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Smart Nora Review

Updated: April 2021

Getting a good night's sleep can help you healthy and help you keep marriages and partnerships strong. Snoring problems are nothing new, but finding something that can work for the long-term and is not a temporary fix can be difficult. The right product needs to work for you and be comfortable. Smart Nora is the place to start when you need to breathe right to reduce your snoring.

Smart Nora

What should you know before you buy an anti-snoring device?

When you are looking at different products that help you with snoring, consider the following things as you review each product. Not all do the same thing, and there are many things you will not like or want to try. Research your options and find what works for you.

Wearable or Sleep on it

When you go looking for a way to stop snoring or stop your partner from snoring, you need to know how it will change your sleep. The most popular products on the market for anti-snoring aids typically require you to buy something you wear to bed, either wrapping your head, neck, and chin or in or on your nose.

You need to find something comfortable enough to use all night long regardless of where you put it on your head or under your pillow. Some things will not be comfortable to wear or make going and staying asleep easily. You need to know all the features of the product you purchase before you purchase it.

Buy Smart Nora


If you are an allergy sufferer, you will know what to look for and what to avoid. It is better to find something hypoallergenic in design because you never know how you will react to something until you try it. Certain types of products feel uncomfortable to the touch or itch, even if you are allergy-free. Consider all your options before you make your final choice.

Easy to Clean

When you purchase a sleep aid, you want it to be easy to clean. Anti-snoring products can cause additional problems if dust develops or if you have to keep using something repeatedly. You can also get sick if you do not clean your anti-snoring product regularly. Make sure you know how you can clean the product before you purchase it, so you do not need to buy different types of cleaning supplies to ensure your health sees improvement.


Buying reusable anti-snoring products saves you money over time. It will also help you be environmentally friendly without adding new products to the city landfills. Make sure you know how long you can keep reusing the product or if there is anything you need to do to keep it operating at its best.

Easy to Travel With

Traveling is never easy, but if you have snoring problems, you do not need to be hauling a giant machine with you everywhere. The product you choose to purchase should not take up too much extra room in a suitcase or your home. You need to be able to store it easily wherever you need to keep it.

Batteries and Cords

If the product you purchase has batteries or cords, make sure you know what kind of batteries it takes and if you need to change or charge them regularly. The batteries should have a long lifespan and be able to hold a charge for at least the eight hours you require to get a good night's sleep. The cord should be a quality power cord capable of keeping your anti-snoring product running safely.


The market has a lot of unsafe products available that are anti-snoring, as well as general use. Do your research into each type of product before you make your final selection. Read reviews and review consumer report background information to make sure there are no recalls or serious defects in the product you are thinking of purchasing.

Above all, the product should be safe to use regularly. It should not cause allergic reactions, restrict breathing instead of helping it and keep your airways open so you can be snoring-free and get plenty of oxygen.


The last thing you should look at is the price. When you need something to work, often you must pay more for the long-term results. When comparing products, the price can be an indicator of quality as well as how well manufactured it is. While keeping yourself on a budget is very important, you should consider your options for the long and short term as buying disposable products requires you to repurchase the product frequently, and that can add up over time.


What is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora is your anti-snoring solution. Designed to help your body sleep as normally as possible, Smart Nora does nothing until you start to snore. Once it detects a snore, the pump inside your pillow inflates to open up your airways. Smart Nora is not a remedy for any underlying health conditions, and it does not prevent you from snoring; the design helps you breathe better to stop it when it starts.

Using a microphone that sits beside your bed, the pump you put in your regular pillow does not activate until it hears you snore. It is a gradual way to increase oxygen flow that will not wake you or your bed partner when it activates. Smart Nora does not change how you sleep or make going to sleep uncomfortable; it is a secondary product for you to get that good night's sleep like your sheets and your pillows.

What are the main features of Smart Nora?


Nothing about the expander touches your body. Your bed remains the same as you normally sleep in it. You do not need to put anything on your face or your head. Smart Nora uses a pump attached to a snoring sensor that fits conveniently inside your pillow where you will not feel it.

When you start to snore, smartnora's sensor will detect the change and gradually inflates. The expander is a pillow remedy for people who snore, except it is not a pillow. You do not need to feel something gripping your head, your chin, or your nose while you sleep.

Being touch-free means, you do not need to change anything about how you sleep or wear anything to bed. You can act as you normally do and sleep in whatever position feels right for you and have the expander activate the instant it hears you snore. It relies completely on the sound of your snoring to activate and does not interfere with your going or staying asleep.

Sleeping Position does not Matter

Smart Nora does not require you to change anything about how you sleep. You can keep your same sheets and pillow and even your sleeping position. Smart Nora will activate if you start snoring in any position you choose to sleep in. You can be a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper and get the same open-airway results.


When the expander activates, you and your bed partner will not hear it. The expander is silent as it fills with air and opens your throat and nasal passage up more. As you sleep, your airways relax, and snoring starts as your airway narrows, and air cannot pass easily into your lungs.

The muscles of your head and neck normally relax as you sleep, but often as you drift in sleep, you cannot take in enough air, which causes you to snore. Smart Nora silently activates when you start to snore, lifting your head and opening your airways to more air, which stops the snoring.


Smart Nora uses Bluetooth technology that links the pebble, the snoring sensor next to your bed, to the silent pump. As your airway becomes constricted and you start to snore, the pebble sends a signal to the pump to inflate. As the expander inflates, your head is gradually moved into a better position allowing for your airways to open up completely and you to stop snoring.

No extra electronics or paraphernalia around your head

Smart Nora does not augment your sleeping body or require you to add a lot of electronics or other disruptive gear to your sleeping environment. Having electronics near your head can disrupt your sleeping patterns and cause you more trouble as you sleep. Using an expander that does not send electrical signals throughout your head will help you wake up more refreshed.

You use your pillow

A lot of snoring cures require you to change pillows and your sleeping habits to fix your snoring. Using smartnora, you can continue to use your primary pillow or pillows and sleep as you normally do.

Easy to Use

There are two components to the expander. The main one is the pump with a pebble-sized Bluetooth stone that can sit next to your bed. The pebble detects changes in your breathing and noise in the room and sends a signal to the Pump, which inflates to silently and gently lift your head and open your airways. You will need to charge the batteries in the pebble regularly, but other than that, there is nothing you need to do except getting a good night's sleep.


Smart Nora is a small, portable system you can take with you on business trips and other activities. The pebble and the inflatable pump can fit easily in your suitcase without taking up extra room or causing problems when going through airport security. Your new smartnora comes with a box for your pebble and carrying bag for your pump to help keep you organized and ready to travel.

Rechargeable Battery and Plug

The expander has a box for your pebble that can enable the pump to work for up to twenty-four hours without needing to recharge it. A plug is available for you to charge the battery through instructions recommend you keep your Smart Nora plugged in at all times to prevent you from forgetting to charge it.

Thirty-minute Delay

A thirty-minute delay is something you can program into your new expander. A thirty-minute delay helps you fall asleep without the pump randomly inflating before you fall asleep. The delay allows you to finish your television program or talk with your spouse as you relax towards sleep.

The pump reacts to sounds, so a delay of thirty minutes will give you plenty of time to go to sleep without having the pump inflate by accident.


As noted above, you can customize your new expander to have a thirty-minute delay for activation. You can also customize it to react very precisely to your snoring or for increased comfort. You can also track your snoring progress using apps such as snore lab to help you determine when the expander most often goes off or to see your progress as you modify your tool for your use.

Risk-Free Thirty-Day Trial

You can try the expander for thirty-days, risk-free, and get free returns if the product does not meet your needs. Thirty days gives you plenty of time to adjust your expander to your sleeping habits and figure out how to make it work best for your needs. The ability to return it for free if it does not meet your needs is a benefit you can enjoy if it does not work for you.

One-Year Limited Warranty

The expander comes with a one-year limited warranty in case you have problems with your new Smart Nora. The one-year warranty is good to have in case anything unexpected does happen.


What to Buyers of Smart Nora Think?

Buyers of the expander love how easy it is to use the expander and the results they get from it. Even those that had to return their purchase found customer service exceptional. The expander does not disrupt sleep or cause problems during sleeping.

Buyers also love that they do not need to wear anything on their head or over your nose to get the results needed.

Smart Nora Reviews

What alternatives are available?

Before you purchase any kind of snoring tool, you need to know what would work best for your needs. There are multiple types of products to consider before you make your final choice.

Anti Snoring Chin Strap for Men and Women

The Anti Snoring Chin Strap for Men and Women can help improve your sleep cycles and stop you from snoring. The chin strap helps keep your airways open to allow for oxygen to flow freely into your lungs. The design of the chin strap helps instantly stop you from snoring as well as prevents you from grinding your teeth or clenching them.

The chin strap is easy to wear while you sleep and makes breathing more comfortable. It is a premium Neoprene material that is comfortable to wear while you sleep and ergonomic in design. The neoprene helps prevent itchiness from developing while you wear the chin strap has no odors and is easy to clean regularly with mild soaps.

The anti-snoring chin strap is easy to adjust to fit all shapes and sizes of head. The strap uses Velcro fastenings to help it grip your head and fit perfectly for every type of person. It meets the standards set by the FDA for anti-snoring face straps.

  • The chin strap you wear on your head, the smartnora fits under your pillow.
  • The chin strap is more cost-effective than smartnora.
  • You can stop tooth grinding, clenching, and dry mouth with the Zigi Chin Strap, and you cannot with the smartnora.
  • Both products do not require you to change your sleeping habits.
  • Both products help prevent or stop snoring.
  • Both products are easy to travel with.

Venyn Nose Vents

The Venyn Nose Vents are silicone plugs that help open your nose up during the night. By opening your nose, you are also opening your airways to help oxygen enter your body to give you a good night's sleep. The Venyn nose vents come in four different sizes, so you can select the one that opens your airways the best.

The Venyn nose vent is high-quality silicone of medical-grade, which is flexible and adjusts your nasal passages to be wide open while you sleep. The nose vent is good to wear to prevent snoring, but it also helps keep your nose open if you have nasal congestion. It is more than an anti-snoring aid, and it is also a sleep aid for when you are not at your most healthy, as it keeps air flowing into your body.

Made to be long-lasting, the nose vents come with a protective case to keep them functional for years. They are not disposable and capable of withstanding years of use. The nose vent is flexible and not stiff, so you will not feel it inside your nose as you sleep.

  • The Venyn nose vents you wear in your nose, the smartnora goes under your pillow.
  • The Venyn nose vents are silicone, which can cause allergies; the smartnora does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • Both the nose vent and smartnora are reusable.
  • Both the nose vent and smartnora are easy to clean.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Stop Snoring

The Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Stop Snoring rest on top of the bridge of your nose, pulling open your nose to help increase your intake of oxygen and reduce any nasal snoring or congestion. The Breathe Right Nasal Strips do not contain any drugs to help aid them in working. You can wear them to help you breathe at night because of snoring or illness because of the common cold or seasonal allergies.

The Breathe right nasal strips are easy to use. You need to wash your nose to help the strip have a place to stick. You apply the strip to the bridge area of your nose, and your nostrils will automatically open, making it easier for you to seep. To remove the nasal strip, you simply wash your face and peel it off gently from the corners.

You can purchase the Breathe Right Nasal Strips in multiple colors and sizes so you can personalize the experience. The nasal strips also help with other types of problems aside from snoring, such as helping relieve congestion due to coughs, colds, and allergies. They can also help treat sinus problems and open up airflow within a deviated septum.

Inside of the Breathe Right Nasal Strip, you will find a flexible spring that, when combined with an adhesive, can gently open your each side of your nostril up. The opening of the nasal passage helps to increase airflow, which reduces snoring or other breathing problems.

  • The Breathe Right Nasal Strips are disposable; the smartnora is not.
  • You wear the Breathe Right Nasal Strips on your nose; smartnora is touch-free under your pillow.
  • Both products allow you to sleep as you normally do.
  • The Breathe Right Strips come in multiple colors; smartnora has only one color.
  • You can treat other breathing problems with Breathe Right Strips; smartnora treats only snoring.
  • Breathe Right is cost-effective; smartnora is an investment.

Snoring guards and strips and other tools can help everyone with snoring problems. You need to do your homework before you make your final choices. The best thing for you is the one that helps you and your snoring problems.

Smart Nora

Final Thoughts

Getting a good night's sleep can be hard for multiple reasons. A good night's sleep is something you need to do well in school and at work. Snoring can interrupt your sleep and cause other sleep disturbances, which leave you feeling tired and lethargic the next day.

Using an anti-snoring tool like Smart Nora can be the start for improving multiple areas of your life. Breathing better while you sleep will help you feel better the next morning and help your spouse rise more rested. For more information about Smart Nora, please follow the link.

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