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EyeQue Review

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Eyesight gets weaker as we age, this is a natural process that happens to everyone. The lens hardens in the eye with age and it is completely natural to lose focusing. 

Sure, some people don’t get to experience this but many do.

As we grow above 50, we will notice a change in our eyesight frequently. Having proper prescription glasses is highly important but for that, you’ll have to visit the doctor for exams. However, thankfully, there are other methods as well.

Test Your Vision At Home With Ease

The Optometrist Dilemma

The biggest problem visiting an optometrist is they can only test you once in a single sitting. Sure, some doctors do double testing but those are still done on a single meeting. The results you get from those tests are good enough, but they won’t be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the results are serviceable and can work well but they are not always perfect.

Several factors can also impact the results you get from the optometrist, nervousness, stress, lack of sleep or even drinking coffee can make your vision blurry and thus yield inaccurate results. This means you’ll be wearing prescription glasses that are close to perfect.

The best way would be to visit multiple optometrists with a gap of 2-3 days but we all know how cumbersome and expensive that can be. Taking multiple days off and going to the doctor? Yeah, that is not happening every year.

So basically we are stuck between being OK with the tests our optometrist does once or go to different doctors multiple times. Both are not ideal situations for sure. Thankfully, as our smartphones have grown stronger and technology has evolved, those are not the only two options we have at our disposal.

Eye Que Personal Vision Tracker is an innovate product that aims to get you the perfect prescription glasses you can get.

If You’re Going To Buy One Thing This Week, Go With EyeQue


EyeQue – What Is It?

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker essentially turns your smartphone into a fully functional vision test without going through extensive steps. The MIT-patented technology allows you to complete a full vision test in under 3 minutes.

To start testing, all you need to do is attach the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker to your smartphone and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. The test itself is deliberately kept simple enough for everyone to follow, it is basically like a videogame. You will need to adjust green and a red line using the buttons on your device so they can merge to form a singular yellow line.

The test is capable of giving you accurate readings which include cylinder, axis and sphere readings. All of them are essential in creating the perfect spectacles for you.

The results which are termed EyeGlass numbers can be used to order new eyeglasses straight to your home. This frees up so much of the time for you and allows you to order prescription glasses that are accurate online. The best part is that EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker uploads your results on the cloud, so you can easily share them with the optometrist.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker also has optometrists excited. You can check your eyesight multiple times before going to the doctor which makes their jobs a bit easier. You’d be able to diagnose and prevent disease before it even strikes because the doctor will have a record of multiple readings spread across months.

Dr. Paul Gibson is a UK based Optometrist and he says if people use EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker frequently and correctly the process of identifying and treatment can be significantly sped up thanks to frequent screenings.

The product has already been used for 50,000 tests and the results are beyond exceptional. Over 92% of people who used it claim they got better prescription glasses.
Optometrists trust EyeQue simply because it is accurate and easy to use.

Why EyeQue Is So Good?

  1. Saves Time
    You can go to the optometrist once a year and we all know how hard it is to schedule it. So naturally, you can’t do it every month or so.
    With EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker not only you can safely visit the optometrist once a year but also order new glasses without needing to visit. You don’t even have to hear the receptionist put you on hold for 10 minutes with that dreadful music playing in the background.
  2. Saves Money 
    The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker only costs $49 and that’s about it. Usually a trip to the optometrist costs in triple digits, so if you use EyeQue three times, you’ve already covered the price of one trip to the doctor.
  3. Accurate Results 
    We tested it out ourselves, used the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker and went for a proper
    Optometrist eye exam, the results were strikingly similar.
    The spherical reading was a bit off but that can be chalked up to different testing methods.
    Don’t believe us? That’s fine because optometrists also trust the results obtained with the EyeQue too.

Is EyeQue Accurate?

More than 50,000 people have used the product and 92% of them are satisfied with the results. That’s a high number of people who have tested the product and love it. That’s not all, Optometrists are also finding the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker an excellent tool.


Who Can Use It?

Almost everyone over the age of 18 can use it without any issues. The device is also one hundred percent safe and works well for far and nearsighted folks. So basically if your family is above 18, everyone can use it.

EyeQue Review 2019

What Is The Price

EyeQue Price Table

Concluding Words:

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is worth the investment. We’ve used it ourselves and it works perfectly. The thought of not visiting the optometrist twice a year just to keep track of my declining eyesight is a great one.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is simple, accurate, and cost-efficient and can be used by almost everyone. Overall, it is an exceptional tool that every household should own, even if you have perfect eyesight, you still need to check it to avoid any diseases down the road.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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