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The Wand Wine Purifier Review - Must Read Before Buying

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Wine is one of the highly consumed beverages in the world. In 2020, the wine consumption rate worldwide was at 234 million hectoliters. This is because the drink suits a wide range of occasions and brings along some pleasure. When taken moderately, wine can help combat inflammation, regulate blood sugar, maintain a healthy heart, and acts as an antioxidant.

The least favorite part about wine is that some people end up with headaches even after taking a single glass. Luckily, the wand wine purifier eliminates wine components that cause hangovers. If you struggle with wine-related side effects, here is a detailed review of the wand wine filter to help you make an informed decision.

The Wand Wine Purifier

Bottom line: If you often get hangovers after taking a glass of wine, the wand filter is a worthwhile investment. The tool efficiently filters out sulfites and histamines, and the process takes only three minutes. You will finally be able to enjoy your wine without headaches, stomach upset, or other side effects. Even with the wand, ensure that you don't take more wine than your body can handle. Only those of age should take wine and do it responsibly.

Reviewed by: Carl Browning


  • It's easy to use
  • It's safe
  • The wand filter is small and portable
  • It's very effective


  • You can't reuse the filter

What Is a Wand Wine Purifier?

The wand is a portable purifying tool that you place in a glass of wine to eliminate sulfites ad tannins. Although taking wine is very relaxing, the side effects can be unbearable. Most people experience:

  • Congestion
  • Stomach upset
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Flushed skin

Some people try to drink only the expensive brands to reduce the effects, but this might not work for everyone.

Since most people don't want to give up the joy of drinking wine, they opt to use the wand wine purifier. Most users find the device helpful, and over three thousand people have given it a five star rating on Amazon. Have a look at the pros and cons of using the wand filter.


How the Wand Wine Purifier Works

The wand contains a filter with resin beads that traps out the sulfites and histamines from the wine. Once the filter gets into contact with the wine, it absorbs most of all the histamine and sulfites within eight minutes. The longer you place the wand purifier in your wine, the purer it becomes. 

Stirring your wine with the wand filter will also aerate it. After the purification process, even people with allergies and histamine intolerance can enjoy the wine without experiencing any side effects. A wand filter customer on amazon clearly states that it works. The product also has a B rating on fake spot, meaning that you can trust the reviews.

How to Use the and Wine Purifier

The process of use is relatively straightforward. You dip the wand wine filter in a six-ounce glass of wine. Leave it for at least three minutes and preferably ten to remove most of the sulfites and histamine. Gently stir your wine with the wand after every minute to ensure even filtration. 

 If you suffer from histamine intolerance, it's a good idea that you reintroduce the wine with caution. After purifying, take a few sips on day one, then half a serving on the following day. You can then take a full glass on days three and four if you don't experience side effects.

How Does Wine Cause Headaches?

After taking wine, you might have a dull forehead throb, and later the pain spread throughout the entire head. Histamine, a compound found on grapes skin, is usually the culprit behind headaches. The red wine contains more histamine than the white since the processing involves the entire grape, including the skin. Hence, you are more likely to experience a headache after taking red than white wine. 

Naturally, your body releases histamine when it encounters allergens. Yet, some people lack sufficient enzymes to break down the histamine. Alcohol in wine also inhibits the production of enzymes, leading to a higher accumulation of histamine in your blood. Too much histamine dilates blood vessels which results in a headache. 

 On the other hand, tannins, a naturally occurring plant compound in grapes, also cause headaches. It triggers the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and in higher concentrations, it causes headaches.

A combination of alcohol and sugar also results in headaches. Both products require a lot of water to process, and if you fail to hydrate, the body will begin to draw water from other body parts, including the head, which causes migraines. 

As with any new product, most people question the wand wine filter's capability of removing histamines from wine. Well, the filter can eliminate 95% of histamine and other substances that cause unwanted reactions after taking wine. 

How Effective Is the Wand Wine Filter in Removing Sulfites?

 Sulfite is a preservative used in wine to prevent oxidation and help it stay fresh for a more extended period. While most people can safely consume the sulfite in wine, others experience:

  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Swelling
  • Rashes

Only 1% of wine users are sulfite-sensitive, and of these individuals, 5% are asthmatic. The wand wine filter can remove up to 80% of the sulfites in wine and any other potentially harmful substances.

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Unique Features of the Wand Wine Purifier

wine competitor comparison

 The wand wine purifier eliminates most of the side effects caused by unfiltered wine. It, therefore, suits anybody looking forward to enjoying wine often without complications. One of the best features that sets aside this wine filter from the rest include:


High Convenience

The wand wine filter is a very convenient and easy-to-use solution. It perfectly fits in a purse or pocket, and you can carry it when attending social gatherings, events, or going on a holiday.

The filter comes ready to use and is easy to dispose of. It purifies the wine quickly, without causing a mess that requires clean-up. 

Wand Wine Filter is Safe and Effective

The Wand filter is a US-based product designed, engineered, and manufactured in Texas. It's 100% safe, non-toxic, and made in compliance with the FDA standards.

The filter contains BPA-free food-grade materials and has undergone rigorous tests by the ETSL labs in St. Helena, CA, one of the best wine testing facilities globally. 

It's an Eco-friendly Solution

The wand wine filter doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. It has some filter beads, and once they absorb the impurities, they don't release any chemicals into the wine, making the purification process very safe. 

Wand Filter Works With All Wines

You can use the filter to purify wines of all kinds, white, red, or sparkling. Wand removes both histamine and sulfites from the wine, and it's the only product in the market that can remove both of these elements. It, therefore, allows you to drink your favorite wine and still feel great the following day.

The Filter Will Make Your Wine Taste Better

Sulfites and histamines can cloud the wine's taste with some noxious smell and bitter taste. By eliminating such products, the wand filter improves the taste of your wine

Each glass of wine you take after purifying will always taste the way the manufacturer intended it.

Most users acknowledge that the wine appears smoother and tastes less bitter after filtering it with the wand. 

It Removes Allergens Without Affecting the Wine's Quality

The wand filter works on the wine without altering its natural taste, color, or flavor.

Wines contain natural antioxidants, tannins, and phenolic that improve the body's anti-inflammatory capacity, lower cholesterol levels and boost heart health.

The wand purifier selectively removes sulfites and histamine without affecting the vital components in the wine.


The Wand vs Ullo

Ullo is an ideal option if your main focus is to eliminate sulfite from your wine. It's an easy-to-use filter. You only need to put it over your glass and pour your wine through the system. It has a sleek design that allows you to use it over any wine glasses, decanters, carafe, or stemware. This filter has a unique filtration system that captures sulfur dioxide and allows the other substances to flow through freely.

One main difference between the wand and ullo filters is the method of use. You only need to dip the filter into the wine for the wand, while for ullo, you place it over the glass. Another difference is that the ullo can filter more wine than a single wand filter. You can use ullo to refine about 750ml of wine, while one wand purifies a glass of six ounces or about 177ml.

Apart from this, ullo is a triple filtration system with a filter, cup, and aerator. It has a silicon-made cup with a wide opening that allows you to pour your wine quickly without causing a mess. The cup also has a clear base so you can see the wine drip into your glass. You can choose to aerate your wine or not with this filter by turning on or off the aerator. Remember that if you wish to aerate your wine while using the wand filter, you will have to stir it.

Another benefit of the ullo is that it sits firmly on the glass, and you don't have to hold it. Both filters don't affect the taste of the wine, and they have a simple yet functional design. They are also safe, effective and helps restore the natural quality of the wine.

If you are allergic to sulfur dioxide, then ullo is an ideal option. The wand filter best suits people who also struggle with histamine intolerance. Consider ullo when you want to purify wine for many people, but the wand filter works well for someone who needs to carry a purifier to an event to refine their glass of wine. The wand wine purifier is also cheaper compared to ullo.

Final Verdict

If you often get hangovers after taking a glass of wine, the wand filter is a worthwhile investment. The tool efficiently filters out sulfites and histamines, and the process takes only three minutes. You will finally be able to enjoy your wine without headaches, stomach upset, or other side effects. Even with the wand, ensure that you don't take more wine than your body can handle. Only those of age should take wine and do it responsibly.


Does the wine purifying wand work?

Yes, the wand wine filter works well for all kinds of wine. It contains a filter that absorbs sulfites and histamines without releasing chemicals back to the wine.

Can you reuse the wine wand filter?

You should only use the wand filter to purify a six-ounce glass of wine. Don't reuse this product since it loses refining efficacy with additional use.

Do I need the wand filter while taking high-quality wine?

You will notice a reduced level of side effects when you use the wand to purify any wine. Note that even the high-quality brands might have histamine and sulfites in varying levels.

Written by Carl Browning

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