Dealing with a dog's excessive barking can be a challenging and often frustrating experience for pet owners. Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs, serving various purposes, from alerting their owners to expressing their emotions and needs.

Best Anti Bark Devices

In this article, we'll delve into humane anti-bark devices designed to help address excessive barking. However, we'll also underscore the significance of using these devices with effective training techniques. A balanced approach ensures that your dog comprehends the expected behavior, fostering a happier and more harmonious relationship between you and your beloved furry companion.

The ultrasonic bark control device emits a sound between 15HZ to 120KHZ, within a dog's hearing range but above the average human range of 20HZ - 20KHZ, effectively catching the dog's attention without being heard by humans.

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BarxBuddy employs a safe ultrasonic sound to capture and soothe your dog swiftly. It effectively halts various issues like barking, jumping, chewing, or digging, providing a quick solution to common behavioral problems.

2nd runner up

NPS Ultrasonic

Simply point the NPS device at your dog and press the button. It captures your pet's attention and effectively halts their behavior without the need for yelling.

Best Anti Bark Devices Comparison Table


Editors Choice

NPS Ultrasonic

Ahwhg 2-in-1


NZONPET 3-in-1

NPS Ultrasonic
Ahwhg 2-in-1
NZONPET 3-in-1

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30 KHZ


25 - 30 KHZ




 40 - 60 Ft feet). Most effective at a range of 30 Ft.

Up to 27 Ft

16.4 Ft

16.4 Ft

16.4 Ft

Suitable for Dog Sizes

Work for dogs of all types sizes & ages

For dogs all types sizes and breeds

Simple, one-step application

Fits all-breed dogs and all size dogs

Fits the dodos of all sizes

Ideal For

Excessive barking
Fighting with other dogs
Destructive chewing

Reducing excessive barking and training

Preventing various behaviors

Diverse dog behavior issues

Training and deterring unwanted actions

Key Features

Dog silencer, pet trainer, Portable

Ultrasonic sound, LED lights, and infrared light

Ultrasonic deterrent, simple design

Dual frequency, portable

Multiple modes, ultrasound & beep, upgraded technology

Ultrasonic, beep training, LED flashlight


9-volt battery (included)

1 Hour Rapid Charge - Long Lasting 32 Hour Battery

2 hr full charge 60 days standbuy

4 replaceable AAA batteries

Lithium Polymer batteries 

1 -2 hours full charge 


2 strength settings: Setting I for training your pet, and Setting II for deterring aggressive dogs

Enchanced Ultrasonic+ MId Ultrasonic Sound Deterrent

Quadruple tap to switch between the two frequency modes

Non - working status led lights up blue

3 Different Frequency  Multiple modes


100% harmless to both dogs and human and all animals

Safe for dogs, cats humans

100 % safe for dog and human

Safe to use

100% harmless to both dogs and human











The BarxBuddy Anti Barking Control Device

The BarxBuddy Anti Barking Control Device is a versatile tool for addressing various dog behavior issues.

It's portable and includes a bright LED flashlight for safety during outdoor activities, making it a safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional dog training methods.

How does it work?

The BarxBuddy works by utilizing a combination of ultrasonic sound, LED lights, and infrared light to capture and calm your dog's attention. This multifaceted approach helps in effectively managing and modifying your dog's behavior.


  • Controls dog barking and deters unwanted behaviors.
  • Works for all dog sizes using ultrasonic sound.
  • Handheld and portable for easy training anywhere.
  • Includes a bright LED flashlight to deter dogs.
  • Safe, easy to use, and fits comfortably in hand.


  • Results are not immediate; this solution is not suitable for lazy owners.

In summary, the BarxBuddy Anti Barking Control Device is a versatile and user-friendly tool for dog owners, providing safe and effective solutions for training and managing various dog behaviors.

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The NPS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

This device is a fast and humane solution for common dog behavior issues like barking, chewing, biting, and chasing.

The NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Devices with 3X Sonic emitters are the ultimate solution for indoor and outdoor use, with a range of up to 50ft.

How does it work?

The NPS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device offers various modes like Dog Whistle, Strobe, Flashlight, and 25Hz Ultrasonic Training to modify dog behavior and ensure visibility during walks.

It features Premium Pup Protection with an 8-second auto-shut-off to safeguard dogs' hearing, and holding the button activates extended whistle and strobe modes for more flexible training.


  • Strong emphasis on dog safety with features like 8-second ultrasonic auto-shut-off for hearing protection.
  • 3.4 times more effective than standard dog whistles for faster behavior modification.
  • Versatile and durable with multiple modes, including dog whistle, strobe, flashlight, and ultrasonic training.


  • Needs consistent use and correct training techniques for effectiveness.

In summary, the NPS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device is a quick, humane, and versatile tool to address dog behavior issues, backed by a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

The Ahwhg 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Trainer and Bark Control Device

The Ahwhg 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Trainer and Bark Control Device is designed for dog training and managing unwanted behaviors like barking, digging, and more.

How does it work?

The Ahwhg ultrasonic dog bark deterrent works by pointing it at the dog within 16.4 feet to emit an ultrasonic sound, attracting the dog's attention for a command, followed by a reward or praise for obedience; eventually, simply showing the device acts as a deterrent.


  • Dual frequency modes with 25 KHZ fixed and 30 KHZ variable signals for effective, harmless dog training.
  • Versatile and powerful, it deters dogs during outdoor activities for safety.
  • Long control range of 16.4ft in a compact, portable size with a wrist strap for convenience.
  • Quick USB recharge with a 2-hour charge time and approximately 60 days of use.


  • Limited effective range, requiring close proximity to the dog, may not be ideal for distant barking issues.

In summary, the Ahwhg Anti Barking Device offers numerous advantages, including dual frequencies, versatility, portability, and quick recharge. However, its effectiveness can depend on individual circumstances, and it should ideally be used alongside appropriate training techniques for optimal results.

The MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

The MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Training Device is a versatile tool that uses ultrasound and beeps to address various behavior issues.

With upgraded technology offering three modes and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, it's lightweight and portable and promotes humane and safe training methods.

How does it work?

The Modus anti-barking device works by emitting an ultrasonic sound when its button is pressed and held. Its design has been improved to prevent accidental activation.


  • Addresses various dog behaviors like barking, fighting, and food issues, offering training flexibility.
  • Three modes with adjustable ultrasonic and beep modes for improved training results.
  • Long battery life with a 750mAh USB rechargeable battery, up to 30 days of use on a single charge.
  • It is lightweight and portable and ideal for outdoor activities with an adjustable wrist strap. 


  • It may not work effectively on larger dogs, limiting suitability for certain breeds or sizes.
  • It lacks an on/off switch, making activation control less convenient.
  • Prone to accidental deactivation, indicating a need for design or functionality improvements.

In summary, the MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Training Aid and Bark Control Device is a versatile, humane, and user-friendly tool for addressing various dog behavior issues. It's designed to build a better understanding between you and your furry friend while promoting safe and effective training techniques.

NZONPET 3-in-1 Training and Anti-Barking Device

This device boasts a unique and user-friendly design, making it a versatile tool for dog training and bark control.

Its smooth appearance, lightweight build, and convenient buckle and lanyard design make it easy to carry during outdoor activities.

Three simple buttons featuring a cartoon dog image make it novel and funny, ensuring ease of use for everyone.

How does it work?

The Nzonpet anti-barking device works within a range of 16.4 feet, requiring proper and patient training. You point the device at your dog and click it while giving commands, then reward your dog once they respond correctly, and repeat the process to reinforce their memory of the training.


  • 3-in-1 functionality with ultrasonic releasing, beep training, and LED flashlight for addressing behaviors like barking and digging.
  • Varied ultrasonic sound waves in three frequencies to prevent adaptation.
  • Long battery life with a rechargeable 300mAh battery, 1-2 hours charging time, up to 12 days of use, and 15 days standby, suitable for travel and outdoor activities.
  • Includes user guidance, best for dogs without hearing issues, aged between six months and eight years, and requires proper training for effectiveness.


  • It may not work effectively through fences.
  • The raised activation button can cause accidental activation in pockets.

In summary, the NZONPET 3-in-1 Training and Anti-Barking Device offers a user-friendly design, versatile functionality, and a rechargeable battery, making it a convenient and effective tool for training and managing your dog's behavior. 

What Does an Anti-Bark Device Do?

An anti-bark device is meant to discourage or reduce excessive barking in dogs. These devices can emit sounds, vibrations, or mild static stimulation to interrupt a dog's barking behavior. They aim to train dogs to associate excessive barking with an unpleasant sensation or sound, thus discouraging them from barking when it is unnecessary.

What Does an Anti-Bark Device Do?

Are Anti-Bark Devices Safe for Dogs?

Anti-bark devices can be safe for dogs when used properly. Most modern anti-bark devices are designed with the well-being of dogs in mind, avoiding excessive force or harm.

Noise-making anti-bark devices produce high-pitched ultrasonic sounds in response to barking, which are audible to dogs but not humans. These tones annoy dogs and act as corrections, stopping when the barking ceases. Dogs learn that barking triggers the noise, and quieting down stops it.

These devices come in indoor and outdoor versions, responding to any dog's barking within range. They are helpful if you have multiple barkers, and outdoor models can quiet neighbor dogs, although they may affect all your dogs if you have more than one.

However, following the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations is crucial when using these devices. Misuse or excessive use of certain devices can cause stress or anxiety in dogs. Additionally, it's important to consider your dog's temperament and individual needs when deciding whether to use an anti-bark device.

How Do Anti-Bark Devices Work?

Anti-bark devices typically work by employing one or more of the following methods:

  • Ultrasonic Sound: Many anti-bark devices emit high-frequency sounds (ultrasound) that are unpleasant to dogs but often inaudible to humans. When the dog barks excessively, the device responds by emitting this sound, which acts as a deterrent.
  • Vibration: Some devices use vibration to interrupt barking. These devices create a mild vibrating sensation when the dog barks excessively, distracting the dog and discouraging further barking.
  • Static Stimulation: A few anti-bark devices deliver a mild static shock to the dog when they bark excessively. However, this method is less common and is often considered controversial. It's important to use static stimulation devices cautiously and ensure they have adjustable settings to avoid causing harm.
  • Citronella Spray: Citronella collars release a burst of citronella spray near the dog's face when they bark excessively. Most dogs find the scent of citronella unpleasant, making them less likely to bark.
  • Remote-Controlled Training Collars: Some anti-bark devices are controlled by the owner and provide a range of corrections, including sound, vibration, or static stimulation, through a remote control.

It's worth noting that the effectiveness of anti-bark devices can vary depending on the dog's temperament and the specific cause of excessive barking. Proper training and positive reinforcement techniques should ideally be combined with the use of anti-bark devices to achieve the best results while ensuring the dog's well-being.

What Is the Best Device to Stop Multiple Dogs from Barking?

The best device to stop multiple dogs from barking depends on your specific needs and the nature of the barking issues. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Devices: These devices emit high-pitched ultrasonic sounds that are annoying to dogs but generally inaudible to humans. They can be effective in quieting multiple dogs in the vicinity. Look for one with a wide coverage range to address all the dogs in your area.
  • Outdoor Bark Control Systems: Designed for outdoor use, these devices can cover larger areas and deter barking from multiple dogs in your yard or neighboring yards. They usually have a more robust range compared to indoor devices.
  • Remote-Controlled Training Collars: Remote-controlled collars allow you to address specific dogs individually. They can correct barking behaviors in multiple dogs one at a time. Ensure you choose a multi-dog training collar system if you have several dogs.
  • Professional Dog Trainer: Consider hiring a professional dog trainer who specializes in addressing barking issues in multi-dog households. They can tailor training methods to the unique needs of your dogs.

The best device or approach will depend on the specific circumstances, the number of dogs involved, and the reasons behind their barking.

Using these devices or methods alongside proper training techniques is essential to achieve long-term success in reducing barking.

Additionally, always prioritize the well-being of your dogs and avoid harsh or harmful methods.

Best Device to Stop Multiple Dogs from Barking

How To Choose the Right Anti-Bark Device?

When choosing a safe anti-bark device for your dog, it's important to consider several factors to ensure it's effective and humane. Here's a buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision:

Safety and Humane Methods:

  • Look for devices that use humane methods to deter barking, such as ultrasonic sound.
  • Ensure the device is designed to prioritize your dog's well-being and comfort, avoiding harm or distress.


  • Check for reviews and feedback from other dog owners to gauge the device's effectiveness in reducing barking.
  • Consider the device's range and coverage to ensure it can address your specific indoor or outdoor needs.

Size and Portability:

  • Choose a device that suits your lifestyle and can be easily carried or used in various situations, whether at home, during walks, or when traveling.

Ease of Use:

  • Opt for devices with user-friendly controls and straightforward instructions.
  • Look for one-button operation or remote control options for convenience.

Adjustable Settings:

  • Select a device with adjustable settings to customize the level of correction or deterrence based on your dog's sensitivity and specific behavior issues.

Battery Life and Rechargeability:

  • Consider devices with long-lasting battery life to minimize the need for frequent recharging or battery replacements.
  • Choose rechargeable devices to reduce environmental impact and ongoing costs.


  • Ensure the device is suitable for your dog's size and breed. Some devices may not be effective for very small or large dogs.

Durability and Weather Resistance:

  • If you plan to use the device outdoors, make sure it is durable and weather-resistant to withstand various weather conditions.

Additional Features:

  • Some devices have extra features like LED flashlights or remote control options. Assess whether these features would be beneficial for your needs.

Compliance with Local Laws:

  • Be aware of any local regulations or laws regarding the use of anti-bark devices. Some areas may have restrictions or guidelines.

Training and Support:

  • Look for devices with training resources or guides to help you use the device effectively.
  • Contact professional dog trainers or behaviorists for device selection and usage guidance.

By carefully evaluating these factors and choosing a safe and effective anti-bark device, you can address your dog's barking behavior while ensuring their comfort and well-being.


I recommend the BarxBuddy Anti Barking Control Device for its effectiveness in deterring a range of unwanted behaviors in dogs. This versatile and portable solution acts as both a dog silencer and a pet trainer, making it a convenient choice for managing excessive barking.

Remember that effective training and consistency are key to addressing excessive barking successfully. While these devices can aid in modifying behavior, they should be used with proper training techniques, and you should always prioritize your dog's comfort and well-being.

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