Anxiety and stress are becoming health issues for many people worldwide. Many factors contribute to the high cases of anxiety and stress, including lifestyle issues, social pressures, economic instability, and many others. The best way to deal with stress and anxiety is to adopt anti-drug medication that helps ease the effects of these conditions.

Stress and anxiety can result in severe heart disease, obesity, mental illness, and others. Therefore you must ensure you can control your stress and anxiety conditions to avoid other related ailments. The Moksha Beam is tremendous stress or anxiety reliever people worldwide can consider. Here is an in-depth review of the Moksha Beam.

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Moksha Beam

Bottom line: After looking at all information available on this product, we compiled everything we could find for Moksha Bear reviews and took it into consideration. After careful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a fantastic product and it should help most people meet their needs.

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  • Naturally Ease Stress & Anxiety
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Developed in the USA
  • You can choose from multiple different colors, depending on your needs.


  • You can only buy it from official website

What Exactly is Moksha Beam?

The Moksha Beam is an excellent accessory shaped like a whistle to control stress and anxiety. You can blow through it to control your breathing and take deep breathes. The Moksha beam does not produce any sound, unlike a whistle. You can get Moksha beam jewelry for anxiety-like the Anxiety Whistle Necklace

The jewelry for anxiety keeps you calm, relaxed, and in the present. By using the beam to take deep breathes, you can start feeling mellow and peaceful. The beam tool allows for meditative breathing, which reduces irritability, discomfort, and tension. In addition, it is highly polished, attractive, and durable in jewelry styles.

The beam is not just any tube. You can breathe through it therapeutically because it has the right amount of resistance. It is an ideal natural method of relieving stress and anxiety. It is a perfect mindfulness breathing necklace for different age groups and gender.

However, it would be best to note that the Moksha Beam is only a therapeutic breathing assistant and cannot operate in any other function. They come in exciting colors, including shiny silver, rose gold, space grey, and many others.


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Who Founded the Moksha Beam Concept?

The moksha beam Concept got developed by two childhood friends, Jaymin Shah and Yash Ghanekar. They met a group of monks in their countryside playing flute, which helped keep the soul calm. They noticed that it was not therapeutic music: but the slow exhales and the deeper breathing experienced by the monks while blowing the flute. 

The meditative effect of the regulated breathing brought a calming effect to reduce stress and anxiety the monks experienced in their everyday lives. The concept fascinated the two friends, making them try out the technique. After realizing how powerful the treatment was, the Moksha Beam got developed to help relieve stress and anxiety for patients on demand.

The beam has undergone years of engineering and research to deliver the user’s best results. The accessory has undergone thorough scientific testing in its development. It is proven to balance energy levels and slow down respiration rates. The device helps reduce anxiety cases which can result in severe attacks or health conditions in the future.

In 2021, the two entrepreneurs have opened a company to help people with anxiety attacks get a natural way of handling their health condition. It offers immediate assistance during an anxiety attack or periods of high stress. In addition, they have developed the breathing necklace for convenient use at any time.

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Doctors and many other scientists have recommended using the Moksha Beam as a calm necklace. The reason is that it uses a concept in science called diaphragmatic breathing, which is popularly known as deep breathing. The technique is known to initiate the relation process of an individual. It was developed in 1970 by Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard Medical School.

He discovered that the techniques engage the diaphragm of an individual fully, keeping it in full motion while limiting shallow breathing. The relaxation technique can help regulate the autonomic nervous system and decrease heart rate in stress or anxiety. Individuals can benefit a great deal from the practice of using the moksha beam.

Moksha Beam Features

The moksha necklace features two air systems that allow you to take deep breaths systematically for meditation. Individuals can wear it around their neck like a necklace to breathe into it whenever they experience stress or anxiety. It is a piece of exceptional jewelry for nervousness since it is helpful for beautification and as a mindfulness breathing necklace.

The Anxiety Whistle Necklace has a small air opening that uniquely provides the ideal amount of resistance needed for exhalation. The anxiety necklace offers a level of resistance that distracts the user from their thoughts, focusing their mind on the act of breathing. Upon exhalation, jewelry for anxiety allows the user to release air from the lungs lowly, creating a relaxation effect to their brain.

Stress and anxiety cause you to breathe faster and shorter. Unfortunately, the shorter breaths make the conditions worse since low oxygen circulates your brain, increasing heart rate, tension, and general body irritation. The engineering behind the anxiety necklace aims at giving you longer, deeper, and more controlled deep breathes.

The breathing necklace then naturally triggers your nervous system to relax, enabling you to feel mellow and calm down eventually. The science of breathwork using the anxiety necklace is an effective technology that changes the future of stress and anxiety relief. In addition, the jewelry for anxiety allows you to look stylish and stay healthy. It is fashionable, sleek, elegant, and possesses a sophistication level that complements any wardrobe. 

Moksha Beam App

Moksha Beam App

Moksha beam company has developed an app for anxiety necklace users. The app provides a library of breathing exercises that effectively shows you how to use the anxiety necklace. It also has data-driven user insights on utilizing jewelry for anxiety in emergency conditions. You can download it on your phone for convenience while using the breathing necklace.

Many clinicians and doctors have backed the anxiety necklace since it is one of the best natural methods to calm and feel relaxed. In addition, it balances your energy, improves your sleep quality, and balances your blood pressure and immune response. All these functionalities combined show that the anxiety necklace will protect you from diseases associated with anxiety and stress disorders.


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Is the Breathing Necklace Expensive?

You can find the breathing necklace in online outlets at an affordable price. In most online stores, the jewelry for anxiety goes for around $50 or less. The dimensions of the anxiety necklace are two inches in length and an opening diameter of 0.24 inches wide. Furthermore, you can download the app online for free and enjoy controlled breathing exercises with your jewelry for anxiety.

You can also visit official website to purchase the accessory for around $49 or less. You can also enjoy other promotions or discounts if available. The jewellery for anxiety is durable and can serve you for many years. It is also a low-key accessory, silent and discrete, people can only know if you tell them. 

How the Calm Necklace Works

The anxiety necklace is straightforward and convenient to use. To achieve a high level of meditation, you only have to follow three easy steps:

1. Breathe in through the nose using deep breaths

Breathing in deeply through your nose will help you fill your lungs with air quickly. It will also allow you to have controlled breathing and expand your diaphragm and rib cage. The process will also help you leave a lot of oxygen in the blood, transporting oxygen to the brain and making you feel mellow.

2. Exhale deeply through the anxiety necklace

Exhaling deeply through the jewellery for anxiety is another way of controlling your breathing. Since breathing shorter and faster will only intensify your conditions of trees and pressure, the mindfulness breathing necklace will help you breathe out slowly. As a result, your body will start relaxing and send an effect of calmness to your mind.

3. Ex Repeat as you feel your body relax with Moksha

The best way to ensure the stress, straining, anxiety, and bad energy go away is to repeat the process. Breathing using the jewelry for calmness distracts your mind from the pressure you are experiencing at the moment, bringing an effect of relief. The calm necklace sets your physical and emotional well-being in order once you accumulate stress subconsciously.

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How do you clean the Anxiety Whistle Necklace?

Cleaning the jewellery for anxiety with a soft nylon brush is an excellent way to remove dust and debris. You can also wash it with soap and clean water, then rinse and dry it carefully. Occasionally, you can disinfect it with anti-bacteria to remove germs or bacteria on the surface.

How do you track your order?

After you make an order online through the website, you can track it using the tracking code they will send you in your email. If you do not get any, feel free to contact the customer care at Moksha necklace at the contact details provided on the website.

Can you order a different color after the purchase?

Absolutely yes! As long as your order has not been fulfilled and shipped, you can send an email and get another color. If it has already shipped, you can request a return to get the color you like.

What causes stress and anxiety?

Anxiety can be caused by being nervous, angry, or frustrated. When tension builds up for a long time, it can lead to stress. Your lifestyle can determine the occurrence of stress and anxiety conditions in your life. Using jewellery for anxiety, you can control stress and anxiety conditions.

Can any tube act as an Anxiety Whistle Necklace?

No! The jewellery for anxiety has professional engineering to offer a certain amount of resistance while breathing. Additionally, it has improved to be more durable than plastic tubes and straws. The amount of resistance it offers is therapeutic to help your meditation process. You can also wear the necklace anywhere you go in case of emergency use.

How many times a day can I use the mindfulness breathing necklace?

It only takes around 2-3 to use the device to feel relaxed. If you usually experience anxiety conditions, you can use the jewellery for anxiety as many times as you need to in a day. Remember, you should always keep calm and avoid stress to prevent mental health issues and other stress-related illnesses.

How is the mindfulness breathing necklace different from the breathing exercise?

The calm necklace is ideal for meditation. It has two air beams that allow a certain amount of resistance while breathing. The breathing exercise can seem a little more vigorous when experiencing intense stress or anxiety. The jewellery for panic attacks is low-key, and you can use it anywhere without any judgment. It has an in-house design for you to use both indoors and outside.

Is the chain included in the purchase of jewellery for anxiety?

The chain is also in the sale of jewellery for anxiety. No matter how fancy or expensive the chain is, it will be in the package for purchase if it is attached to it. You can check out exciting necklace designs for sale on the Moksh necklace website.


If you had to deal with stress and anxiety fearing other people’s judgment, the Anxiety Whistle Necklace is here for you. It can successfully blend into the style of your ensemble. It is all-natural, drug-free, and 100% safe to use. If you have any side effects on drugs related to stress and anxiety, the mindfulness breathing necklace can be a perfect solution for you.

It also comes with a premium box for protection and safety. You can store it in the container after use at night or while taking a shower. In addition, the calm necklace is lead and nickel-free, safe to use for your entire family.

If you are not happy with the assessor, you can enjoy a 30-day return policy on the moksha beam website. You can also qualify and benefit from their free shipping deals to over 30 countries. In addition, their website offers free shipping around the United States and reliable customer support. Other than third-party online retailers, their official website offers a stress-free purchase of jewellery for anxiety.

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