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Moksha Beam

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Moksha Beam Anxiety Whistle Necklace

The innovative necklace + whistle stands out as a powerful natural solution for alleviating anxiety and stress. Its dual functionality, combining a physical reminder to breathe deeply with the calming aspect of a whistle, which can help redirect thoughts and emotions.


Honorable mention

Flō Stress Relief Mindful Necklace

Muladhara Flō: Expertly designed by urban-savvy minority women, this elegant tool harnesses controlled breathing to naturally soothe the mind and body.

If you constantly feel on edge, like you're waiting for something bad to happen, then you might be dealing with anxiety. However, anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. It's an actual condition that can cause physical symptoms like a rapid heart rate, sweating, and difficulty breathing. And it can be extremely debilitating, affecting your ability to work, socialize, and even enjoy life.

Best Anxiety Necklace

So what causes anxiety? Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer. Anxiety can be triggered by a variety of factors, both psychological and environmental. For some people, it may be genetic or due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Others may have experienced traumatic events that left them scared and vulnerable.

We all have moments when we feel stressed and anxious. It's not fun, but there are ways to help ourselves calm down. For example, did you know there is jewelry specifically designed for stress relief?

What Is An Anxiety Necklace?

The Anxiety Necklace is a piece of jewelry that can help you relax and de-stress. They are known for their calming properties, and wearing them will make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to combat anxiety and panic attacks. And the Best Anxiety Necklace is designed to help you focus on your breath and calm your mind.

When you feel the first signs of anxiety or a panic attack, simply reach for your necklace and begin deep breathing. The necklace's unique design features a two-flow airway that provides just the right amount of resistance for your exhale. This helps take your focus off racing thoughts and allows you to focus on your breath.

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Moksha Beam

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Flō Muladhara

Classic Shift Komuso Design

Moksha Beam
Flō Muladhara
Classic Shift Komuso Design

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Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Won’t chip, tarnish or fade

Stainless steel

Surgical-grade stainless steel





Product Dimensions:

1.97 x 0.31 x 0.31 inches

 2 inches in length and 0.3 inch in diameter

3.66 x 3.54 x 1.85 inches






2 Ounces





Flō by Muladhara

Komuso Design

Available colors:

Polished Silver, Space Grey, & Rose Gold

Matte Black, Slate, Silver, Gold, Rose gold

Matte Slate, Sterling silver, Gold, Rose gold

Money Back Warranty:








$85 - 135

Do Necklaces Help with Anxiety?

The most common mental illness in America is an anxiety disorder. It affects 40 million people yearly (19% of the population)!

Reported side effects of long term antidepressant use:

  • Sexual problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Reduced positive feelings
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Feeling dependent on the medication

Like most people, you've probably tried various methods to deal with your anxiety. You may have even resorted to taking medication prescribed by your doctor. But what if there were another way? A way that was more effective and didn't have all the scary side effects?

Necklaces have been shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety and can help reduce stress levels without all of the nasty side effects, and it's something you can do every day without any special equipment or training.

So, the next time you feel anxious, don't reach for the prescription medication or bottle of wine. Instead, take a few deep breaths and lengthen your exhalations. It may be just what you need to calm your nerves and get on with your day.

Citing numerous Harvard and University of Michigan studies, this article shares how the fastest way to relieve anxiety is through rhythmic breathing.

In fact, research shows that necklace wearing can even improve sleep quality and other aspects such as depression or concentration levels for those who have difficulty concentrating because their mind always seems too preoccupied with what's happening inside them rather than outside sources around them.

1. Moksha Beam Anxiety Whistle Necklace

If you're someone who struggles with anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be. It's a constant battle to keep your thoughts in check and your body from going into panic mode.

It feels like you're trapped in a never-ending cycle of fear and uncertainty. But what if there was a way to break free from this relentless cycle?

Moksha Beam

This innovative necklace + whistle is designed to help deep breathing and reduce anxiety and stress.

Moksha Beam is more than just a temporary fix for anxiety - it's a way to help retrain your mind and body to respond more calmly to stressors.

The split-path airflow design assists mindfulness breathing, making it perfect for belly breathing, guided breathing meditation, and panic attack breathing. In addition, the Moksha Beam is made with high-quality materials and is optimized to help deep breathing and reduce anxiety & stress.

How Does Moksha Beam Work?

The Moksha necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry—it's a powerful tool for preventing and managing anxiety and stress. The unique design of the necklace serves as a reminder to mentally calm down and focus on deep breathing, which can help center you during times of stress. And if you find yourself amid an anxiety or panic attack, the Moksha can help serve as a focal point to help you get through it.

The key to the Beam Moksha's effectiveness is its exhalation time. This allows you to release all of your stress and tension with each breath, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

We all have our breaking point—that moment when the stresses of life catch up to us, and we're in full-on panic mode. Our mind races, our breathing quickens, and our body goes into a fear response. It's an incredibly difficult cycle to break on our own. But with the help of the Beam Moksha, we can take an important first step.

How Does Moksha Beam Work


  • It uses gentle pressure and breathing techniques to help you relax and feel calm in as little as 5 breaths (unlike medicines that take at least 30 minutes to start working).
  • Unlike other anxiety relief products, you can use Beam 24/7 with no harmful side effects.
  • It's made to last a lifetime so that you can save money on expensive prescriptions or visits to medical professionals.
  • Doctors and clinicians worldwide have recognized it for its unique and proven approach to reducing anxiety.
  • Because it's portable, you can take it with you wherever you go, so you're always prepared when those anxious moments strike.
  • It comes with a companion app that contains over 1,000 breathing exercises so that you can find the perfect one for any situation.

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2. Muladhara Flō Stress Relief Mindful Necklace

This simple and elegant product was created by three minority women from New York City who know a thing or two about navigating the stresses of urban life.

Flō works by helping you to control your breath, which in turn calms your mind and body.

As a result, you can slow down your breathing and allow your body to relax naturally.

How Does Muladhara Flō Work?

Flō is the perfect tool for anyone looking to reduce stress and promote self-care. Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, Flō can help you focus your mind and breathe more deeply.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through the Flo, focusing on each quality breath. After just 5 breaths, you'll start to feel more relaxed. Use Flō anytime you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life - at home, at work, or on the go.

How Does Work Flo


  • It can help slow down your breathing and naturally calm your mind and body.
  • The adjustable length ensures a comfortable fit for anyone
  • The modern and stylish appearance is perfect for any outfit.


  • It's more expensive than Moksha Beam

3. Komuso Breathing Necklace Classic Shift

The Komuso Shift is a beautiful piece of jewelry that helps you slow your breathing and promote relaxation.

Worn against your heart, it serves as a reminder to take a moment to breathe deeply whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

Made with an elegant, minimalist design, the Shift is perfect for both men and women who want a stylish way to combat anxiety and promote well-being.

How Does Komuso Shift Work?

Just inhale deeply through your nose, and then exhale gently through the Shift for 8-10 seconds. You'll notice your thoughts' shifting' to your breath, and you'll feel more relaxed and calm.

How Does Komuso Shift Work?


  • It works by slowly lowering your heart rate and blood pressure while also loosening up your muscles. The result is a feeling of calm and relaxation.


  • It doesn't come with a companion app like it does with Moksha

Effective Breathing Techniques to Practice with Your Anxiety Necklace

  1. 4-7-8 Breathing Technique: While wearing your anxiety necklace, practice the 4-7-8 technique. Inhale deeply for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7, and then exhale slowly for a count of 8. This controlled pattern helps activate the body's relaxation response.
  2. Box Breathing: Touch your anxiety necklace as you engage in box breathing. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, and then pause for 4. This technique helps balance your breath and calm your mind.
  3. Alternate Nostril Breathing: With your necklace as a grounding aid, practice alternate nostril breathing. Close one nostril and inhale through the other for a count of 4, then switch nostrils and exhale for a count of 4. This technique balances energy and promotes a sense of calm.
  4. Diaphragmatic Breathing: Hold your anxiety necklace as you practice diaphragmatic breathing. Inhale deeply, allowing your diaphragm to expand, and then exhale slowly. This technique helps activate the body's relaxation response.
  5. Mindful Breathing: Gently touch your necklace as a focal point for mindful breathing. Observe each breath without judgment, bringing your focus back whenever your mind wanders. This technique cultivates present-moment awareness.
  6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: While holding your necklace, combine deep breaths with progressive muscle relaxation. Inhale as you tense a muscle group, then exhale and release the tension. This method promotes relaxation throughout your body.

Remember, your anxiety necklace serves as a tangible reminder to engage in these techniques, helping you combat anxiety and promote a sense of calm in various situations.

What Is the Best Anxiety Necklace?

In the realm of anxiety necklaces, each option offers distinct advantages tailored to different preferences and needs. The Classic Shift Komuso Design balances style and mindfulness, making it an ideal choice for those who value both aesthetics and anxiety relief.

The Muladhara Flō stands out with its holistic approach, appealing to individuals seeking comprehensive stress reduction. Finally, the Moksha Anxiety Whistle Necklace introduces innovation, combining style with an interactive element that encourages deep breathing and mindfulness.

So if you want an affordable option that still provides excellent quality crafted from high-quality 316 Grade Stainless steel and PVD plating, meaning it won't tarnish or oxidize over time. In that case, we think Moksha Beam is the best anxiety necklace for you. 

With this necklace, you can always have a personal breathing coach with you because it has an accompanying application that contains more than 1000 breathing exercises.

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