It’s a parents’ worst fear once their child starts to explore their new world. Choking causes thousands of emergency room visits a year for young children and adults. Having an anti choking device like the Dechoker in your home can help save their lives and keep your mind clear of that worry.

Update 2024
Dechoker is being investigated by the FDA for a string of serious incidents including 13 failures.

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What should you consider before purchasing an anti choking device?

Before you purchase any type of dechoker product, you need to do your homework to make sure the product is safe for use and is easy to use. There are many on the market, and you need to know everything about it before you make your final purchase. Your family’s life could depend on your thorough research and attention to detail. Having chokers for kids can keep them safe.


The size of the anti choker device you need to purchase needs to fit your needs. You need anti chokers for kids and the adults in your home. You need them to fit correctly, so you can know that the device will work. An adult-sized device will not work for a child, and a child-sized device will not work for an adult. Kits are available for both, but you need to be the one to select the right product for the first time or both to cover all your needs.


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No one wants to travel with a device made to stop someone from choking, but during the delicate early years of a child’s life and as we age, the need for extra protection and security grows. You need to purchase an anti-choking device that will fit you, your family, and be portable enough to travel with you wherever you go. It is good to have chokers for kids available

A chokers for kids is a good thing to have on hand, whether in the car or at grandma’s house when your toddler sticks their big brother’s toy in their mouth or they discover something unsafe that should not be out where they can get their hands on it. Having a device that travels with you can save their life.

Quality Construction

Anything you choose to purchase needs to be high-quality. You do not want a lower-quality product breaking when you need it the most or doing damage to sensitive airways. High-quality products that remove blockages must-see medical testing before introduction to the consumer.

The materials and construction of the product should be easily found on the manufacturing website, so you know how it is made and whether it is safe enough to use for your children or your elderly parents.

Anti Choking Device Dechoker

Single-Use or Reusable?

The right kind of product is safe enough to use for single use. It is difficult to have a multi-use product that can unblock your family member’s throat. If you find a product that claims that it is multi-use, make sure you know how you are to clean it and whether components need discarding despite getting a “multi-use label.”

Keeping things hygienic when dealing with the human throat is not easy, and a single-use product that comes into contact with human saliva and possible others will offer you more peace of mind than a multi-use product that can spread sickness or malfunction after multiple uses. You need the device to work, and possible reuse can cause the product to break or be improperly assembled, leaving you and your family vulnerable.

Quick and easy to use

The device you choose to buy needs to be easy to use. Things are at their most stressful when things go wrong, and human life is at stake. You need to be able to grab your anti choking device and read the instructions and use it within seconds of your child choking. When time is short, you have no time to stop to figure out a complicated device or piece of medical equipment.

You also cannot call for help and have them arrive on time. The device you select, you need to know how to use within seconds of picking it up, as there is no time. Make sure the device you select is something you or other family members can use quickly without prior study.


The materials of the device must be hypoallergenic. When your child is choking, you do not want to have to worry about whether or not the device you are using is hypoallergenic and whether they will go into shock from hidden latex or other allergic materials. You do not want to worry about causing a second problem after you eliminate the first.


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FDA Inspected

The device you select needs to have FDA inspectors review the product for safety and effectiveness. Not everything that enters the market is safe enough for everyone to use, and you need to know you are getting something that can protect your family, not hurt them. You can find information about clinical studies into anti-choking devices through the consumer reports websites or through multiple medical article websites, where you can look up each product’s history or use in clinical trials and the results.

Pre-Existing Conditions

When you purchase a device to help keep your family safe from choking, pre-existing conditions, such as pregnancy or obesity, should not be a barrier to using the device correctly. Make sure you know whether the device is safe to use for all members of your family at all stages of their life. Your family does not stay the same as time goes on, and you want the device you purchase to work for them through all stages of their lives.

Children grow up, and you will age; having a product that can work for everyone, even as they change, can help save lives as well as save you money when you don’t need to be wasting it.


The price of the anti-choking device is the last thing you need to consider. When you need to protect your youngest or oldest family members, there is no price being set. That being said, you need to consider products that are within your budget, but also are high-quality enough to do the job. While the price of the product is not always an indicator of quality, it can help you to determine the range of products that will work for your needs and the maximum and minimum that you will spend.

You do not want to go too cheap, as it might not last or cause problems during use. You also do not want to spend a lot of money on something that might not work or only seems to be of high quality. Make sure you have all the facts about the product before you make your choice. Having chokers for kids around can help save their lives.

What is Dechoker?

Dechoker Anti Choking Device - Review

Dechoker is part of the latest anti-choking technology to hit the market. Made of high-quality plastics, the tubular design effectively slips down a choking adult or child’s throat to suck out the blockage, saving their life. The design of the pump vacuums out the blockage in an airway within seconds of them starting to choke, giving you the peace of mind to cook and live as you choose.

The Dechoker is a life-saving device you need in your home to be there when you need it in your home first-aid kit. The shape of the mouthpiece fits easily into a toddler as well as adult mouths to dislodge stuck food and other materials. Built to be compact, it is easy to store in your kitchen or travel with should you need to.


  • You can purchase multiple sizes and kits to accommodate all members of your family.
  • The Dechoker is easy to use for anyone in your household.
  • You do not need the training to use this piece of medical equipment.


  • You can only purchase the Dechoker online.
  • To keep your whole family safe, you will need to purchase multiple sizes to fit toddlers, children, and adults.
  • The Dechoker is a single-use product to keep it hygienic and to prevent malfunctioning of the product.

The Dechoker is a safety product you have in your home or carry with you in your car to help protect your family. You never know what might happen, and choking is not something most people consider before it happens.


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What are the main features of Dechoker?

Purchasing an anti choking device is something no one wants to do or think about. Having a family member start to choke, or yourself is a scary prospect to consider when searching for a way to prevent that. The right type of device can keep you and your family alive during a choking crisis and leave you prepared should it happen again.

Dechoker Anti Choking Device parts

Multiple Sizes Available

When you go to order a Dechoker, you have three different sizes to choose from. You can order the device in toddler, child, and adult sizes to fit the people in your home. The difference between the devices is in the size of the extraction tubing and the size of the mouthpiece. You will always want to have the correct sizes available when using the Dechoker, so it works properly.

dechoker sizes

You must use the right size of the device to ensure you can remove stuck material properly, but also so you will not do damage to the person’s throat. A young child’s throat cannot fit an adult mask or tubing set up, and an adult will not get help from a child-sized mask and tube.

Quick and Easy to Use

The anti choking device is quick and easy to use should someone in your home start to choke. You help make the choker’s airway more accessible for the insertion tube. Slide the insertion tube down the throat, making sure the mask makes a tight seal around the nose and mouth area. You slowly pull up the plunger on the respirator to start the blockage moving up your family member’s airway and repeat as needed and slowly work the material up.

The blockage will enter the throat and deliver into the capturing chamber. Once you have the blockage removed, you can slowly remove the throat tube and uncover your family member’s mouth. Once your family member is out of danger, call or drive to emergency services and have them inspect your family member’s throat for damages and possible complications.


The anti-choking device is portable. Some family members are prone to choking on their food, or you have young children that will not keep everything out of their mouth. You can travel with the Dechoker as it takes up little room in a suitcase and it makes it easy to be ready for anything that might happen. The device is a purchase you make and hope never to need to use. Chokers for kids and adults is something you do not want to have to consider.

Self-Use Capable

Living alone can be a scary thing for multiple reasons. Being alone and choking is not one of the things most people worry about. The Dechoker design helps it be something you can use on yourself should you be alone and start to choke. The design is easy to use on yourself by simply sliding the tube down your throat and pulling the plunger out to suck out the blockage.

The main difficulty in using it on yourself is remaining calm enough to get the Dechoker and use it quickly before you choke too much. If you have to use it on yourself, you will need to be extremely calm and keep thinking clearly as you get the device and slowly extract the blockage.

No Training Required

The Dechoker is something almost anyone can use. You can use it on yourself or a family member who is in trouble, and you also do not need special training to use the Dechoker; you only need to be calm, quick, and patient in your actions. Because the anti-choking device requires no training, you can use the device safely without worrying about using it wrong.

The device is very easy for anyone to use. Because it only requires patience to operate slowly, your teenagers and elderly parents can use it with little knowledge beyond it being there. The device is not something that needs to be difficult, which is why the manufacturers ensured it would be for everyone.

High-Quality Materials

When you purchase a life-saving device, you need it to have high-quality materials as its main components. The materials must withstand the test of time for longevity, as you hopefully will not use the anti-choking device right away, as well as make it strong for when you do need it. High-quality materials mean strong and durable plastics that are safe enough to use in and around the human mouth and throat.


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Safe, high-quality materials will help make the device safe. The design also needs to be safe enough to use on toddler throats as well as adult throats. The plastics must be soft and flexible to prevent damaging throats, as well as safe enough to use without pushing the contents further into the throat or causing an allergic reaction.

Certain types of plastics can cause you to have allergic reactions if you already have the sensitivity. The materials used must be Hypoallergenic to prevent reactions during the extraction of the lodged material.

Peace of Mind

Purchasing the Dechoker is a choice you need to make for your home. The Dechoker is a medical device you purchase with the hope you will never need it. You will have it if you do need it, and that in itself can give you peace of mind when dealing with a toddler that puts everything in their mouth or an elderly parent who is no longer themselves.


As wasteful as it sounds, the Dechoker is a single-use item. To keep you healthy and prevent the spread of diseases or viruses, the anti-choking device must be a single-use item. Once the food or material is free from a throat, it is contained within the extraction container. For the anti-choking device to work correctly, you cannot open up the extraction chamber, which requires you to discard the device after use.

Viruses and contagions can spread if you try to use the same extractor with different people. You will also have more trouble removing lodged materials from subsequent throats. For health and safety reasons, you must dispose of the device after your family member is safe.

FDA inspected

The Dechoker received FDA inspection for use and is ISO13485 compliant. Multiple clinics, including GCMI, ACRO, Advanced Contract Research Organization, NHS, JEMS, and multiple journals, published studies about choking and extraction devices, such as the Dechoker, making the process for mass-production of the medical, life-saving device possible.

Pre-existing conditions

You can use the anti-choking device even if you have pre-existing conditions. Obesity, pregnancy, or disability are not barriers to using the device safely. You can use it no matter what health condition or life situation you are in without worrying about hurting a growing baby or worrying about underlying health conditions.

The design of the device places no chemicals or strain on a body that is already choking, making it safe enough to use for those that are already in delicate positions in life because of pregnancy and life problems. Your family, diabetes, or bone cancer will not prevent you from using the choking device safely.


When you buy a Dechoker, you can look into purchasing additional supplies to help the device be effective in its use. You can purchase different sized masks for different age grounds as well as a wall mount, so you can have the anti choking device mounted in your dining room or kitchen where you can easily get it if there is trouble. Having a choker for kids at hand can make withstanding the antics of your toddler more bearable.

You can also order the Dechoker to come within a complete medical kit. The medical kits come with different types of supplies to help you to clean your airways and bandage up any accidents. You can also order a kit that comes with all three sizes of airway removal tools, so you have the right size available at all times.


You can buy the anti choking device as a stand-alone purchase, or you can purchase it as part of one of the multiple kits. However you choose to bring it into your home, they are all cost-effective for a product made to last for the long-term. The price is an indication of quality for the anti-choking device. You need it to be ready for you when you need it, not realize a defect or have it break at the wrong time.


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What do buyers of Dechoker think?

Buyers of the Dechoker find relief having the device in their home medical kit. They have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe, as are they. The people who live alone, young and elderly, feel secure in the knowledge that they have an option should they start to choke, and no one is there to help dislodge the blockage.

Purchases for the Dechoker for children and toddlers are the highest, with parents relieved at having a way to extract blocked food or other items from their children’s throats in a moment’s notice. The clear and simple instructions also make the difficult moment pass quickly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to preparing for a medical emergency, a choking child or elderly parent is not what you expect. Purchasing a product to relieve worry and to prepare your family for a bad situation is the way to protect them. The Dechoker can help save your children’s lives and keep yourself worry-free during the most trying times in their early life.

If you need to purchase a Dechoker or a kit, there are multiple variations to choose from. You can buy the device and hope never to use it, but have it for that “just in case” time.

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