Smartphones these days are way too big to hold with one hand, let alone type. So some people will put cases with a ring on the back so you can pull your finger through it to hold it better. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. Your phone gets bulkier because of the case, and nobody wants that. This is why there are so many phones with pop sockets.

In this review, I'll be talking about Scooch Wingback, a device that works the same way as a pop socket but looks way cooler, and that's because it pops out to be a phone grip or a car mount.

What is Scooch Wingback Grip?

scooch wingback universal phone grip review

The Scooch Wingback is a grip that adds functionality to your phone — without the bulk. So you can enjoy hands-free streaming, drive safer, take one-handed selfies, and jog down the street without worrying about dropping your phone.

Our unboxing and first look video of Scooch Wingback:

Scooch Wingback Pros

  • Stable portrait/landscape kickstand
  • It has a satisfying deployment mechanism
  • Metal spring tape is an excellent alternative to rubber and plastic grips because it won't wear out
  • You can use it with a magnetic car mount

Scooch Wingback Cons

  • Incompatible with wireless charging
  • Harder to transfer between cases/phones
  • It may be to tall for some cases/phones

How To Install and Use Scooch Wingback Grip?

Scooch wingback review

The installation is really simple and takes less than 30 seconds. First, clean the cover with a wet cloth and then with a dry one. After cleaning the area, remove the adhesive liner, align the Scooch Wingback in the middle of the phone, and press it down for a few seconds.

The Wingback is so strong that it will stick to any phone and phone case. However, be aware not to put too much force when removing because the strong adhesive could damage the glass backing on newer models of phones.

We recommend attaching Scooch Wingback to the phone's case instead, so you can avoid damaging the back of your phone.

Note for Proper Installation: Before installing Scooch Wingback, clean your phone or case from dirt or grease using glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

The Wingback is a clever phone accessory that will change the way you use your device.

It won't damage or crack under pressure thanks to its flexibility, so if necessary, you can easily remove it from your case without a problem.

secure hold
schooch rugged designe
easy slips into pocket

Using the Wingback is easy:

  1. Stick it to your phone case using its high-strength adhesive.
  2. Press the spring to pop out the grip.
  3. Hold your phone normally — but now you have a secure grip!

This simple little add-on gives you so much convenience.

  • It prevents drops
  • The Wingback is an innovative, two-way kickstand that lets you prop your phone horizontally for streaming videos or vertically while scrolling social media.
  • The Wingback pops out and can be placed into most horizontal air vents to provide a car mount-free experience. The Scooch is also magnetic so that it can be paired well with Scooch compact magnet yet powerful magnetic holder for increased stability in your vehicle.
  • It lets you reach every corner of your screen with one hand (great if you have smaller hands or a large phone)

It’s such a useful little accessory. Don't be surprised why it became so popular so quickly!

Does It Fits Your Phone?

The Wingback was designed for universal compatibility, meaning it fits pretty much any phone — Android or iOS. So, the answer is YES!

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Features of the Scooch Wingback 

Tight Grip

Never drop your phone again with the Scooch Wingback's secure grip. Instead, enjoy better photos and selfies, easy reach of any corner of your screen, without worrying about expensive accidents. So whether you want to become a master at multi-tasking or improve your selfie, this pop up phone grip has you covered.

The Scooch Wingback's adhesive is so strong that it won't peel off and can stick to nearly every case or material. Plus, if you ever need to take it off your device, you can do so.

Vertical Or Horizontal Position

The Scooch Wingback is the ultimate kickstand for your phone. It's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Wingback's clever curved design will help you get the optimal view for horizontal and vertical viewing. You can use it for video calls, scrolling through news feeds, watching movies, or any other activity where you need a hands-free viewing experience.

schooch vertical position

Rugged Design

The Wingback's durable kickstand bends as that is the way it's designed, but don't worry. It won't break. Instead, the embedded metal spring adds durability and functionality that lasts for years. It's made from Polycarbonate shatterproof plastic and rubber.

Rugged design

Universal Compatibility

Scooch Winback is a versatile magnetic accessory that works with almost any phone, case, or mount. Besides the Wingback grip, Scooch also offers a universal magnetic car mount, which you can purchase from their website. 

Scooch Wingback mount

Slips Into Your Pocket

The Scooch Winback grip pops up when you need it and is less than a quarter-inch thick. It fits conveniently in your pocket.

Scooch Winback pocket

Designed With Road-safety In Mind

Keep two hands on the wheel and be aware of your surroundings.

The Scooch Wingback grip can become a car mount on-demand, easily sliding into your air conditioning vents where it won't budge.

Now you can keep GPS navigation within easy view, take hands-free calls and control your playlist while keeping both eyes on the road.

Scooch Winback safe drive

Scooch Wingback Customer Reviews and Ratings

scooch wingback reviews and ratings

When looking at online reviews, we found that customers are primarily satisfied with the product's purchase, functionality, and quality.

Many customers have doubted the practicality of Scooch Wingback before purchasing because of pocket carry. But because of the slim design and reliable deployment mechanism, Scooch Wingback won't accidentally pop up in your pocket or feel bulky.

For negative reviews, we found that some users noticed that Scooch Wingback has some space between grip and phone, which sand and dirt can get in easily. One customer said, "Okay, but not for rugged folks."

Another user complained that Scooch Wingback adhesive got loosed. It's important to say that the main reason for losing adhesive properties on Wingback is that your phone or case is dirty or greasy. So make sure you properly install your Scooch Wingback.

Where to Purchase Scooch Wingback Grip?

We recommend getting it from the official website; you are sure to get the original product at the right price.

Also, from time to time, you can expect to get offers for a lower price, or you can get better deals if you buy more than one. If you want to check current Scooch Wingback prices and discounts, click here.

Scooch Wingback accepts returns and exchanges; the product is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On Scooch website, you can purchase "Scooch Warranty Program - Case Replacement" for $4.99 and get a replacement product for any Wingman, Wingmate, or Wingback purchased in the last 365 days.


Whether you're after better phone holding ergonomics, a little more grip on the go, or that satisfying click of pushing the Wingback in and out, the Scooch can be quite the wingman for your smartphone experience. 

So if you want, you can get Scooch Wingback here.

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