alleyoop multi tasker brush

Overall Score: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • It is multifunctional
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Includes four makeup applicators
  • Perfect on the go
  • Made from premium synthetic fibers

What We Don't Like

  • Takes time to adjust to

When it comes to beauty, whether skincare or haircare, there are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to pick the right choice for us, this is no truer than with makeup brushes.

With brushes for every part of the face, such as eyes, cheeks, face, lips, etc., and a multitude of application processes like smudging, highlighting, and contouring, the choices seem endless.

alleyoop multi tasker makeup brush review

Yet, the question remains, are all these different brushes essential? Is there a simpler option available? For those of you who don't require the razzle-dazzle on the daily, there is a less complicated option available. And that option is Alleyoop's multi-tasking makeup brush.

You're probably wondering how this makeup brush can make your complex makeup routine less burdensome. Keep reading to learn more about this product in our Alleyoop multi-tasker review.

What Are Multi-Tasker Makeup Brushes?

First, let's quickly cover what a multi-tasker makeup brush is. Multi-tasker makeup brushes are just as they sound.

They're typically one makeup brush that can perform multiple different makeup applications, so you can complete more of your makeup routine with one handy brush.

Such brushes include several benefits, but like anything, they will also have drawbacks.

multi tasker makeup brush

What Is the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Makeup Brush?

alleyoop brush comparison

Alleyoop's multi-tasker makeup brush is a compact 4-in-1 makeup brush. Essentially, it's one product that can perform four different makeup functions. It's like a Russian nesting doll, with the smaller brushes hidden inside, the bigger brushes.

This feature adds to the compact nature of the brush, making it easier to keep with you throughout the day for quick touch-ups.

The Applicators and Their Usage

alleyoop brush with their applicators

Alleyoop's multi-tasker makeup brush provides four applicators, each with its own distinct makeup usage. Since it's a double-ended tool, you have to twist the outside brushes to get to the smaller ones inside.

The Concealer Sponge

The concealer sponge is the large spongy brush on the outside used to blend concealer. Its soft, absorbent body does a good job blending concealer, whether damp or dry.

The Blush Brush

The blush brush is the large, angled, loose, bristled brush on the outside used to apply blush to the cheeks. Its silky bristles don't shed when using it.

The Brow Brush

The brow brush is the small, angled, firm, bristled brush on the inside used to shape and fill in eyebrows.

The Eyeshadow Brush

The eyeshadow brush is the small, semi-loose bristled brush on the inside used to apply eyeshadow to the eyes.

Benefits of the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Makeup Brush

alleyoop makeup brush benefits

Every product has its own distinct benefits; if it doesn't, then there's no reason to purchase it. Below are the most significant benefits of the Alleyoop multi-tasker makeup brush.

Declutter Your Limited Space

If you're someone with limited space, there's a better solution than keeping a drawer full of different makeup brushes for each part of the face that does many different things. That's where this 4-in-1 makeup brush comes in to save the day.

One tool that does many different things, and it's compact and travel-friendly too.

Simplify Your Makeup Routine

If you're tired of an overcomplicated makeup routine and need to get your makeup on in the morning quicker, then a multi-tasker like the Alleyoop makeup brush is just what you need. Nothing but the essentials, all-in-one, no searching around for the eyeshadow brush you swore you put away but now can't find.

Travel Friendly

If you often travel and dislike the entire packing debacle of what to bring or the dreaded I don't have enough room for this scenario, this compact, 4-in-1 makeup brush makes an excellent travel buddy. Additionally, it's also TSA-approved.

alleyoop travel makeup brush

Multi-Use Multi-Tasker

Even though these 4-in-1 makeup brush applicators are designated specifically as concealer sponge, blush, brow, and eyeshadow brushes, it doesn't mean that's how you have to use them.

Instead, the beauty of this product is the potential versatility of the applicators. For example, the concealer brush can also apply foundation; why not? While the blush brush is a good option for applying bronzer or a highlighter.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

vegan makeup brush

Nowadays, people are less and less willing to purchase products that exploit other living things for their vanity. So in recent years, the popularity and interest in vegan and cruelty-free beauty products have exploded.

Thanks to its premium synthetic fibers, you can take comfort in knowing no harm came to innocent plants or animals when creating this handy-dandy makeup brush.

Drawbacks of the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Makeup Brush

Like with any product, there are a couple of drawbacks to the Alleyoop multi-tasker makeup brush. While they may seem trivial to some people, others may consider them deal-breakers. Below are the two most significant drawbacks of this 4-in-1 makeup brush.

Too Basic

Let's be honest; this multi-tasker makeup brush suits a basic makeup routine. However, for those out there who go all out with your makeup, either professionally or just for fun, this 4-in-1 makeup brush is not for you.

Not Ideal for Powder-Based Makeup

powder makeup

This makeup brush's synthetic (even premium quality) fibers are not ideal for powder-based makeup, especially not loose powder. This issue goes for all makeup brushes that use synthetic fibers. It doesn't matter if the fibers are genuinely high-quality.

This is because synthetic fibers tend to pick up and distribute less pigment from powder-based makeup products. They're suited for liquid and cream-based products because they're absorbent and won't soak up too much product.

It's essential to care for it properly to ensure that the Alleyoop multi-tasker makeup brush lasts a long time. The recommended cleaning instructions include using a gentle makeup brush soap or cleanser, and lukewarm water. Follow the below instructions for the best results.
First, dampen the bristles and then apply the soap or cleanser. Next, gently massage the bristles in slow, circular motions on the palm of the hands or a makeup pad. Lastly, rinse thoroughly with water, squeeze any excess moisture, and lay flat on a couple of paper towels to dry.

The Final Verdict

Now that you've finished this Alleyoop multi-tasker review, you better understand this multi-tasking 4-in-1 makeup brush. You know what it is, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to use and maintain it properly. 

So let's get to the final verdict. Alleyoop's multi-tasker makeup brush is ideal for basic makeup routines that don't incorporate powder-based makeup. It's suitable for quick-touch-ups and traveling, but when you want to go all out, it's not the right tool for the job.
However, the real question remains: What do you think? Is this makeup brush a game changer or just another beauty product promising more than it offers? Sometimes you can't know until you try.


After reading this review for the Alleyoop multi-tasker makeup brush, you might have some lingering questions. Some of the most common questions and their accompanying answers are below for your convenience.

What are synthetic fibers?

Synthetic fibers are artificial fibers typically made through various chemical processes.

What are natural fibers?

Natural fibers are made from raw materials. They come from plants and animals. But unfortunately, the natural fibers in makeup brushes are usually animal hair or fur.

What's the difference between synthetic and natural fibers?

The main difference (besides their composition) is what type of makeup they're suited for and what they do best. For example, synthetic fibers are suitable for liquid and cream-based products, while natural fibers are suitable for powder-based products. Additionally, synthetic fibers are good at building coverage or pinpoint work and defined lines. In contrast, natural fibers are good at contouring and blending to get a smooth, finished look.

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