Did you know the top cause of car crashes is distracted driving? It kills 3,000 people on average every single year. But no one worries about it until it happens to them.

Distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal car accidents. A recent survey by IDriveSafely found that 60% ate while driving, and 21% spilled their coffee.

If you are always on the go: school, work, gym, etc. Then there is the possibility that you always have some food or drink in your car. As a result, your focus on the road can be distracted. 

In seconds, you put your life at risk only because you want to reach for your food or drink.

Maybe you usually balance your food and beverages on the passenger seat, the dashboard, or between legs. 

Usually, the cup holder is for the phone and wallet, which still wiggle out constantly. 

A new invention called CupStation claims to end messy spills while still keeping your favorite drinks and food within arm's reach.

What is CupStation?

CupStation is the best car accessory gadget that expands over 6 inches to hold large objects – like hydro flasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, accessories (keys, phone, etc.), and more.

It turns any cup holder into two, giving you double space to store things without overloading your car cup holder.

Its 360° rotation makes it very easy to use without thinking if it will get damaged or not.

CupStation 2 in 1 Cup Holder Expander

CupStation Pros

  • Fits in any vehicle
  • Easy to use
  • It prevents spills and messes
  • It's adjustable

CupStation Cons

  • You can only get it from the official website

How to use CupStation?

It's easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Attach foam spacers to make it more comfortable.
  2. Place it inside the cupholder
  3. Secure your items




CupStation Features and Benefits

CupStation has many unique features. These include:

CupStation Benefits


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Very Expandable 

CupStation is the perfect tool for holding your cups, mugs, and other large items. The adjustable arms can expand to hold up to 6 inches of space.

Some of the objects that can perfectly hold are soda cups, coffee mugs, accessories (keys, phone, etc.), hydro flasks, and many more.

Universal Cup Holder

2-in-1 design

CupStation is designed to turn any single cup holder into two with the help of its vertical design. This way, you can always find space for anything and not have clutter on your car seats.

CupStations 360° swivel makes moving easy too. Just twist to keep things accessible without having all items hanging down low or up high.

CupStation Design

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Secure Hold

Thanks to its customizable foam spacers, the CupStation is stable and secure in any cup holder. It will not rattle around. It's as tough as a mountain.

CupStation Limit Spills and Distractions

It fits into any vehicle that has a cup holder

Easily adjustable. Just place it inside your current cupholder. CupStation is a genius cup holder that will fit in any type of cup holder.

Limit Spills and Distractions in Car


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CupStation Look

CupStation is the perfect accessory for your car. It's designed with a carbon fiber texture that will match any exterior design and withstand years of regular use, so you can focus on driving instead.

Cup Holder Expander

CupStation 2-in-1 Cup Holder Expander

Best Choice

Adjustable Cup Holder

Limit Spills and Distractions

Foam Pads are secure, stable and reduces vibration while on the road 

Double the cup holder space

Compatibile with:

Cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, Golf Carts, RV’s, Boats...

Fits most brand’s bottles including:

Yeti - 12-64 oz mugs, tumblers, and bottles
Hydro Flask - 12-64oz bottles & flasks
Camelbak - 12-40oz bottles
Iron Flast - 14-64oz bottles
Takeya - 14-64oz bottles and tumblers
Klean Kanteen - 18-64oz bottles

2 Way Adjustment

360º Rotating Base

6" Expandable Arms

6" Expandable Arms Holds:

Cups, Water bottles, Tumblers, Sanitizer wipes Mobile phones, Tablets, Accesssories and more

Extendable to fit large bottles

Adds an extra Cup Holder

Turns one cup holder into two


‎10.2 ounces



Where to buy:

Why do you need a CupStation?

The fantastic thing about CupStation is that it prevents food messes and spills. 

Things that this gadget helps you with are: 

  • It doesn't just hold large drinks. It also holds heavy drinks. 
  • You can use it immediately.
  • You can easily fit two drinks in one spot, while standard cups only have one spot. CupStation can hold two drinks or items anytime.


It's a great product that will make your driving experience much more pleasant. Not only will you be able to keep your drinks from spilling, but you'll also have easier access to them.


If you have ever felt frustrated by the lack of space in your car (or the seeming incompetence of your lame old "standard" cup holder), then you're going to love CupStation. Well, that's it, folks. If you want to check out Cupstastion, you can do so here:

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