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Summary of Our Top Picks

TheraICE Cold

Editor’s pick

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap

It provides both hot and cold therapy with 360-degree head coverage giving you maximum relief.

aculief headache relief hat reviews


Aculief Headache Relief Hat

It combines cold therapy with gentle compression around the head for natural pain relief for all types of headaches

Facing headaches can often be a very frustrating thing to deal with, but having headaches almost every day is a health issue called migraine.

Many people suffer from this health issue, but not all can find the proper medicine to help them.

Migraines can get you in big trouble with your health, daily life, focus, body energy, etc. But, instead of using remedies, there is a natural way to help you with your migraine. It’s a thing called a migraine ice hat. 

The Best Migraine Ice Hat Buyer's Guide

This guide will bring you closer to understanding what a migraine ice hat is, how to use it, and which one is the best on the market.

What Is a Migraine Ice Hat?

As the name suggests, Migraine Ice Hat is a hat you wrap around your head to relieve pain by using cold compresses. It works by using compression to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

How to Use a Migraine Ice Hat?

Using a migraine ice hat is very simple. It takes just a few steps. 

  1. Place hat in the freezer for two hours
  2. Remove from the freezer and put it over your head, pulling down until your eyes are covered
  3. Wear it for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove the hat

Note: If you have a problem with falling asleep, you can wear a migraine ice hat before sleeping too.

What Is the Best Migraine Ice Hat on the Market?

There are multiple options when choosing the best migraine ice hat, so we decided to make this TOP 5 list to help you pick the best one for your needs.

TheraICE Relief Cap

Editors Choice

Aculief Relief Hat

Magic Gel


The Orginal


Costco digitizing
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Where to Buy

Wear Time 

Up to 30 minutes

Up to 25 minutes

Up to 25 minutes

20-30 minutes

20 minutes


Blocks Out Light




Relieve Pain From

Cluster, sinus, migraines, and tension

Migraines, headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, stress and tension

Migraines, headache pain

Headache, migraine, inflammation, puffy eye

Migraines, headache pain

Migraines, headache pain

Cap Material

Pillowy, cloud-like, black soft material 

Spandex material, PVC cover

PVC and nylon exterior

Both Nylon Sides

Plastic layer

The soft micro-fleece and adjustable velcro band

Head Size Compatibility

One size fits all

One size fits all

One size fits all

One size fits all

Different sizes

5 options available

Money-back guarantee

30 days

60 days




30 days

1) TheraICE Headache Relief Cap

First up on this list is TheraICE Headache Relief Cap. Using it as an ice cap will reduce inflammation and help you minimize pain signals going to your brain.

For cold therapy, place the cap in the freezer or refrigerator, depending on your comfort level, and leave it in for 2 hours to reach a “frozen” temperature.

Tip: If you feel that a headache is coming, immediately place the cap inside the freezer so it gets cold faster.

If cold therapy is uncomfortable, heat the cap in the microwave for 20 seconds and slip it on your head for headache relief and deep relaxation. Warm compression quickly starts to work, relaxing your muscles and clearing your headache.

This makes TheraICE Relief Cap stick out from the other brands because it uses both hot and cold therapy and compression for tension relief, making it one of the best products for headache pain relief.  Comfort is one of the things that TheraICE takes seriously. Gently cushions pressure points without sacrificing comfort with a pillowy, cloud-like fabric that is easy on your skin and doesn’t leave any marks.

TheraICE cap provides 360º coverage, which helps relieve pain from any point on your head. Its wide range of use will help you reduce pain from all headache types, such as cluster, sinus, migraines, tension, and more.

While migraines are often associated with high light sensitivity, making the pain even worse, TheraICE dark material design slips over your eyes, blocking the light. In addition, the TheraICE relief cap doesn’t use hard inserts and velcro (which other products do), making it comfortable and stretchable, and it fits on any head, no matter the size.

Other brands use velcro and straps for wrapping the cap on the head, which is hard to apply and does not provide even pressure around the head, causing discomfort, which is not a good thing when you are in pain.

TheraICE Cap Pros

  • Provides both hot and cold therapy
  • One size fits all with stretchable and form-fitting fabric.
  • It can cover your eyes
  • Comfortable fabric and cushions
  • It stays cool 10x longer than conventional products

TheraICE Cap Cons

2) Aculief Headache Relief Hat

In the second place, a slightly bigger wearable for headache relief is Aculief Headache Relief Hat. It’s a hat that utilizes cold for relaxation and relieving headaches, migraines, tension, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, stress headaches, and neck pain.

This headache relief hat only uses cold therapy and can’t be used for hot therapy.

Aculief hat provides natural headache relief by applying cold therapy and slight compression over the head’s “relief points.”

Because the Aculief hat is a one-piece design without any straps and velcro, it provides gentle compression around the head. Hat also slips over your eyes, blocking any light that may worsen the headache.

Combined with compression and cold therapy, it offers relaxation and pain relief. You can also use it without covering your eyes, which can help, depending on the type of headache.

Using conventional ice packs on your head feels like freezing a portion of your head which causes discomfort and sharp pain. Not to mention melting water drops all over you, leaving you wet. Aculief stays 10x cooler without melting and leaving water residue. In addition, it holds even cool temperatures, making it perfect for relaxing or sleeping without causing frostbite on the skin.

It’s stretchable, and the size fits most head shapes which is a big plus if you plan to share it with your family members when needed. 

What makes Aculief headache relief hat even better is you can combine it with their “My Relief” extra-strength tropical oil, designed to help ease the symptoms of even the most powerful migraines. It provides cool and comforting relief from both migraines and headaches. It’s made from peppermint, spearmint, lavender, and chamomile essential oils.

This headache and migraine relief hat is made from a non-toxic medical-grade liquid gel with a PVC cover. Because of good build quality, it’s machine washable and reusable for up to 300 cycles. 

Aculief Hat Pros

  • Anyone in the family can use it
  • Doesn’t drip or condensate while in use
  • Medical-grade gel packs

Aculief Hat Cons

  • Only available online

3) Headache Relief Cap by Magic Gel

Relief Cap by Magic Gel works by using combinations of pressure and ice pack application. You can wear this cap just over your forehead or as an ice mask covering the whole face.

It can help you improve your sleep, relaxation and stop distraction from things that create your headache.

The manufacturers behind the relief cap say that you can use it for up to 600 cycles. They only sell one size, but it can fit most heads without an issue.

The product has 16 wrapped ice packs that will give 25 minutes of cooling for every application. Relief Cap is made from a non-toxic PVC cover and liquid gel. It’s natural and tearing-resistant.

Relief Cap Pros

  • Works well for migraines
  • Blocks out dark lights
  • It’s comfortable

Relief Cap Cons

  • You need to wait a bit longer for the first results

4) REVIX Migraine Ice Head Wrap

Revix migraine ice hat wrap works by using combinations of compression and cryotherapy.

The headwrap is made with a pocket to insert the gel pack, providing soothing therapy and softening coldness. It also ensures no water residue on your skin after use. 

Storing ice packs in a plastic bag in the freezer and leaving them in for a couple of hours will prepare REVIX for your first use.

Revix claims that ice hat wraps effectively relieves inflammation, headache, migraine, puffy eye, and more. The only downside is that it has to be wrapped around the head instead of simply pulling over the head and face.

REVIX Relief Cap Pros

  • Comfortable
  • You can remove the ice pack from the wrap
  • It has empty spots around the ears, preventing frostbite

REVIX Relief Cap Cons

  • You have to wrap it around your head to use

5) The Original Headache Hat

The Original Headache Hat is a patented, lightweight, and flexible head wrap that makes it one of the best reliefs for all kinds of headaches.

Real ice cubes are coated in a thin plastic layer to last longer without water melting on you. In addition, a wrap design allows for ultimate versatility when compared to an actual hat. It can be pulled down over one’s eyes, from back to front, or around their neck while wearing it as well.

The unique feature is how the elastic band holds whatever size head you need with complete comfort in mind.


  • Soft materials
  • Slide it over your eyes to block the light
  • You can use it anywhere


  • It can’t cover the whole face

6) Icekap Migraine Cap

The Icekap is a revolutionary new product that has been shown to soothe and ease migraines, headaches, and toothaches of all kinds.

The therapy comes in the form of cold or heat treatment. It’s being used by doctors worldwide who recommend its use for their patients suffering from these types of ailments.

The gel packs are made of soft material that contours around areas on contact for targeted relief – allowing the ice magic to do its job.

The therapy is delivered in the occipital, crown, temporal, and forehead regions with five large gels that can be mixed as desired for customized pain relief.

Icekap Pros

  • Highly durable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • It uses both hot and cold therapy

Icekap Cons

  • Expensive

Things to Consider When Buying Migraine Ice Hat

  • To get rid of your pain, you need a hat that targets the areas where it’s most intense
  • When choosing an ice hat, check the material of the hat
  • The hat you buy should be drug-free
  • The ice hat should be able to provide you with long-lasting and instant cooling


While there are many options when buying a migraine ice hat, some are more expensive than others.

In addition, some are not drug-free, while others are. All in all, the information in this article is made to help you decide what migraine ice hat suits your needs the best.

After all the research that we have done, our choice is TheraICE Relief Cap. It’s drug-free, easy to use, and it stays cold 10x longer than other products. Users love it, and we love it too.

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