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MUAMA Enence Instant Translator Review

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Is This Device Best Real Time Two-Way TranslatorWhen it comes to traveling, it can be frustrating to not know how to communicate with the people around you.

Now, having a simple translator device to carry around with you can easily remedy that.

All you have to do is use the muama enence instant translator to capture what is being said.


Things to Consider Before Buying a MUAMA Enence Instant Translator


Some of the older or cheaper models of translators do not have the capability to translate a lot of different languages. The more languages there are the better, and the muama enence delivers.

Translates Both Ways

One thing to keep in mind is if the translator only translates one way. It is easier for you if the translator can work both ways, which means it can translate back to the person you are talking to. The muama enence translator has this feature

MUAMA Translator

Quality of Translation

A translator needs to be able to process transactions great. If it does not give the proper translation, you can misunderstand what was said. It could also cause you to accidentally say something that will insult who you are talking to, but the muama enence will not do that.

App or Stand-Alone

Some translators have to be connected to a smartphone in order to work, which can be time-consuming and a hassle. It is easier to have the translator do everything itself. The muama enence translator has to be connected to a smartphone.

Quality of Speaker and Microphone

A translator needs to have a good speaker and a good microphone. It needs to be able to focus on just one person and block out all the other noises that can happen in a busy city. It also needs to be loud enough to understand the translation.


A translator needs to have a strong battery that can last a long time. You do not want to be going around and seeing a new country only to have your translator die before you are done.


Some translators have an internet connection in order to work. This can cause a lot of problems if you are traveling somewhere new. A 4G connection makes it where no internet connection is needed.


The MUAMA Enence Instant Translator

The muama enence translator is a portable device that allows travelers to talk to people when they do not know that countries language. It does have to have access to the internet through WiFi in order to work, which is negative for the muama enence.

The great thing about the muama enence translator is that it can also translate what your reply to the person you are talking to instead of just them to you. The small size of the muama enence translator makes it great for travelers because it can easily fit into your pocket or bag and be gotten out needed, which makes the muama enence great.

Muama Enence Pros:

  • Over 40 Languages
  • Portable Size
  • Durable Construction
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Use

Muama Enence Cons:

  • Can Mistranslate
  • Not Great for Life-or-Death Situations
  • Has to be Used with a Smartphone
Muama How It Works
Muama How It Works
Muama How It Works
Muama How It Works


There are many wonderful features that the muama enence translator comes with, and each of them helps to make it stand out from the others that are on the market. There are some great features that come with this translator, but there are some that could use some work.

Multiple Languages

The muama enence translator has 44 different languages programmed into it. This means it works great for a wide range of areas. Now, this is not the highest amount that can be found when buying a translator, but it does have all of the basics that are needed.

  • 1. Arabic (Egypt) 
  • 2. Arabic (International)
  • 3. Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
  • 4. Bulgarian
  • 5. Cantonese (Sichuan Dialect)
  • 6. Catalan
  • 7. Croatian
  • 8. Czech
  • 9. Danish
  • 10. Dutch
  • 11. English (Australia)
  • 12. English (China)
  • 13. English (India)
  • 14. English (UK)
  • 15. English (US)
  • 16. Finnish
  • 17. French
  • 18. French (Canada)
  • 19. German
  • 20. Greek
  • 21. Hebrew (Israel)
  • 22. Hindi (India)
  • 23. Hungarian
  • 24. Indonesian
  • 25. Italian
  • 26. Japanese
  • 27. Korean
  • 28. Malaysian
  • 29. Nowegian
  • 30. Polish
  • 31. Portugese
  • 32. Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 33. Romanian
  • 34. Simplified Chinese
  • 35. Slovak
  • 36. Spanish
  • 37. Spanish (Mexico)
  • 38. Swedish
  • 39. Tagalog (Philippines)
  • 40. Thai
  • 41. Traditional Chinese
  • 42. Turkish
  • 43. Ukrainian
  • 44. Vietnamese

Voice Translation

This translator comes with the unique technology intelligent voice recognition. That means it learns your own voice and instantly picks up on what you are saying in order to properly translate in the manner best suited for you.

Two-Way Intercom

The muama enence translator has a great 2-way intercom technology built into it. That means it not only can translate what someone is saying to you, but it can also translate what you are trying to say to them.



With the muama enence translator having the Bluetooth technology built into it, it can be connected to a smartphone. It can be up to 10 meters away from the smartphone that it is connected to before it starts to have problems.


The great thing about this translator is that it can be paired with both an Android and an IOS device. A lot of other translators only pair with one of them, not both of them.


This translator is easily recharged, and it does not take long to recharge. It can last for about 4 to 5 days before it needs to be charged if it is not used very often. If it has to be used often during the day, the battery does drain faster.


The frame and construction of this translator make it very durable. That means it can go through a lot of abuse without breaking down and needing to be replaced. That also means it can handle the trips between locations, even very bouncy trips.


The size of this translator is on the smaller size compared to others. This means it is easy to carry while walking around and touring a foreign place. It can be easily slipped into a pocket when not in use, which makes it easy to access when needed.

Social Proof

Jason Clark

"As the consultant for the company I work at, I find myself traveling a lot. This translator has made it so much easier for me to get my work done without relying on someone else."

Jeremy Griffin

"As a writer, I do a lot of traveling because I need a firsthand feel for a place. This translator has made it easier for me to talk to people."

Randy Peterson

"I work on a cruise ship and am exposed to so many languages. This device makes my job easier."

Alternative Options

Buoth Smart Voice Translation Device

Buoth Smart Voice translator only takes 0.3 seconds to translate. It has built-in WiFi hotspot technology. When this translator is kept on standby, it can last for around 170 hours before needing to be charged. It is programmed with 82 different languages, making it great for traveling everywhere.

Buoth Language Translator Device with Camera

Buoth Language Translator Device with Camera only takes 0.2 seconds to process the translation. It comes with a camera in order to do photo translation. The screen is high definition, and there are easy buttons for controlling the volume.

There is also a button to press to translate yourself as well as to translate the other person. There is a small spot along the bottom in order for a lanyard to be attached for easy carry. It can translate 106 different languages, making it great for use all over the world.

SYUAN Two Way Language Translator Device

The SYUAN Two Way Language Translator can translate 52 different languages. It is very small in size, making it easy to carry around when not in use. It has a built-in light indicator in order to know when it needs to be charged. It has a button in order to translate the person you are talking to, but it also has a button to translate what you are saying.

It comes with a headphone jack in order to help you hear what is being said by the other person. Also, it can be connected to a computer using a USB cord, which is how it charges in between uses. It has to be connected to a smartphone in order to work the device properly through an app.
It has to have access to an internet connection in order to work.


It can be very hard to travel to foreign countries because of the language barrier, but a small translation device can fix that. Now that you have heard all about the muama enence instant translator, you can decide for yourself if it is the perfect one to meet your needs.

It is a great option that can be found on the market though because it has over 40 different language options, can translate both members of the conversation for each other, and is very portable.

Click here to head over and check this translator out for yourself or purchase one.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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