Any military specialist, rescue team member, or specialized police squad unit needs a reliable safety mask that will not compromise integrity or functionality. There are many kinds of assault in modern warfare, and airborne and chemical weapons are among the most prominent. An adept gas mask resists those elements and allows fluid breathing, drinking, and eyesight.

Many masks are compatible with attachments and auxiliary devices that improve optics, sustainability, breathing, drainage, and more. The MIRA Safety CM-7M has all of these features at a fair price. In this review, we will discuss MIRA Safety, their CM-7M mask, and whether it is right for you and your work.

History of MIRA Safety

mira safety logo
MIRA Safety Logo

MIRA Safety operates out of Austin, Texas. The company’s mission is to provide the general public and professionals with reliable, safe workplace and emergency equipment. MIRA Safety products are comparable to authentic military-grade tools and even feature some design and comfort improvements over top-tier models issued to operators. 

MIRA Safety partners with law enforcement and agencies worldwide to establish rapport through a repertoire of trustworthy products. That level of clientele reliability comprises one of the company’s many core values: technological integrity. 

MIRA Safety also prides itself on the versatility and accessibility of its products. When it comes to the immunocompromised, children, and the elderly, many PPE (personal protective equipment) companies do not sell adequate choices. MIRA Safety tools are available for anyone regardless of age, and the designs suit even customers with breathing difficulties.

Lastly, MIRA Safety emphatically seeks a clean, helpful customer service experience for every patron. That policy means not only producing reliable, engineer-tested technology, but providing excellent feedback, shipping, returns, and warranties for purchasing parties and agencies. This commitment is why the company’s worldwide consumer base only continues to grow.

What Is a Military Gas Mask?

military grade gas mask
CM-7M – no filters attached

A military grade gas mask is a heavy-duty chemical respirator with lenses, filter canisters, and other components to aid breathing and endurance. They are typically made of a combination of rubber, mesh, and strong cloth with silicon or glass eye windows. A satisfactory mask weighs little and keeps breathing resistance low for high performance. 

A military-grade gas mask is more than an advanced smog protector, however. MIRA Safety and other PPE brands create tools that can withstand modern bioweapons on the battlefield and the homefront. War is only one of many instances where soldiers need a dependable facial filter that allows them to carry on as instructed.

In the current era, battlefields use chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons for war. Each category of toxins is further subdivided by its composition. While the CM-7M is a CBRN gas mask, it also wards against vapors and aerosols. These three configurations comprise the bulk of all airborne chemical weaponry. 

However, gas masks are not just for soldiers. MIRA Safety products suit the general public as well, shielding them from homefront attacks and threats of nuclear assault. Facial coverings like these also work excellently against riot gasses, which are a common tyrannical crowd control weapon. 

Nonviolent uses for a high-quality gas mask include agriculture, painting, construction, Airsoft sports, and specialized welding. 

Regardless of the use case, a gas mask works best in conjunction with other equipment. Additional filters, helmets, lenses, and breathing apparatuses are key to making the best use of any safety covering. Concerning masks, however, the MIRA Safety CM-7M is one of the best that money can buy.


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Mira CM-7M Mask Pros & Cons

While the MIRA Safety CM-7M is a comprehensive mask, improvements in the PPE industry happen all the time. Because of this, the product may have room for innovation in some areas or may be lacking in qualities that other facial coverings possess. The CM-7M’s good points are easy to see, although you must also acknowledge its disadvantages.


  • Compatible with different lens types
  • 20-year shelf and storage life
  • Low inhalation resistance of only 20 Pa at 30L/min
  • Resists NBC agent penetration for over 48 hours
  • Low weight and high comfort bromobutyl rubber design


  • Only insured with a one-year warranty
  • Field of vision is limited compared to other masks
  • The unique spectacle kit not included
  • Exhalation valve position is awkward

Now that we’ve shown our brief overview of pros and cons, let’s break them down a little further.

Product Design

MIRA Safety’s product page states that the CM-7M’s design accommodates riflemen who need specialty lenses to perform their duties. That is why this model features a dual-lens vision window rather than a visor for a wide peripheral range. The design improves depth perception and combat performance. The lenses are also treated with a helpful anti-fog solution.

However, the covering design has a few drawbacks. For instance, the mask has a poor binocular vision range with low overlap, meaning users with bad eyesight will have a much harder time using the MIRA CM-7M effectively. Additionally, none of the special lens collections the mask benefits from are included, such as the Scott 804442-01 spectacle kit

Shelf Life

MIRA Safety products have reliable shelf lives, and the CM-7M is no different. Under proper storage conditions, the mask will last at least 20 years without any deterioration. When not in use, keep the CM-7M in a dark, cool, dust-free room with fair ventilation and humidity that does not exceed 65%. Otherwise, your gas mask may not last its full shelf life.

Breathing Resistance

One of the spectacular stats of the CM-7M is its low breathing resistance. On the field of battle or in the presence of toxic gasses, wearers need a full-face respirator with tools that improve endurance. At 30 liters of air per minute, the MIRA CM-7M only resists up to 20 pascals, making it one of the most breathable military-grade masks available. 

However, while the breathing resistance is low, the physical position of the mask’s exhalation apparatus is a bit disruptive. It sits near the chin, giving the facial covering a slightly clunky design. More importantly, it limits downward vision and may bump or restrict tilting your head lower. Coupled with other PPE pieces, this issue can prove to be an unwelcome disturbance. 

Offered Protection

The MIRA CM-7M excels at its primary purpose: blocking chemical interference. The mask holds firm when exposed to NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) agents and radiological weapons. It can endure longer than other masks for an astounding 48 hours of protection when used together with the proper NATO-approved filter canisters. 

filter legend
Filter legend

The high exposure tolerance is thanks to the chemical respirator’s bromobutyl rubber composition. The polymer is well-known for sealing and insulating a variety of products like tires and stoppers. It traps air and creates a tight barrier against outside elements. It’s non-irritating to wear and fairly comfortable for long stretches of use. 

The bromobutyl rubber mask also seals well around the chin, even if the wearer has a little facial hair. Many coverings are less effective on bearded soldiers, but the CM-7M holds tightly. In addition, the components of the mask don’t weigh much, which is beneficial for comfort and performance.


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Extra Features

It may get a bit hot inside the mask after extended use. Thankfully, the CM-7M has two mechanisms to help regulate your temperature. First, the exhalation chamber has an innovative sweat drainage system that prevents buildup. The liquids drain from the valve after buildup so that they don’t interfere with performance.

Second, the CM-7M has a built-in drinking canteen that other mask kits do not include. The hydration system allows a fluid intake of 230 ml per minute. With this tool, you can wear the covering for extended periods without dehydrating. It also helps to keep you cool. 

mira cm 7m with two filters attached
CM-7M with two filters attached

Similar to the internal canteen, the CM-7M accommodates CamelBak water pouches and bladders. You will need a Type M adapter, which is sold separately.

Whether for better or worse, the CM-7M is highly customizable. NATO-approved air canisters are attachable to either the left side, right side, or both. No matter which arm you use for firing a gun, you can prevent the filters from interfering. Through adapters and separately sold kits, you can exchange the lenses of the mask to suit your needs.

Unlike other MIRA Safety products, the CM-7M comes in three sizes that range from 5.19 inches to 6.14 inches. The universal medium mask accommodates 95% of users and ranges from 5.51 inches to 5.82 inches. 

Product Price

Now that the benefits and drawbacks of the CM-7M are clear let’s discuss the price. The base cost is $249.95. That does not cover filters, special lenses, or any other add-ons. Altogether, it is more expensive than the MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Mask. However, discounts are available for verified veterans, service people, and first responders. 

However, the price is not the only advantage the Mira CM-6M has over this mask. The CM-7M is only insured with a one-year warranty, as opposed to the five-year warranty of other MIRA Safety products. While the mask quality is excellent, shipping and quality oversights happen often, which is why it is always better to purchase a well-insured product.

Altogether, the MIRA Safety CM-7M has a wide array of functionality and reliable durability. When used in conjunction with several auxiliary equipment, gear, and tools, the mask is a key feature of any PPE outfit. It will last a solid twenty years in the best conditions and has faithfully served militaries worldwide. 

Is the MIRA CM-7M Military Gas Mask Right for You?

The first step in determining whether a military-grade mask is right for you is to consider your use cases. If you work in the armed forces, your operator will likely assign your gear, so for this assessment; we will discuss personal general applications.

Here are a few things to consider.


What kind of activities would you need the mask for? Namely, consider the airborne contaminants that you need to resist. Painting and agricultural jobs may encounter vapors and fumes that are harmful to inhale. Welders, Airsoft hobbyists, and fire rescue teams want to protect primarily against smoke. 

Keep in mind that the CM-7M’s design limits its applications. Its dual-lens view works best for shooting and perception in intense surroundings. A painter, farmer, or welder may prefer a mask with a wider vision range, while a rifle bearer chooses the enhanced visuals of the CM-7M. 


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The CM-7M’s design best benefits anyone operating a firearm. The lenses and canister positions help with perception, aim, and comfort. The mirrored qualities of the mask aid left-handed and right-handed shooters with minimal interference. If you don’t use a firearm while masked, you may not reap the full benefit of MIRA Safety’s design choices.

Exposure Time

Consider the lengths of time that you will be exposed to the elements as well. The CM-7M performs best during extended uses due to its focus on regulating hydration, sweat, and air. While it is easy to don and doff, properly tightening and sealing the covering takes a while. Therefore, it is more convenient to wear the CM-7M for long periods. 

cbrn gas mask


Thankfully, due to the size options, you don’t have to wonder whether the CM-7M would fit properly. The middle size fits most buyers but takes adequate measurements beforehand in case you need a small or large mask. 


Of course, price is always important when determining availability and accessibility. The CM-7M has a fair cost for military-grade PPE. Cheaper options are available, but part of purchasing a MIRA Safety product is the security of buying from a brand trusted by militaries and agencies worldwide. 

chemical respirator

However, the price is still sizable, which is why only a one-year warranty feels meager on the product. Especially since it is a firearm-compatible mask, the CM-7M could easily sustain harsh damages within only a few years of ownership. If you operate under this risk frequently, I suggest at least considering masks with better warranties.

To counter the mask’s semi-high price, free shipping is available for US residents. However, international shipping incurs extra fees.

All in all, the CM-7M best suits gunmen and anyone needing resistance to prolonged chemical exposure. The mask works best on the battlefield or in Airsoft but can also be a reliable tool for other activities. If you need better vision, a stronger warranty, or a lower price, you should consider some alternatives by MIRA Safety or other brands. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Making sure you understand how a gas mask works and fits is critical, especially before braving harmful NCB elements. Here are MIRA Safety customers’ most frequently asked questions about the CM-7M.

How Do I Know Which Mask Size Fits Me the Best?

Once you receive your CM-7M in the mail, you’ll need to perform a negative pressure test to gauge the size. Put the covering on your face, breathe out, cover the inhalation valve with your hand, and take in a deep breath. If the mask holds tightly to your face without air leakages, it fits correctly.

In general, the small size suits thin-faced people weighing under 130 pounds, and the large fits wide-faced people over 250 pounds.

Alternatively, some agencies may possess a faciometer, a biological tool that accurately measures the shape and contour of faces. Using this tool, you can precisely determine your size range for the MIRA CM-7M.

If My Mask Size Doesn’t Fit, Can I Return It?

As of March 2020, due to the Covid-19 crisis, MIRA Safety has suspended its return policy. All sales are final, so take great care with measuring before ordering a mask.

Does MIRA Safety Offer Any Discounts for Servicemen?

MIRA Safety offers sizable discounts to anyone in the Armed forces who verifies their identity. This privilege also extends to firefighters, first responders, emergency medical technicians, and others.

Is the CM-7M Compatible With Glasses and Other Eyewear?

The CM-7M design features a seal at the temple that helps secure the rubber outside. Wearing glasses disrupts that mechanism and can cause damage to the mask. I highly recommend wearing contact lenses instead where applicable.

MIRA Safety also sells a prescription lens kit that you can insert in place of the default optics on the mask. This helps to simulate the enhanced vision of glasses without damaging the inside of the covering.

However, the MIRA CM-7M does accommodate other kinds of external eyewear, including binoculars and night-vision goggles. The dual-lens design allows clear vision into any tools mounted on the outside of your headgear.

Do I Need to Trim, Cut, or Shave My Hair to Wear This Mask?

Thick facial hair like beards disturbs the tight seal around the chin. However, elastic straps on the mask fit most lengths of hair, meaning that you can wear the CM-7M without needing to shave your head or cut it shorter.

If you anticipate emergencies where you have facial hair and need to wear the mask, I suggest keeping a beard trimmer in your crisis kit. Otherwise, if you wear one often, consider shaving for ease, effectiveness, and protective integrity.


After considering the pros, cons, and use cases of the MIRA CM-7M, I firmly believe that it is a reliable, economical choice among personal protective equipment. However, it isn’t perfect, so make sure the mask suits your specific needs. The long list of international clientele is proof that MIRA Safety creates gear that saves lives worldwide, and the CM-7M is no different. 

Written by Sunny

Sunny is the father of eight-year-old twins who is crazy about strategy and geopolitics, and that love can only be disturbed by his obsession with flying and diving to the depths. He also loves to travel and try the specialties of the places he travels. He loves to write about travel, gadgets, survival gear, and security.

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