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If you’re thinking about making your own dog food or want your furry friend to eat fresher, more natural meals, then choosing the best dog food delivery service could be a great option for you and your four-legged companion. It’s similar to getting a HelloFresh meal kit for your dog, but without the need to cook.

So, what’s the ideal diet for your dog? There’s a variety of options, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Some people prefer human-quality cooked dog food, while others choose a raw diet that replicates what dogs have naturally eaten throughout their evolution. Then there are those who favor high-quality dry food, and some who believe in the advantages of a plant-based diet for dogs.

In reality, the best approach is to talk to your vet or a pet health expert to find the food that’s most appropriate for your dog’s specific needs, considering their breed, age, level of activity, and any health issues. Regardless of the diet you select, the finest dog food delivery services will provide regular shipments of exceptional pet food for your beloved pooch.

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  4. Nom Nom
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Our Top Pick

nomnom 4 recipes order now

After reviewing various dog food delivery services, Nom Nom stands out as the best overall choice for pet owners seeking high-quality, nutritious meals for their dogs. With recipes formulated by expert veterinary nutritionists, Nom Nom offers a balance of taste and health, using fresh, human-grade ingredients. Their service is not only convenient, with customizable meal plans and flexible delivery options, but also committed to your pet’s well-being, meeting AAFCO nutrition standards. Whether you have a picky eater or a dog with specific dietary needs, Nom Nom’s dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and their easy-to-use service makes them an excellent choice for ensuring your furry friend’s diet is as healthy and enjoyable as possible.

Comparison Table

ServiceNom Nom
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petplate logo
A Pup Above
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ollie logo
Spot & Tango
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We Feed Raw
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Where to buyOfficial siteOfficial siteOfficial siteOfficial siteOfficial siteOfficial site
Price$60 – $400$80 – $330$50 – $270$90 – $200$50 – $400$70 – $800
trustpilot ratingstar-fillstar-fillstar-fillstar-fillstar-half
Meal typeFreshFresh and dryFresh and dryFreshFresh and dryRaw
Free shippingYes
Additional offeringsProbiotic supplementsTreats, supplementsN/ATreats, supplementsN/AN/A
Your price may vary based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, and level of activity.

How We Chose the Best Dog Food Delivery Service

When choosing the top dog food delivery services for this list, we took into account the quality of ingredients and the variety of meal options, along with research-backed nutritional value and cost. While subscribing to a dog food delivery service isn’t essential, if you’re interested in exploring this option for your pet, we’re here to assist you in making the most informed and beneficial choice possible.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Examine the ingredients in the dog food before you choose a delivery service. Look for a food that includes a high-quality, easily digestible protein for essential amino acids, along with fiber, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also important that the food is cooked gently to keep nutrients intact. Just like people, dogs may thrive on a mix of fresh or raw meats, easy-to-digest carbs, and fruits and veggies.

Personalized Options

Tailored meal plans for your dog might cost more, but they could be worth it. Dogs are unique and have varied dietary needs, so a one-size-fits-all approach may not work. Services that let you provide details about your dog’s size, breed, and special dietary needs can offer food that’s a better fit for them.


When picking a dog food delivery service, cost is a key factor. Prices can vary, so it’s wise to know what you’re willing to spend. Remember to consider how many deliveries you get for each price level.

AAFCO Certification

When picking a dog food delivery service, ensure their products have the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approval. This seal of approval indicates the dog food meets high nutritional standards for balance and completeness, as set by AAFCO for pet foods in the United States. These guidelines make sure the food contains essential dietary needs for dogs, covering key nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Always check for the AAFCO statement on dog food packaging before making a purchase. This label, usually found on the back or side of the package, not only assures that the food is formulated to meet established canine dietary standards but also indicates the appropriate life stage for the food, such as puppy, adult, or senior. Choosing AAFCO-approved dog food ensures your pet gets the necessary nutrients for a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from other pet owners through reviews can offer insights into the ease of ordering, punctuality of deliveries, and customer service quality. A service that excels in customer satisfaction typically demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing concerns, with prompt and effective responses to inquiries and issues. This focus on customer care ensures a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience for both pet owners and their dogs, guaranteeing nutritious meals for the pets and peace of mind for their owners.

The Best Overall Dog Food Delivery Service: Nom Nom


  • No artificial preservatives and fillers.
  • Offers sample meals without needing a subscription.
  • Convenient packaging listing the food’s name and all ingredients.
  • Recipes made by board-certified veterinary nutritionists.
  • Freshly made food that is not frozen.
  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The price can be relatively high.

Nom Nom provides fresh, well-measured meals for both dogs and cats, ensuring a balanced diet. Their pet food recipes are designed by a qualified veterinary nutritionist who adheres to the standards set by the AAFCO.

According to their FAQ section, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist formulates the recipes. This is corroborated by an article on Wirecutter, where they conducted an interview with the co-founder of Nom Nom Alex Jarrell. They develop recipes that adhere to the industry benchmarks for pet nutrition set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Using Nom Nom’s delivery service is straightforward. They deliver twice-daily pre-packaged meals right to your door. Each packet is clearly labeled with the pet’s name and a full list of ingredients, so you know exactly what your pet is eating.

Nom Nom offers a variety of four dog food recipes: Turkey Fare, Beef Mash, Pork Potluck, and Chicken Cuisine. Customers have the flexibility to choose how often they receive deliveries – weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks. These tailored meals are designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of your pet and have been found to boost energy levels within the first week and enhance endurance after three months. The monthly costs range from $120 to $700 and vary based on the recipes.



  • All recipes are crafted by a veterinary nutritionist.
  • The packaging is both recyclable and safe for microwaving.
  • Organic treats are included to aid in digestion.
  • Meals are versatile, suitable to be served either cold or heated.
  • Instructions for feeding are clearly indicated on the labels.


  • The size of the containers may require considerable fridge space.
  • The amount of packaging and plastic used is substantial with frequent deliveries.

PetPlate stands out for its affordability and quality, offering meals that surpass standard kibble. Starting around $1 per day, their plans provide nutritionally balanced, fresh dog food developed by vets. The meat and fresh ingredients are pre-cooked, pre-portioned, making feeding convenient. They offer a variety of recipes, including chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb, which can be microwaved for warmth.

Developed by Dr. Streeter, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, PetPlate’s meals are ideal for any dog breed. Emphasizing a diet with whole meats, digestible carbohydrates, fiber, fruits, and vegetables, Dr. Streeter ensures the meals are both nutritious and tailored to diverse dietary needs.

PetPlate also sells organic treats and supplement cookies to support digestion and mobility. This comprehensive approach makes it a top choice for pet owners seeking vet-recommended, hassle-free meal solutions. The meals are made with human-grade ingredients, offering options like Barkin’ Beef and Chompin’ Chicken.

To customize your dog’s meal plan, PetPlate considers your pet’s unique characteristics. This personalization ensures the meals fit their specific nutritional needs and preferences. Currently, PetPlate offers a 61% discount on the first order for new customers, making it a great time to try their services.

A Pup Above


  • Food preparation utilizes the sous-vide technique.
  • Offers the option to buy individual bags of food.
  • Provides sampler packs.
  • Uses BPA-free packaging.
  • Dog food is of human-grade quality.


  • The price can be on the higher side.
  • Customization options are somewhat limited.

A Pup Above provides both a subscription model and the choice to buy single bags of their primary dog food recipes, including turkey, beef, chicken, and pork. Each bag weighs 3 pounds and is priced at around $80, filled with non-GMO vegetables and devoid of any added antibiotics or growth hormones. The food is cooked using a sous-vide method, a technique favored by high-end restaurants, to keep the nutrients intact, ensuring a premium quality meal for dogs.

The company offers a sampler pack that contains all four recipes for approximately $150, while the subscription option offers the same selection for about $135. They allow customers to choose between smaller 3-pound bags and larger 7-pound bags, suiting different budgets and dog needs.

Subscribing to any of the four recipes entitles customers to a 10% discount, bringing the price down to $72. The delivery intervals are versatile, ranging from every week to every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks. Additionally, orders of more than three bags at once come with the benefit of free shipping. A Pup Above’s meals, which meet AAFCO standards, are packaged in BPA-free, vacuum-sealed bags and are cooked in a water bath heated to 180 degrees, a method that ensures both safety and quality.



  • Veterinary nutritionists craft the recipes.
  • The food boasts a consistently fine texture.
  • Recipes are made with human-grade ingredients.
  • It does not contain preservatives.
  • A scoop is included for convenient meal portioning.


  • Customization is only available for caloric intake and allergies, not for all health needs.
  • Occupies a considerable amount of freezer space.
  • Pricey, particularly for smaller dog breeds.

Ollie is another meal delivery service offering dog food that’s both nutritious and formulated by expert animal nutritionists. They provide four top-quality recipes, featuring beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb. Each recipe is enriched with fruits like blueberries and cranberries, plant proteins such as chickpeas, lentils, and peas, and various vegetables including kale and sweet potatoes. Ollie is committed to avoiding fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives in their food.

The process begins with you creating a profile for your dog, after which Ollie designs a tailored meal plan to fit your pet’s specific dietary requirements. The meals are delivered regularly, with the flexibility to adjust the schedule as necessary. You can store the food in your freezer and thaw it when needed.

Like PetPlate and NomNom, Ollie uses only human-grade ingredients that are easily digestible. They also personalize the meal plans to match your dog’s caloric intake needs and offer healthy treats for dogs.

For new customers, Ollie’s starter box includes everything needed to begin, such as two weeks of meal packs for the freezer, a customized feeding guide based on your dog’s profile, a container for storing any uneaten food, and a scoop for portioning meals. This box is designed to ensure a smooth transition to Ollie’s meals.

Spot & Tango


  • Customizable meal options are available.
  • Uses locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients.
  • Fresh recipes without any preservatives.
  • The fresh food is notably odor-free.


  • A limited selection of only four dry food recipes.
  • More costly than regular kibble options.

Spot & Tango stands out in the dog food subscription market with their “UnKibble” offering, providing the perks of fresh food in a convenient dry format. While their fresh meal options, like turkey with red quinoa or lamb with brown rice, are top-notch, it’s their unique dry food that really differentiates them.

Spot & Tango ensures that both their dry and fresh meals are crafted with human-grade components, without any artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives. The dry food in your plan can be tailored to your dog’s needs, and all their products are suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Pricing for Spot & Tango’s “UnKibble” starts at approximately $7 weekly, while the fresh meal plans begin at around $15 weekly. The cost will depend on various factors like your dog’s age and weight.

The service includes complimentary two-day shipping across the contiguous United States. Adjusting, pausing, or canceling your subscription is hassle-free. Plus, they offer a two-week trial with their Happy Pup Guarantee. If the food doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a refund for your trial order.

We Feed Raw


  • Recipes are created by an expert in animal nutrition.
  • Customized to suit your pet’s age, breed, and dietary preferences.
  • Free of any fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
  • Treatments are applied to remove harmful bacteria.
  • Complies with AAFCO nutrition standards for a complete and balanced diet across all life stages.
  • Offers the ability to purchase meals in bulk, saving on shipping costs.


  • There’s a heightened risk of illness.
  • Food expires in less than a week after being defrosted.
  • Requires a thawing period of 12 to 24 hours before feeding.

Feeding dogs a raw diet, which includes raw meats, organs, and bones, has gained popularity in recent years. However, this diet remains controversial, with not all veterinarians recommending it due to risks like salmonella and E.coli. These risks can affect both pets and their owners.

But there are some dogs that thrive on raw diets. If you’re interested in this approach, there are delivery services that provide raw meals prepared safely, reducing the risk of handling raw meat yourself.

We Feed Raw stands out as a prominent raw dog food service, presenting meal plans that include 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, and 10% edible bone, complemented with vital vitamins and minerals. Their meal formulations, created by an expert animal nutritionist, feature USDA human-grade meats procured from farms across the United States.

The meals are free from antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, and artificial flavors. The brand also provides options for meal plans, bulk patties, treats, and bones. To ensure safety, all ingredients undergo extreme processing to eliminate harmful bacteria.


What are the benefits of using a dog food delivery service?

Dog food delivery services offer convenience and quality. They provide freshly prepared meals tailored to your dog’s dietary needs, including age, breed, and health concerns. These services often use high-quality, human-grade ingredients and allow for a balanced diet without the hassle of shopping and preparing food yourself.

How do I choose the right dog food delivery service for my pet?

Consider your dog’s dietary needs, preferences, and any health issues. Look for services that offer customizable meal plans and use high-quality, preferably human-grade ingredients. Also, consider the cost, delivery frequency options, and whether the service meets AAFCO nutritional standards.

Are dog food delivery services more expensive than traditional dog food?

Generally, yes. Dog food delivery services typically cost more than traditional dog food because they offer customized, high-quality, and often freshly prepared meals. However, many pet owners find the cost justifiable due to the convenience and nutritional benefits these services provide.

Is fresh dog food from delivery services better than kibble or canned food?

Fresh dog food can offer more nutrients and fewer preservatives than some kibble or canned foods. However, the best choice depends on your dog’s individual health needs, preferences, and your lifestyle. It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to decide what’s best for your pet.

Can I try a dog food delivery service before committing to a subscription?

Many dog food delivery services offer trial periods or money-back guarantees for new customers. This allows you to try their products without a long-term commitment, ensuring that the food suits your dog’s tastes and dietary needs before subscribing.

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