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Screenklean Review

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Is This The World’s Most Advanced Screen Cleaning Solution?

Over $100’s and $1000’s are spent on hi-tech gadgets that have very high megapixels because we need clear images of moments and pictures captured.

We do not mind the cost that comes with it as long as the pixels are of high quality. However, what measures have we put in place for cleaning the screens?

Yes, the devices give ultra-clear and very vibrant gorgeous images, but how are they cleaned? By the use of cheap sprays and drying rags.

Cleaning them that way is more like buying a very high-end car like a Mercedes Benz or a BMW and then using a rag or sackcloth to clean it. Chances of a vehicle getting scratches or not getting cleaned thoroughly are very high. Car maintenance is expensive. It is thus critical to ensure that it is well taken care of, from cleaning it to servicing it, using the designated products.

The same case applies to our mobile phones, TVs and other screens. There is a need to improve on that. In essence, a leading-edge carbon cleaning product is now available in the market.

NASA has recognized its compelling nature to the extent of using it on their international space station and space shuttle mission. The cleaning product has brought about Space-age technology and is widely known as ScreenKlean.

What Is ScreenKlean?

Screenklean is a cleaning product that makes use of patented carbon molecular cleaning technology. It comes as a replacement to the conventional way of cleaning that used rags.

ScreenKlean has replaced cleaning rags and liquids with a milestone. The product has a patented carbon molecular cleaning technology that attracts, seizes and eradicates dirt, lubricants and fingerprints, unlike the typical screen cleaners that are only smeared and smudged. It is multi-purpose, hence can be used on all type of screens, leaving them spotlessly clean. It also fights bacteria, and NASA extensively uses it to clean their technology.


How Does ScreenKlean Work?

Carbonklean, producers of the carbon cleaning product, ScreenKlean, engineered a smart carbon cleaning molecule, which is wiped across the screen of the device at hand.

Once it comes into contact with the screen, it attracts dirt and oil particles, it grabs and holds onto grimy particles and finaly removes dirt, oils and fingerprints from the screen.

Below is a comparison between Screenklean and other cleaning products.

How Are Carbon Pads Cleaned?

The process is super easy. All one needs to do is slide the pad back into the recharging station to effectively replace the dirty smart carbon molecules with fresh clean and new ones. That way, it remains clean until the next cleaning.

What Makes ScreenKlean The Ideal Choice?

Due to its unique features, Screeklean has proved to be better than other cleaning products as noted below.

Its Carbon Molecular Technology.

If a screen is not correctly taken care of, despite it having a very high screen resolution, it tends to get blurry from micro scratches from regular cloth. Screenklean does not scratch the screen as it has the patented carbon molecular technology. It is not spread on the screen; however, it merely lifts dust from the screen through attraction hence leaving it clear and sharp. The regular cleaning cloth sometimes tends to scratch the screen of a device, thus destroying its HD quality.

Screenklean Is an All-Natural Fighter.

Just like it attracts dirt and oils from the screen, screenklean efficiently manages to kill almost all traces of microorganisms. Due to the number of times we get into contact with our devices after shaking hands, more than 2000times, holding onto unclean surfaces we are bound to get in touch with a thousand germs. This product reduces the chances of further spreading the bacteria. Various germs are found on our laptops, TVs and mobile phones. It is safer using the ScreenKlean product than the usual cleaning towel.

Replaceable and Rechargeable Pads.

Screenklean pads can clean screens for approximately 150 times before being replaced. After cleaning, it recharges by putting it back to the case for cleaning and recharging. The pads can be replaced too, hence the guarantee for more extended crystal-clear screens.


This product does not harm the environment or the device being cleaned.  It does not require to be sprayed to the air, and the pads are re-usable hence no need to keep disposing of it after one use. It is also safe to the user as no chemicals are being sprayed.

Small and Compact with Various Colours.

The screen cleaner is so portable. It can therefore fit into a purse for ladies or an average size pocket for the men. Hence one can move with it everywhere without getting tired. One can also clean their screens from wherever without fear of inconveniencing others. It also comes in various colours for one to choose their desired choice. The colour variety has also helped in branding. It can serve as a perfect gift for a friend or family.

Small and Compact with Various Colours.

The possibility of the cleaning product being available in different colours to makes it more diverse as it improves its market stakes. Customers have the choice of choosing the colour that they like even when they have to order the product online.


Where Do The Dirt And Oil Particles Go?

We have seen that the dirt and oil particles move away from the pad and are replaced by clean and new carbon molecules. The question at hand is where the oil particles and dirt go. The new carbon molecules come about when the carbon pad is recharged. The dust and oil stick to the pad of the cleaning pad.

Where Do the Dirt and Oil Particles Go?

Can't One Get The Same Clean With Micro-Cloths?

Absolutely not! Unlike the screen cleaner, a micro-cloth only smear and smudge dirt, bacteria and oil on the screen. A micro-cloth manages only to clean the screen while leaving micro-scratches that damage the screen and degrading the HD quality of pictures. So much dirt gets stuck on the cloth as one keep wiping it; hence, chances of dirt remaining on the surface are very high.

Where Can One Get ScreenKlean?

Screenklean can only be bought from its official website here.

Below is a screenshot of how Screenklean website looks.

ScreenKlean Pros:

  • Patented carbon technology
  • Small and compact
  • Non-abrasive
  • Lifts dust, grime and oil instead of smearing
  • Eco-friendly

ScreenKlean Cons:

  • Pads can sometimes fall of when opening it

Final Words

As time goes by, everything is evolving; hence, changes become part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, it is safe to say that everything evolves for a reason. We have witnessed the evolution of technology, with high-end electronics getting better and better, more expensive and more secure. And that is not going to stop anytime soon.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that we clean the screens of our devices with top-notch cleaning products. It only makes sense to do so. We should not treat our screens like they are from the 18th century. Instead, give them classic cleaning, to be able to maintain the colourful, vibrant and high-quality HD displays. That was the motivation behind purchasing the device anyway.

The screen cleaner is way too effective from not spreading germs to being non-abrasive and using the carbon molecule technology instead of smearing dust. It serves to remove dirt to maintain clean screen for laptops, TVs, and phones. So far, it has managed to overtake and replace other cleaning products.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does NASA use screenklean?

The answer is yes. The cleaning product has anti-static properties in them that allow astronauts to easily and safely remove sticky dust particles. Their cleaning technology does not have tissues, sprays or cloths. It also and has a long cleaning life. Hence, it provides a standard supply to the international space station and space shuttle missions, a claim that cannot be made by any other product.

How many cleanings can one get out of each carbon pad before having to replace it?

The number of cleanings is dependent on the screen size and recharging volume. Usually, each carbon pad can do an approximate of 150 cleanings. Replacement can also be determined by how dirty one's screen is. Dirt that has piled up over time requires that a cleaning pad gets more recharging. How often one cleans their screen equals to how easy it becomes to clean the particular screen with a single carbon pad.

Will ScreenKlean work for a TV and a large computer screen?

ScreenKlean can and will be used for any screen. It helps to keep screens crystal clear for viewing. For large screens, it is advisable to recharge the carbon pad twice or more times for a thorough clean. Large screens cannot be compared to small screens that only require recharging once.

Will the ScreenKlean carbon pads scratch expensive screens?

No, ScreenKlean carbon pads do not leave scratches on the screen like micro-cloths. The use of micro-cloths leaves micro-scratches, that gradually damage and degrade the quality of the display. ScreenKlean carbon pads do not scratch the delicate, expensive devices’ screens.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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