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Safety Siren Review – Is the Safe Alarm Loud Enough to Deter an Attacker?

It's a dangerous world we live in where violent people harm others, sometimes for no reason at all. Our loved ones and we cannot always walk in groups or have the legal right to carry a weapon. But we can all wear a safe alarm.

Whistles have been used for personal safety, but they've also been used for other purposes, such as for starting a race. Besides having multiple purposes, a whistle only makes a sound when someone blows into it. While in a victim's mouth, a whistle can be easily located, confiscated, and discarded.

An electronic safe alarm, by contrast, is known only to be used as a distress signal. Everyone hearing one sounding off would realize they heard a call for help. Wearable alarms do not go into the mouth like a whistle, and they're not easily confiscated or shut off by people unfamiliar with them. As they make noise, they allow the victims the freedom to shout for help and to fight physically.

Alarms of any kind catch attackers off guard and force them off their plan. Then, either the bad guy will run away, or help will arrive and stop the attack.

An electronic safe personal alarm will not work if it's subjected to water or if the batteries are dead. So, people who would not, or cannot, find a way to keep this kind of alarm dry and equipped with a fresh battery would be better off with a whistle. Otherwise, a safe personal alarm is ideal for children and seniors and anyone who must regularly go into a secluded, dark, and dangerous area alone.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the Safety Siren Alarm and its features and how it can help keep you safe. Stay tuned!

What Exactly Is a Safe Alarm?

Safety Siren or, in some cases, Safe Alarm, is a loud alarm on a keychain that people wear on their clothing, put in their pocket, or otherwise keep with them for personal protection. With a sound capability of 100dB, its manufacturer says it is loud enough to be heard by people within 650 meters of it. This alarm is similar to others on the market in both loudness and appearance.

The Safe Alarm benefits children, the elderly, women, and anyone vulnerable to violence or theft. Since this electronic alarm needs to remain dry and powered up, only people willing to protect it and keep its battery fresh should use it.

What About the Features

Here are some notable features that you could benefit from:

Immediate Protection

Unlike home alarms and car alarms, this alarm travels with you wherever you go (except in water). After all, you are more important than your possessions are. And if you are attacked, you will likely not know of your attacker's presence until he is in contact with you.

Once an attacker traps you, you need to have an alarm to scare him away or until someone hears and comes to help. This alarm is available for your immediate use if you keep it somewhere on you.

Easy to Wear

Weighing only 45 grams, the Safety Siren Alarm is small and lightweight. Being both light and small, you would hardly notice wearing this life-saving device. It is equipped with a key ring-type attachment that doubles as the pull chain that is connected to the pin that sounds the alarm if pulled out.

Ideally, you would attach this alarm to your belt loop or carry it in your pocket. However, if your outfit doesn't present a way to attach or carry the alarm, you can attach it to a purse strap or backpack or use it as a key ring.

The safety siren only comes in white color. That's good because if there were vibrant colors, it would call attention to the alarm.

Using one as a key chain may be unnoticeable to an attacker, but it would not be good to openly wear or display one of these devices on a bag. That is because attackers often know their victims and much about the victim's habits and possessions.

The best place to keep your safety siren is on a belt loop with a shirt covering it, and the best policy is not to show it off or even mention it to anyone!

Battery Life

This safe alarm comes with a 12-volt battery, which is a long-lasting one that won't leave you unprotected just when you need it to work. But, just in case, you should keep it out of the rain, and it should never be submerged because it would cause the battery to rust, and a rusty, corroded battery would not work.

Easy Turn-On/Turn-Off

You can activate the Safety Siren by pulling on the keychain part of the alarm. The yank would cause the pin part of the chain to come out of the alarm's body, which would sound the alarm.

To turn it off, you just put the pin back in. This pin concept is much like a pin on a grenade, where you pull out the pin, and the grenade explodes soon afterward.

If an attacker finds the alarm, the button-like circle on the alarm's side may appear to be a turn-on/turn-off button that he may press in an attempt to shut off the alarm. You could pretend it is a shut-off button that won't work. This ploy would buy you time, so you don't get attacked. Meanwhile, someone would've heard the noise and arrived to help you.

After just a little bit of time, the would-be attacker would panic and leave the scene. With any luck, someone would capture him on his way out.

Sufficiently Loud

The Safe Alarm emits its alarm at least as loud as 100dB. The sound is loud enough to be heard as far as 650 meters. Therefore, many people located within 650 meters in any direction would hear your alarm. Some would come to your aid, especially public servants of all types. Police in the field are especially familiar with alarms and are well-trained and well-equipped to respond to emergencies.

This little alarm could save your life, cost your attacker precious get-away time, and summon the right people to capture the would-be attacker.


We all need protection from would-be attackers from time to time. Unfortunately, the vulnerable among us are the ones who need it the most. As a lightweight, wearable item, a personal safe alarm such as Safety Siren is available for use in a time of need. Once activated, a safe alarm knocks the bad guys off their game and alerts people that someone needs help.

Safety Siren Alarm

Bottom line: Personal safe alarms are lightweight, portable items that can save your life. They're available for use when you need them most and work by making an intimidating noise to scare off would-be attackers.

Reviewed by: Nerko


  • Loud enough to be heard by many people
  • Attachment feature prevents loss
  • Attaches to clothes, bags, etc.


  • Cannot get wet


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