Audien vs. MDHearing NEO Hearing Aids – Comparison Guide for 2024

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2 comments on “Audien vs. MDHearing NEO Hearing Aids – Comparison Guide for 2024”

    1. Hi Ron,

      Well, both are good options, but personally, I think they are almost the same. However, considering the price point, the NEO XS costs more than double and doesn't offer much better features, apart from background noise reduction, besides the feedback cancellation, which the Audien Atom Pro also has.

      Other than that, for $149.99, the Audien Atom Pro offers the following advantages over the NEO XS:

      You get 24 hours of battery life, compared to Neo XS's 18 hours.
      I find the feel and build quality better with the Audien Atom Pro.

      Personally, I don't see any compelling reason to choose the NEO XS over the Audien Atom Pro at this time, especially with the significant difference in price. Also, I haven't yet found any authentic customer feedback to see how the noise reduction and feedback cancellation actually work for them.

      You should know that these types of devices are hearing amplifiers, and you should have realistic expectations. If you're looking for something better with more features and control, I personally would recommend the ELEHEAR Alpha Pro, which is definitely worth the investment and has high ratings from most customers.

      Check the products:
      ELEHEAR Alpha Pro
      Audien Atom PRO 2 (NEW)
      Audien Atom PRO

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