Can This Salon Quality Trim Tool Help You In Saving Your Money On Haircuts?

Out of 5 women that go to the salon, one of them leaves unsatisfied with the haircut they got. What’s even sadder is that most of these women will try to do their own haircut, resulting in even more disappointment.

The average trip to the salon costs anything between $80 and $100. However, for most people, spending such an amount every two months for a potentially dreadful haircut just does not seem worth it. This is where CreaClip comes in.It is a home use device that enables users to cut their hair without making any ‘accidents’.

CreaClip Review

This is one of the best investments for people who are either trying to cut down on salon costs, or just want to learn to cut their own hair.

CreaClip has been designed to create professional-looking haircuts without going to the salon. All one has to do is clip it, slide it, and cut. The haircut will last up to weeks having a fresh and neat look.

The device is specially designed for people who want salon-quality trims that are low cost. What makes CreaClip stand out is the fact that it is suitable for all hair types. So whether the user’s texture is 1a or 4c, the end result will be a clean haircut.

However, it may take a while before people with different textures learn how to cut their hair well. As such, it is recommended to first watch tutorials on how to go about the haircut depending on the texture.

CreaClip is also diverse in that it has different style options available for people with different tastes. Here are some of the styles that users can try out:

  • Bob
  • Bangs
  • Layers

Anyone can try out these styles at intervals and find what they feel really comfortable in.

What is The CreaClip Hair Cutting Tool?

CreaClip is an easy-to use hair cutting tool that can help you create the style of your choice. The package comes with two different sized clips:

  • larger for long hair and luscious layers
  • smaller to trim shorter hair and bangs.

How to Use CreaClip?

  1. Clip the device to the hair
  2. Align it to the desired hair length
  3. Cut the hair as intended.
How To Use CreaClip

When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know what angle or tool will work best for your hair. Luckily we’ve got some tips.

  1. To get started, watch the tutorial videos on YouTube to learn the basics of hair cutting and styling with crea clip
  2. You can practice cutting paper with sharp scissors at 55 ° angle
  3. Our tips for beginners are to dry your hair before cutting as it will make combing easier, especially when you’re trying to cut bangs.
CreaClip Founder

CreaClip Was Introduced by Mai Lieu, an Award Winnig Celebrity Stylist

Mai Lieu is the creator of CreaClip. She is an award-winning celebrity stylist who has not only written bestselling books, but is also a motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience in the salon industry.

She has won well over seven global hairdressing awards with top work experience in countries like China, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

As a former refugee and immigrant, Mai was aware that not everyone could afford the type of haircuts that she offered her famous clients. She therefore set on a mission so as to come up with a way through which everyone could get quality haircuts free of charge.

Would You Rather Spend $80 or More on Your Hair?

A typical haircut sets one back by about $50 depending on the location. For some reason, ladies may spend up to $80 due to some extra touch up such as hair treatment. This means that annually, a lady spends approximately $500 on hair alone.

Such amounts of money may prove useful in other ventures such as purchasing plane tickets, or going out on a nice family dinner.


CreaClip’s diverse nature is due to the following features:

CreaClip Hair Cutting Tool

Best Choice

For all types of hair:

For all hair textures:

Great tool for beginners:

Great for kids hair cuts:

Men hair: 


Easy sectioning:

No additional maintenance:

Customer reviews:

6,481 ratings

What's included:

Small clip

Large clip 
Video Library

Money back guarantee:

30 days

Where to buy

Great for All Hair Types.

Whether one’s hair is thick, thin, long or short, CreaClip will do an excellent job in trimming those edges and giving a great haircut. A purchased set will come in two clips. The larger one is great for long hair while the smaller clip is recommended for people with short hair and bangs.

CreaClip for all hair types

Precise and Even

The long curved clip makes it easy to hold and section all of your hair at once. Usually hairdressers have to use their fingers while cutting but since this clip does it for you, you’ll find that it’s much easier than using fingers.


The CreaClip cutting tool has a rotating level, perfect for those beginners that have no idea how to cut hair in straight line. With the use of this gadget you can find balance and create precise cuts with ease. The large white clip is great for long hair and layers.

CreaClips Levels

Requires no Maintenance

Requires absolutely no maintenance other than cutting and washing. If you find your clip is dirty from sweat or other substances after use just rinse it off with cold water.

Saves Money and Time

The device saves people from making trips to the salon where they would have to pay the service fee.

Available Video Tutorials

Giving oneself a haircut may be challenging the first time. CreaClip has a massive video library to help users practice on how to give themselves haircuts.

Perfect Trims

The device has a smooth edge which acts as a guide when making the cuts.

Great With Kids

Kids tend to move a around a lot during haircuts. This may lead to injuries, however minor. CreaClip is designed to stay in place even if the child moves around a lot. This helps prevents any haircut accidents.

CreaClip for Kids

Where to Buy CreaClip

It is recommended to purchase the device directly from the manufacturer’s website. This ensures the product’s authenticity and also prevents users from getting scammed. Furthermore, purchasing items from their websites may allow users to enjoy benefits such as discounts and warranty.

Over to You

CreaClip has definitely changed the dynamics in the haircutting industry. For this reason, we give it a thumbs up. When used properly, it can last up to years. This saves lots of money in the long run, which can be used on other investments.

The device is great not only for people who prefer doing their own haircuts, but also for salon owners. It is more accurate than the human hand and therefore the trims are more defined and look fresher for longer.

Users who decide to invest in CreaClip will not incur any maintenance costs. The only complaint reported by some users is that the device does not properly hold onto thin hair.This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

People with thin hair can try to increase hair volume by eating foods rich in keratin (such as eggs, milk, almonds, oysters, blueberries, whey protein, and red meat), and taking Biotin supplements.


Can CreaClip be used on thick hair?

The answer to this question is yes, but you might have a hard time using it for the first time. We recommend repeating the process twice or dividing your locks into three sections if necessary.

Can CreaClip be used on curly hair?

To get a sleek cut, we recommend adding 4 inches from your desired length. Also, before using it on top of unruly or wavy locks, make sure they are straight first and then clip away.

Can CreaClip be used on wet or dry hair?

You can use this hair cutting tool on wet or dry hair, but it’s better and easier to use on dry hair.

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