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Vivian Lou Review

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Best High Heel Shoe Insoles To Reduce Pain In Your Foot?

Have you seen how epic your legs look in heels? Most women know that too but the problem is, many high heels are painful to wear.

Some people simply stop wearing heels after a while, because the pain is just too much. However, this isn’t a solution!

A great pair of heels complete your look, make you look fabulous and give you a confidence boost all in one go! Why would you give all of those benefits up anyways, everyone wants to look and feel great right?

Sure, you can opt for more comfortable shoes but you cannot always wear your white comfy sneakers, not when there is a formal dress code going on.

The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Inserts

What do you get when you combine talented people and task them with making a shoe insert? Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is what happens! It came into being with the efforts of a podiatrist, a rocket scientist and a lover of high heels. They successfully made one of the best shoe inserts that work flawlessly and last a long time.

Abby Walker wore high heels for 15 years in the corporate world and then decided to move into her own business and Vivian Lou was born. Her main goal was to provide women with comfortable and affordable products that help them achieve their dreams without any additional pain. Vivian Lou also gives a portion of their sales to organizations that help women revitalize their confidence and gain back their independence.

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How Does Vivian Lou Insert Work?

Many of the products on the market only provide your feet with a bit of cushion. They either achieve it with gel or foam and this is exactly why they are not effective.

The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert instead focuses on moving your heel bones up and backward, so the major weight moves from the ball of the foot to be distributed more evenly across the whole foot. The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is also made out of a patented clear resin material that has a surprisingly strong grip on the feet and doesn’t allow them to slip out.

Even distribution of weight and stable foot inside the heel means you will get superior comfort and no foot pain. This is a scientific way of resolving the pain that can occur after wearing heels for an extended period.https://youtu.be/pOYWV946MQk

Is Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert Easy To Use?

All this advanced technology and engineering must make the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert hard to use right? Nope! Not at all.

Is Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert Easy To Use?

One of the best things about the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is that you don’t even have to cut them yourself to fit your shoe! That’s right, unlike the usual foot insoles you can get at your local store, you don’t need to make any adjustments to the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert. I mean, I always second guess myself when I cut those and wonder if I did something wrong but with these epic inserts, that problem is gone.

All you need to do is select the right size for your shoe and you are good to go. No second-guessing yourself or worrying about cutting things wrong here. The package also comes with super simple instructions that you can follow and you will have your heels ready to be worn in under a minute. Simply stick the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert in place and you are ready to roll. I love how strong the stickiness is, once they are placed, they don’t move or slide at all.

Why We Love Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert

  • They don’t even show in your shoes, even if you are wearing sandals.
  • The insert is thin and doesn’t make your shoes tighter at all.
  • You can’t even feel them in the shoe, they just work towards making you feel no pain, that’s it.
  • The company provides a full refund if you don’t like the product.
  • Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert got the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.
  • Some users noticed they were standing a bit straighter after using the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert.

Vivian Lou Features

Natural and Straighter Posture

Using motion capture technology the team behind Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert was able to capture some stunning results. The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert allows the aligned center of gravity and thus put even pressure on the front and back of the foot. With this the natural posture of a person improves significantly, the can stand a bit taller because of no pains and their body including back, knees, and hips feel less strain.

The results also show that users were able to take 9% bigger strides when wearing these innovative insoles. The testing also concluded that the ball of foot received less impact during the landing in a walk.

Reduced Toe Down Movement

The insole is capable of slightly rotating the heel bone upwards and backward which reduces thetoe-down movement of the foot from the ankle. This results in a weight shift from the front of the foot to the back where it naturally should be. Uneven weight distribution and foot alignment is the major reason why women feel pain after wearing heels around.

The weight readjustment makes the foot rest more comfortably inside the shoe and results in lesser pain in the foot. This also enables the user to have the correct posture and natural stride. The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert also helps keep your ankles stable while walking and minimize the strain walking puts on your legs and knees.

Minimized Pressure and Discomfort

If you are wearing a standard 3-inch heel, most of the weight will fall on the forefoot and the big toe. This drastically uneven weight placement puts a lot of strain on the front of the foot and thus leads to pain over extended periods of heel wearing.

The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert moves the weight towards the back of the foot so your forefoot can breathe easy. The heel is better equipped to handle your weight naturally and can have a balanced center of gravity as well.

Maximum Comfort and Balance

The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert comes with a heel cupping technology that gently places your heel in a comfortable grip. The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert also helps you balance when you walk thanks to its design, in a standard heel the balance goes out the farther you move towards the pinky toe.

Put In Less Effort

With the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert inside your heels, you won’t have to take every step like it’s a struggle.

You can walk easily, that’s not what we are saying, and the Wales Center for Podiatric Studies and the Centre for Biomedical Sciences conducted tests that determined the energy efficiency of wearing Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert.

They concluded that wearing the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert will result in you having decreased oxygen need, lowered heart rate, and increased stride length.


Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with other shoes?

Yes, you can use them with any pair of shoes you want. They work perfectly fine with sandals, boots, and clogs, etc.!

Can I move them to other shoes?

No, they are a permanent solution. This is because the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is secured firmly to avoid slipping and movement during usage. Don’t worry though, they can easily last the whole life of a shoe.

Which size is for me?

While this can be a bit of a problem, you can easily order the size you feel will fit you and if it doesn’t, you can exchange it for free. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and honor size exchanges at no cost.

Can I wear them with hose or tights?

Yes! They are thin enough to be work with socks, hoes or even tights without the shoe feeling tighter.

What are they made of?

They are made out of a special clear resin so there won’t be any degradation of quality over time. Also, the material doesn’t allow germs and bacteria to foster.

Parting Words

The Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is a fantastic product that will change the way you wear and enjoy heels. Gone will be the days if you taking them off mid-date or as soon as you get in the car. You will be comfortable and enjoy wearing your favorite shoes whenever and wherever you want.

Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert is also priced very reasonably, we recommend you check out the deals and try out the product yourself. From the material to the application and from usage to security, everything is top-notch with the Vivian Lou Heel Shoe Insert. Overall, we highly recommend that you at least give these a go and see if you fall in love with it or not, we’re sure you will!

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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