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ODii Review

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Dropping items and not being able to pick them up is frustrating for people of all ages.

Objects roll underneath seats or get stuck behind desks all the time, and with the right tool, you can prevent them from becoming permanently lost.

ODii, the grab-it gadget can help you reach them all with claws, battery, and a flashlight.

ODii Product

What should you consider before you buy a grab-it Gadget tool?

Ease of Use

Before you buy any type of grabbing tool, you need to consider how easy it will be for you to use. Some kinds of grab-it tools are clumsy or hard to use in different ways. The tool that works best for you is the one that fits your hand and does not cause you physical problems. The tool needs to fold in and out without wasting your time or causing you problems.


Some types of grab it tools are cheap plastics that break or crack after the first use. The tool you need is some made of heavier duty plastics or metals that you can use multiple times without it breaking or showing signs of wear. The right tool material will give you many years of use because it is made of top-quality material.


Some types of grab-it tools are too short to be really useful. You need one that will be whatever length you need. Having a quality extendable mechanism will save you time and effort when stuff falls behind the couch or down into the car. Having a longer pole also makes it easier for you to reach things on the top shelf of your kitchen or in your garage.


Most grab-it gadget tools only come with claws to pick up the dropped piece of clothing or other lose items. If you want a full-use grab it tool, you should look to see if it comes with anything else to help you pick up hard-to-pick-up items like change. Having a light for dark places or places to attach one can be helpful as well. A magnet or different sizes of claws help you as well.


How you store your new tool can make a difference in whether or not you choose to buy it. The tools that are too long or do not fold up will take up room in your closet or garage. You should look for one that folds up small enough to pack away. How you will store your new grab it tool is something you need to consider before you buy it.

What is ODii?

ODii is easy a grab it tool. This unique tool makes it easy to reach items out of reach like on a shelf or if you dropped it. The design of ODii allows it to be a three-in-one tool, which includes a nineteen-inch grabbing claw that can pick up to ten pounds. With the grabbing tool comes with multiple accessories to help you grab what you need, including a magnet on a goose-neck for picking up dropped metal and an ultra-bright flashlight to see what you dropped.

The Grabbing Tool is for anyone who has trouble reaching things that are high up or have fallen. The multiple features of the tool make it easy for older adults or people with health problems to maintain their active lifestyles without needing to alter your routines.

ODii Pros:

  • Multiple tools come with the grabbing tool, such as a LED light and a goose-neck
  • You can quickly shrink the grab it tool for convenient storage
  • The grabbing tool can lift ten pounds with ease

ODii Cons:

  • The flexible claws can unscrew while you use it
  • You need the more extended version of the tool for some types of objects
  • You cannot pick up more than ten pounds with the tool

What are the main features?


ODii is the grab it and go tool for everyone. It comes with multiple features to make the busy parent's job of retrieving toys quicker to the aging adult's life easier. It comes ready to use and is a tool every household can use for reaching and grabbing.

Extendable Claws

Oddi Clavs

The tool comes with claws that extend out from the protective tube. The claws are strong enough to grab most regular small items, and the design helps you to grip each tightly. The claws allow you to not only pick up the dropped item but control how strongly it grips it with up to ten pounds of weight allowable per use.

LED Flashlight

Odii Flashlight

The power grip tool comes with an extremely bright flashlight to help you see into dark places while you pick up your dropped item. It is perfect for reaching and seeing behind your refrigerator, stove, or behind the bed frame.

It removes the darkness from areas where light does not penetrate like behind your washer and dryer. You will never lose that sock behind the washer again or have trouble picking up your car keys.

Goose-Neck extension

ODii gooseneck

The design of the tool includes a bendable and flexible neck. You can extend it or retract it as you need to wrap around corners or underneath tight spaces. The power grip helps you to reach behind, above, and underneath anything tight and small. These areas include areas around your car or in your bedroom.


Odii Magnet

The tool comes with a detachable magnet that is twenty-three inches wide.

The magnet is powerful enough to pick up dropped metal objects, including change, keys, and other metal objects. The magnet immediately attracts the item dropped and sticks to the magnet until you remove it.

The magnet is a perfect feature for searching beneath car seat or couch seat cushions for the change that falls out of your pocket. It also removes the need to bend down to retrieve dropped change.

Easy to Store

Oddi Compact Size

The tool is the grab it and go tool. Its design allows for it to shrink down for secure storage around your house. It takes up little room and can fit into small storage spaces like in the drawers of your kitchen or the glove compartment of your car.

What are People saying about ODii?

Verified buyers of ODii are surprised and pleased by the strength of the grip of the power grib. They like the ability to reach behind everything and get a dropped item. They also love how well made the tool is compared with cheaper versions.

They also take pleasure in how light the tool is. They do not need to worry about straining themselves to reach high or behind furniture to reach dropped items or items on high up shelves. They can reach between their car seats with the magnet to retire their lost change without digging around, hoping to find it.

Many buyers expressed pleasure at being able to use it while they work. The claws help retrieve lost paperwork behind their desks, and the magnet works well for automotive maintenance when bolts and screws fall deep inside the engines. It greatly simplifies their working world.

Customers Reviews
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What Are Other Grab-it Tools Available?

X-Long 36" Flex-Cable

The X-Long 36" Flex-Cable Pick-up Tool is easy to extend and pick up dropped documents or small items. The extra-long length of the tool helps it flex and bend around corners to pick up the lost items. The X-Long Tool is fifty percent longer than other tools like it.

The X-long tool is a wound-steel cable that flexes around corners and furniture. The Plunger is spring-loaded to extend and retract the carbon steel claws. They can lift a pound of material effortlessly and move it out from behind any unmovable surface.

X-Long 36" Flex-Cable Pick-Up Tool vs. ODii

Extendable Claws - When comparing the X-Long Tool with power grib, you can see that the claws, while similar, do not extend out as far as the ODii and cannot grip the same amount of weight. The ODii can hold up to ten pounds of weight, whereas the X-Long can only hold one.

LED Flashlight - The power grib comes with a flashlight for looking into dark places where lost items end up. A flashlight does not come with the X-Long Tool.

Goose-Neck Extension - The X-Long does extend out further than the ODii with a maximum length of thirty-six inches, including the spring-loaded extender. The ODii goose-neck is nineteen inches in length with the claws.

Magnet - The Grabbing tool comes with a detachable magnet so you can pick up metal and loose change. The X-Long Tool does not come with a magnet.

Ease of Storage - The X-Long Tools does not fold up after use. It remains extended after you are through using it. You can disassemble the X-Long into individual components, which helps with storage.

HARDK-Claw Magnetic Pick-up Tool 4 Claws

The HARDK-Claw Magnetic Pick-up Tool is an extendable multi-use tool. The tool comes with four built-in claws for picking up items, an LED light for seeing them in dark places, and a magnetic tip for small metal items. The tool uses a wound-steel cable to bend around corners to pick up the items with an easy-to-use plunger that works to open and close the claws with the push of a button.

Hardk-Claw Magnetic Pick-up Tool vs. ODii

LED Flashlight - Both tools come with a built-in Led flashlight that helps you to see into dark places where lost items hide.

Goose-Neck Extension - Both tools have a goose-neck extension for wrapping around corners and into tight places.

Magnet - Both tools come with magnets to help you pick up dropped metal items

Ease of Storage - Both tools come with the ability to fold up on themselves for secure storage without taking up too much room in your storage. They can also fit into smaller compartments like a glove compartment to be of use wherever you go.

SE 30" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

The SE 30" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is an extendable and retractable pick-up tool. The tool can extend outwards to thirty inches and be able to pick up items to fifteen pounds, using the attached magnet. The tool has an easy-to-grip cushioned handle that makes using the tool easy and convenient.

SE 30" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool vs. ODii

Extendable Claws - The Magnetic Pick-up Tool does not come with claws. You can only pick up lost or dropped metal items with the tool. The ODii comes with both claws for clothing or paper items and a magnet for picking up metal objects.

LED Flashlight - The Magnetic Pick-up tool does not come with a flight light to help you see down into dark places, while you retrieve lost items. You must rely on the strength of the magnet to pick up all lost metal items.

Goose-Neck Extension - Both tools are extendable to reach out for picking up items with the ODii extending up to nineteen inches and the Magnetic tool extending thirty inches. It is up to you to decide how long you need it to be.

Magnet - Both tools come with powerful magnets for picking up metal objects with the ODii hold up to two pounds of metal and the Magnetic tool holding up to fifteen pounds.

Ease of Storage - Both tools are easy to store with the ability to hold up on themselves. You don't need to take up much room for either.

When it comes to selecting the right tools for your home, only you can know what you need. The above listings represent a variety of ways you can enjoy a similar tool. You just need to consider how many different functions you need and how best to use them.

Final Thoughts

The right tool for any home is the one that does the job. When you have trouble reaching out for dropped objects or trying to see behind a dark couch, you need a tool that can do it all. The ODii is a flexible and useful tool to use in the home, in your car, at the office, and in the garage. It is a universal tool that helps you get the job done.

Before you get too frustrated over that lost change in the car or that item on the top shelf that out of reach, reach for ODii, please click the following link for more information.

Written by Carl Browning

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