Microwaves are a lifesaver for busy people. They work wonders in many ways, from heating a quick meal to warming that morning cup of coffee. 

Except for the mess. 

Have you ever opened your microwave to find more food splattered on the inside of your appliance than what’s left in your actual dish? Aside from the disgusting mess you now have to clean up, you have a less than satisfying meal on your hands.

Sure, you can try to remember to put a paper towel over it next time, but that doesn’t always work either. How many times has it curled and fallen to the side?

duo cover in microwave

There may be a solution to that messy microwave that doesn’t involve paper towels. Duo Cover aims to solve your problem by keeping your appliance clean and your food edible.

This Duo Cover review looks at the handy little product as we determine whether it’s everything we need to save our microwave meals.

What Is the Duo Cover?

Duo Cover is a reusable cover for your microwaveable dishes that’s a notable upgrade from your standard issue paper towel. This product serves multiple purposes for your microwavable meals, and it looks cool while doing it. 

The product design team included several special features that solve many microwave meal issues. Not only does Duo Cover protect your microwave from messes, but it also:

  • Protects your food
  • Serves as a hot pad
  • Stows away easily

Duo Cover looks a lot like an upside-down beehive when it covers your food. That design element allows it to fit over most dishes without squashing your meal. 

Plus, this cover has a few design features that allow it to do much more than keep your microwave clean and meal intact.

Reasons To Use the Duo Cover

use of duo cover

Okay, it sounds awesome, but hasn’t somebody done that before? Yes and no. There are knock-off microwave covers and reusable options on the market, but none are quite as versatile as Duo Cover. Let’s deep dive into all the key features and what it means for your microwave meals.

High-Quality, Food-Safe Materials

Duo Cover is flexible and looks rubbery, so it’s easy to back away out of fear of plastics and chemicals contaminating your food. But this isn’t just any silicone, it’s food-safe, plastic-free, BPA-free, and FDA-approved for use. 

duo cover food-safe materials

If you care about color schemes or have a preference, you can choose between two colors. Blue Topaz is a light blue, and Clear Frost falls somewhere between clear and white.

Multi-Purpose Tool

Who doesn’t love having one product that does several jobs? Anytime you can replace two or more tools with one is a win, and Duo Cover does just that.

Keeps Microwaves Clean

At first glance, it’s easy to see that Duo Cover keeps your food on the dish instead of splattered all over your microwave. Even if your food happened to explode, it would just end up on the underside of the cover. 

In case you’re curious, Duo Cover is much easier to clean than your entire microwave, but we’ll get to that later.

duo cover features

Cooks Your Food

Have you ever put a frozen meal in your microwave? You put it in for a few minutes, pull it out, and dig in, only to find the middle frozen solid. Gross. 

Duo Cover supports your microwave with a unique design that locks in heat to thoroughly cook your food and heat your beverages. It does the job faster, and you no longer have to deal with partially cooked meals with icy middles.

Steam Your Microwave Meal

You could cook your food longer to ensure it’s heated through, but then you end up with dried-out bits. Also gross. Who wants to gnaw at their meal?

That’s right, Duo Cover can steam your food thanks to the MoistureLock™ knob on top. Twist the knob and add a little water to the indented space before you pop it in the microwave to keep your food juicy.

duo cover food steam

This nifty knob lets water drip inside. Duo Cover traps that moisture inside to prevent food from drying out.

You can avoid dried-out, chewy food. Plus, it’s easy to steam rice or veggies whenever you want.

Protects Your Fingers

Burning your fingers on hot microwave dishes is the worst. You could use hot pads or a dish towel, but they make you clumsy, and you have to remember to grab them before pulling the dish out of the microwave.

duo cover protects fingers form heat

With Duo Cover, you have built-in protection thanks to the heat-resistant silicone. It’s easy to grab your dish and keep control without burning your fingers. 

Keeps Food Warmer, Longer

If you have more than one thing to prep or you get an unexpected phone call, you don’t want your food to get cold. Duo Cover hopes to solve this problem with its hermetic seal. 

Take the dish out of the microwave and set it on the counter with a Duo Cover on top. The bottom of the Duo Cover seals against the counter to keep food warmer longer. That means you can take a call, answer the door, or finish another meal without settling for a cold dish.

Easy To Use

It’s not easy to compete with tossing a paper towel over your plate. But the Duo Cover slips right on top of your dish, and you don’t have to do anything else. It doesn’t get much easier than that, right? 

Your microwave stays clean with the slip of a lid, but that’s not all. 

The unique design includes a grooved edge that makes the cover collapsible and easier to handle. Aside from the exterior ridges, there are two small handles on the sides so that you can maintain control at all times.
If you still aren’t quite clear on how to use it or how it works, check out this video from the company behind Duo Cover.

Simple Clean-up and Storage

Speaking of simple, clean-up and storage is a snap. 

Duo Cover is dishwasher safe, so you can toss it on the top rack with the rest of your dishes. Just make sure it’s facing down. Of course, if you like doing dishes, just use a little soap and warm water.

duo cover storage

Don’t clear space for your Duo Cover, either. The product features built-in, microwave-proof magnets. Collapse the cover and stick it to the inside of your microwave. 

Not only does the magnet feature save space, but you also have it at the ready whenever you need it. You don’t have to remember to grab it before you put your dish in the microwave.

Of course, you don’t have to store it in the microwave. Duo Cover collapses into a one-inch disc that can fit almost anywhere.


duo cover eco-friendly

How many paper towels does it take to cook a microwave meal? One if it stays on, but more if it falls off. 

All kidding aside, paper towels are useful, but they are also incredibly wasteful. The kitchen staple is not sustainable compared to other options. Between deforestation to gather materials to make them and the pollution from factories that manufacture them, we need to find replacements fast.

Duo Cover aims to be an eco-friendly alternative to offset some of the current paper towel usages. Not only can you save on paper towel use, but the high-quality materials also make Duo Cover last for a decade or more.

Created By a Reputable Company

Two Pillars created Duo Cover as part of a mission to produce eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic products. This company built a reputation for delivering functional, sustainable products to support the earth and the people who use them.

The company has several successful kitchen products, including reusable sandwich and snack bags. All products are:

  • Food-safe
  • BPA-free
  • FDA approved
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

They are even CA Prop 65 compliant, which isn’t an easy bar to pass.

There is a one-year warranty on the product that covers manufacturing defects, shipping damage, or other product irregularities. Two Pillars also accepts returns for a full refund if you don’t love the product. Customers have 30 days to return the item, though they don’t refund shipping costs.

Potential Supply Chain Issues

duo cover on kickstarter

Duo Cover is still rather new and fresh off a Kickstarter campaign, so it might not be available on demand. 

The Two Pillar’s website notes that Duo Cover ships within 24 to 48 hours and arrives within three to five business days in the United States. Orders going out of the country can take longer and shipping fees may add up. 

However, the product’s Kickstarter page tells a different story. Here, the company cites some supply chain issues with the arrival of the Duo Cover taking less than four months. 

The product may be up and running following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. But you might be stuck with the old-school tools for a bit, especially if you live outside the United States.

May Not Be One Size Fits All

You might want to measure your dishes before picking up a Duo Cover. Currently, Two Pillars only offers one size, 11 inches wide by 4.5 inches high when fully expanded, meaning it covers most dishes but not all. You may not be able to use it for every microwaveable meal.

Duo Cover Review: Does It Work?

Microwave meals and reheating leftovers are common for many people, especially those working on tight schedules. It’s not always the most appetizing option, with the mess and sub-standard food quality.

However, Two Pillars sought to change the way we do microwave food. Duo Cover is a shiny new product that looks a little space age and almost sounds too good to be true. 

In simple terms, Duo Cover delivers more than a clean microwave. 

Duo Cover is a versatile and efficient product that does what you need it to do and more. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to keep your microwave clean and food tasting great, either. Though you might have to wait a bit for Duo Cover to arrive, it won’t disappoint. 

That’s all for our Duo Cover review! We hope you learned everything you need to know to decide if it can save your microwave meals.

Written by Abdo

Abdo is a Zoopy writer who loves spending his free time outdoors, camping, and enjoying the peace that nature brings. He also enjoys fixing things - he's particularly good with electronics. His favorite movie is I Am Legend, and he's fascinated by survival gear and safety.

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