and need a reliable, adjustable solution for efficient pumping sessions.

5. Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing and Pumping Bra

kindred bravely bra


  • All-in-one nursing and pumping design for convenience.
  • Offers busty sizes, ideal for larger breasts.
  • Easy to nurse on one side and pump on the other.
  • Simplifies flange positioning, especially for combined breast shield and connector pumps.
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable material.


  • Might be more cost-effective to buy a dedicated pumping bra if you already own nursing bras.

The Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing and Pumping Bra is an excellent choice for mothers who both nurse and pump. Its dual functionality eliminates the need for separate accessories, making it a time-saver, particularly for working moms or those pumping on the go.

The design allows for effortless switching between nursing and pumping, with users finding it easy to position the flanges. The material's softness and durability contribute to its comfort, making it suitable for extended wear.

However, there are some considerations. If you're an exclusive pumper or pump daily, you may need to invest in multiple bras or tanks to ensure availability while laundering. Additionally, some women have noted that the bra doesn't secure the pump parts firmly enough due to the wide flange holes. This issue can be mitigated by adjusting the nursing clip around the flange for added security.

The Sublime is available in standard and busty sizes, accommodating a wide range of body types. While purchasing several combination bras can be more costly than a dedicated pumping bra, the Sublime's versatility and comfort make it a valuable investment for many. Its tank version, although similar in functionality, may feel heavier and warmer in hot weather. As with many nursing and pumping bras, choosing darker colors can help conceal inevitable breastmilk stains.

6. Storq Nursing and Pumping Bra

storq bra


  • Dual-layer design for nursing and pumping.
  • Soft, stretchy Oeko-Tex® certified fabric.
  • Adjustable for a personalized fit.


  • Less support for larger bust sizes.

The Storq Nursing and Pumping Bra combines everyday style with functional design, perfect for cup sizes A to E. It features a unique bra-within-a-bra design, offering easy pumping access and a pull-aside option for nursing. Made from soft, Oeko-Tex® certified micromodal jersey, it provides comfort and stretch.

The bra is comfortable and supportive, with a soft fabric and practicality. The wireless design and front-adjustable straps ensure a custom fit, while the front clip-down panel reveals an inner shelf bra suitable for nursing pads. The bra is machine washable, but gentle care is recommended to maintain its quality.

Ideal for nursing and pumping moms, the Storq Bra blends seamless functionality with a discreet, everyday look, making it a versatile choice for new mothers.

7. Willow Luxe Pumping Bra

willow luxe bra


  • Secure pump holding with clips.
  • Comfortable, stretchy fabric with luxurious lace.
  • Adjustable band for a perfect fit.
  • Machine washable for easy care.


  • Only two colors.

The Willow Luxe Pumping Bra has a silky-soft fabric with delicate lace detailing. It brings a touch of luxury to nursing and pumping attire. The bra can securely hold pumps in place, particularly their own Willow pump, and also offers stylish nursing functionality.

This hands-free bra is as luxurious as it is practical, making you forget it's designed for pumping. Its patented clips are designed to hold the pump securely and adjust effortlessly for nursing or everyday wear. The stretchy, wireless cups are perfect for fluctuating sizes, and the removable padding offers discreet nipple coverage post-pumping.

The adjustable band with six rows of hook and eye closures ensures a perfect fit and support. What sets this bra apart is the combination of its soft, stretchy fabric and the itch-free, inverted inner seams, maximizing comfort without compromising on performance.

Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, with lace composed of nylon and spandex, the bra is machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. Available in sizes XS to 3XL, it caters to a wide range of body types.

8. MomCozy Hands-Free Seamless Pumping Bra

momcozy bra


  • Dual-function as a sports bra with firm support.
  • Comfortable for all-day wear with a cotton-spandex blend.
  • "X" structure securely holds pump flanges.
  • Compatible with a wide range of breast pumps.


  • Adjusting for larger pumps can be challenging.
  • May feel too firm for some users.

The Momcozy Hands Free Seamless Pumping Bra offers a blend of firm support and versatility. It doubles as a sports bra, making it a great option for active nursing moms. The combination of 97% cotton and 7% spandex provides both softness and stretch, suitable for day and night wear.

The bra's strengthened waistband is a standout feature, absorbing bounce during exercise and making it easy to switch between breastfeeding and workout modes without needing to change bras. The sports bra-style waistband and the "X" structure cut-out provide maximum support, significantly reducing sagging and ensuring the bottles stay securely in place during pumping.

Another advantage of the Momcozy bra is its compatibility with a wide range of breast pumps, including traditional and wearable ones. The large cut-out accommodates various pump brands like Medela, Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Spectra, and Evenflo. However, fitting larger pumps like the Spectra S2 Plus could be slightly challenging, requiring adjustment of the fabric for access.

What to Look for When Buying a Pumping Bra

Breast Pump Compatibility

When selecting a pumping bra, ensure it's compatible with your breast pump. The ideal bra should hold various pump models' flanges securely, allowing hands-free operation. Opt for bras with a universal design or adaptable cut-outs to accommodate different pump brands, adding versatility to your pumping routine.

The right pumping bra seamlessly integrates with most breast pumps, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Look for features that secure the pump parts firmly, providing confidence and ease during pumping sessions. This compatibility is vital for a smooth, efficient breastfeeding journey.

Comfort and Material

Comfort is key in a pumping bra, as it's worn for extended periods. Choose bras made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, spandex, or microfiber. These materials offer comfort and adaptability to your changing body, while also being durable enough for frequent washing.

The fabric should maintain its shape and softness over time, ensuring the bra remains comfortable throughout your breastfeeding period. A quality material not only provides immediate comfort but also ensures the bra is a practical and enduring choice for nursing mothers.


Adjustability in a pumping bra is essential to accommodate postpartum body changes. Features like adjustable straps, multiple hook-and-eye closures, or Velcro bands are important. These allow for a customized fit as your body shape fluctuates, ensuring ongoing support and comfort.

A bra that can adapt to size changes provides lasting usability and comfort. Adjustable features are crucial for a pumping bra to remain functional and comfortable throughout the various stages of your breastfeeding journey.

Ease of Use and Versatility

A good pumping bra should be straightforward to use. It should be easy to put on, adjust, and remove, simplifying your nursing routine. Bras that double as nursing bras or blend seamlessly under everyday clothes offer added functionality, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Look for bras with discreet nursing clips and hidden openings for flange insertion, ensuring the design is practical for both nursing and pumping. A versatile pumping bra is an invaluable asset, making it a practical choice for busy mothers.

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