When it comes to being prepared for emergencies while on the go, there’s no better way to be safe than to have a multi-tool with you. This is especially true when it comes to car emergencies.

Need help in an emergency? React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool may just be the solution. This emergency tool is quite amazing for unforeseen and unexpected situations when you or your family may be in danger. Stuck on the side of the road? React 7-in-1 Emergency Multi-Tool can help and get you out of trouble.

React 7 in 1 Emergency  Multi Tool

What is React 7 in 1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of emergencies as rare, unlikely events that only happen to other people. But the truth is, emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and when they do, it’s important to be prepared.

And that’s where the React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool comes in. This little gadget is like having seven different tools in one compact package, and it can help you handle almost any emergency situation while you’re on the road.

Things to consider before buying a React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool

Do you have to drive around a lot, and go on long drives for work, vacation, or other events? Have you gotten stuck by the roadside before? Are you worried that you may get stuck on the road in the future? If yes, then React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool is for you.

More than 5.4 million people are faced with car accidents and roadside accidents every year in the United States of America alone.

Table: CISS-Applicable Police-Reported Motor Vehicle Crashes
In 2019, by Crash AIS

Crash AIS(CAIS)EstimatesPercent of
Total Crashes
Not injured1,326,98448,5%
Injury, Unknow Severity64,9552,4%
Unknow if Injured406,10414,8%
Source: 2019 CISS. Some components may not add to subtotals or totals due to
independent rounding.

So, if you are ever stuck inside your car at nighttime, this safety device and car charger from React can easily help you free yourself and other around you.

React 7 in 1 Multi-Tool

This device can not only keep you and your family safe, but also help in daily life chores, such as charging the phone and devices on a long drive.

There are other emergency tools and devices on the market. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of such devices is that these are either inaccessible during an emergency, or are quite complex to use in a crisis.

There are times when you can easily misplace such tools after an accident. Moreover, sometimes, you cannot easily use these tools because you are stuck in your seat. This is not the case with React seven-in-one vehicle emergency multi-tool.

It is designed to be easily accessible at all times, and can be used by a child. It is designed for emergencies, and can easily cut you free from the belts and smash the windows with minimum force.

What Makes This Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool Special?

This seven-in-one safety tool is always there for you and can be easily accessed in times of crisis. This is a multi-faceted car charger and a safety tool with seven useful tools that can easily help you during emergencies.

This Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool is filled with seven powerful tools designed to protect passengers and assist them during emergencies.

Whether you are stuck on the road during nighttime, caught inside a car, or facing some other emergencies, this tool will be easily accessible and may save your life.

Typically, other emergency tools are stored in a side pocket, attached to a keychain, locked in a glove box, or in a car’s trunk. Such tools cannot be reachable during an incident if an accident happens.


The multifunctional architecture holds the device beyond fair reach when appropriate. It has a daily purpose, and it will still be readily available to you if there is an unforeseen or a dangerous situation.

What is even amazing is this tool is hooked straight to cigarette lighter port (12v) with the best standard materials and connectors. This makes it easy to access in times of emergencies.

What Does React Emergency Multi-Tool and Car Charger Offer?

The React seven-in-one emergency multi-tool offers:

  • Extremely Sharp Cutter for Seat Belts
  • Window Smasher with a Powerful Steel Tip
  • Car Charger with SmartSpeed Technology for Ultra-Fast USB Charging
  • 2200mAh Powerful Power Bank
  • LED Flashlight with powerful 140 Lumen Power
  • SOS Beacon with Red Light for Long Distances
  • Loud Safety Siren for Long Distances

Let’s take an in-depth look at these seven features.

Razor-sharp Seat Belt Cutter

Windows and belts tend to get stuck after an accident. This situation can easily trap the passengers inside the car. The sharp cutter and powerful window smasher from React will assist you in getting yourself free within seconds.

These safety devices can help you save yourself and other passengers from stranded vehicles quickly and easily. These tools are quite beneficial when you get trapped in a car or are stuck in a burning vehicle.

React Seat Belt Cutter

The emergency escape device comes with a handy razor blade to support you remove the seat belt if you are unable to loosen it as normal. The blade has been tested on a 5000 pounds towing harness, and if you are in an accident, you can be confident it functions.

The cutter tool is also strong enough to cut the belts quickly but engineered to be safe against getting unintentionally sliced. The embedded blade does not cut people or things, so you can easily cut off the seat belt while you’re in trouble, so help you flee as soon as possible.

Most notably, with React 7-in-1 vehicle emergency multi-tool, you don’t need to be powerful or professional. All of these tools are simple enough for usage and programmed to function during all emergencies.

Moreover, these are also designed to only cut the belts and not the user. Therefore, you can use this seat belt cutter, and not worry about accidently hurting yourself in the process.

Steel Tip Window Breaker

The sturdy steel spring-laden tip of the Window Breaker is a powerful tool for quickly opening almost every car window. 

Security hammer, also known as window opener, is constructed of steel that is of high intensity. With strong corrosion tolerance and high strength, the hard tip makes cracking the glass simpler. You only need to tap the side window’s four edges: the smaller the points, the less toiling.

React Window Breaker

The spring-loaded glass cutter and window smasher operates rapidly and reliably to shatter the window (NOT windshields or laminated glass). This offers you the strongest chance to flee from the car. The spring-loaded mechanism is more powerful than an emergency hammer. 

The react seven-in-one charger and the window smasher is so simple for usage, that even a kid can do that. If you are ever stuck in a situation when there is no room in any case to move the arm, you can use the hammer and break the glass. You need a car charger and window smasher lined with spring!

The React seven-in-one safety device is an escape device intended to prevent trapped in an automobile when an automotive crash happens. The smasher filled from the spring works fast and reliably to give you the best opportunity to escape from your vehicle. To use it, you do not need to be powerful. The spring-loaded mechanism will do all the work for you.

The solution to this modern kind of response device blends a few separate features into a compact and supportive kit. You no longer need to think about missing this valuable emergency device or misplacing it. 

Since it also serves a routine purpose, whether you are ever in an emergency, you still know where it is. However, it only works with a tampered glass and does not work on windshield and laminate glass.


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Lightning-Fast USB Car Charger and Long-lasting (2200mAh) Power Bank

React functions like a standard car charger. It offers you the opportunity to hold your battery-powered at all hours.

Meanwhile, the powerful portable bank with 2200 mAh utilizes proprietary SmartSpeed technology for instantly charging one hundred percent of your battery without any hassles or problems. So, you don’t have to worry about your cellphone dying out in the middle of nowhere. This portable charger will keep it at 100% for a very long time.

USB current performance can not only support charging the handset but can also offer USB charging to a number of electrical interfaces. It can easily fulfill the capacity of emergencies, connectivity, and other requests.

React Powerbank

If you don’t already know, ChargeHub, a pioneer in portable technologies for charging, manufactured this React 7-in-1 car charger. This means that the car charger and its charging capabilities are of a premium quality commodity engineered to function for decades.

You can be sure that these tools wouldn’t be disappointing and will work easily on the very first try. From the amazing power bank to the fast charger, from the powerful LED flashlight to the seatbelt cutter, these tools and features will always exceed your expectations.

The super-fast USB Charger from React 7-in-1 car charger utilizes proprietary SmartSpeed technologies to supercharge the handset in minutes. This is one of the most reliable adapters you could have ever owned.

React Car Charger

Moreover, the premium-quality power bank can not only help with 911 call when you’re stuck, but offer much more than that. It’s perfect about quick charging as well.

The best part is that the React 7-in-1 can also charge your phone.

Ultra-bright (140 Lumen) LED Flashlight

React Flashlight

The LED spotlight offers amazing power and high clarity. It’s supposed to last more than four hours, and you do not have to think about it running out of juice during emergencies. 

You can use this tool for nighttime roadside problems, such as changing the tire, opening the hood, or for looking for something in the trunk.

React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool by ChargeHub

Best Choice

Seven useful functions:

Car Charger

Power Bank

LED Flashlight

Strobing SOS

Safety Siren

Seat Belt Cutter

Window Breaker


3.2 oz

Product dimensions:

4.5" x 1.6" x 1.25"

Battery capacity:

2200mAh Lithium Ion

Dc input:


Micro input:

5V / 800mA

Car charger usb output:

5V / 2A

Power bank usb output:

5V / 1.5A


1W | 130-140 LM



What's included:

React 7-in-1 Multi-Tool 
Micro USB Charging Cable 
 User Manual

Where to buy

What Do People Have to Say?

Here are some of the testimonials from the people who have used this tool in the past. Several users have had amazing experience with this tool.

According to them, this car charger from REACT has helped them get some satisfaction, and be at ease during nighttime driving. It has not only helped them charge the cellphones, but also avoid any emergencies while changing the tires or parking the car on the roadside.

Some other users have also said that this is a perfect tool for emergencies and for all drivers. Whether you are a safe driver or a rash one, this tool is a must-have for everyone who goes out on the road during nighttime. According to them, this car charger is an amazing investment for a safer future.

All the users thought this tool was functional, and offered amazing options for emergencies and everyday usage. They also recommended this to their friends, and bought several for their family and relatives.

According to them, this car charger from REACT not only aids in everyday charging in car rides, but can also save them during emergencies. It is a must-have for everyone who drives a car on high-traffic roads.

Here is a video of us unboxing it:

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

React 7-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool is such a tool that I never thought was important before I started using it. You will also feel the same about this tool. It not only gives you satisfaction knowing that your family and loved ones are ready for any form of crisis, but it’s also useful in ordinary situations too.

You may not need to make use of the safety devices as much, but you will make good use of the torch many times. Moreover, you can easily use the built-in power bank or adapter nearly every day (they ‘re really convenient!).

The React 7 in 1 multi tool is a must have for anyone who owns or drives an automobile. This emergency car gadget was designed to be used in a variety of situations that you may encounter while driving.

Often, you may need to go for a long drive and you need to charge your phone during the ride. Therefore, it’s a big bonus that this seven-in-one safety device and charger also serves as a battery source. You can use this as a gift to somebody, too.

React is an all-in-one portable solution, providing a flashlight, sending an S.O.S. signal, and even escaping a vehicle in an emergency with the window breaker and seatbelt cutter.


How many devices can React charge?

The React has an output of 5V/2A, which means it can charge one device with the included USB port.

How to charge React 7 in 1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool?

The React is a small device that can be charged using the included Micro USB Charging Cable by plugging it into your vehicle’s 12V power socket.

Can I leave my React plugged in all the time even though I don’t use it?

The best practice for this would be to unplug your React when not in use. Even if it’s not charging anything, leaving the cable hooked up can drain car batteries.

How fast can React charge a cell phone?

The amount of time your phone takes to charges depends on many factors such as the age and how drained the battery is.

Does React have a power switch?

The React has an on/off switch so you don’t have to worry about your device draining power when it’s not in use.

What does the react LED power indicator mean?

The lights of the LED Power Indicator signify how much power you have left.
If there’s only one light burning bright (less than 24%)
If there’s two light burning bright ( 25%-49%)
If there’s three light burning bright (50%-75%)
When all four lights on the React are lit up, it means that you have a good amount of charge left in your device.

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