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Copper Protector Review 2020

The world is full of hidden dangers and illnesses. You cannot avoid picking them up as you go through your regular life touching doors and examining products at stores. The Copper Protector is a key that will help you touch things without ever coming into contact with them.

Copper Protector - Review

What should you look for in a Door Opener Key?

Material Content

When it comes to finding a way to keep you and your family safe from germs and bacteria, the door opener you select needs to be an alloy that is resistant to microbes and be self-cleaning. Most types of door openers are brass. Brass door openers can help you not touch a door, but they do not self-clean in the same way as a copper key.


The design of the key is very important for the function of it. The key needs to come with extra hooks and knobs to help you touch all kinds of surfaces in different ways. Without the extra knobs, that key will wear down over time and make it more difficult to push buttons or open different kinds of doors.

Button & Touch screen compatible

Many types of door opener keys will not work on certain types of buttons or touch screens. Make sure the key you select can touch both. You will not be able to use it at an ATM or visit a store without needing to touch a combination of buttons and touch screens.

Easy to Carry

The key you select should come with an extra hole for carrying the door key with your keys. By adding it to your keys, you are unlikely to forget it and will always have it available for use whenever you need it.

What is the Copper Protector?

The Copper Protector is the latest tool to keep you and your family safe from picking up unwanted germs. The Copper Protector contains 99.9 percent copper, which is by nature antimicrobial. Copper antimicrobial tools can help effectively kill and reduce the transmission of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microbes that can make you sick.

By using a copper antimicrobial tool, you can avoid touching surfaces that may have layers of germs and keep yourself and others safe. It is easy to carry around in a purse or a pocket to always be available for when you need to open a door, window, or touch a shelf in a store.

Copper Protector Key

Copper Protector pros:

Copper Protector cons:

What are the main features of the Copper Protector?

The right combination of factors goes into making the Copper Key the tool for you to use while you are away from home. The design and the material content of the key are what makes it ideal for use outside of your home. Not all door opener keys can keep you safe while giving your plenty of options to touch all kinds of surfaces safely.

Reduces exposure to Germs and Viruses

Between catching the flu at work or from your children, your exposure to different types of bacteria, germs, and viruses every day is forever expanding. You open doors at the store or use the ATM to get cash and must touch everything to proceed with your transaction. Using the Copper Protector, you can keep yourself away from door handles and operate the ATM without ever having to touch the surface of either.

By reducing your exposure to germs to pick up by touching objects and surfaces, you reduce the likelihood of catching minor as well as major illnesses. The design of the copper key ensures you will have no direct contact with all sorts of places and items that can transmit germs.


Copper does not allow germs, bacteria, or viruses to settle on its surface and survive, so everything you touch with the key while touching the key does not live long on the copper. Copper deactivates the germs from the inside preventing the spread of illness and preventing the transfer of live and active bacteria to your body.

Bacteria cannot live on copper because the copper ions interfere with the organism’s ability to reproduce, which is how it multiplies and spreads. The copper damages the DNA of bacteria causing it to break down and leaves your copper key clean and ready for more use.

99.9 Percent cooper

The Copper Key is almost one hundred percent pure copper (99.9percent), which is a natural antimicrobial metal. The copper antimicrobial is a common way to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces. Copper prevents your exposure to multiple types of germs because copper ions prevent bacteria from settling on the surface of the copper key and any that try to take damage from a lethal dose of copper.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses cannot live on copper as it interferes with their functioning causing them to break down. The copper does not allow them to reproduce and can damage the DNA of the bacteria or virus, which deactivates it.

Door-Friendly Design

The design of the copper antimicrobial makes it look like a key with extra pieces included like a hook that you can use to easily open doors that have handles such as doors to your doctor’s office or the convenience store. Door handles contain large amounts of germs, which can make you sick, and you pick up a handful every time you open a door.

With a large circle of copper, you hold in your hand; the key is easy to maneuver around a door handle to pull it open. You will never touch the door handle with the design of this key.

Keychain ready

The design of the copper antimicrobial includes a small loop that enables you to attach the Copper Protector to your keys or your purse. Attaching it to your keys, or your purse can have it available for your use whenever you need it. You can attach an extra ring or hook to the protector, so you have to have it quickly in your hand to open a door or use a keypad.

Touch-screen friendly

The design of the copper key includes a small copper tip that you can use to poke touch screens. Touch screens are everywhere in our modern society from the grocery store to the bank. You must enter pins, account numbers, telephone numbers, and approve of the transaction all by touch.

The tip of the copper key lets you make your selections at a distance without transmitting any germs back onto your hand. The key helps keep you safe to go about your daily life without needing to wear gloves everywhere.


Copper does not wear out quickly, like other types of metals or plastic. It also does not split or erode. Copper is the number one recommended metal for plumbing and appears in computers. Its chemical composition makes it long-lasting, and while it might turn green from age, the copper antimicrobial properties do not fade or go away.

Easy to hold

The design of the Copper Protector includes a large comfortable ring that is easy-to-grip, so you won’t have any trouble using the copper key for anything you need to touch. The copper is not so thin as to cut into your hand or so thick as to make it bulky in your hand.


The best part about the Copper Protector is that it is anxiety-free. You can rest easier knowing that by using the key, you are less likely to pick up harmful viruses and germs. Peace of mind is not something you can buy, but with the Copper Protector, you know you are limiting your exposure to any germ you can pick up on your hands.

Copper Protector

What do Buyers of the Copper Protector Think?

Buyers of the Copper Protector are grateful to have a tool that reduces the point of contact as healthcare workers and elderly adults. The number of times anyone touches anything can increase the number of viruses and germs, so the key is useful for people in venerable positions to avoid transmission.

Buyers of the key also love how easy it is to use and carry. They can attach it to their pants, lanyards, or purses and can use it to touch everything from elevator buttons to doors and locks.

Teresa Hatfield
Teresa Hatfield
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I’m happy I purchased this. I use this daily. I do wish it came with a stylus tip on it for machines which do not have push buttons, but I just added my own. Overall a good covid purchase!
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I'm not sure why people are saying it doesn't work with touchscreens, mine does. Works on my iPhone fine as well as the other touchscreens I've tried. But placing metal on a glass screen is not recommended, so I put a stylus rubber endpoint from a pen I had onto it and it works wonderfully - they should include that given the price. My only issue is that there is a nub that goes inward on the hook part, and when you open a door you have to pull, then push forward to release it from the handle. It's not a big deal, but annoying since other manufacturers don't have that (I've tried one w/o a nub) and it's so much easier to open the door when you can just slide it right up to release.
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Awesome. Dont really fit Well on the keychain and it is a little oversized but otherwise works really well

What are some alternatives to the Copper Protector?

Before you run out and buy any type of door openers, do your homework and look for something that will fit your needs and keep you safe. Not all door openers are copper antimicrobial, and they often do not come with extra hooks and knobs to touch specific types of buttons.

#1 No Brass Door Opener Tool

The No Brass Door Opener Tool is a square-shaped tool that helps you grip and open doors and touch screens. By creating distance between yourself and any object, you can protect yourself from picking up any number of illnesses and bacteria. The No Brass Door opener is a portable key capable of opening doors and using shared checkout kiosks.

Made with ounces of solid alloy material, the design of the key helps it fit easily in your hand while providing you a way to open doors and remain safe. Containing no brass as it can deform from use, you can take the key with you wherever you need to go.

The No brass hygiene tool is slightly more cost-effective than the Copper Protector, which makes it a good choice for anyone looking to save a couple of bucks, though the Protector Key is more cost-effective when purchased in bulk.

#2 YouTheFan USA GermKey Brass No-Touch Hand Tool

The YouTheFan USA GermKey is two hundred sixty brass alloy formed into the shape of a key. You can use the key to open doors; push the buttons on elevators and keypads without picking up any germs or bacteria that might be on them. The design keeps you from touching all kinds of objects and can attach to your keychain for easy use.

In addition to opening doors, you can use the key on touch screens, and because the key is a brass alloy, it is germ resistant. The key is seventy percent copper and thirty percent zinc, which helps it resist any bacteria or germs that might be on a surface.

The Germkey is a product to buy if you are looking for a cost-effective way not to touch surfaces. The key is perfect for anyone who needs a way not to touch surfaces and save some money.

#3 No-Touch Door Opener Contactless Safety Door Opener

The No-Touch Door Opener Contactless Safety Door Opener is a zero-touch door opener. Shaped like a key, the No-touch door opener lets you open and close doors without ever having to touch the door with your hand.

The key also can act as a stick for poking buttons on an elevator or ATM. The key comes with an extra small hole, so you can attach it to your keys to carry with you wherever you need to go. Manufactured of a lightweight alloy, the key has a glossy gold finish that is easy to use and touch.

The No-Touch Door opener is a good tool for college students or other people looking for an easy way to open a door without touching it. They come in two, three, five, and six-packs, so you can distribute them to your family and friends. They are an unspecified metal, which means you should disinfect the key regularly.

Final Thoughts

In these troubled times, you can never be too careful about how you can be exposed to germs. Having a key that can open doors and touch screens or buttons like the Copper Protector can keep you and your family in good health.

The Copper Protector is quality copper manufacturing that will last and is a design that will help you touch all sorts of surfaces without ever touching them. For more information about the Copper Protector, please follow the link.

Copper Protector