Did you know that about 90% of Americans aren’t meeting the daily recommended intake for vegetables and fruit? Vitamins are essential in our bodies. They promote the development, growth, and functioning of the body, especially in children.

Many store-bought vitamin supplements are more of an unhealthy candy than a multivitamin. Hiya Health is a family-owned company that believes vitamins should be clean, wholesome and without all of the added “junk” found in most supplements today.

Keep reading the review to find out if these multivitamins are right for your child.

What are Hiya Vitamins for Kids?

Hiya Vitamins is a brand of vitamins specifically designed to work efficiently with a child’s body.

With the consultation of qualified experts worldwide, the formula has been made – pediatricians and scientists have provided children with a sugar-free formula yet very sweet.

Even more, the product is well structured with nutritional components and rewards users with good health. Additionally, the products don’t have any chemical compounds that may compromise your child’s health.

hiya health vitamins

Do you imagine other functionalities of the product? Here is another breakdown you need to know.

Hiya vitamin is a super-powered daily chewable multivitamin for children that offers a dense natural nutrient sugar-free option for parents who want to build better lifelong health for their children by providing healthy diets with no junk. The Hiya supplement was initiated by inquisitive new dads who realized the efficiency and effectiveness of this vitamin. They were shocked to discover that traditional vitamins were not a match to the renowned candy.

It is also important to consider maintaining a balanced diet; since the body absorbs the vitamins quickly, the tablets have a timely effect that positively impacts the body’s wellbeing. Having a clear understanding of our continued use of sugar and its massive impact on our general body health and conditions, the experts decided to chip in and offer the much-needed remedy to our teeth and overall health.

Top qualified and certified pediatricians, scientists, and nutritionists labored for a full three years of research and sleepless nights to combine the required components to develop this powerful chewable supplement. The intensive research makes it more efficient as it was formulated with a lot of keenness.

Hiya Kids 

Website Link


Hiya Health

Days of Supply:

30 days-suply 

Primary Supplement Type:

Kids Multivitamin

Grams of sugar:

0g - Naturally sweetened

Vitamins per day:


Made with: 

12 fruits and veggies and
15 essential vitamins and minerals

Customer reviews:

Trustpilot Excellent 4.8


 Reusable glass bottle & eco-friendly refill pouches

Recommended for: 

Kids (boys and girls) 2+

Special Ingredients:

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Synthetic Colors/Flavors, Dairy free


1 Kid - $30 botlle + Free Shiping

2 Kids - $28 botlle + Free Shiping

3 Kids - $25 botlle + Free Shiping

4 Kids - $24botlle + Free Shiping

Hiya Pros

  • These chewable children’s multivitamins won’t get stuck in kids’ teeth like gummy ones can, so they’re perfect for little ones
  • Made with 12 organic fruits and vegetables
  • They’re also naturally sweetened by the monk fruit extract, so you don’t have to worry about adding any extra sugar or preservatives
  • Their eco-friendly packaging also makes them stand out from other brands, and the company manufactures its products in a cGMP-compliant facility
  • They’re made from organic ingredients and are 3rd party tested to ensure it is free of heavy metals, allergens, and pathogens
  • They are delivered fresh to your door each month
  • You get a reusable bottle and refills in a small bag after that

Hiya Cons

  • Automatic monthly subscription
  • They’re not the most affordable option

Why Do I Need This Food Supplement?

Hiya supplement tablets are administered to improve children’s health because they are enriched with tons of vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C and B12, and many more.

Without daily administration of the chewable tablets of Hiya vitamins, children may not meet the recommended levels of nutrients and vitamins.


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Hiya Vitamins Evaluation and Recommendation

Hiya is gluten-free, has no preservatives, and does not have any side effects. Hiya contains a vegan compound with a fantastic pleasant taste that has gone well with kids making them develop a great love for the vitamins.

Following the influx of commercial supplements in the market, it’s crucial to assess the credibility of the product you buy. Hiya Vitamin is an authentic product made in the US. The chewable Hiya tablet gives maximum protection and support to children who are not sufficiently supplied with natural nutrients and vitamins by the food they consume.

This product does extra by offering the much needed natural sweetness since it’s free from gluten components. The sweetness makes it a darling to the children.

Also, with a pleasant taste that results from its vegan nature and the indomitable nutrients, it becomes appealing and wins many customers in the market.

You have to try this essential product, rest assured knowing your children’s health will have massive improvements, thereby enhancing functionality and responsiveness.

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Benefits Of Hiya Vitamins

Hiya vitamin is a well-structured collaborative journey between the inventors and top pediatricians who desire to make a more natural multivitamin. It is produced with an outstanding taste and delicacy that attracts many children, making them forge a special relationship with the vitamin. Every single dose includes about 15 different vitamins and minerals essential to the kids as it offers protection from illness and improves their general body growth and brain development.

Hiya vitamin bottle

Reusable glass bottle.

It has a reusable glass bottle that enables your children to color on the surface to do their artwork out of it as they enjoy the content. Furthermore, it allows the users to order refill pouches, thereby ensuring no waste in attempts made to replenish it. Additionally, every Hiya tablet is flavored with fruit’s natural sweetness, making it efficient for the little ones.

hiya pill

The Vitamins.

In every serving of Hiya, users will get multiple nutritional benefits for the immune system, cell formation, growth, and much more. The psychological part is equally crucial. Vitamins support healthy moods and concentration spans.

hiya ingredients

Made with fruits and veggies.

If you are looking for products that prioritize your child’s health, Hiya Vitamins best fits your needs. It is made with organic fruits and vegetables that work together to provide a nutritious chewable tablet for young kids.

They are vital components that enrich the body with a dense nutrient network that maintains a longer healthy living. Hiya chewable tablets are convenient if appropriately used as prescribed.

Hiya combines 12 natural, fresh fruits and vegetables and blends them to fill in common nutritional gaps based on current guidelines, not junk.

Hiya Smile

Naturally sweetened.

Hiya is naturally sweetened with monastic fruit, a sweeter tropical melon than sugar, and includes a mannitol touch, an all-natural sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins.

From the quality of Hiya tablets, I agree with experts who stated that children’s vitamins no longer need added sugar to taste great.

Additionally, the better taste has made hiya very popular among parents with their kids at heart, making it generate massive traffic. Every young kid deserves a better life at a tender age, a challenge that can only match people who consider delivery without compromising quality.

hiya taste

Optimized for freshness.

Many vitamins sit on store shelves for months and result in dead vitamins with lost nutrients by the time you take them. It is not so with Hiya Vitamin because it has a better selling strategy. Buyers always prefer best-sellers because the products will never go stale because of the high demand. Customers have a liking for this product, which is evident in the positive reviews and comments they leave.

Each month a pouch of fresh vitamins is sent to refill your bottle and label accordingly.
Buy a new package designed for freshness and total flexibility delivered on a highly recommended 30-day schedule based on current nutritional guidelines.

Since there are no unnecessary ingredients, preservatives, or sugar compounds used, the chewable tablets should be much healthier than other products.

Many caring parents are now convinced of the effectiveness of Hiya tablets. The reviews and comments of beneficiaries point out the notable improvement in children’s growth, development, and mental health who used Hiya consistently.

hiya no toxins

Effective & User-friendly.

It is wise to buy a supplement that produces excellent results. In the production of this effective multivitamin, only fresh vegetables and fruits are used, reducing the chances of incorporating chemical compounds. Hiya Vitamin is widely accepted because it has no allergic reactions to the users. This safety factor makes it popular as a user-friendly supplement. Honest customers’ reviews recommend Hiya Vitamins as a very efficient product if you value the health of your child.

Hiya Benefits

Who Made Hiya Children’s Vitamins?

Hiya Vitamins is the brainchild of two fathers, who realized that all existing options for children’s vitamins had as much sugar in them as an Oreo cookie. On top of that, it didn’t include highly absorbable forms like kids need. So they founded Hiya to provide healthier choices with no hidden sugars or artificial flavors – just real food explicitly designed around your little ones’ needs.

They spent three years sourcing from top doctors, nutritionists, and scientists before creating a daily chewable multivitamin made with fruits, vegetables & 15 essential vitamins/minerals. So children get all of those essential nutrients without added sugar or junk like most other products on store shelves today.

Who Made Hiya?

Where can I order Hiya Vitamins?

If you desire to buy your kid the best multivitamin in the market, make Hiya your top choice. Beware of counterfeits that prey on the fame of original products.

Do you need it? Hiya Vitamin is available and accessible. Place the order directly on the manufacturer’s website. Besides, you can also get more informed and receive better discounts which help save a lot of money, thereby reducing operational costs.

As if it’s not enough, shipping is also free of charge, thereby curbing chances of undergoing extra purchasing costs. I would advise you to purchase Hiya from its official website.

Note: Shipping is free only on the first order.

Hiya Vitamins Ingredients

The ingredients of a product define its effectiveness and impact on the users. Hiya is entirely developed and combined with a dense nutritional content network that supports the immune system and facilitates bone formation. The product stands out because of a comprehensive combination of crucial ingredients, which individually play pivotal roles in the body.

  • Vitamin A, 360 mcg – It improves immunity and ensures that the eyes and cells are in good health. It supports eyesight and immune function and helps with heart, lung, and kidney functions.
  • Vitamin C, 40 mg – This powerful antioxidant can prevent damage caused by free radicals to your childs’ cells. Protects against attack by diseases, thereby improving immunity.
  • Vitamin D, 25 mcg – helps in the development of strong bones. Besides, it also supports the immune system.
  • Vitamin E, 3.5 mg – Vital for improving the immune system, supporting the heart, and giving clear eyesight.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.5 mg – Enhances healthy sleep, improves concentration, and good mood.
  • Riboflavin 0.6 mg– It strengthens the cells, eyesight, and rejuvenates the body.
  • Folic acid (B9) 200 mcg DFE – Contributes to the growth of cells, providing more strength.
  • Biotin (B7) 25 mcg – It’s vital for the growth of the skin and cells. Sources include cauliflower and mushrooms.
  • Vitamin B12 2 mcg – For healthy sleep.
  • B5 (Pantothenic acid) 2.5 mg– Improves concentration, sleep, and energy.
  • Iodine 50 mcg – Improves the functionality of the thyroid gland.
  • Calcium 20 mg – Vital for healthy bones.
  • Zinc 3 mg– Boosts the immune system; quickens recovery from cuts, nicks, and infections.
  • Manganese 1.5 mg – Helps with inflammation and supports metabolism.
  • Selenium 15 mcg – Helps with inflammation; supports sleep and mood.

All vitamin components have been carefully balanced and rationed. The prescribed intake is one tablet a day to avoid incidences of overdosing.

Hiya Vitamins is made from 12 fresh organic fruits and vegetables, making it a super product and a pleasant taste. The other significant ingredient is the monk fruit, famous for its characteristic sweet taste. Buying Hiya is a decision you won’t regret it because it has natural products that will never harm your child.

Organic Fruit and Vegatable Blend:

  1. Organic Apple
  2. Organic Beet
  3. Organic Broccoli
  4. Organic Carrot
  5. Organic Green Cabbage
  6. Organic Kale
  7. Organic Parsley
  8. Organic Spinach
  9. Organic Blueberry
  10. Organic Raspberry
  11. Organic Strawberry
  12. Organic Tomato.

Isn’t it crazy how many kids are vitamin-D insufficient? 61% according to this study from America.

Did you know that vitamin B12 deficiency is very common in children, and it can lead to cognitive impairment and anemia?

hiya nutrition label


Why should I prefer Hiya Vitamins to other supplements?

Hiya Vitamins has an array of benefits. The preference is so because most children supplements are made with chemical compounds that have immense effects on teeth and general health. The large sugar content has an enormous and grievous impact on your children’s general healthy living.

Remember that Hiya Vitamins does not need sugar to taste better since it contains monk fruit that is a renowned vegetable sweetener.

Does the Hiya Vitamins contain preservatives?

No, it is now crystal clear that no preservatives are used in the manufacturing of Hiya Vitamins. The most significant component is fresh fruits and vegetables, making them convenient and healthy for use by the children.

What are the constituents of the Hiya Vitamins chewable tablets?

They contain a mix of 12 vegetables and fruits that are fresh from the farm with 15 vital vitamins that are formulated to offer a bunch of minerals that help facilitate better growth and brain development for the little ones.

How should I take Hiya Vitamins tablets?

One tablet, one child in one day; that’s the basic routine. To improve the health of your children, you are required to administer the vitamin as prescribed by the pediatricians properly.

Can Boys and Girls Use Hiya?

These vitamins are a great way for children of all ages, including boys and girls alike. They provide the nutrients that children need.

What Ages Are Hiya Vitamins Intended For?

These vitamins are meant for children starting at age 2. But just to be on the safe side, consult your pediatrician to ensure the vitamins are safe for your child.

When Is the Best Time to Give Your Child Hiya Vitamins?

It’s best if you give your child one vitamin per day with a meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s during breakfast or dinner

Are Hiya Vitamins FDA Approved?

No, they are not. Hiya vitamins are manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility, and after that, 3rd-party tested to make sure it does not contain any traces of heavy metals, allergens, and pathogens.

Hiya Vs. Other Children Vitamins

Compared to other children’s vitamin brands, Hiya is made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors.

These vitamins are different from others because they include organic produce. Using organic produce in the production process ensures that they contain all essential nutrients for growing kids.

These ingredients help your kids get all of the nutrients missing in their diet. So if you have picky eaters, this vitamin is perfect for filling those nutritional gaps.

These nutrients help support nutritional gaps common among kids, such as Vitamin A (a powerful antioxidant) or B12, Riboflavin (Vitamins B2), Folate, Calcium For strong bone development plus Manganese Zinc and Iodine.

Hiya Vitamins are different from other children’s vitamins because they don’t have any added sugars. Instead, each chewable tablet is naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract and contains mannitol, a natural sweetener derived from fruits and vegetables.

Unlike their competitors, these supplements do not contain any junk or preservatives, so you can feel good about giving your kids a tasty treat.

Not only that, but these delicious tasting supplements come in with 15 essential vitamins & minerals so you can have a healthy diet without having any worries about deficiencies. They are eco-friendly too! It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free for those interested.

Hiya Vs. Other Children Vitamins


Hiya is a multivitamin that is a collection of nutrients, which cannot be found in the food we consume. Remember, all the nutrients come from collecting a dozen organic vegetables and fruits necessary to a child’s health.

This product is impeccable and it is manufactured and packed under perfect hygiene conditions.

Hiya is one of the best gifts a caring parent would give to their children, make arrangements to acquire some to better your child’s development. It is popular among children for its fantastic taste and natural sweetness.

Hiya’s vitamins are better for you and your child. They don’t have any fillers, added sugar or other additives that may be found in more popular supplements.

They come in a chewable form so there isn’t an worry about them overeating it too quickly like you might with other types of gummy multivitamins and is a great way to prevent cavities.

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